by Mark A. Moore


by Mark A. Moore


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Mitch and Becca are stunned when an injured and strung out young woman, an echo from the past, arrives unexpectedly at their mountain lodge. But Emily is not alone—she belongs to an eclectic fellowship on a quest to backpack from Georgia to Maine.

The hiking group includes: a driven, but unfocused, mid-life attorney; a troubled young woman trying to separate herself from unproductive relationships with men and alcohol; a young, poor outdoors-loving duo in it for the adventure, if they can afford it; an obnoxious know-it-all; and a serious, recently-graduated young professional. These six form unexpected relationships with each other and the staff at Thirdway lodge.

Mitch Carson is a retired engineer who has run Thirdway for several years. He and his wife Becca have a great reputation and social network among the nearby townspeople, especially with the perceptive sheriff, steady nurse, foreign-born storekeeper, and omniscient boarding house owner. Becca has pursued her own passion and established a newly-thriving community education center. However, Mitch and Becca are struggling to keep their relationship vibrant amidst the growing demands of their second careers—their solution surprises the community. Then the arrival of a certain hiker leads to new perspective on togetherness and family.

Thirdway portrays intersecting communities—the inhabitants of a small Virginia town set along the Appalachian Trail and a troupe of hikers on transformational journeys. These groups intertwine in a tale of adventure, family, relationships, redemption, and self-discovery.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781644389300
Publisher:, Inc.
Publication date: 08/25/2019
Pages: 340
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.76(d)

About the Author

Mark A. Moore lives in Virginia and hiked the entire Appalachian Trail over a ten-year period, while also enjoying his career in the development and study of medical implants.

Table of Contents


Prologue: Downfall (May 13)

Chapter 1: At the Start (Two months earlier, March 19)

Chapter 2: Connections (March 20)

Chapter 3: Thirdway (March 20)

Chapter 4: Home Delivery (March 20)

Chapter 5: Generations (March 25)

Chapter 6: Supplies and Demands (March 25)

Chapter 7: Nomenclature (March 26)

Chapter 8: Attorney on a Journey (March 27)

Chapter 9: Fellowship of the Onion Ring (March 27)

Chapter 10: Home Cooking (March 27)

Chapter 11: Homeward Bound (March 27)

Chapter 12: Solitary Man (April 9)

Chapter 13: Rocky Road (April 26)

Chapter 14: Wellness (May 13)

Chapter 15: Reckoning (May 13)

Chapter 16: The Law (May 14)

Chapter 17: Fresca and Skittles Drop Some News and Pick Up Their Shoes (May 15)

Chapter 18: CenterEd (May 20)

Chapter 19: Back on Track (May 28)

Chapter 20: Onward (May 28)

Chapter 21: Reunions (May 30)

Chapter 22: The Hiker Triangle (May 30)

Chapter 23: Decision (May 30)

Chapter 24: Surprise (May 31)

Chapter 25: Dilemma (May 31)

Chapter 26: Disclosure, of Sorts (June 2)

Chapter 27: NOBOSOBO (June 3)

Chapter 28: NOBO Solo (June 4)

Chapter 29: Directions (June 9)

Chapter 30: Chestnut (June 12)

Chapter 31: Monson (June 16)

Chapter 32: Steel Blazer (June 24)

Chapter 33: Arborist (July 1)

Chapter 34: Loblolly (July 2)

Chapter 35: Unwelcome Guest (July 5)

Chapter 36: Anchor (July 5)

Chapter 37: Trail Justice (July 5)

Chapter 38: Trio South (July 5)

Chapter 39: Independence (July 6)

Chapter 40: Tentsion (July 10)

Chapter 41: Revelation (July 11)

Chapter 42: Intersection (July 22)

Chapter 43: Anchors Away (July 22)

Chapter 44: Jefferson (July 22)

Chapter 45: Dinnertime (July 22)

Chapter 46: Privacy (July 22)

Chapter 47: Fall Plans (August 10)

Chapter 48: Big Blue for Two (August 12)

Chapter 49: Southbound (August 17)

Chapter 50: Fork in the Road (September 2)

Chapter 51: Northbound (September 3)

Chapter 52: Success (September 4)

Chapter 53: Arrival (September12)

Chapter 54: Ending, or Beginning? (September 12)

Chapter 55: Molting (September 12)

Chapter 56: Down to Earth (October 16)

Chapter 57: Gratitude (Thanksgiving Day)


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