Tickled 'Til She Pees Bundle (F/F Watersports, Diapers, Ageplay)

Tickled 'Til She Pees Bundle (F/F Watersports, Diapers, Ageplay)

by Sofia Bane

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Riley insists that she's way too old for an au pair when she goes to France with her mom. But after an embarrassing wetting accident in public and in front of her au pair Alice, Riley realizes that she's much happier being taken care of like a little girl. And even better, Alice loves it too!

This bundle contains two previously-published stories by Sofia Bane: Tickled 'Til She Pees, and Tickled 'Til She Pees 2: Her Little Girl. This 15,000 word story contains F/F watersports, diapers, ageplay, desperation, accidental and deliberate wetting, humiliation, orgasm denial, sex, and a naughty little girl; adults only!

Excerpt from Tickled 'Til She Pees:

I barely could translate the Hors Service on a sign on the bathroom door – out of service – but when I saw the uninviting X even from a distance, my heart sank and my stomach twisted. Alice found a nearby staffer and had a brief conversation, in which the only word that I caught was toilette. Gestures from them both, Alice’s look of frustration, and she pulled me away from the staffer in a hurry.

“There might be toilets open at the train station, he said that’s the nearest. But he doesn’t know if they’re kept open on Sundays.”

“Why the fuck wouldn’t they have bathrooms?” I groaned. The wine, in addition to causing this dilemma, was making me uninhibited, and I crossed my legs tightly.

When Alice led me back to the field, she kept one hand on my arm – a small comfort, but I was so upset, and felt so fucking helpless and young, that I accepted her touch. I sat with my legs tightly together, my lower belly aching with my desperation. I grew increasingly more certain that even if I did wait it out for the train, I’d never actually make it. Fuck.

We couldn’t have been more than ten minutes in when Alice looked over to see how tense and miserable I was. “Riley.”

“What,” I snapped at her, but she overlooked my tone.

“Will you be okay?”

“No." I was fully in panic mode now, my bladder full and painful, threatening to let go in my pants. I pushed a hand between my legs as I stood. “Get me away from here,” I hissed. “Before everyone sees me have an accident.”

Alice’s face was full of pity, but she quickly led me to a more secluded area. She hesitated: “You’re going to hate when I’m going to say.”

“Not anymore than I already hate everything about this situation.”

This got a small smile out of Alice. But then, her hesitant offer: “I’ve got nappies.”

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Publisher: Sofia Bane
Publication date: 09/07/2012
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Tickled 'Til She Pees Bundle (F/F Watersports, Diapers, Ageplay) 2.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
+pees in his pants because he has to go peeee so effing bad. His pee sprays everywhere cuz he's squeezing his weewee.+