The Tiger's Fang

The Tiger's Fang

by Paul Twitchell

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The Tiger's Fang by Paul Twitchell

You are about to enter strange new worlds . . .

"If you read this book with an open mind you will never be the same again. I can guarantee this for you."--Paul Twitchell

Within these pages, you'll join Paul Twitchell on his remarkable journey outside of space and time. He openly shares with you how to duplicate his adventure through your own spiritual awakening. If you're seeking to explore the deepest realms of self and God, you'll be enthralled. Experience the expanded state of consciousness called Soul Travel.

The Tiger's Fang is Paul Twitchell's account of his incredible journey to other planes of existence where he finds himself in the company of Rebazar Tarzs, the great Tibetan ECK Master, ancient advocate of the ECK teachings.

"Whether The Tiger's Fang is a record of an actual spiritual journey or the vivid impression of a vision that has been granted to few mortal men, must remain a matter for the individual reader to judge. Whatever The Tiger's Fang may be, it is certain that the book is a most remarkable work, a volume that has few peers in its array of challenging concepts, provocative thoughts, and inspirational wisdom." --Brad Steiger from the Foreword

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ISBN-13: 9781570434433
Publisher: Eckankar
Publication date: 06/13/2017
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 190
Sales rank: 616,572
File size: 5 MB

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
I first read this book in 1976. Somewhere on the title or first page it said something like 'no one can read this book with an open mind and not be forever changed'. I can say that was very true for me and anyone I know who has read it. This is perhaps not as startling a book as it was in the 70's but it is by far the best description of the material and spiritual planes of existence that I have ever come across or heard of. A facinating book to read. If you are not already knowledgeable about different planes of existence, the descriptions are mind bending. Not so much because they are unfamiliar but because, strangly, they DO seem familiar. Like long lost memories rather than new information.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is an esoteric account of Soul which traveled to other planes, learning of the mysteries of Light, and Sound, as it is shown through the Holy Spirit, as a Master of the Holy Spirit, Sri Rebezzar Tarz Travels, and teaches his student, Peddar Zaskq the Way of the Eternal, and enlightenment in their inner journeys deep within the planes of SOUL. It shows how others have also traveled the path to enlightenment via the Path of Light, and Sound in their inner journeys which brings Soul deeper within the heart of the All In All. This book shows Soul that the real journey to enlightenment begins as always within. As one becomes gradually enlightened, Soul is magneticaly drawn within to that Eternal home which exist within all.