Timeless Regency Collection: Autumn Masquerade

Timeless Regency Collection: Autumn Masquerade

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Timeless Regency Collection: Three brand new regency romance novellas from bestselling authors!

A MERRY DANCE by Josi S. Kilpack. When Lila overhears her uncle talking about a man coming to look for property in the county, she doesn't think twice, until her uncle says he hopes Lila will find enough interest to marry the man. How can she marry someone named Mortimer Luthford, not to mention that his advanced age of thirty-three, and especially since she's already in love with her absent cousin Neville? But when Mortimer arrives, Lila has to try every trick known to women to act not interested in the rather fascinating man, which proves a very difficult façade to maintain.

UNMASKING THE DUKE by Donna Hatch. The last thing Hannah Palmer wants to do is flirt with men in a crowded ballroom, but when her sister throws a Masquerade Ball, Hannah can't say no to the invitation and takes comfort behind a mask. She dances with a charming masked man, matching him wit for wit. When the glorious evening culminates in a kiss, and the two remove their masks, Hannah is horrified to discover the man she's been flirting with all night is her most despised neighbor, the Duke of Suttenberg. No matter how charming the duke was at the ball, and how wonderful the kiss, he is the last man she'd ever accept.
WHAT'S IN A NAME by Nancy Campbell Allen. Penelope Timely has a terrible secret. She's been writing letters to the Duke of Wilmington, pretending to be her ever-proper twin sister, Persephone. Now, the duke has written that he'll be coming for the Autumn Masquerade Ball and Festival. Penelope will have to continue the charade while the duke is in town in order to protect her sister. The Duke of Wilmington isn't fooled for a moment, but instead of confessing that he knows about the deception, he finds himself utterly charmed by Penelope and jumps into the game of deception to see how far the twin sisters will take it.

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BN ID: 2940150981843
Publisher: Mirror Press, LLC
Publication date: 10/01/2015
Series: Timeless Regency Collection Series , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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Bestselling authors Josi S. Kilpack, Donna Hatch, and Nancy Campbell Allen team up together to bring you this delightful Regency romance collection.

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Timeless Regency Collection: Autumn Masquerade 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
mara1108 More than 1 year ago
I love the Timeless Regency Collections. The idea of a masquerade ball sounds like so much fun, and I liked all 3 stories in this collection. A Merry Dance by Josi S. Kilpack, is about a young woman, Lila, trying to avoid an older gentleman her uncle is trying to set her up with. I could picture Lila hiding in her uncle's study eavesdropping and about died when I read how much lavender oil she was putting on before their luncheon date. I felt bad for her when her cousin, Neville, returned for the ball as a surprise just when she realized she enjoyed Mortimer's company. Unmasking the Duke by Donna Hatch is about Hannah, whose married sister throws a masquerade ball for her 18th birthday. Hannah is shy and kind of socially awkward, but her mask and costume give her confidence and she ends up spending quite a bit of time at the ball with the Duke of Suttenberg, whom she doesn't care for. What Hannah doesn't know is that underneath the perfect appearance the Duke puts on for the public is a man with flaws, and she doesn't have to be perfect to be a Duchess. What's In a Name by Nancy Campbell Allen is about identical twins, Persephone and Penelope, pretending to be each other to fool the Duke of Wilmington. Penelope's been writing to him for months signing Persephone's name, so when he comes to town for the Autumn Masquerade & Festival they have to keep up the charade. What neither of them know is the Duke realized they were pretending to be each other shortly after he met them. Of course it all works out in the end but I would've loved to read what happened to their awful aunt, Millicent. Like all the Timeless Regency books these are clean romances with kisses only.
TheBookmaiden More than 1 year ago
Three decently authentic offerings that were enjoyable and fairly well written. Only the third story was a jarring essay into Regency England, pandering to the superficial plots and characterizations preferred by many today but which are discordant and deficient when compared to what is achieved by Georgette Heyer, who satisfies our love of the romance and glamour of Regency England while at the same time providing a layer of substance to the sweet. Heyer was, of course, an exceptionally good writer, with the advantage of living in England and being temporally closer to the language and culture of her settings. But surely, with a little imagination and research (the core of Heyer's work), we too could more expressively write what we receptively love and understand? That being said, I have never had the dedication to nurture and construct a concept of that time into a fully fledged story (perhaps because I'm a perfectionist) so who am I to throw stones? I do truly appreciate the efforts of these authors and love my forays, via them, into the Regency world. I always mean my reviews (sometimes as TheBookmaiden, sometimes anonymous - though I should think my writing style is fairly distinct and easily identifiable), not as criticisms, but as constructive feedback, because I love this genre so much and I want to support these authors' efforts in the only way I can, besides buying their works, which I also do. :) I do recommend this read.
DeLyne02 More than 1 year ago
This book contains three novellas set in Regency England, featuring innocent young women and earnest young men on their way to wedded bliss. "What's in a Name" is about a set of twins who switched places while corresponding with a young man. When he comes to visit his "beloved", mild mayhem ensues as the twins attempt (and thankfully, fail) to keep up the ruse. "Unmasking the Duke", has shy Hannah unknowingly pared with the outwardly imperious, Duke of Suttenberg at a masquerade ball. Normally, they have an adversarial relationship. But when she adopts a fearless character while he adopts an easy-going roguish persona, they form a tendresse, which is at first denied,but of course, endures. Trying to outwit a match-making uncle, in "A Merry Dance" highlights the shenanigans of the heroine, Lila. It was both silly, and cute, as Lila finds that uncle knows best. I recommend these stories for quick, happy reading. Readers will smile at each Happy Ever After.
Heidi_Reads More than 1 year ago
Such fun, enjoyable Regency stories! I love that since there are only three in the collection they can be longer than normal. The plots of each are varied and intriguing, but all involve a masquerade ball, which is a fascinating setting. Some characters find their inhibitions lowered, allowing themselves to act according to their true personality and not the front society expects. Of course, there are always consequences... ;) Some couples are looking forward to the ball with anticipation of a turning point in their relationship, only to have their plans upset. I think the common thread is that first impressions are not always correct and through the obstacles in their path, each character comes to know the object of their affection more deeply. Highly recommend! (Thank you to Ebooks For Review for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review)
Theardentreader More than 1 year ago
The collection, in general, is a very delightful read! Each story is a clean romance, with the Masquerade ball a focal point. I would have loved to attend a real Regency Masquerade! The 3 stories have strong female leads and I like that! Also, they are all witty and fun to read. All 3 stories have strong female leads, but they learn things about themselves they did not know, or were unsure of. I had not read anything from Donna Hatch or Nancy Campbell Allen before but they will definitely be on my list for future purchases! I have read a book by Josi S. Kilpack, Lord Fenton's Folly and it was wonderful! See my review here. A MERRY DANCE by Josi S. Kilpack: Young Lila learns of her Uncle trying to match her with the son of a friend when all the while she is pining for her cousin Neville to come home and marry her. She decides she must thwart these men! But how? Simple really! Grab a gossip sheet and see what men want in a woman and just be the opposite. A Merry Dance indeed! Unfortunately, Lila realizes she doesn't like playing this role, it is so far from her true nature and she also finds this gentleman, Mortimer Luthford to be somewhat fascinating. He has traveled extensively and she is full of questions. Loved the secondary characters in this one as well as the H/H! Great writing and I wanted more!! Ms. Kilpack writes strong women and I admire that. I like that Lila learns more than her heart in this novella, she learns that being true to yourself is always best. You can be happy only when you are yourself! UNMASKING THE DUKE by Donna Hatch Hannah Palmer is the quintessential wallflower. Shy beyond measure and not wanting anything different, she lets things be as they are. One person, in particular, forgets he has been introduced to her on several occasions. The Duke of Suttenberg does not pay attention to people beneath his notice. Hannah is just that. She is too young and he has no interest in a fresh from the schoolroom miss. Bennett Arthur Patridge, the fifteenth Duke of Suttenberg, has seen it all when it comes to marriage minded mama's and bored married women and widows. But he is lonely. He sees the love his brother has found but is not sure if that is in it is time to start looking.the cards for him, but he should start looking. A Masquerade seems like the perfect place to meet someone without the pressure of his title. He would like a woman who is witty and kind and not just trying to get a titled rich husband. I really loved this story! I think this is my favorite trope, wallflower vs titled gentleman. I had not read anything by this author before (that I remember, I read a lot so I guess I could have!) But no matter, I will be adding all her books to my TBR pile! I LOVED the writing! I wanted more and that tells me everything I need to know! Hannah learns that not following the ton is not such a bad thing. Individuality is a beautiful trait! WHAT’S IN A NAME by Nancy Campbell Allen Twins! Penelope and Persephone are very different creatures. Persephone is all that is proper and missish. Penelope is adventurous and loves paleontology! Definitely a much more outdoorsy kind of girl. Penny has been corresponding with a gentleman in Persophone's stead after the gentleman's mother initiated the first letter. Persophone didn't find the man interesting as she had another man in her sights and since they never thought they would meet, Penny took on the letter writing. Persephone has a way
ARS8 More than 1 year ago
Autumn Masquerade is a regency set of three novellas by three very talented ladies. If you are familiar and enjoy the Timeless Romance Anthology collections you will be quite pleased with these longer regency novellas. Josi S. Kilpack is a new author to me and her story starts off the collection. In her story, A Merry Dance, Lila is in love with her cousin Neville and longs for his return at the masquerade dance. However, her uncle has other plans for her when she overhears him hoping to set her up with a military veteran by the name of Mortimer Luthford. Determined not to like him she goes to extreme, often times hilarious measures to make him not interested in her. I laughed and cringed at some of her antics and really hoped the best for her in finding her true love. The next story, Unmasking the Duke, is written by author Donna Hatch who I have had the pleasure of reading her works before. Taking a very shy young woman, Hannah Palmer, and dressing her up as Aphrodite at the masked ball helps her to come out of her shell and be a bit bolder. However, what happens when the one whose eye she catches is the one she can’t stand? I was engrossed in this story wondering which one, the stubborn pride or the stolen kisses, would come out as the victor in the end. This one is lighthearted, with some angst mixed in, trimmed with a lovely romantic story that I have come to expect from Ms. Hatch. What’s in a Name by new to me author Nancy Campbell Allen was my favorite of the three. Dealing with identical twin sisters Persephone and Penelope Timely, who couldn’t be more different, they switch places so the older, favorite twin can be with her one true love (a lowly doctor), while the younger sister accidentally falls in love with the Duke she has been corresponding with as her sister. A delightfully, romantic, and swoon worthy story follows as the Duke comes to the masquerade ball held at his estate eager to make the acquaintance of the young lady he has fallen for. This was storytelling with a twist. I am pleased with all these clean reads and look forward to more in these collections and the other books written by these authors. I do hope they release this book in paperback as well. I received an e-copy for an honest review from I Am a Reader, and the opinions are my own.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. In all honesty, I really enjoyed this book! I am a busy college student, and these short stories provided me with a sweet escape from reality. In truth, the only complaint I have is that I did not want it to end. I wanted to learn more about the characters, and about their stories. It was a very good book, and I definitely recommend it. It was well written, very interesting, and a sweet romance story. Thank you!
JewelsLVIUTAH More than 1 year ago
A Merry Dance by: Josi S Kilpack I loved this story. I love that it stuck true to life. Sometimes we think we have life all planned out. We think we know what we want and just how to get it. Then we find out that sometimes it just doesn't go that way. It reminded me of the song "Unanswered Prayers" by Garth Brooks. When a writer can pull in real life experiences and make it entertaining you know they are something pretty great! Awesome job Josi! Unmasking the Duke by:Donna Hatch Everyone has a time when they feel intimidated by life and that they don't fit in. I loved that in this sorry Hannah and Bennett were able to let go and be themselves when they were masked for the party. It goes to show that everyone, in every station of life, has insecurities and when we are able to let go and enjoy ourselves we are always better off! I always love a good happily ever after story! What's in a Name by: Nancy Campbell Allen Two of my best friends growing up were identical twins. I don't know that they ever tried pretending to be the other twin. It was always fun to see people who didn't know them really well trying to tell them apart. Each of us is a individual with our own personalities and traits, that's what what makes us all so great! I loved that Henry was never fooled by the name. That he has truly fallen for Penny and 'recognized' her from the very start! What a great ending to this set of books!
momisreading More than 1 year ago
I have been so excited for the Timeless Regency Collection! Regency books are my favorite!! Then add some of my favorite authors and stories I can sit down and read in an afternoon…yeah, not much better. And I get to meet new-to-me authors, too. A Merry Dance by Josi S. Kilpack Lila is in love with her cousin Neville, and is sure they will marry when he returns from America. Then she hears that her uncle is encouraging another man to consider her. She determines to make herself as undesirable as possible. She must keep Mortimer Luthford from falling in love with her. But soon she begins to question whether she has really known what love feels like. Lila was delightful, in so many ways. Her efforts to make herself undesirable, and her struggle to keep from being herself made me laugh! The whole story was so enjoyable! What a great way to start the collection! Unmasking the Duke by Donna Hatch Hannah is shy and awkward in society, but when she puts on a mask she finds her confidence. The Duke of Suttenberg knows he must always act the part of a duke, but he longs to have someone he can be himself with and show his flaws. He uses the opportunity of the masquerade to take off the mantel of a duke, and simply be himself. The ball is wonderful for them, but then the masks come off. We first meet Hannah in The Stranger She Married. It was great to see some of the characters from that book again! However, this is a stand alone story and can definitely be enjoyed on it’s own. I loved seeing Hannah come alive behind the mask! She had such great wit and grace. And it was wonderful to see the Duke let down his guard and learn what truly matters in life. I loved their romance! The dialogue between them, the passion they had, the way they brought out good in each other…perfect! I read The Stranger She Married and immediately fell in love with Donna Hatch’s writing. She is one of my absolute favorite authors! So I was very excited to see that she had a novella in this book. It did not disappoint!!! What’s in a Name? by Nancy Campbell Allen The Duchess is seeking a wife for her son, the Duke of Wilmington. Having no luck, she decides to try opening a correspondence between him and Persephone Timely, whom a friend has told her about. However, Persephone is in love with the village doctor and has no desire to write the Duke. She convinces her twin sister, Penelope, who is her opposite in so many ways, to write him in her stead. So, signing her sister’s name, Penelope begins a six-month correspondence with the Duke. Now the Duke is coming to their village and wants to meet Persephone, and the sisters must figure out how to deal with their deception. They must switch places. I felt for Penelope! She had to deal with so much. Her aunt was so awful to her!! I was so glad she found someone that accepted her completely! She had so much personality and passion. I just laughed as she tried to be Persephone, especially in her aunt’s eyes, and yet also be the girl the Duke expected. It was even funnier knowing the Duke wasn’t fooled. The Duke’s love for her was so pure. It was great to see a love based completely on the inner person. He fell in love with her before he even saw her. They were perfect together! What a fabulous collection!! I loved every story! The plots were great, and I enjoyed the masquerade ball theme. If you enjoy the regency time period, you will definitely want to read this book! I received a copy of this book in exchange for
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I found Autumn Masquerade delightful reading and an engaging addition to the Timeless Regency Collection. Comprised of three novellas, Autumn Masquerade introduces us to three eligible but ordinary young ladies. All orphans, Lila, Hannah, and Penelope find themselves at the mercy of relatives as they come of age. Authors Josi S. Kilpack, Donna Hatch, and Nancy Campbell Allen have adeptly written tales of loss, love, and hope that amuse and engage. A Merry Dance by Josi S. Kilpack introduces us to Lila and her potential suitor Mortimer Luthford. Lila is a girl in love of with her comfortable life and her cousin Neville who is part of her comfortable life. Using humor and delightful wit, Josi S. Kilpack shares Lila’s story and shows us how expectations change, and how the unexpected can be wonderful. An intense story, Unmasking the Duke by Donna Hatch, introduces us the shy Hannah and the self-confident, almost perfect Duke of Suttenberg. In costume and emboldened by anonymity, Hannah intrigues the Duke and becomes the woman of his dreams. But happily reconciling the pretend with the everyday proves more difficult than playing a part at a masquerade ball. Penelope is the compelling young lady in What’s in a Name? by Nancy Campbell Allen. Penelope has always done what she could to help her twin sister Persephone, including writing to the Duke of Wilmington and inadvertently engaging his affections in behalf of her sister. When the Duke and Penelope meet face to face, Penelope faces the horror of continuing a charade that has become dear to her heart. I love how author Nancy Campbell Allen takes an expected plot and turns it upside down. Overall, I read Autumn Masquerade in short order and highly recommend it as a great read. Heather B. Moore gave me a complimentary copy of Autumn Masquerade for my candid review.
LisaMason77 More than 1 year ago
This was a superb collection of three stories. The first, "A Merry Dance" by Josi Kilpack was so engrossing and cracked me up the whole way through. I adored it to bits. This book reminded me of the movie How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days and had a similar theme of pushing away the very person you will end up wanting in your life. Excellent writing. The second story, "Unmasking the Duke" by Donna Hatch worried me that I might not enjoy it as much as the first story but Donna did not disappoint. I loved the characters and I loved how Hannah realized her true potential after "faking it until you make it". So entires in life we don't see our strengths and I loved to read about Hannah discovering hers while falling in love with someone who brought out the best in her. Thirdly, "What's in a Name" by Nancy Campbell Allen....I raced through to the end because I couldn't put it down. The author let us, the reader, in on detIls the character didn't know and it was all I could do to not shout at my book....."He Loves You!!!". The only thing that would have made the book even more delicious would have been seeing the aunt put properly in her place. Oh so good!!!
Cathy_J More than 1 year ago
Um...the if someone asks you if you want to read any Timeless Regency Collection the answer is always yes! I loved all three of these novellas. Each of them made me giggle in a different way. Josi Kilpack's A Merry Dance was just amazing! I loved Lila and I laughed out loud at the ways that she was coming up with to try to make it so that Mortimer Luthford didn't fall in love with her. I'm laughing again just thinking about it! I also loved that she is a grown young woman, but that doesn't stop her from hiding in her uncle's office to eavesdrop on all of his conversations. I wonder what would have happened if she had to sneeze?! The plot of this one is cute, you'll love every minute of reading it and will wish for it to be longer than it is! Donna Hatch's Unmasking the Duke was also great. I loved the shy Hannah, and I loved that the young man that catches her eye at the ball and that she's able to truly relate to ends up being the one young man that she has a huge prejudice for. I love that he cares for her regardless of her prejudice and does everything he can think of to win her over despite that. Loved it! And last but not least, What's in a Name by Nancy Campbell Allen. I just found out that she's going to be coming out with a Proper Romance regency pretty soon and after reading this one, I know that it will be awesome. I loved Penny Timely's character. She was asked by her sister to correspond with the Duke of Wellington in her twin sister's name, never believing she'd actually meet him one day. When he writes to tell her of his impending arrival, Penny knows there's going to be some crazy fireworks. What I loved most about this one was that Penny thought that she had this huge secret, but the Duke knew as soon as he saw her that she was the one he had corresponded with and he just sat back to watch how everything would turn out. So funny! I laughed out loud at this one too! It's nice that these are novellas and you feel like you can finish them in a short amount of time, but I really would love more of the story sometimes! I love that these are all clean, fun romances. These collections are always amazing and this one is no exception. Make sure to grab your copy!
Brookes_Books More than 1 year ago
Ahh, I love Regency Romance, especially when it is clean. That is one of the reasons I love these Anthologies, they are clean, fun, and swoon-worthy. Each of these stories takes place with an Autumn Masquerade. This is so fun for this time of year. The characters get to dress up, wear masks, and dance the night away. All of this leads to miss information and some deception and of course, love. I enjoy seeing how the authors play with this theme. Each story has its own feel, but it is fun to have it all connected with the Autumn Masquerade. Warnings: None I would let my 17 year old read this book.
amybooksy More than 1 year ago
Autumn Masquerade yet another wonderful addition to the Timeless Regency Collection. This book includes the following stories: A Merry Dance by Josi S Kilpack - which was my favorite of the three Unmasking the Duke by Donna Hatch What's In A Name by Nancy Campbell Allen All three of the stories were fabulous. They are perfect to read to get a reader into the autumn season. Highly recommended 5+ stars