To Love a Governess

To Love a Governess

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Governesses are not supposed to fall in love. Governesses are not supposed to marry. Governesses don't always follow society's conventions.

Featuring bestselling authors Josi S. Kilpack, Heather B. Moore, and Julie Daines.

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BN ID: 2940161188903
Publisher: Mirror Press, LLC
Publication date: 11/19/2019
Series: Timeless Regency Collection Series , #14
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 79,439
File size: 2 MB

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Featuring bestselling authors Josi S. Kilpack, Heather B. Moore, and Julie Daines.

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To Love a Governess 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
amybooksy 7 days ago
To Love a Governess is another sweet release from the Timeless Regency Collection. This collection includes the following stories: Til All the Seas Gang Dry by Josi S Kilpack The One year Governess by Heather B Moore Visible by Julie Daines This collection has three of my favorite authors. All three stories are fantastic and should not be missed. Five stars. I received this book from the publisher. This review is 100% my own honest opinion.
mara1108 16 days ago
Every time a Timeless Regency collection comes out I say how much I love them. What’s not to love? Three novellas by different authors with their take on the theme TIL’ ALL THE SEAS GANG DRY by Josi S. Kilpack—Dina and David spent summers together when they were younger, but haven’t seen each other for 6 years. Dina’s feelings for him run so deep she still hasn’t read the letters he sent her 6 years ago! They’re together again only because a David and his betrothed are attending a house party where Dina is the governess. Does David’s betrothed have feelings for another? Dina comes across evidence that says that’s more than a possibility, but she wants David to be happy. Dina is a great character. She’s self-sacrificing as proven when she left London to go back to Scotland six years ago. As she said “Sometimes the right thing was not the least painful one, and sometimes you took all the pain upon yourself to spare someone you cared about from having to feel it too.” David is also a wonderful character who’s followed the path his mother laid out for him, but he wants a love that will stand through time, not a business arrangement. I wanted a final scene with his mother whom I really didn’t like. THE ONE YEAR GOVERNESS by Heather B. Moore—Emmaline Finch decides to be a governess to escape the pain of her best friend marrying a man she thought might care for her. It won’t be forever, just until her next birthday when Emmaline will inherit the small cottage left to her by her father. After 10 years in the Royal Navy, Captain Hudson Ridout is ready to retire to a quiet life, but instead, finds himself the guardian of a nephew and niece he’s never met. This man could definitely use a governess. Emmaline was just what this broken family needed. She was like a breath of fresh air after the six months Hudson had spent trying to take care of the children without a governess. I loved picturing Hudson carving figure after figure, after figure for the army and all its support personnel. His escapades with the available women he encountered at his first soiree made me laugh. I really enjoyed this tender love story. VISABLE by Julie Daines—Sarah Woolsey is a housemaid at the home of Mr. Selwood, and she admits she’s not a very good one. When she happens to answer the door to find an abandoned child with a note pinned to her jacket, Mr. Selwood promotes Sarah to the position of governess when he learns of her formal schooling. Sarah is a great character. She really doesn't fit as a maid because she can't seem to remain "invisible". She can't seem to stop herself once she starts talking which gets her into a couple of situations, but then there's the tender side of her when she's taking care of the child, Rosie. Mr. Selwood's no slouch either and I loved how Sarah's able to get Mr. Selwood to reveal things about himself. I loved these novellas and couldn't pick a favorite as they're all different. I received a complimentary copy, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own.
JPetersen55 23 days ago
This is an anthology full of short stories filled with interesting, sweet romances. Each story is unique and approaches love from a different viewpoint. These stories are clean reads and are well edited. • I connected with the story Til' All the Seas Gang Dry by Josi S. Kilpack. It was a very touching love story of self sacrifice. The author painted great emotional and visual pictures. This made it possible for me to become invested in the lives of Dina and David. • Heather Moore's The One-Year Governess explores what is most important in life for Emmaline. Will it be her upcoming inheritance or a chance for love and a family? The romance in this story between the main characters was very believable and it developed naturally. • The last story, Visible by Julie Daines, was very good. However, it took me awhile before I could relate to Sarah. In the beginning, she prattled too much and came across as not smart, eventhough she had gone to school. Sarah's employer, Mr. Selwood, was a character you wanted to dissect to find out who he was and what made him that way. I recommend this anthology to readers who enjoy clean regency romances. I received an advance copy from the author. My review was voluntary and my opinions were my own.
AE2 24 days ago
Another great collection in the Timeless Regency Collection! I highly enjoyed all three of the stories. Til’ All the Seas Gang Dry by Josi S. Kilpack This is a second-chance love story, with Dina reconnecting with the man she loved years before. Unfortunately, he's now engaged to someone else--and yet, her feelings are as strong as ever. My heart hurt for Dina, as she knew she isn't the right person for David but loving him all the same. The One-Year Governess by Heather B. Moore I loved both the lead characters in this story and seeing how, as Emmeline tried to find happiness in her own life through being a governess, she also brought happiness to Captain Ridout and his niece and nephew. Captain Ridout was favorite of the three men in this collection; there was just something really endearing about him. Visible by Julie Daines Sarah and Mr. Selwood were such an interesting pair to watch, with him saying barely anything and her blurting out all the wrong things. She just made me laugh, while at the same time I loved how caring she was and how she, through all the things she did "wrong," made a difference for those around her. These three sweet romances were a pleasure to read! I read an ARC provided by the publisher. All opinions are my own.
yellowrubyjewels 24 days ago
I smiled so much while reading these three novellas. I'll admit that some of the emotions of them touched me and I cried a little too. I laughed a lot. Chuckled. Giggled. Guffawed a time or two as well. Shook my head. Ached. Felt fear and sorrow. I ached for these characters. I know that all might sound silly to some people but I think I feel these emotions through reading stories because even though they may be stories, there are grains of truth in them. Knowing that people experience those grains of truth touches me. Sometimes in positive ways and sometimes it makes me sad and ache for their sufferings. Til’ All the Seas Gang Dry by Josi S. Kilpack This was a great friends to lovers story. And I love the title reference to the Scot Robert Burns. Dina and David grew up together for weeks and sometimes a couple months at a time. Dina encounters David again after 6 years at a house party. There are some fun plot twists in this one. Some scheming and conniving characters. But mostly there's Dina a wonderful character with a beautiful and sweet heart. I absolutely adored this novella. It's hard to say that I have a favorite in this collection because they truly were all fabulous but if you asked me to pick one, this would be the one! The romance...swooooooooooooony! And David! Wowsers, look out for him! True love stands the test of time in this one. I couldn't set it down until I had read from the opening sentence to the final happily ever after! Fabulous! The One-Year Governess by Heather B. Moore This one had some sadder emotions scattered throughout but was still a fabulous read. Emmeline Finch and Captain Jasper Ridout find their paths crossing when they both have a need. Emmeline needs to escape home for a year and Jasper needs a governess. Luckily they can help meet each other's needs perfectly! Emmeline becomes a healing balm in the lives of her two young charges and inadvertently for Jasper as well. I loved the wooden toy soldiers. Such a fun little addition to the story and one that added charm as well as helping create a great connection between the reader and Captain Ridout. This was a sweet and gentle love story that captured my heart. I loved the gentle ways that the characters helped each other and their developing friendship. And oh my that kiss! Visible by Julie Daines You know when you start reading about a character who isn't perfect but they completely endure themselves to you because of their personality traits? Well, Sarah Woolsey quickly became one of my favorite characters to read about. I loved her spunk and inability to contain saying what needed to be said. I giggled so much every time she started talking when she ought to have been quite or invisible! Especially her first encounter with Arthur Selwood. Oh. My Heavens!!! And from that moment on it just kept getting better and better. These two characters were fabulous as well. Honestly, so hard to pick a favorite between these three novellas. I think my words for this review are, "Love" and "Fabulous!" And those are very fitting words for all three of these novellas. I keep picturing all the different scenes from this one and can't help but grin and giggle, maybe sigh a little. Oh yeah! There are some unexpected moments, and a moment of peril but it was such a sweet ending. And the little Rose in the story...go read it now! You'll thank me later, I'm pretty sure of it! Just saying! Content: Clean.