Tobe and the River Is: A Strange and Most Peculiar Tale

Tobe and the River Is: A Strange and Most Peculiar Tale

by Micah Sanger, Mary Neighbour

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Nautilus Book Award - Silver Medal Winner (Memoir Category)

Ben Franklin Award - Silver Medal Winner  (for eBook)

Global EBook Awards - Silver Medal Winner (Spiritual/Metaphysical Category)

Global EBook Awards - Silver Medal Winner (for Illustration and Design)

New Apple Book Award - Silver Medal Winner (Inspirational Category)

Tobe and the River Is is a whimsical, spiritual, fantasy adventure. The main character, Tobe (Tō●bē), is a fisherman in a village on the edge of the world. One day, as he sleeps in a meadow, a light appears. It turns his world upside down. That night as he sleeps, in his dream a door opens to a land called Inlăkesh and a great river. In the life-changing days ahead, he feels driven to go on a journey to this mystical land called, Inlăkesh. On his way there he runs into black holes and the Bubble People. He comes to a carnival where he experiences life in an intense way. It is here that he is shown the portal to Inlăkesh. Once in Inlăkesh, he meets his guide, Auriel, a young girl. As they travel together, she surprises Tobe with her wisdom and insight into the secrets of this strange and beautiful land. During their travels, they meet a variety of peculiar characters. Tobe learns to swim in the River Is and he discovers his profound relationship to the River. But then he must face the end.

                This story is deeply psychological, worldly, yet metaphysical in its perspective.

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ISBN-13: 9780997052527
Publisher: Micah Sanger
Publication date: 02/26/2016
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 158
File size: 14 MB
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Tobe and the River Is: A Strange and Most Peculiar Tale 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Hilary Hawkes for Readers' Favorite Tobe and The River Is by Micah Sanger is an insightful and thoughtful story with a profound spiritual message. After finding a strange book that tells of extraordinary things, Tobe sets off on an adventure to find The Great Fish, The River Is, and the truth about life and himself. Leaving his fishing job and Kallee, whom he loves, he travels through strange lands, survives dark holes of negative thoughts and fears, and arrives at the Carnival. Here different aspects of life are represented in different areas: relationships, war, dancing girls. Tobe learns that his and all our experiences are created out of our thoughts and beliefs, and are not based on the reality of what is. Finally he finds the way into Inlakesh, meets the enlightened Auriel, and begins his discovery of the River Is. Willing to surrender his false beliefs, Tobe grows in knowledge. But can he hold on to the truths, peace, and happiness, and see life in a better and more fulfilling way once he returns to everyday life? Tobe and The River Is is a deep, metaphorical tale which I absolutely loved from beginning to end. Tobe’s life, desire to find and understand, and his gradual realization that life – the way he sees it and the way all humans see it – is not based on reality, but on absorbed beliefs and fears is an insightful and thoughtful message. I liked the idea of the carnival where all kinds of human experiences are chosen and experienced quite blindly without understanding why or how. It is a story of one person’s awakening to spiritual truths through the experience of letting go of preconceived ideas, being present in the moment, and experiencing a feeling of wonder and oneness with all creation. The book reflects the lessons, life-changing experiences, and the joy that can be discovered by seekers of life’s meaning. Many quotable phrases reflect this. For example, “go to the life of this present second and you will find the River waiting there” and “what truly lives does not die” – i.e. it is the essence of life, not physical form, that is real. A delightful and inspiring tale, full of gentle wisdom matched with psychological understandings. The author has also included lovely detailed illustrations of Tobe’s journey and experiences. If you’re looking for an inspirational character-led story, Tobe and The River Is will make you think and touch your heart and soul. Recommended.