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Trigger Break (Warriors Series, #10)

Trigger Break (Warriors Series, #10)

4.6 12
by Ty Patterson

Zeb Carter's enemies call him fate.The yakuza write their own destiny. Now, he's going against them. Fate vs Destiny.

'Explosive action that's sharper than the edge of a samurai sword'

The first woman was reaching out to Zeb Carter for help when she is killed.She turns out to be the daughter of the head of an


Zeb Carter's enemies call him fate.The yakuza write their own destiny. Now, he's going against them. Fate vs Destiny.

'Explosive action that's sharper than the edge of a samurai sword'

The first woman was reaching out to Zeb Carter for help when she is killed.She turns out to be the daughter of the head of an intelligence chief.

Even as Zeb swings into action, another woman, the daughter of another intelligence chief is killed. 

It is obvious that the intelligence agencies of the world are under attack, and Zeb goes on the hunt.

It is a trail that takes him from New York to Los Angeles, and from London to Tokyo, battling Vietnamese killers and motorcycle gangs.

In Japan he comes across the yakuza, the most dangerous enemy he has ever faced. They are hatching a plan.

One that will have a devastating effect on Japan and the USA.

Zeb is an experienced operative. He has gone up against terrorists and criminal gangs in the hotspots of the world. He has always prevailed.

The yakuza are a different proposition, however. They are ready, waiting, and have one question for him. 'How do you want to die? Slowly or quickly?'

'Ty Patterson's thrillers should come with a health warning: Highly Addictive'

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Warriors Series , #10
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Trigger Break (Warriors Series, #10) 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Anonymous 8 days ago
Great fast read and captivating page Turner.
Anonymous 13 days ago
This book was a blast. I will definitely be reading the rest of the series.
Anonymous 16 days ago
This book was very interesting with lots of action. The multiple different Japanese names and words were rather confusing but it had a unique plot, engaging characters and underlying morality. I really enjoyed it.
Anonymous 23 days ago
One of my favorite no name kickass government agencies. Filled with action and hard to put down.
Ellen-oceanside 3 months ago
TRIGGER BREAK. by Ty Patterson. A phone call, from the Director of Mossad, a killing; Zeb face was now his death face. We meet the patriarch , which son to take over his empire, he decides on 5 tasks. The first was the killing , they had pulled it off. Was it only the order of their father, or vengeance for a brother killed. The riveting story continues with 4 more tasks, either together, or separate. How Zeb and his crew ,with a code of honor, taking only certain assignments. Will this be one of them . Another thriller by Patterson, he doesn't disappoint his readers.
Anonymous 10 months ago
Really engaging book
MKPMRP 10 months ago
Once again Zeb and his warriors take on an international crime syndicate. This time it's the Yakuza from Japan. First a woman's death across a phone then two more women are slain. Who is killing these high profile women and why ? Leave it up to Ty to bring us another thrilling page turner. These books are so full of action, conspiracy and mayhem that you are truly missing out if you aren't reading this Warrior series. Reminds me of the Jack Reacher series but with some help from Zeb's crew. I highly recommend it.
cherigCG 10 months ago
Wow! Okay, so that is not very original. What is original is Trigger Break. Page one starts out with a phone call. Tame enough you say. However, there is a woman on the line. Someone Jeb doesn't know. She asks if it is him, then screams. The next sounds heard chill and anger the passengers in the car as well as Jeb. They track the call and are minutes away. What happens next will make you understand why I started this with Wow! And that is just the beginning. The call begins a cross country case, Bond-like technical devices, important families, dangerous groups, family power struggles, and reveals that could destroy ancient companies. The setting for much of the story is Japan and even Okinawa. We learn more of Jeb's history and what makes him the man he is today. He has some very close calls in this one. This book is a bit longer than some of his other full lengths books and I still had to read it in one sitting. Another winner. My new favorite Ty Patterson book (until the next one comes out). I voluntarily reviewed this advanced reader copy and I have not been compensated in any way.
1_book_reader 10 months ago
Zeb Carter's day has just gone bad, really bad as he listens to a phone call from a young woman. What he hears triggers one of his base instincts, If you go after my friends I'm coming after you. This suspense novel has some explosive encounters that keep you glued to the pages. We travel to Japan as Zeb and his team uncover each new lead that takes us to a thrilling showdown. If you like suspense and action I highly recommend Trigger Break.
Debbie_Gallant 10 months ago
Here's another great thriller from Ty Patterson. This dude has fast become my favorite writer in this genre. He has created an excellent family team of hero's who will do away with "hostiles" when needed. If you like these types of books, I highly recommend reading this. You'll get hooked and then want to read the entire series, including the novellas and Gemini books. Another great thing is that Mr. Patterson whips these books out faster than a speeding bullet. There is a reason he is a USA Today best selling author and this book proves it. Word of caution! Once you start the book chances are you won't want to put it down anytime soon so be careful that you don't lose any sleep because you will get right into Trigger Break.
Anonymous 10 months ago
Non stop action that grabs you and pulls you in from the very first page. Normally, I like to take my time and savor a book, but I couldn't put Trigger Break down. A real page turner... put everything else on hold and settle in for a great read. Perhaps Ty's best book yet!
Anonymous 10 months ago
This book is crammed with action and you might learn something also.