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Trump's World: GEO DEUS

Trump's World: GEO DEUS

by Theodore Roosevelt Malloch, Felipe J. Cuello

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A phrase has come into the Zeitgeist – calling people the “Trump of their field.” Elon Musk is the Trump of business. Many leaders still do not know how to react to President Trump; to his decision to control immigration; 3+% economic growth and, especially, to the absolutely justified desire to implement a pro-US policy.

Europe has been awakened from its somnolence by the vigor and determination with which US President Donald Trump has changed the face of America and indeed, the entire world.  Since the fall of the Soviet Union, mainland Europe has been stuck in the old politics of the 20th century. The annihilation of the European Socialists in the European Parliament and the European Council (where they only count a handful of heads of state) is birthing a new European era. 

Europe, like the rest of the world, needs Trump in order to re-learn how to do politics, instead of winding endless tales from which no one understands anything, and no one takes any firm decisions.  The Trump of America must lead the world in uniting Western Civilization against an onslaught of weak, feeble centrists and leftists at home and abroad. Europe needs Trump in order to wake up from its zealous overconfidence in its capacity to assimilate millions of non-Europeans into its cultures.

The world also needs Trump and America to learn the value of the nation state and policies based on the community called the "nation." 

Every nation in the world needs a president or prime minister like Donald Trump – pushing their nation towards its greater destiny.

Every nation needs presidents that puts their nation first and fights for the interests of those who voted for them!

Trump's World shows how Trump has bent the arc of modern history in the US and how other leaders will do the same across the world as popular sovereignists win the day.

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Publisher: Humanix Books
Publication date: 01/21/2020
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About the Author

Theodore Roosevelt Malloch is chairman and CEO of Global Fiduciary Governance LLC, a leading strategy thought leadership company. He was president of the World Economic Development Congress sponsored by CNN, where Lady Margaret Thatcher dubbed him a "global sherpa." He’s held positions in the US State Department and the United Nations, served as research professor at Yale University, and was Senior Fellow at Said Business School at the University of Oxford.
Felipe J. Cuello is a Republican consultant who worked on the Trump campaign and a former member of the Presidential Transition team’s Defense and Foreign Policy coordination unit. He currently advises various European officials on foreign policy.

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

“Malloch is a true General in the Trump anti-Globalist Army. Read this book to appreciate America First."

  • Steve Bannon, Trump Strategist

“I know Donald Trump and this book elaborates how he is changing the world better than any other treatment out there."

  • Nigel Farage, Brexit Party

"President Trump continues to shake up the globalist agenda by putting America first. Ted Malloch's latest book shows how Trump's agenda is influencing politics – everywhere the world over."

  • Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit

“Conservatives, Liberals and whatever’s the world over need to understand the new American Emperor—this book does the trick, definitively."

  • Freddy Gray, The Spectator

“Donald Trump is one of America’s greatest presidents - and certainly its most misunderstood. This insightful book will help you understand the man, his methods and his genius a whole lot better.”

  • James Delingpole, Breitbart

“Malloch understands Trump better than anyone and should be his next

Secretary of State.”

  • Daniel Kawczynski, Conservative Member of the UK Parliament

“Malloch presents perhaps the strongest argument for the Trump Administration’s foreign policy: period.”

  • Sam Clovis, Trump 2016 National Policy Director

"A persuasive analysis of the huge impact President Donald Trump has had at home and abroad—a revolution in politics that will be influential long after he has left power."

  • Tim Newark, political commentator for the UK Daily Express

“A stirring and persuasive argument that Trump has put paid to years of amoral liberal pieties, and that this marks a turning point in world history.”

  • Francis Buckley, New York Post

“This book details exactly how Trump has changed the world. There is no better treatment if you want to understand the new American foreign policy."

  • Herman Pirschner, American Foreign Policy Council

"No book spells out in such fine nuance and grainy detail how our great President Trump has transformed the world. Read it and take note"

  • Ed Martin, Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum

“This is the best treatment of Trump’s thinking—it captures the worldview, policies and implications of America First."

  • Charles Herring, OANN

“Most critics of Trump’s foreign policy treat it as, in Lionel Trilling’s phrase, a series of 'irritable mental gestures.’ Instead, Malloch makes a lively case both for its coherence, salience and efficacy.”

  • Paul Marshall, Wilson Professor of Religious Freedom, Baylor University

"This is the first complete and positive exposition of Trump's world view and his entailed policies; it exhibits precisely the level of discussion that his critics try to block by attacking him rather than discussing his world view. A masterful explanation of why Trump has earned the enmity of globalists, elites, and technocrats around the world, while simultaneously earning the support of common people."

  • Nadia Nedzel, D., LL.M., Reilly Family Professor of Law, Southern University Law Center

“Christ said: Do not be afraid. Pope St. John Paul II said: Do not be afraid. This book explains US foreign policy under Donald Trump, rationally and in great detail. Those who prefer freedom have nothing to fear.”

  • Ingrid Detter Frankopan, Lindhagen Professor of International Law, Stockholm University and advisor to Pope John Paul II

“This is an important book to understand the thinking of this President as he navigates world leaders’ views toward the United States of America. He intends to have the country he leads be great and by his actions, and words, not only will the American people benefit, so too will people across the globe who love freedom, free enterprise, human rights and economic growth. Elitists, Statists and totalitarian sympathizers will be unhappy as their globalist intentions are disrupted. “

  • Becky Norton Dunlop, Ronald Reagan Distinguished Fellow, The Heritage Foundation

“In Trump’s World: GEO DEUS, Ted Malloch captures the Zeitgeist—Donald Trump’s fight for national sovereignty in a world that wants to do business, not wage war.”

  • Douglas Macgregor, Colonel (ret), USA, PhD.