TS901: Anomaly (TS901 Chronicles, #1)

TS901: Anomaly (TS901 Chronicles, #1)

by Stacey Rourke, Tish Thawer

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Tainted water for the good of the people. Fluoride and vitamins to sustain the health of the human race. Added ingredients to extend and elevate the quality of life. All good things, right?


Thia Kelly has been changed by the TS901 chemical in the world's water supply. Now, forced into hiding with the other inflicted outcasts, she struggles to survive as her powers emerge.

Evan Daniels hunted for others like himself, and finding Thia suddenly brought meaning back into his life. Love blossomed between the strange couple while they searched for a way to reverse the effects. Unfortunately, the Government had something else in mind. 

Super-soldier creation on a mass scale was their end goal, and thanks to an unfortunate family tie, Evan became Patient #1.

Good-guy? Bad-guy? The world isn't sure, but Thia is left with only one choice––save the ass of the world's first Anomaly who just happens to be her boyfriend.

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BN ID: 2940154690673
Publisher: Anchor Group Publishing
Publication date: 07/25/2017
Series: TS901 Chronicles , #1
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

RONE Award Winner for Best YA Paranormal Work of 2012 for Embrace, a Gryphon Series Novel
Young Adult and Teen Reader voted Author of the Year 2012
Turning Pages Magazine Winner for Best YA book of 2013 & Best Teen Book of 2013 
Readers' Favorite Silver Medal Winner for Crane 2015

Stacey Rourke is the author of the award winning YA Gryphon Series, the chillingly suspenseful Legends Saga, the romantic comedy Reel Romance Series, and twisted fairy tale Unfortunate Soul Chronicles. She lives in Michigan with her husband, two beautiful daughters, and two giant dogs. She loves to travel, has an unhealthy shoe addiction, and considers herself blessed to make a career out of talking to the imaginary people that live in her head. 

Visit her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/staceyrourkeauthor
or on Twitter or instagram @Rourkewrites.

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TS901: Anomaly (TS901 Chronicles, #1) 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
REM9811 More than 1 year ago
I loved this book! Everything about it will keep you engaged and make you think. Its almost scary when you think about how real this story could be in that the government has decided to play Russian Roulette with its citizens lives by putting a "supplement of biological vitamins that were intended to enhance strength and health" called TS901 in the drinking water. And when it didn't work out quite to plan, they punish those who the tests hurt the most by keeping them away from the Naries, ordinary people, like their loved ones, and take their jobs and their freedom by forcing them to live in a compound type of place also known as the "Hive." When Thia Kelly, who is kind of the speaker for the Anomalies, aka the Malies , hears that her ex boyfriend Evan Daniels is wanted by the government she knows that they already have him and is bound and determined to rescue him. So, with the help of some of the other Malies, Corbin, aka The Shocker , her best friend Gigi, Eugene, and one of the guards at the compound, Sargent Lance Baker, she sets off to find and rescue Evan and also Sgt Baker's mother whom the government has also taken. I'm not going to give away anything else but highly recommend you read it for yourself. This is the first book I have ever read like this and absolutely loved it! I can't wait for the next part to come out. I received an ARC for an honest review.
CharityRowell-Stansbury More than 1 year ago
I loved this book! Rourke and Thawer came together and created a story with an amazing premise, wonderful setting, compelling dialogue, and very cool characters. I received a free ARC of this book with the option of leaving an honest review. To me, the plot had some similarities to the X-Men movies and comics; however, the similarities seemed only "skin deep" as the characters and setting are quite unique. I also liked how Rourke and Thawer managed to provide a backstory for the characters without slowing down the pace of the book. I found myself drawn to Thia. She's an interesting mix of tough and vulnerable, which really fit in with the plot and setting. I wanted to keep reading to find out what the outcome of the plot would be and to find out what Thia's mutation was. I enjoyed watching her evolution as she learned to embrace her mutation and leadership potential. I was very curious about her mutation, but I thought it was so appropriate for her when the nature of her mutation was finally revealed. The other star in the book, Gigi, is another fabulous female protagonist. I thought her mutation and her flamboyant personality complemented Thia's tough and pragmatic character. The duo really takes charge of the situation and kicks some ass near the end of the book. Well-written with plenty of action, unique characters, and delightfully dystopian setting; TS901: Anamoly - Rise of the Rebels is a great beginning to what looks to be a very promising series for fans of science fiction and dystopian novels. Also, TS901: Anamoly is classified as "new adult;" however, I think any reader from ages 15 and up could easily read it. I think there is some cursing in it; however, it isn't anything that a 15-year old hasn't already heard at home or in school.
SuperReaderChick More than 1 year ago
I was very excited to be given the opportunity to read an ARC of TS901 from the author/publisher. I was already a huge fan of Stacey Rourke and loved the idea of getting to know Tish Thawer's writing. Although TS901 was not my typical go-to genre, the idea of the story intrigued me. I was instantly transported to their world through the vividly written words. I instantly liked Thia and her rapport with the Malys and the guards. She was tough, smart, and no-nonsense. I liked getting to know about some of the other Malys and their special skills. The scenes in this book really played out like a movie in my mind as I read. All of the characters had a very entertaining dynamic, which I loved. The writing was really fabulous throughout the entire book. The action really started to pick up when the unlikely band of warriors got beyond the gate. Their plan (and back-up plan) for The Hill had me tingling with nervous energy and I was so curious about what Thia was hiding about herself. The end of Chapter 17 had me completely floored with shock and the end of Chapter 18 had me on the edge of my seat needing to know what would happen next. Thia's speech to the masses in Chapter 21 was so inspiring that it had my chest puffed-up with pride for her. And oh that ending!!! I need more of this series and I need it now! This book was action-packed and difficult to put down for any length of time. I highly recommend these authors and I can't wait to read more of this series.
Albinomex More than 1 year ago
This world shocked me in more ways than one! It's exciting & keeps you on your toes. A great choice for anyone who enjoys government conspiracies, science experiments gone wrong, explosions, shootouts, & true love fighting to win!! Being my first introduction to Thawer's work I am pleased to say I look forward to reading much more! Having been familiar with Rourke's talent I should have known she would team up with a fellow rockstar. They masterfully weaved their magic together making it nearly impossible for me to decipher which characters/scenes were written by who. Very well done!!! The characters are diverse & oh so enlightening! Thia, a genuine badass who doubted herself most of this journey, is a genuine heroine. Gigi quickly became another favorite of mine, but Mama Baker stole my heart over & over again. Eugene, Lance, & the Shocker refuse to be forgotten as well as many others I hope to visit again soon.
Jazzie More than 1 year ago
Love X-Men?!? Then read this! I received a complementary copy from the author / publisher but all opinions are my own. Note: This review contains NO spoilers This is one collaboration that I can absolutely gush about! I already enjoy Stacey Rourke's books, and I have only read a short story by Tish Thawer that's in Fairy Tale Confessions. So, when they announced that they're writing a book together... Oh hell yeah! Well, I have got to say... Wow! This is one action-filled science fiction story that has its twists that kept me turning the pages. Let's start off with the characters. These authors created amazing and dimensional character. Each character had their own quirks and personalities that made them stand out as individuals, as well as their mutations, or as it is called in the book anomalies. As stated in the book, there are some anomalies that are obvious, but there are those that are not. And, that's just it when it came to Thia's mutation... That was revealed at that moment when it was a major turning point in the story and to Thia herself. Stacey and Tish really threw me for a loop on that one...haha! From beginning to almost the end, I kept wondering what in the world is Thia's mutation...OMG! What a secret to keep...Whoa! I really enjoyed that... And what a reveal that was! Yup! Stacey and Tish created these amazingly crazy characters with individual and peculiar personalities! Now, with the incredibly amazing character development, the world building/setting comes hand in hand with these characters. We see this future world through the eyes of these anomalies. We "see" their struggle. We "see" how society treats them. We "see" a world that is pretty similar to reality... just with characters that have special "abilities" that society doesn't understand and fear. We see the strengths and weaknesses of both those afflicted with mutations and those that are not. And, it is a scary world they live in. The blending of the science fiction, paranormal, fantasy, romance genres worked amazingly well in this story. I also loved that no genres overshadowed the other throughout. I got the excitement from the action, mystery, and the twists. I got the emotional ride from the subtle romance and the dire straits that these characters have to endure. TS901: Anomaly is an exciting read that is action-packed with twists along the way. Stacey Rourke and Tish Thawer has gotten me obsessing for the next book...haha!!
Chereeloveofbooks More than 1 year ago
I am obsessed with this book! In a world where the people have been wronged by their government in unimaginable ways and being treated horribly, they are at an all time low, and Thia is the just the hope the people need. When she hears that her ex, and the love of her life, is in trouble, she will stop at nothing to help him, and hopefully save her people at the same time. I truly can't do this book justice with my lame attempt at a description. The characters are amazing, quirky and definitely people I wish I could be friends with in real life. The writing is phenomenal, you would never know it was written by 2 different people. What a team! The twists and turns keep you guessing, and the fast paced action will have you flying through the pages. My only complaint is that it ended! I have spent days thinking about it and dying for the next book! The book hangover is strong with this one! The ending is absolutely amazing! Perfection! Leaves you screaming YES!!! Cheering and excited for the next one without leaving you feeling like you are missing out. You feel complete but still need more! An absolute must read!!
Autumn2 More than 1 year ago
I received an ARC to give an honest review bu I am buying the book! So I have read plenty of books by Stacey Rourke but Tish Thawer is a new author for me. So when I saw that Stacey and Tish were going to be co-authoring on a book I knew I had to see what it was about and if it was going to be any good. Now I just hoped that Stacey's sense of humor would find its way into the book because let's face it. With the wittiness that she gives her characters in her other books I can't find myself not reading a character who couldn't make me laugh. By the way both of the authors wrote Gigi so the way she is, is because of both authors! My favorite character has to be Gigi. Why you may ask because she is kind of like a secondary character though she does play a role in the story she isn't front and center like Thia. It is because she has a smart remark for everything and she seems to be really smart, smarter than the normal humans without powers gives her credit for. So Thia is a mysterious character because she has the anomaly that others around her has but yet we don't get to know about it until she has to save herself and more importantly her friends. The anomaly's are people with certain powers such as mind reading, dealing with electricity, feeling pain, among others. The humans feel that they need to be put into their own spot on the planet and no one is to really be bothered with them. How cruel right especially after the people got their powers from the water supply that had a certain chemical in it. So when Thia gets word that her boyfriend is missing she makes it her mission to find him. Though it will be way more than she bargains for, she will find out that he is being used for far worse things than expected! Thia with the help of her friends will try to defeat the government that did this to not only the super humans but to Evan who is Patient 1. So much goes on that it is hard to write a great review because I feel I will give so much away. Filled with plenty of action, humor, and much more this makes for a great darn story I hope that there is more where this came from because I want more.