Twice as Sexy

Twice as Sexy

by Carly Phillips

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He's the bad boy her mother warned her about.

The guy who makes her crave all the naughty things a good girl shouldn't want.

Tanner Grayson is a man outrunning the demons of his past and has the rap sheet to prove it. The only thing keeping old anger in check and him on the straight and narrow are the men he calls brothers and the club he calls home. He has no business taking the sexy woman doing shots in his club upstairs to his bed.

They never should have crossed paths. But when Assistant District Attorney Scarlett Davis lays eyes on the hot as sin club owner, she decides he's the birthday present she wants to unwrap at the end of the evening.

He tells himself it's one night. She convinces herself she deserves a short break from her latest case. But one night isn't enough and soon these two opposites are in deeper than they ever planned.

When Scarlett's case collides with Tanner's past, she sees the dangerous man he's hidden beneath the cool veneer he presents to the world. Can she accept him for who he is? Or will she run from the bad boy who makes her feel so good?

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BN ID: 2940161271421
Publisher: CP Publishing LLC
Publication date: 01/07/2020
Series: Carly Phillips' Sexy Series , #2
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 580
File size: 413 KB

About the Author

Carly married her college sweetheart and lives in Purchase, NY along with her three crazy dogs and has raised two incredible daughters. Carly is the author of over 50 romances and is a Wall Street Journal, NY Times and USA Today Bestseller. Visit and subscribe to her newsletter for 2 FREE BOOKS and find out where to find Carly on social media. She loves interacting with her readers!

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Twice as Sexy 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 27 reviews.
Anonymous 17 days ago
Entirely too short. Not worth the money! Wait till its on sale for .99 cents. Only 124 pages total!. Hate that great writers are just pumping out books to publish. Story was good, but just so rushed. Don' think I will bother with 3rd story.
MaimeosAngelsEL 19 days ago
The second book in the series and just as entertaining as the first book. I love Carly Phillips style of writing, there is something about her stories, that draw me in and keep me enthralled from the first to the last chapter. This is Tanner Grayson, part owner in nightclub ClubTen29 and Assistant District Attorney Scarlett Davis story. I have to say that Tanner is totally swoon worthy and ticks the boxes for me. Tanner has had a hard life and continues to fight the demons of his past. Spotting Scarlett drinking shots in his bar, Tanner is attracted to her immediately, after all a one night stand can’t be too complicated can it? Can two people who are total opposites really work? When a case Scarlett is working on brings her face to face with Tanner’s past, will she run from the bad boy or will she embrace him totally? The chemistry between Tanner and Scarlett is scorching and you could almost feel the flames burn you as you read. Twice As Sexy is a highly entertaining story and I cannot wait for the next book in the series. I loved the camaraderie and friendship with the other club owners, his best friends, Jason and Landon which added an extra layer to the story that Ms. Phillips wove. This is a passionate story with twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
TarynLee 12 days ago
Tanner is doing his best to keep his past where it belongs, in the past. He has his friends along with the business they own to thank for helping him keep on the straight and narrow. Things are going well until he takes a woman to bed that is enjoying a night out in his club. Scarlett wants spend her birthday drinking and having a fun time. When a man catches her eye she is determined to make him part of her celebration. A night of hot sex with an even hotter man is definitely the way to make the most of her birthday. Both think one night and done is how it is going to play out. Follow along as the two realize just how far from the truth that thought really is. Can she deal with Tanners past and be okay with the person he is? Can Tanner open his heart and let a woman in to see the true man that he is? This was a great read filled with romance, sexiness, and love all rolled into one!
BookAngel_Emma 12 days ago
Tanner and Scarlett have an insta-connection from the moment their eyes meet across the crowded club Tanner co-owns. Scarlett doesn’t normally have much of a social-life but decides Tanner is going to be her personal birthday present Both Tanner and Scarlett have a lot of emotional baggage which has them both convinced they are not relationship material. However, Tanner is self-aware enough to realise the connection they share is special and should be explored further. I loved the way in which Tanner gave himself over to his emotions and gradually chipped away at Scarlett’s barriers to show her how perfect they are and could be together. When the past catches up to the present, Tanner has to prove he has matured in the way in which he is able to handle situations. Unfortunately, this also exposes parts of his past he would prefer left hidden especially where Scarlett is concerned. Both Scarlett and Tanner have experienced traumatic events in their lives and it is these events which have shaped them into the people they have become and the career paths they have taken. Intriguingly the events put them on opposing sides and are a pivotal point to their relationship. I loved the support system around Tanner along with how easily Scarlett is accepted into their inner circle. Twice as Sexy is a fast-paced both in action and in terms of the relationship between Tanner and Scarlett. While the relationship angst is fairly low, there is a lot of drama within the plot adding suspense to the narrative.
PennieM 13 days ago
This is the second installment in this series and oh my I think it was even better than the first and that one was smoking HOT. Scarlett Davis is the workaholic ADA who on her 30th birthday is convinced to go out and celebrate and her friends take her to Club Ten29 where she meets the eyes of Tanner Grayson. It is fate their eyes meet and she decides she should have him for her birthday, after all she will never see him again after that. Him, on the other hand, thinks he has met the one he could keep. Fate has a way of bringing them back together and their pasts have a way of colliding. Definitely a keeper! Hot and sexy as this one is, it should not be missed! **Received this ARC for review**
fantasylandblog 14 days ago
* First time reading author If you are looking for a damaged but wonderfully written hero, this is your story. Twice as Sexy is a story about a strong-willed female character that you love to read about. Twice as Sexy is an enjoyable read.
ScrapNSign 17 days ago
Twice as Sexy is the perfect example of opposites attract! You can't go wrong any book in this series, and I even love this one more than the first one, which I didn't think was possible (fight me). I absolutely loved this book, and it even had a cameo from the Dare family in it! A heart-stopping romance that will keep you entertained and counting down until the next book is released.
LynnB888 17 days ago
She's sugar and he's spice! TWICE AS SEXY is the second book in the delectable Sexy Series by Carly Phillips and I could not have loved it more! Yummy characters, an attention grabbing plot and steaming hot chemistry held my attention page after page. Tanner was an endearing character to get to know. He saw himself as flawed and bad, but I adored him. Yes, he had a past ... but he was so kind and sincere. I really enjoyed seeing him fall hard and fast. Scarlett is a do-getter, and once we learn her story we really understand what pushes her to conquer the world. She doesn't know Tanner's past when she starts falling for him, and watching her have to come to terms with it in the end is emotional. I highly recommend this book as well as the first in the series. It's fast paced and full of heart with characters that are super easy to connect with. I'm really enjoying the guys of Club TEN29 and I can't wait for Landon to meet his match!
Cheryl-S 18 days ago
This is book two in the Sexy series and it features Tanner and Scarlett. These two have an instant connection. When their eyes met, the attraction was overpowering. Through him, her life was in danger. Just thinking about them together brings a smile to my face. He is the big, bad tempered, muscled hunk and she’s this beautiful, sophisticated, blonde woman. Opposites in every way but compatible at the same time. I love that Jason and Landon are constantly aware of Tanner’s temper and know exactly what to do to defuse it. Their friendship is enviable! The story line was great but the climax of the suspense was a little bit disappointing. I expected a bigger show down. The romance was fantastic, as always and overshadowed any disappointing moments. I can’t wait for book 3!
Sandy-thereadingcafe 18 days ago
TWICE AS SEXY is the second instalment in Carly Phillips’ contemporary, adult SEXY erotic, romance series, a cross-over with the author’s DARE series. This is night club owner and former MMA fighter Tanner Grayson, and Assistant District Attorney Scarlett Davis’ story line. TWICE AS SEXY can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous story line is revealed where necessary. Told from dual third person perspectives (Tanner and Scarlett) TWICE AS SEXY follows the building relationship between nightclub owner Tanner Grayson, and Assistant District Attorney Scarlett Davis. Scarlett Davis was about to celebrate her thirtieth birthday with her best friend Leigh Michaels, a celebration where she would meet night club owner Tanner Grayson. A one-night stand between our leading couple would turn into something more but Tanner Grayson’s past was about to catch up pulling Scarlett Davis in the direct line of fire. What ensues is the building romance and relationship between Tanner and Scarlett, and the potential fall-out as Scarlett struggles to move beyond Tanner’s past. Scarlett Davis became a lawyer to fight for the victims of NYC . Having lost her younger brother in a robbery gone wrong, Scarlett vowed to ensure that the guilty parties get what they deserve. Tanner Grayson has always had an issue with anger having grown with a father who was quick to bite but Tanner’s past includes the death of his brother, a death he struggles to forget or move on. The relationship between Tanner and Scarlett is one of immediate attraction but Scarlett believes she doesn’t have time for a relationship, and Tanner is convinced there is always time for love. When Tanner’s past targets Scarlett in a game of revenge, Tanner becomes Scarlett’s personal guardian, a guardianship that will end when the good guys win. The $ex scenes are intimate and passionate without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text. We are reintroduced to Tanner’s business partners at the night club TEN29-Jason Dare, and his girlfriend Faith (Sexy Dare #1), as well as Landon Bennett; and Scarlett’s best friend and fellow attorney Leigh Michaels. Landon’s story line is next. TWICE AS SEXY is the story of betrayal and revenge; of justice and retribution; of family, friendship, romance and love. The premise is lively and moving; the romance is spicy and flirty; the characters are sassy and strong. TWICE AS SEXY is an intoxicating and energetic addition to Carly’s SEXY series.
beausmommy 18 days ago
Second book about the club ten 29 men and it’s a SCORE!!!! Tanner Grayson is every bit the bad boy turned alpha hero we expect from this author and Scarlett (cue the name) is appropriately the sassy, independent woman he needs. She just doesn’t know it yet. The little bit of mystery that continues through this series adds to their story but the instant attraction and the undying faithfulness to stick to it is what makes this another winner.
mrs_tsray 18 days ago
I absolutely love opposites attract romances and this one was even better because their sparks fly from the very beginning. The attraction between Tanner and Scarlett is so intense and undeniable, they don't even try to fight it when the first meet. The heat they generate just reads write off the pages and leaves you wanting more. But of course, these two have real issues to overcome. I love how they both have real insecurities about their relationship. Tanner doubts he can really be worthy of Scarlett because of his bad boy past and is also afraid to tell her the details of his past because it goes against everything she believes in. Scarlett doesn't know if she can balance a relationship with her high-pressure career as a district attorney and the time she devotes as a caregiver to her parent. On top of all that, Tanner's nightclub has been targeted by a mysterious figure from his past and becomes more and more dangerous, pushing Tanner to handle it the only way he knows how. Neither was looking for a relationship and neither know if they have what it takes to make it work. What I love about this book, is that it doesn't try to solve all their issues before the end of the story. Scarlett's family drama is discussed, but is dealt with realistically and not necessarily resolved in the happiest way. Scarlett and Tanner are pushed to their emotional brinks in this story. Tanner is a complicated hero that doesn't make all the right moves and Scarlett has her own concerns about relationships. These are imperfect characters that don't want to end what they started, but have no idea how it's all going to play out. Reading this book was like going on the journey with them. I loved both of these characters. Scarlett was smart, independent and accomplished. Tanner was successful, focused and headstrong. It was great seeing these two interact and become vulnerable with each other, while trying to battle all the issues in their lives together. I love this series. If you haven't read Book 1, do so now. You won't be disappointed. I am so looking forward to Book 3. I received an ARC for my honest, voluntary review.
charlligirl 19 days ago
As I am sitting here, I am having a hard time putting into words how I felt about this book. I love Tanner. Don't get me wrong, Jason and Landon are fabulous, alpha guys who I would love as my own. But there is something about Tanner that makes me want to take him home and never let him go. His life has not been easy, but he has worked hard to make himself the man he is. I really worried that Scarlett would not see the good in Tanner; that she would only see his anger. So in the beginning, I was cursing at her telling her not to be a freaking idiot. But as the story went on, she was seeing the good in him and how hard he works to control his anger and how much she needed him. What started as a one night stand turned into forever, via a fight to save Club Ten29. I loved seeing the Dares visit in the birthday party scene. It is always a joy when they visit. I can't wait to read Landon's story. I'm trying to figure out what kind of woman it is going to take to tame him and make him want to settle down. He's carrying a lot of grief and demons with him, so she will need to be someone special. This series has been one of my favorite by Carly Phillips. It ranks up there with the Dares and that says a lot. It is really hard to match the storylines and emotions from that series, but this one is definitely contending and this book actually set a new bar.
JennieF 19 days ago
ARC for honest review with no compensation Twice As Sexy is book 2 in the Sexy series by Carly Phillips. We are back at Club Ten29, this time with Tanner and Scarlett. Scarlett, A. D. A. who never lets her hair down decides its time to let herself indulge for her birthday at Club Ten29 but what she doesn’t expect is to meet someone who can tear all her walls down...Tanner Grayson. Tanner has a dark past that could destroy him but he works everyday to maintain that control and when he sees Scarlett across the room he needs to get to know her but she has other plan...a birthday present and a one night stand for herself... What happens next will keep you reading, lots of chemistry between them, threats, danger, can he keep her safe from his past, breaks down her walls and find a HEA or will his control finally snap and destroy everything?
MaryJoMI 19 days ago
Tanner is a wonderfully sexy alpha male that doesn’t believe he can be in a relationship. After years battling anger issues, he has found his place with his best friends at Club Ten29. One evening, as he exits the elevator, he finds himself captivated by a stunning woman, Scarlett. This is new territory for him but finds he needs to know more about this woman. Scarlett is career driven and doesn’t have time for a relationship. She is used to taking care of herself but meeting Tanner, she opens up to the idea that there are times when it’s ok to let someone else help. As these two get closer, a threat from Tanner’s past surfaces and puts Scarlett in harms way which really brings out Tanner’s protective instincts. As he works to keep Scarlett safe, will these two realize that love is in the cards for them? Or will their fears and insecurities drive them apart?
moonfox1234 19 days ago
I loved Tanner and Scarlett’s romance. Lots of tension, passion, emotion and drama fill the pages of this gripping read. Sizzling desire, the unknown and spontaneity lead to unexpected fallout as this couple's story unfolds. I found it very easy to get pulled into this couple's book. I thought both of these characters were incredibly likable and I found their chemistry electrifying. Tanner was totally swoon worthy and his history will break your heart. Scarlett was in my opinion, the perfect heroine. Feisty, strong and very much her own woman. I thought the complexity of this couple was brilliant. On the surface they were very much opposites but when you take a closer look you begin to see the similarities. Still, these two have plenty of stumbling blocks that must be overcome along the way as their relationship moves from one night stand to something much deeper and powerful. All-in-all a great read and an excellent addition to this series.
MelissaB 19 days ago
This is the second book in the Sexy series, in which we get Tanner and Scarlett's story. Tanner and Scarlett are absolute opposites and that old saying "Opposites Attract", yeah totally these two. Tanner is the tall, dark, handsome bad boy club owner who locks eyes with the smart, classy, sexy ADA Scarlett and knows he has to have her. These two paths should have never crossed but now that they have there's no going back because they were meant to be. But what happens when Tanner's past threatens to destroy the new relationship he's building with Scarlett? What happens when Tanner realizes nothing will ever be as good as the feelings he has for Scarlett? You'll definitely need to read this sexy, suspenseful, emotional read because this couple will capture your heart!
Kindle_Loving_Mom 19 days ago
I really enjoyed this opposites attract story between a (mostly) former bad boy club owner, and a good girl assistant DA in NYC. Tanner Grayson has had a pretty rough life. He grew up with an emotionally abusive father, a docile, subservient mother, and an awesome older sister, whom he still loves dearly. He had so much anger built up that he was unable to express toward his father as a child, and that carried over into young adulthood. In college, after one of his best friends was killed in a tragic hazing accident, his anger boiled out of control. He was on the verge of going to jail for assault when his other 2 best friends stepped in and helped him out of trouble. Now the 3 of them run a nightclub together in NYC, and they've been very successful. He's had therapy, and he works hard to keep his anger under control. But someone has been trying to sabotage the club, and he and his partners aren't sure how to proceed. Scarlett Davis' childhood wasn't much better. Her mom has a severe depression disorder, and her father had to work all the time to pay for her care. Now, Scarlett is an assistant DA in NYC and her job is her life. After her teenage brother was murdered in a convenience store robbery, and his killers walked on a technicality, she vowed to do her best to put all criminals behind bars, where they belong. When she is dragged out to a club by her best friend to celebrate her 30th birthday, she sees one of the owners, and it's lust at first sight. She decides to go for it, as a birthday gift for herself, and boy was it a good one. But, she never expected anything to go beyond one night. Scarlett and Tanner's connection was strong from the start, and neither of them expected how much they felt for each other, after never really feeling that way for anyone else. Their chemistry was so strong and potent that they continued to be drawn back together, time and again. I loved how they couldn't help but want to be together, even though it wasn't really easy or convenient. They had both built walls up so high around their emotions and it was difficult for them to let each other in, so it was really satisfying, as the reader, to see them slowly giving in, almost by accident. I love the relationship between Tanner, Jason, and Landon. They really are brothers in every sense of the word, and they are always there for each other. They were friends before tragedy struck their group, but it forged a bond between them like no other, and I loved watching their interactions. I also loved how they accepted Scarlett into their circle of trust so easily. Tanner cared for her, so they cared for her. Simple as that. Everyone needs friends like that. There was a bit of a mystery side plot, which kept things moving along. A part of the guys' past came back to cause trouble, and it was an exciting way to push our hero and heroine together. I really adored this story, and the strong pull between our main characters. I'm excited by the plot of the next book too, and I look forward to Landon getting his HEA!
EileenAW 19 days ago
Tanner and Scarlett’s love story in Twice as Sexy, book two in The Sexy series by Carly Phillips is another winner. Ms. Phillips once again gives us a protective alpha male hero falling in love at first sight as well as needing to protect his woman when she might be in danger, because of his past. Tanner Grayson keeps himself in check and his anger at bay thanks to the help of the men he views as brothers and the club they operate. Setting eyes on the sexy woman doing shots in his club and he knows he’s lost. Assistant District Attorney Scarlett Davis set her eyes on Tanner and decided he would be her birthday present. They both say it’s only one night, but one night isn’t enough, nor is two nor . . . These two opposites are falling deeper than they ever planned. Then Tanner’s past collides with the vandalism being done to the club and the early release from prison of the man who caused the death of their friend. Scarlett will need to decide if a Tanner has truly changed from after his past and if she can accept him for who he is; a man who loves her and wants a future together. Ms. Phillips wrote a wonderful, emotional and sexy story that is not to be missed. She provided a tale rich with sexual chemistry, amusing banter, and endearing characters giving Tanner and Scarlett a chance for happiness, love and that future together. I highly recommend Twice as Sexy to other readers. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.
Terri Tutor 19 days ago
It’s funny how two people who seem so wrong for each other are so right together. That’s how Tanner and Scarlet are. Both have issues with their pasts that cloud their perspective in the present. It takes their feelings for each other to overcome some of their issues. Now that Jason and Tanner have found their HEA, Landon’s can’t be far behind.
tsmb02 19 days ago
Tanner Grayson is known as the bad boy club owner of TEN29 and most women want to capture him. Too bad he has no desire to ever settle down and do that commitment stuff. It's Scarlett Davis's 30th birthday and her best friend, Leigh, convinces her to go out instead of instead of slaving away at her job as an Assistant District Attorney. While at club TEN29 Scarlett locks eyes with the hottest guy she has every seen and decides he is going to be her birthday present to herself. After a night of hot and heavy, Scarlett quietly sneaks out thinking she will never see Tanner again. Too bad fate has other plans. When Tanner realizes that Scarlett has left he's not happy. For once he feels that he had actually connected with someone that he may want more with. Just when Tanner thinks he will never see Scarlett again, fate has a way of bringing her back and this time Tanner is not giving up until they are together. When it looks like Scarlett and Tanner just might get their happy ending, both of their pasts come crashing in causing problems. It will take a big leap of faith for these two to get their happy ending but when they both finally jump it ends up perfect! I just adored Tanner and Scarlett. Tanner only sees himself as flawed because of things from his past but what he doesn't realize is that he is so wrong. He's loyal, sweet and sexy as sin. Scarlett at first seems like the perfect woman but soon you realize that she has demons that she is also running from. Together these two flawed souls are perfect for each other.
kahea46 19 days ago
***5 #TeamTanner Stars*** I need my own Tanner. That’s really what I’m taking away from this book. I need a guy like Tanner in my life, even if he is only a BFF because…*swoon* Ok. Let’s rewind a bit before I go on a huge verbal vomity dissertation of the man (which I am not going to do after this) I have to say, I devoured this book. In and of itself, it is a quick read, but it was one I got lost in from the very start and refused to put it down until there were no more words to read. Now.Tanner. This man is all kinds of Book Boyfriend Goodness. I could go on and on and on, but you just need to experience all that makes him amazing. And then there is Scarlett. She was amazing too. She’s hard working, sassy and has a compassionate soul. Their journey to their HEA was a lot of fun. From the moment they collided, it was clear they could be way more than a one and done hook up. I loved their bantering and I loved how they actually adulted. There were bumps in their road, but nothing went into angsty OTT mode, which I was totally into, and I absolutely LOVED how everything turned out for them. This book was simply fun. There is drama and issues that come up that could be triggers for some, but it was all handled really well and were necessary when it came to the character building of the MC’s. But I loved catching up with Faith and Jason, hanging out with all the family members that came out to play and cannot wait for Landon’s book! ~ Copy provided by the author & voluntarily reviewed ~
Kayreader 19 days ago
A bad boy who has turned good...yummy!! Tanner Grayson is tall, dark, and delicious with a bad past, but thanks to his best friends he now keeps on the straight and narrow. Twice As Sexy is served up with just the right amount of steam, intrigue, and charm to make this a winner! Scarlett Davis works hard as the Assistant District Attorney and hasn't had a night off in forever, but on her birthday her best friend convinces her to take the night off. They head to Club Ten29 and when her eyes land on Tanner and it is instant attraction. Deciding to give herself a birthday present in the form of one, hot, delicious man, Scarlett makes a pass at him and their hot night gives her more than she imagined. Tanner has a dark past, but as one of the owners of Club Ten29 he works hard at leaving the past behind. When one night with Scarlett isn't enough and he knows he has to see her again, he never imagined his past would catch up to him as quickly as it did or that it could affect his future before it could really begin. Scarlett and Tanner's chemistry instantly ignite and burn off the pages. They both have sides to their past that are completely justifiable and understandable. It made the reading so good that it was hard to pick a side and wonder how they would ever make a relationship work!! Well done Carly, this was an excellent read!
Theresakerch-28 19 days ago
Sexy Another great edition to a wonderful series by the fabulous Carly Phillips. Tanner Grayson and Scarlett Davis is a great couple that you can’t help but root for. Who doesn’t regret things in their past and worry that something for your past may mess up your present/future. Can Scarlett and Tanner make their future work even with both their pasts. Can a one night stand be more. I love this series and most series by Carly Phillips because she keeps you updated on others from her series. I cannot wait for the story In this series.
Theresakerch-28 19 days ago
Sexy Another great edition to a wonderful series by the fabulous Carly Phillips. Tanner Grayson and Scarlett Davis is a great couple that you can’t help but root for. Who doesn’t regret things in their past and worry that something for your past may mess up your present/future. Can Scarlett and Tanner make their future work even with both their pasts. Can a one night stand be more. I love this series and most series by Carly Phillips because she keeps you updated on others from her series. I cannot wait for the story In this series.