Ultimate Gambling, Casino Scams and Setups Decoded

Ultimate Gambling, Casino Scams and Setups Decoded

by Michael Donromolo

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Ultimate Gambling: Is A Hands Down Must Read! This Book is being recognized by Barnes & Noble ...as "the first of its kind"....
"No book like it in it's category."
Ultimate Gambling: Explains How your Outcomes are already pre-determined ...

Before you contemplate making another bet, allow yourself access to this exceptional book that will teach you the specifics about the unknown..
...and how to understand the unthinkable.

Complete with 28 Color pictures.
YOU will ride up front with one of the most knowledgable gamblers of all time.

ULTIMATE GAMBLING elaborates on endless Scams and Set Ups that are taking place as well as how they are made possible to happen at any given time through out the casino's.

Any thing and every thing you would want in an-action packed thrilling book. At the same time explaining Never Before Talked about 'Survival Mode Tactics' on how to beat the casino's; while also avoiding being repeatedly taken advantage of.

Self-published author Michael DonRomolo defies all Laws and odds as he exposes the startling discoveries of a life time that have changed the way YOU will Look At gambling for EVER!

Having the opportunity to have a friend and confidant who was a Dean and president of his Union; Richard V. F. "Recognized the potential and possibilities of this project." Sending this book sky rocketing! Having no limitations on what it's success will bring.

Being able to master my fears allowed myself to set myself apart from thinking and fearing every thing the casino's wanted us to believe in ... Wining was the way i congratulated myself...
Any thing Less is unacceptable.
In Whom.. Do we Trust?

More advanced than any thing ever heard before .. No man .. Has ever stated nor discovered how this could be humanly possible .. Power given to any one that read it .. witness it .. and study the words written in this (book).
A Pure form of knowledge nothing like it ever before. The Original Mana machine that will change the corse of History. This is no-longer a theory..
..These are now facts..
The discoveries of a Life time - an extra terrestrial morse code given to us as a gift*
Ultimate Gambling: Casino Scams and Setups-Decoded. 2016

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BN ID: 2940148173830
Publisher: All Seeing Eye, Inc
Publication date: 07/01/2013
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 137
Sales rank: 954,882
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Michael DonRomolo is with out a doubt "King Of The Action Committed To Make it Happen."
His aggressive style of gambling is sought after by many and respected by all.
To understand how he was being Set Up and Scammed was his Ultimate goal! Once knowing how this was happening literally gave him the keys to the casinos 24/7. Now with no other intentions than to reverse this plot being used against him; but to his full advantage while doing what he knows best; making money the hard way gambling... Is absolutely incredible.
The journey of this man's quest has the intrigue to hold any one's attention the entire way. Nothing is off limits, all laws are broken while doing so. DonRomolo gives you the reader exactly what you came for; the never before heard of and non stop true action keeping you on edge from beginning to end. Studying various games year after year as life depends on it; using timing .. patience and fearlessness ... Finally breaking the codes of the Casinos...
The findings that are being presented are extraordinary. The messages in his work are yours for the taking.
This book is our past.. our present .. and our future!

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