Ultrasound Unwrapped: A Week-by-Week Pregnancy Image Guide

Ultrasound Unwrapped: A Week-by-Week Pregnancy Image Guide

by Sandra M Minck Rdms
Ultrasound Unwrapped: A Week-by-Week Pregnancy Image Guide

Ultrasound Unwrapped: A Week-by-Week Pregnancy Image Guide

by Sandra M Minck Rdms


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Your obstetric ultrasound...one of the most anxiously awaited events in your pregnancy between the positive test and delivery! The shifting clouds of gray on the monitor leave expectant parents baffled and filled with a desire to understand more-what is seen, what it means, and is it normal? And parents-to-be worry about enough without compounding the confusion with misinformation.

Ultrasound Unwrapped: A Week-by-Week Pregnancy Image Guide by certified sonographer Sandra M. Minck, RDMS dispels the myths and walks you through an ultrasound image journey of a twin pregnancy and a never-before published exploration into gender development. You will learn:

  • Ultrasound's role in your pregnancy, safety, and misconceptions
  • Baby's weekly First Trimester transformation
  • Weekly pregnancy changes we expect to see and which are most important
  • When and what to expect from your own First Trimester sonogram
  • How to differentiate gender in the Second and Third Trimesters
  • The gallery of more than 150 images will entertain and enlighten your way to a better understanding of ultrasound imaging, and most importantly, how ultrasound is utilized as a vehicle to a healthier mom and baby. Ultrasound Unwrapped will be a favorite addition to your treasure trove of parenting and pregnancy guides.

    Product Details

    ISBN-13: 9781638219330
    Publisher: Parta Arts LLC
    Publication date: 05/27/2021
    Pages: 232
    Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.49(d)

    Table of Contents




    Part One ~ Unpacking the Facts

    Chapter 1 ~ Unwrapping Ultrasound

    1.1 A Little Ultrasound History

    1.2 What is Ultrasound?

    1.3 Is Ultrasound Safe?

    1.4 Non-Medical Ultrasound Businesses

    1.5 How Does Ultrasound Work?

    1.6 What IS That Stuff?

    1.7 Why Are Some Images So Clear and Others Fuzzy?

    1.8 Sonographer or Ultrasound Technologist?

    1.9 Ultrasound versus Sonogram

    1.10 The Art of Scanning


    Chapter 2 ~ LMP & How That Egg Thing Works

    (aka Your Period and Ovulation)

    2.1 How to Calculate Gestational Age

    2.2 Calculating Your Fertility

    2.3 Time for the Egg Toss

    Chapter 3 ~ The Dreaded Endovaginal Examination

    3.1 The First Trimester Endovaginal Scan

    3.2 Obtaining Results of the Scan

    3.3 The Alternative "Full-Bladder" Prep

    Part Two ~ First Trimester Growth

    Week 4 through Week 13

    Week 4

    Why Start at Week 4?

    Dianne's Roller Coaster Pregnancy

    Week 5

    Week 6

    Measuring Baby

    Measuring Baby's Heart Rate

    Early Miscarriage

    The Twins at 6w6d

    Questions to Ask for Your First Trimester Scan


    Week 7

    Appropriate Interval Growth


    Week 8

    Week 9

    Week 9 Movement

    Week 10


    Week 11

    Week 12

    A Short Word on Genetic Testing

    More and More Week 12 Photos

    Week 13

    The Last Week of the First Trimester

    Concluding the First Trimester

    Part Three ~ Gender Identification

    Week 14 through Week 38

    Early Gender Determination

    The Nub Theory

    The Best Time to Guess

    Week 14 ~ Beginning the Second Trimester

    First Peeks at 14 Weeks

    Dianne's Twins at Week 14

    Week 15

    Week 16

    Week 17

    Week 18

    Week 19

    The Anatomy Screen

    Week 20

    Week 21

    Week 22

    Week 23

    Week 24

    Week 25

    Week 27

    Week 28 ~ Beginning the Third Trimester

    Last Peeks Begin at 28 Weeks

    Week 30

    Week 32

    Week 33

    Week 36

    Week 37

    Week 38


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