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Unleash Action Management Today

Unleash Action Management Today

by Dan Brown (5)
Is Your Life A Wasteland?

How much of your life is simply being wasted-away?

Please think about this. It's important.

When you step back and honestly evaluate what you accomplish each day, what kind of results are you typically


Is Your Life A Wasteland?

How much of your life is simply being wasted-away?

Please think about this. It's important.

When you step back and honestly evaluate what you accomplish each day, what kind of results are you typically

Let's look at some simple figures and do some simple math. I think that what you'll see unfold will stun you a bit.

An Honest, Hard Look At How

You're Spending Your Life

After accounting for 8 hours of sleep, you have 16 hours left over each day to do stuff, or 112 hours a week.

Are you making the most of those 112 hours?

Of course, you're not really supposed to 'make the most' of the time you spend eating or doing other leisurely activities, but even if you give yourself a very liberal 3 hours a day for food and recreation, that still leaves you with 91 hours a week for getting things done in your life.

Think about that for a moment...91 hours!

Did you realize that after sleep and 21 hours of eating and entertainment each week that you had 91 hours left over?

If you're like most people (including myself, at one time), probably not.

Even when you take away 45 hours a week for work and a commute, you still have 46 hours left over.

Let's do one more deduction. Let's set aside another hour a day (7 hours a week) for miscellaneous activities, such as walking the dog, paying the bills and going shopping.

After all is said and done, you're left with 39 hours a week.

Are you starting to feel a bit uncomfortable or uneasy about now? Does the idea that you may have nearly 40 hours a week that you probably can't logically account for shock you bit?

Are you really wasting that much of your life each and every week with nothing to show for it?

No, you say?!?

How about half that, or about 20 hours a week? Are you wasting away that much you think?

How about just a measly quarter of that, or 10 hours a week? Are you wasting 10 hours a week on nothing?

Now that we've got the waste-figure down to just 10 hours a week, you may not be feeling so bad about it. After all, it is just 10 hours. But consider this: That's
520 hours, or 32.5 days (16 hour days) that is going down the dumper each year. And that's a bare minimum! For you, it could be worse... 2, 3, or even 4 times worse (that's over 4 months of waste)!

I know that was a lot a math, something you may not enjoy doing at all, but it was a necessary exercise.

I hope you've been able to see and understand the magnitude of what you may be doing with your most precious resource - your time.

When I did this exercise, I simply couldn't believe it. I had to check my figures multiple times to make sure a number didn't get misplaced or something. It didn't! What WAS misplaced was my carefree attitude about what I was actually doing with my time.

This led me to do what I normally do, and that's pour through every resource I could in order to uncover ideas, tips and strategies to help turn things around. This guide is a compilation of some of the best ideas I've found, along with a few of my own discoveries.

I'm sharing it because I know I'm not alone in my desire to want to make the most of my time, and thus my life.

If you're with me on this, then I hope you find information inside this guide simple, clear, and useful - I want it to product results for you!

Get ready to become a Human Action Machine!

Editorial Reviews

Michael Merlin
"I plan my workday using Mark Forster's "Do It Tomorrow" philosophy (google him if you're interested in a clear way to get more done in a day!).

Using Action Manage, my actions for the today are already planned, ready to go, with basically zero effort from the day before.

When a new "thing to do" comes in that I need to add to my "tomorrow list", all I do is switch to my "tomorrow list", add the "thing to do", and Action Manage saves everything automatically."

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Author Dan Brown is involved in many Internet ventures, including blogging for one of the world's largest domain name owners. Dan is currently interested in providing helping information to make people realize how much of the time in their lives...just seems to go by, without the results we all want. Time Management has now become "Action Management"! Get your life back in 2012.

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