Valerie's Freaks

Valerie's Freaks

by Justin Dwayne Foxworth

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"Stunning new talent!"...
Andrew Neiderman, author of The Devil's Advocate


Little Daryl and Dorothy Nightengale are growing up. But how differently they have grown! Daryl is skeptical of everything Valerie Nightengale says and everything she does. But Dorothy is under her spell lock, stock, and barrel. Because, you see, Grandma Valerie is at last hopelessly insane and Dorothy is right behind her!

Now, there is another set of twins at the manor house - the new Larry and Laura Nightengale. It is up to Valerie and Dorothy to raise them right -- to raise them to be holy -- and prevent them from following in their namesake’s evil footsteps.

Valerie Nightengale always said that money made the world go round. Never has that been more true for her and her family in this book - the shocking conclusion to the Nightengale legacy of sin and betrayal. Indeed, that legacy has at last come full circle and who will be the ultimate successor to the coveted Nightengale family fortune?

From Valerie's Freaks...

“If you ever put that wicked and nasty, nasty and wicked thing that all men are cursed from birth to possess,” Grandma Valerie declared in obvious distaste, wrinkling her nose as she pointed at my exposed flaccid wiener with the end of an old yardstick, “inside of this,” she continued, turning her makeshift pointer towards my twin sister’s vag, “you will be very, very sorry. You will burn in hell for all of eternity, just see if you don’t! Don’t tell me I’ll tell you!

“Hell burns hottest for sinners of the flesh, you know!” Grandma Valerie declared with the strongest of conviction. “Remember, Children, that God sees and hears all that you do, no matter how vile or atrocious or disgusting. No matter how evil or sinful. So you will do well to remember that nothing escapes Him and His almighty vision!” she declared dramatically, waving her arms about with great flair like the actress she believed she was, performing some great role on some great soundstage. That was how my grandmother lived her entire life - she lived it dramatically. One eye spun madly in its socket. I would have laughed at how silly she looked if I dared but I did not dare; no one laughed at Valerie Nightengale!

“Yes,” she continued ominously, her eyes flashing sparkling various dark-hued colors, “if you commit any kind of sin at all then you will be very, very sorry. You will, you will! Mark my words, Daryl and Dorothy Nightengale, for they are true. I always speak the truth, Children, and when I open my mouth only wisdom pours forth from it. If you commit that kind of evil -- the same kind of evil as those who came before you committed! -- then Satan himself will come for you in the darkest hour of the night see if he doesn’t!

“Satan himself will carry you straight down to hell where you belong and there you will burn forever. You will be burned up into a crispy crisp with the rest of the crispy sinners condemned to suffer for all of eternity!” my grandmother declared breathlessly, her cheeks flushed a deep reddish color. Her eyes shone keenly, insanely. “Remember that God sees all that you do,” she repeated.

“And so does the devil!” Valerie Nightengale finished with an air of what almost sounded like victory, chuckling at what she thought was her own wise insight.

In the best-selling tradition of the most famous gothic authors...

The Nightengale Legacy Of Sin And Betrayal
Valerie’s Secrets
Valerie’s Sinners
Valerie’s Freaks
Valerie’s Family
Valerie’s Legacy
Dorothy's Prophecy
The Nightengale Legacy Sampler Edition

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BN ID: 2940012389961
Publisher: Foxworth Publishing
Publication date: 07/16/2009
Series: The Nightengale Legacy Of Sin And Betrayal , #4
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 332 KB

About the Author

Justin Dwayne Foxworth has written an entire series around the Nightengale Legacy Of Sin And Betrayal. Book One is Valerie. Book Two is Valerie’s Secrets. Book Three is Valerie’s Sinners. Book Four is Valerie’s Freaks. Book Five (How It All Begins) is Valerie’s Family. Book Six (How It All Ends) is Valerie’s Legacy. The surprise apoplectic finale novella is Dorothy’s Prophecy.

His stand alone novels are Black Swan Doppelganger and Black Swan Vampire! Thank you for buying them. He lives in Traverse City, Michigan, and loves to pimp out old cars.

Justin Dwayne Foxworth has many more ideas now that the Nightengale Legacy of Sin and Betrayal is nearing completion. Watch for new stand-alone novels. Perhaps after that there will be a brand new series with some brand new despicable characters. And you gotta love those wacky, wacky characters despite their evil that often turns out to be deadly. And often turns out to be comedy as well!

Note: It is very, very difficult to edit your own writing. No matter how many times I proofread, I always find something that need fixing! A missing word... something!

A comma here, a comma there. Comma placement is a very personal thing and, each time I read this book, I want to move or delete or add a comma. So, I hope you are happy with the final product.

I have meticulously edited this manuscript again and again. But I could do it some more and still find something! I thank you for your loyal reading and your continued, enthusiastic acceptance of my work.

If you find a glaring error, please visit my website or find me on Facebook. I would be happy to welcome a fan as my friend!

Justin Dwayne Foxworth

Customer Reviews

Valerie's Freaks 2.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
DeliciousStrawberry More than 1 year ago
It's impossible to take this story seriously. Like in the preceding novels, the story moves along at a ridiculously fast pace through the generations, so there is no real character or story development. The story focuses more on the plot - what there is of it between all the 'shocking' things the author inserts into the story to try to make it interesting. And there's incest, incest, and more incest - pretty much in every generation, so it gets old fast. None of the characters are likeable. Period. Not even the young twins (who were named after awful people. Great going, Val). I wish I could say something positive about this book or series, but I honestly can't. The writing style is atrocious and over the top (feels as if it's almost intentionally so) with lots of repetition (of just words within a sentence or paragraph, or information recycled/repeated in a later paragraph) and swearing. Now, I have nothing against swearing itself, as long as it's in moderation, but in here, bad words, especially the a word and the f word, are used so much and in just about every possible way (a-face, a-hole, a-f, and so on and so forth or just a) that these bad words lose all meaning. This author also doesn't understand mental disorders and insanity and apparently hasn't done any research on the subject, as the 'crazy' in here feels forced and over-the-top.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago