Venomous: When Things Go Bad She Makes Them Worse

Venomous: When Things Go Bad She Makes Them Worse

by Mycol-L


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T his is the story of two brothers with different fathers. Brad two years older than sister
Latoya and fi ve years older than slothful Lil' Keith. It is when spoiled Lil' Keith a ladies man like his father is caught in a love triangle with local drug lord Tank. A drive by happens and
Latoya goes down from a bullet meant for her brother and never gets up. While Keith comes thru it without a scratch. Forcing the two brothers to make some hard decisions about their already strained relationship.
Responsible Brad, after suffering thru fi fteen years with an abusive step father joins the army just to get away. And it is after the death of the only person he ever thought loved him that his sexy wife the venomous Vivian rolls back into town with more head games. Helping Brad to fall deeper into a bottle of dark liquor, complicating the suicidal Brads life more. Does Brad pull the trigger? Or does he sober up so he and his brother can get it together for the greater good. That is the question in this the fi rst in a series of Ghetto novels by MYCOL.

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ISBN-13: 9781491832103
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 11/21/2013
Pages: 298
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.67(d)

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When things go bad she makes them worse

By Mycol-L


Copyright © 2013 Mycol-L
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4918-3210-3


Satan and her apprentice

"Can I go mommy." This gave mother a nervous chill down her spine.

"No, No baby I need you to watch the children for mama can you do that for me?"

"But mom I promise I can help you do this. Like I have helped you in the past." Just as mom was looking for a way to let her daughter down easy the horn of the taxi got her out of the house.

"And don't let Will forget to put the 'FOR RENT' sign out in front of the house when he gets home." She was sure not to say dad as she applied her bright red lipstick in the mirror!

"Just look after the children for me you can stay home from school tomorrow but make sure the other two make it, OK." She said as she went down the stairs and then to the door. And with a kiss on the forehead she ran to the taxi as there was a light rain falling. And she was glad it was a male cabbie without one of those glass patricians in his cab.

"Where to?" The man asked in a clear Cuban accent.

"R T C" Vivian told the man. Who did all he could to make Eye contact with his passenger.

"You going to visit your husband? Is he stationed there?" The cabbie was hoping she was a working girl.

"No sweetheart I'm trying to make me some money my oldest girl has leukemia. And her father just ran off he could not deal with it and her bills are piling up. So a woman has got to do what a woman has got to do." She now spoke in Spanish. The accent was one that sounded as if she was from the Brooklyn or a Puerto Rican from the Bronx.

"I'm so, so sorry to hear that." The cabbie who answered in Spanish was willing to do a little something but this woman's sob story was too much for him.

This was not the first time she was to sell her body at the Naval Base. But this time was different it was not as much for the money it was almost just for kicks. To be sure she still had what it takes.

"I have sold everything I can sell we have no furniture left. We are sitting on milk crates eating roman noodles, and bologna for nearly every meal. The only thing I have left is the fact that I can still suck start a leaf blower. It's keeping the lights on." Still in Spanish. The old man went stiff as soon as he heard this.

"How much do you get for such a service?" Now in English the man who only moonlighted as a cabbie for extra cash but he also owned his own small and fledgling printing business went into his business character. He was hoping it was under twenty dollars but Vivian was good, and she knew this.

"At least $100.00 a pop from the young men graduating from basic and when I do women I can make more." She still spoke in Spanish as she told the man flatly.

The business savvy man who wanted to get a taste, but was not going to spend that much decided to press his luck. "You say a hundred dollars a night?" the old man purposely spoke English. He knew the woman spoke the native language as fluently as he did but he still did not know he was being baited.

"No, no baby a C—note a customer. Like I told you the wig I brought her cost me almost fifteen hundred dollars." She had practiced her sexy Spanish fly voice since she was just a teen and she saw with the way he looked directly into her eyes thru the rear view mirror that she was turning him on.

"Wow I hope your daughter is worth it, a lot of children would not understand what you were doing is for them." The cabbie was getting aroused. "I'll tell you this much be careful out there I know from my time in the Core that C O's and M P's set up sting operations for just such a situation. I know you have a good reason for what you are doing but that price is just a little too much for me."

This was all the young hooker wanted to hear. "I'll tell you what baby. Cut that meter off and I can show you better than I can tell you." With a little added purr in her voice.

Just like that the old man reached up and flipped a button and the meter read $2.25 which is what it read when she got in.

Vivian climbed over the seat. She peeled her one piece black silk dress over her head. To show the man she was completely naked underneath, and that she meant business. Vivian undid the draw strings of his canary yellow sweats. The cabbie raised his hips allowing the temptress to lower his pants. He could hardly believe his good fortune.

The apartment she was renting was in the Orlando suburbs it was at least a twenty minute drive to her destination. But she expected the man to drive a more scenic route.

But that would not matter three minutes into her rhythm and it was over. She felt him stiffen and then felt his balls turned as hard as rocks.

She felt the car swerve she only slowed and waited to feel her right shoulder touch the steering wheel. She knew that there would either be a crash or a swerve the other way. And as there was another swerve she felt the car jerk as the man hit the accelerator rolling her head into his obvious beer gut. Next she felt the warm flow of his seed on the roof of her mouth.

The man was fully erect but he did not have much to offer any woman, just as he thought she was done. His insignificant size allowed the skillful woman to lick his now softened balls while she was down.

She buried her head into his hairy left thigh and her chin into his right. She then locked her lips around the base of her victims' member. And she sucked as if she was trying to peel the skin off as she came up. She just knew that he would at least grab the back of her head and press her head into his crotch so she beat him to the punch.

But the man was so far gone he could barely see strait as it was. He was now more into not dying at the moment. Not that the head he was getting wasn't the best he'd ever had, in his fifty years on GODS earth, but he thought that it would not be worth his life.

But the reckless woman barely gave it another thought. And just as she reached the top of his dick the sensation was too much and the man lost another load.

Vivian then peaked up to see where they were. The man was a lot further along than she thought they would have been. She then saw that in his bliss he was doing almost 90 miles an hour, and he broke the silence that was left, after he'd stopped screaming as if he was being tortured.

The yelling was something she was used to, and she barely heard anything accept of the whirl of the engine as they roared down the road.

Vivian knew that she was the best dick sucker most men would ever come across in a life time but she was beginning to feel that she needed the practice. For the man she wanted back was rumored to have another woman in his life. A woman younger than she was and one who was not a sinner like herself but a singer in the church choir with him.

"I haven't turned the meter back on sweetheart but I'll tell you what if you can get another one off in the last six or eight minutes before we get there hell I'll give you twenty." He now forgot all about his business side and was now speaking Spanish as she had done the whole time.

The man just did not know who he was talking to. He believed that since he had cum twice in the last three minutes, that he would be allowed to just receive more oral from the naked beauty sprawled across the front seat of his taxi. But in just under a minute he was fully erect again.

And soon after he was again like a wild coyote howling at the moon. This last almost ten seconds she braced herself for his load but the man was completely empty. She just for kick sucks harder and faster.

The car swerves not just twice but three times and she also hears tires squeal. And after the tires she hears horns blowing, she knew that she had earned more than just the twenty from the driver. She had hoped that she had earned him to come back to the base and take her back to her apartment in the morning.

She popped out of the taxi as the man pulled in the back way as if he had been there before. She was still naked as she hopped out of the front seat and stood there fondling herself for just a second to seduce the man even more.

After which she grabbed her dress and a small purse with only a few wet naps, condoms, and some makeup. The man was still naked from his waist to his knees and Vivian calmly said. "Cover that up for me baby and what about my twenty?" Now after all she did not need the man for anything else she did her business in English.

The man pulled up his shorts and next dug under his seat he pulled out a small brown paper bag. He did not give his female just twenty he handed her a fifty. And then she was certain that he would be there in the morning.

She leaned over and kissed him very lightly on the lips and felt him all over. She could have taken his stash from under the seat but she figured she would do this in the morning. He was getting stiff again and she thought to herself 'he'll be back and in the morning the bag will have more money in it.'

That night was just the same as all the rest of the nights she had gone to handle this sort of business. She first did a few men that were stationed there.

Ones that she had dated before and knew she was coming. They all wanted a discount for missing her so much, they all said. And then came the big money the guys who had not seen another naked woman in a little over two months.

As word spread that the woman known as just Lucy was at the super 8 motel down the street and around the corner. She for the first three dates had to stand outside the gate and wave at the few men as they left the base to go either home to their wives or where ever they went when they were off duty.

The first was a single man an officer who she blew in his government issued Ford Tempo next to the dumpster behind the Seven 11. She knew his rank of one thin strip above one fat strip on the cuff his sleeve meant he had money and she got him for an even fifty.

And she was done in less than five minutes after she got his pants around his ankles. She got another this one a Company Commander as she started to walk back towards the base. This was in the back seat of his Honda. They had dated before the man was married and was afraid to cheat somehow he was stationed with his wife's little brother. The hooker knew this from the last time she was there and took him for over a yard and a half.

The next was even easier as it was a drunken sailor she had dated every time she went to visit the base. It was a Tuesday night he was wasted and he had money, she used his credit card to get them a room she even in his drunken state was able to get him a nut off quickly. Helped him drink a little more and then convinced him he had to go see his children as she saw the pictures in his wallet. She got him to take three hundred dollar from the A T M in the convenient store.

And then rolled him into a taxi and sent him to the address on his driver's license that was local gave the driver fifty and now she had over five hundred dollars and a room and had not even had to sell the gold mine between her legs yet!

She was walking to the Dragons Lair a small hole in the wall club where the men would all hang out after duty and she was happy there was a very large showing of men in their dress whites with just their National Defense Pin after graduation. And she was right to go there.

She was not the only hooker there but she was the most beautiful of them. She had the attention of every man in the bar as soon as she walked in and the five or six butch dykes along with a few women that were bi-curious. Her dress was still flawless she wore five inch red stilettos, with a matching hand bag. She took a seat at the bar and just waited.

First was a man very tall and good looking. He thought he was gods' gift to women to begin with. But today he had met his match she brought him a beer, Michelob. And then they danced for a bit she then told him she had a room down the street. They went back and from there she told him that she could dance for just twenty or they could do more for more.

But the way she said it with her Spanish accent and the way she blew on his neck there was no way he was going to let her go with just a dance.

They haggled over the price but the man's mediocre attempt at frugality was an exercise in futility. They agreed on a half and half for $75.00 but as she danced and then sucked him off and lastly she climbed on top of him to get him his nut off.

Then while he was dressing and she was washing her private parts. Before she was to go and get another trick, she mentioned that she also swallowed as she locked the room behind her.

She never even made it off the lot. As the next was a goofy, twerp, nerdish looking kid. His thick Pepsi bottle glasses were crooked and before she could say a word he held up twenty dollars and the hooker just smiled as she saw he already had a hard on.

This one was the kind of trick she not only liked to turn but she rather enjoyed them. She knew that he was trying to be hard on her as he said 'that's all I got; I had to send the rest home to my folks back in Kansas.' This she knew was true he was not the lying type but she also knew that he could get more and she would have him get more and then she would take it from him.

She told him that for twenty he would have to be fast and as it was his first time, he was. She knew this from the time she saw him standing at the bottom of the stairs. She allowed him to feel on her and then almost as soon as she got her lips around the head of his dick he growled like a grizzly bear and then he shot in her mouth.

She thought she had screwed up she did not want him to come that fast she wanted to tease him and get him to go get more money. She enjoyed the D-virgining of little boys.

But this one went to fast for her. Taking the innocence of young boys, some were under fifteen, in the past, for as little as ten dollars. This was all she had left that gave her the joy in the sex she had for money, as she did not enjoy it any more the way she did with her husband.

As she got back to the bar walking arm and arm with the young man they talked. And this man she did not tell him her slut name of Lucy she told him never to repeat her real name of Vivian Linworth-Bradley. He never did, and never forgot her or how he got his cherry popped.

The next was a woman Vivian did not like girls as much as she used to but it was as close to the good sex she used to have, or that she was going to get. She did not have to do much and she made over a hundred dollars for the forty minutes they spent together.

She even came as the butch licked her from head to toe. Vivian was never one who wanted to have her ass hole licked but she let the short haired and muscle toned Petty Officer third class do what she paid for. The woman was as good at pussy eating, as Vivian was at dick sucking.

There were a few more Johns and then another Jane. This Jane was the opposite from the first of the evening she wanted to be pampered so Vivian did her best to pretend she enjoyed it as much as the girly, girl did. But the pro's climatic screams were phony. They sounded very good but were not real. The woman just did not taste right to the hooker.

She was standing in the bathroom counting her money ready to go and look and see if the cabbie who brought her there was back for the ride home.

And just then she jumped as there was a knock at the door. She peaked through the hole and saw it was the tall man from nearly six hours ago.

That shit, was so good the man, was in love he had sold his watch emptied his bank account and had all of his possessions even a ring, given to him from his uncle that had belonged to his now deceased grandfather, also a real 14 ct. gold money clip. He had almost seven hundred dollars.

Vivian counted the money twice then held up the bills to the light to see the security stripe to be certain that they were real bills.

He begged her to marry him; he promised that he would love her forever. He told her that if she gave him her heart that she would not be sorry, that he would give her his. She looked the man directly in the eye she handed him her take for the night along with the money he had just handed her and she started to cry. She told him the story of her daughter that if they got married and he adopted her children that maybe with his government insurance that she might be saved.

And he agreed then she gave him what he came there for. She worked every skill she knew on the man. She worked her pussy like it was a magic show made him cum a total of four times. And then she cried like he was splitting her in half as he fucked her like the cheep whore she was.


Excerpted from Venomous by Mycol-L. Copyright © 2013 Mycol-L. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
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Table of Contents


Acknowledgement, vi,
Chapter 1: Satan and her apprentice, 1,
Chapter 2: Why He was Vulnerable, 19,
Chapter 3: Redemption, 32,
Chapter 4: High Tension, 42,
Chapter 5: More Heartache, 62,
Chapter 6: In need of prayer, 81,
Chapter 7: Burdened, 86,
Chapter 8: Enlightened, 90,
Chapter 9: Ready for the World, 110,
Chapter 10: A New Light, 119,
Chapter 11: Broken Hearted Again, 140,
Chapter 12: Torn to Pieces, 150,
Chapter 13: Venomous, 169,
Chapter 14: Background Noise, 200,
Chapter 15: How She Became Medusa, 212,
Chapter 16: His Own Thang, 228,
Chapter 17: Still Venomous, 236,
Chapter 18: Déjà Vu, 246,
Chapter 19: Eternity of Yesterdays, 253,
Chapter 20: Legacy of a Black Man, 274,

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