Visions from Above: My Journey My Destiny

Visions from Above: My Journey My Destiny

by Amy Jamison


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ISBN-13: 9781452515847
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 06/13/2014
Pages: 110
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.26(d)

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Visions From Above

My Journey~My Destiny

By Amy Jamison

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2014 Amy Jamison
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-1584-7


My Death Experience

In 1976, my second husband and I moved to Houston, Texas, after finishing graduate school in Arizona. I worked as a dental assistant, and he recently started as a marketing agent in a large oil company. I had a very bad cough and cold for approximately two weeks, which would not get better no matter what I did. One night as I was driving home from work, as I turned on to the freeway, I felt a sudden heaviness to my left arm. I also felt my chest tighten a lot. I felt as if I may be having a slight heart attack. I had telephoned my husband before leaving work to let him know I was on my way home, and I was feeling worse than I had been feeling over the past two weeks. I wanted him to keep a look out for me in the event something happened. This did not seem to affect him at all. He never did believe in illness, so he did not know how to handle it. Since our marriage three years previous, I had experienced a lot of migraines, colds, and viruses. In fact, two months before we were to be married, I had to have an emergency surgery for the removal of an ovarian cyst and a dislodged interuterine device. He had only been sick with the Hong Kong flu once during our three years of marriage. Once I got home, I cooked dinner, cleaned up the kitchen, and cleaned the bathroom. Afterward, I asked my husband to help me carry the four loads of laundry up and down the two flights of stairs so I could wash it. He agreed and even helped me fold it and put it away. But I was coughing uncontrollably throughout these chores while the laundry was processing. I sat on the living room couch with my husband and smoked a cigarette as we watched the local evening news. It was a very bad idea, as I was unable to finish the cigarette due to my coughing. The news reporter was telling a story about the kidnapping of a young debutante, whom later joined in her captor's cause for freedom. He was describing her symptoms, as she had suffered a collapsed lung from malnutrition. I turned to my husband and told him this was how I was feeling. It got difficult for me to breathe, as all I could do was cough. I turned again to my husband and asked him to call me an ambulance. He said, "You are exaggerating," and did not budge from the couch.

I got up and telephoned the closest local hospital. I asked to speak to the doctor on call in the emergency room. The doctor came to the phone, and I told him what I was experiencing. He asked me if I was alone. I told him my husband was with me, and the doctor asked to speak to him. Suddenly, my husband's eyes got very wide and he slammed down the telephone receiver and said, "Let's go!"

I asked him what the doctor had said to him. He paroted the doctor, "'I can tell how hard it is for your wife to breathe, and if she dies before you get her to the hospital or in the process of treatment, you will be held accountable.'" I was very relieved, and this same doctor treated me at the hospital. He ordered a chest x-ray, which confirmed walking pneumonia and a collapsed left lung. The doctor told me he would need to move me to the operating room to prepare me for a chest tube insertion, which would allow me to breathe.

The doctor entered the operating room. He told me I would need to concentrate very hard to lay very still on my right side and try not to cough, as he only wanted to make one incision. He told me he would numb my outer skin with an injection, but I would feel a lot of pain once the tube was being inserted through the rib cage. He began the procedure. I coughed and he had to make a second incision. I held my breath, as the pain became unbearable, and I blacked out.

Suddenly, I was spinning very quickly inside my body from my head to my toes. Once I passed my heart, I encountered a very frightening tall man who was dressed as a mummy, his hands outstretched, as if he was trying to grab a hold of me. Thankfully, I passed by him and veered toward a tiny, bright white light near my feet. All of a sudden, I was floating at the top of the ceiling in the intensive care unit of the hospital. I was looking down at my physical body on the bed, and a Catholic priest was blessing my body and soul as the doctor was calling out the time of my death. My husband was crying at my bedside. I looked at myself, and I saw the person as I had always been, except now I appeared to look like a ghost. I could see and hear everything occurring in the room. The doctor and two nurses were saying how sad it was I had passed away at such a young age. I was twenty-four years old.

I had no remorse at seeing my physical body. It did not concern me to be in spirit form. In fact, I was extremely happy. I turned around to find myself face to face with two angels. One was a young girl of approximately eight years of age. She had long, blonde hair, blue eyes, and a big smile. She wore a long, white robe with very large wings on her back, and she wore brown sandals. The other angel was a small baby boy dressed in a white cloth diaper. He had strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, and a very contagious yet playful smile. He was fluttering around as he held on to the other angel's robe.

Next, I encountered the spirits of three deceased relatives: two aunts and my paternal grandmother. We were very happy to see one another again. They had all passed away in their sixties, yet they looked no older than thirty. We were all standing on clouds. Suddenly, I was facing Jesus. He looked just like the representations I had seen of him in my Catholic catechism class. He had on a long white robe and brown sandals. He had very long, wavy brown hair, and a golden circle of light was surrounding his form. Jesus was talking to me telepathically, and he told me I had to go back to my physical body, as it was not my time to be there. This angered me, as I was extremely happy to be where I was. I felt very loved there.

Next, Jesus held up his right hand and pushed me down to my body. I awoke in my physical body with a white sheet covering my face. I had been pronounced dead for three minutes. I blew on the sheet and the priest pulled it down from my face. He said, "My child, it is a miracle; you have had a heavenly experience. Would you tell me what happened?"

I said I would tell him, but I was very angry at present, as I wanted to remain in heaven with my loved ones. I did not want to come back.

He said, "It was not your time yet, my child." I told him my story, then I noticed my husband was near my bed. He was very glad I had returned to my physical body. My husband heard me tell the priest the story of my trip to heaven, but he did not believe in our Creator. He believed an alien, superpower had created us, and he thought I was hallucinating. My death experience occurred on the Thursday before Good Friday, during the Easter weekend.



Right after my death experience, I started telling my friends and family what had happened. They did not believe someone could die and come back to life again. In fact, they always called me "crazy" when I told my story. My mother grew up Catholic, as did the five of us kids. She did not believe in death experiences. She believed you died and you went to heaven or hell. She always thought I was making it up, and since she felt this way, my siblings did too. Shortly after my death experience, I started meeting other people with similar stories. I was amazed at the number of people who had experienced similar events. I did not know why this had happened to me, or why I was able to remember it once my spirit returned to my body. However, I felt I was chosen by God to tell my story and it was one of the reasons why God sent me back.


My First Vision

In 1982, I began to have visions of future events involving my immediate family members. My first vision involved my youngest daughter and son. We were living on the coast of Texas with my mother and second stepfather. My second husband, the kids' dad, had an affair with my best friend. I walked in on them as they were kissing when I went to tell my husband that I was in labor with our son. We had been living overseas, in a Muslim country for six years. So, I decided to leave with the kids early on vacation, leaving him overseas. The kids and I were staying longer than he was, to visit with my family. He met up with us later and tried to reconvince me to return overseas with him, but, I refused to go back. So, he returned overseas without us. He would return in less than six months to the United States, to visit with his parents, who had previously retired to California. The kids had recently flown from Texas to California on Southwest Airlines, under the supervision of an airline flight attendant, to go visit with their dad and his parents, while he vacationed there.

I was at home at my parents' house, writing letters to friends to pass the time away until I needed to go to the airport to pick them up. Unfortunately, this airport was a two-hour drive away. Suddenly, I could see the airplane the kids were traveling on in my mind. It was circling around the airport several times before landing. The flight attendant was on the speakerphone onboard, telling everyone everything would be ok. The air traffic was very heavy and they would have to circle the landing field several times as they waited to land. She also, said, "Please do not be alarmed, as we have plenty of fuel to circle around for approximately forty-five minutes." The vision ended and my parents' home telephone rang. The flight attendant supervising my children on board the airplane telephoned me. (At this time, large airplanes that flew overseas had old style telephones installed on the back of each passenger's seat. All one needed was a credit card to slide through the attached slot on the telephone, to process the call). She said she was calling to tell me I could wait at least another thirty minutes before I left to go pick up the kids, as the air traffic was very heavy and they would have to circle the airport in a holding pattern for approximately forty-five minutes. They would be landing late. She also assured me they had plenty of gas to land. I appreciated the phone call, but at the same time, I was still concerned about their fuel level. I prayed for God to deliver my kids and everyone else onboard home safe and sound.

Next, I headed for the airport and picked up my children. As we headed home, my daughter told me a story. She said the airplane kept going in circles, and she got very scared. She started praying to Jesus and she saw his reflection in her window. A calm, warm feeling came over her and she felt very safe and relaxed. Then the flight attendant told her and her brother not to worry, as she had telephoned me and told me the airplane would land late.


Grandmother's Death

Near the end of 1991, I had a vision regarding my maternal grandmother. I saw my mother trying to move my grandmother into her house, placing her in a small office area of the home where she had placed a bed and a dresser for her. My grandmother had been living in the back upstairs apartment behind my mother and second stepdad's house. Grandmother started falling a lot, and she was no longer able to pull herself up from the floor or get out of the bathtub alone. The vision I had showed me that my grandmother would never move in with my mother, that she would die in the hospital. A few nights later, I received a telephone call from my mother telling me she and my stepdad had been fighting a lot because my mom wanted to turn the center office space of their house into grandmother's bedroom. My stepdad was totally against the idea.

I was living with my husband and two kids in a Muslim country overseas at that time, and we were preparing to travel to Texas to see my family. I was remembering my vision about my grandmother as my mother was recounting grandmother's falls and her and my stepdad's arguments. I told my mother not to worry, as it would all work out the way it was suppose to, and they were fighting for no reason. I told mother my grandmother would never occupy that room, as she would die in the hospital.

My mother said, "Why, you're crazy. Only God knows when someone is going to die!"

I told my mother of my vision regarding this, but she ignored me. Approximately two days later, my family and I left for Texas on our vacation. My grandmother was admitted into the hospital with a diagnosis of stomach cancer. When we arrived in Texas, we drove toward my hometown in our rental car. We made a quick stop along the way, and I telephoned my mother from a payphone, and told her we would stop at a certain restaurant soon to eat. We were very hungry from our fourteen-hour flight from overseas. As we ate our dinner, my mother telephoned me on the restaurant's business telephone, and told me my grandmother was dying. She said we ought to come right away to say our goodbyes to grandma. We decided to go straight to our hotel in Texas instead, as we were very exhausted after such a long flight. I called my mother back after dinner from our hotel room. I told her that we could not make the trip to the hospital that night. I told her we would definitely go see grandma tomorrow. She told me my sister and brothers were there now, saying their goodbyes. I got a call from my mother later in the evening informing me of my grandmother's passing. I was very unhappy, as I was the only grandchild who did not get to say goodbye. Two years later I had another vision of my grandmother. She came into my bedroom and told me she was watching over me as an angel in heaven. She looked very happy and she appeared to look approximately thirty years of age, even though when she died, she had been eighty-two.


My Father's Death

My father was an alcoholic who was verbally, physically, and sexually abusive, but he was the only father I had. I loved him anyway. In 1992, I was living and working as a dental assistant in a small town in Texas. At this time in my life, it had been ten years since I had last seen my father. He had nowhere to live and no where else that would accept him, and so he eventually moved in with me and my two children in that small coastal town.

Around that time, I unfortunately had to have an emergency hysterectomy with a bladder repair, which required me to wear a catheter for two weeks at home. One day, my catheter was not working very well and I began to have a lot of pain and difficulty urinating. I asked my father to come sit next to the bathroom sink so that I could dictate what he needed to say when he called my mother, who was a licensed vocational nurse. I needed her advice.

He called my mother and he was taking a long time. I yelled for him to return to the bathroom and tell me her advice. He told me he did not mention my current problem, as they were arguing about their divorce. I told him to call me an ambulance right away, as he had been drinking and neither one of us was in any condition to drive.

There was a knock on our apartment door. My sister and her boyfriend had shown up to visit, and I was so relieved. I asked her boyfriend to drive me to the hospital's emergency room. My catheter had malfunctioned, and they had to remove it and insert a new one. The nurse told me if I had waited five more minutes before I went to the hospital, my bladder would have ruptured, as I had a liter of urine in me! As soon as I returned home from the emergency room, I phoned my father's two brothers and told them to come get him. Once my uncles arrived, I opened the front door and literally threw my father out of my apartment and down the stairs. His drinking and foolishness nearly killed me.

After I kicked him out, I was at work when during one week in particular, I started crying uncontrollably as I filed charts. I became overwhelmed with sadness, and my thoughts were consumed with ones of my father. I felt as if he was dying, and he was standing next to me in spirit form as I filed charts. This continued for a solid week. The next day, I received an emergency phone call from one of my aunts. She told me my father was at the Veteran's hospital in a small town in Northern Texas. He was in the intensive care unit and he was dying. My aunt said if I wanted to say my goodbyes to him, I needed to go right away. I went home, packed a bag, and left that same day. When I got there, he was on oxygen and he was struggling to breathe. As I entered the room and he saw me, the first thing he said to me was, "Dear one, your twins are looking for you now."


Excerpted from Visions From Above by Amy Jamison. Copyright © 2014 Amy Jamison. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
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Table of Contents


Foreword, ix,
Acknowledgments, xi,
Chapter 1 My Death Experience, 1,
Chapter 2 Reflections, 7,
Chapter 3 My First Vision, 9,
Chapter 4 Grandmother's Death, 13,
Chapter 5 My Father's Death, 17,
Chapter 6 The Fire, 23,
Chapter 7 My Niece's Disappearence, 27,
Chapter 8 A Stabbing, 33,
Chapter 9 The Visiting Minister, 35,
Chapter 10 The Dark Entity, 41,
Chapter 11 Insect Infestations, 45,
Chapter 12 The Electricity Surge, 49,
Chapter 13 An Unspeakable Vision, 51,
Chapter 14 Good Spirits and Bad Spirits, 59,
Chapter 15 My Father-In-Law's Visits, 63,
Chapter 16 Unanswered Calls in the Night and a Visit, 67,
Chapter 17 The Big One, 69,
Chapter 18 A Brain Condition, 75,
Chapter 19 The Elders in Heaven, 79,
Chapter 20 Tak Hld, 83,
Chapter 21 Conclusion, 89,
About the Author, 93,

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This is a well written, True story about a woman who wrote about her past near-death experience. Also, followed by some of her real life examples and experiences of her capability to read into the future! If you haven't read it yet, it is a must! The suspense will keep you on the edge and remind you of how precious your life truly is! I would recommend more than five stars if I had the option to do so! Happy reading! Kristen lee
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I really enjoyed this fast read. I believe that there are people who carry messages from GOD to everyday situations. This author comes so close to my heart and tells a good story. I will be looking for her next book.
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