What If?

What If?

by Ironwil


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ISBN-13: 9781452098142
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 03/02/2011
Pages: 200
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.46(d)

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What if?

By IronWil


Copyright © 2011 William Alcocer
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4520-9814-2

Chapter One

So it begins

After my second cup of coffee, I am ready to leave for work. As I'm leaving, I hear about another bombing, casualties numbering in the hundreds, and what's odd is no one is taking responsibility. Even more ironic, it's the third one in two weeks. Effort is being made to bring justice to an unstable Middle East. Fighting has broken out with different factions, the country is in disarray, and the F.B.I. and C.I.A., including a number of different agencies, have been assigned to investigate with no real lead. Effort is being made, but as I'm hearing the radio, there is no progress at this time. There is so much loss, but there has to be a reason. Someone is going to a lot of trouble to desolate the area to drive the people away; it's concentrated in a specific quadrant. What is unique about it? The Middle East is known for its oil; that's why we are there, not only to stabilize the region but also to keep an eye on a commodity of high value. However, in the future the barrel will drop to ten dollars due to a lack of demand; therefore, who benefits?

Troops were starting to withdraw. Our President Morgan kept his promise to the people when he took office. People were in awe of the speed of his aggression being in office only ten months and keeping to his agenda. The troops were coming home. People now stop in their tracks when he speaks. It's like being hypnotized. His voice paralyzes the masses for it generates hope and everyone loves him. It is odd no one questions him; Congress follows like lost puppies looking for reassurance. Before he became president, he was pretty well-liked. He worked his way up the ranks like so many before him. Once it became public knowledge that he was running, he became our hope ... our salvation. Our country was in chaos. We needed a strong figure like President Obama. We needed hope. One day he was just a typical man, but the next he was giving us courage to move forward in this great nation. All the countries praised him. They sought his guidance. I did not think he had the experience before he took office. He could be next to me in the subway, and I would not know him. Now you see him everywhere ... so popular. There was one concern. When asked about his family, he would steer away from the subject saying his parents died when he was fifteen years old. He said he had been an only child raised by a trustee appointed by the institution where his father was CEO.

President Morgan was married, had no children, and became a widower two weeks after taking office. His wife Rita was killed in a drive-by. A massive man-hunt was mobilized to capture the assailants. Rewards were posted, doors were being kicked in, and the media was in frenzy. The people cried-out for justice; the country was turned upside down until her killers were found. Hiding in an empty warehouse is where they found her killers. The S.W.A.T. team moved in and immediately killed all members. At the time, the public praised the actions taken, but that would all change. For now, justice had been served. President Morgan had closure and then a country mourned. President Morgan thanked the people and buried his wife, Rita. It was odd that at the funeral there were no tears. Even though he was wearing sun glasses, he never removed them to wipe his eyes. Watching the coverage from home on all of the networks, the news anchor says they have been married for ten years. (Heck, I remember crying when Bruno, my dog, was dying.) At the time, people were saying some morn differently than others. (I'm not married but I would like to think that if I lost my honey, I would hurt for a long time.) Since his loss, he has never spoken of her in all his time in office. Some say that all of her pictures had been taken down. Anything that was related to her was gone. Some say it was because the memories were too painful. (I find it hard not to keep some memory of a loved one.) Rita was from a well-to-do family who had lived in Hartford, Connecticut. After the funeral her name was seldom mentioned.

Robert was working on his Master's degree and had transferred from Cambridge, England, where he had gradated in business and economics. He did say one day he would return to claim his home. Robert was a man who could not remember when he was not in school or being educated in some manner, but he did miss living here in the states. After receiving, his Master's, he worked for a firm where he met Rita. They had dated for many years, marrying at the age of forty-two. Two years later, she would inspire him to enter politics just like her daddy. All she wanted was for Robert to fit in and he did. Her dad took him under his wing and taught him the ropes. Feeling sorry for him having lost his parents, her dad learned to love him as a son. It was ironic that she was their only child. When Robert decided to run for governor, it was no surprise that her dad, Frank, endorsed him and all political connections tied to Frank helped vote Robert in.

Having served only two terms, he told Rita the next stop would be the White House. Robert continues to develop and in recent years has learned how to sustain his composure under pressure. Frank marvels at his protégé. Had Frank been blessed with a son, he would have wanted him to be like Robert. He loves Rita but she was no son. She notices how Robert and her dad have bonded. They were spending hours conversing about the next strategy because there was no time for mistakes. He was determined to get to The White House and with Frank's influence there was no stopping him. Little did Frank know Robert's real agenda!

Yes, Robert was a fine president. He was easy to get along with. Although his lips often smiled, his eyes never did. The eyes were cold, so serious. (I compare them to a shark dead calm, the kind that sends shivers down your spine. When I was mentioning it to some friends, they thought I was suspicious for nothing. Once when I was speaking to Father John, my priest, I asked him if he had noticed the eyes. I was not ready for what he said next, "The eyes of a demon!") Father John explains that his sheep are blinded by false hope. How could that be? This is America. (I was starting to regret ever bringing up the subject, trust me. I was getting scared and did not need to know anymore.) Father John asked me to come over for dinner because he wanted to show me some articles that would explain what he was about share with me. (I had no clue. I wasn't real sure about even coming back. Should I be as the sheep and just accept what was?) Dinner was set for three o clock. Which is worse, knowing what is to come and to prepare or just to lie down waiting for it to happen? As I was leaving the parish, I asked God to enlighten me. I remember what my mom would say, "Trust in the Lord for He is our salvation." She always said that He would not let us down. We would only let ourselves down because our weakness is being greedy and materialistic and not having honor. Malice comes to mind because we don't think of others, only of ourselves.

Father John was waiting for me. He seemed sad but glad that I had come back. Not much was said over dinner. I wasn't very hungry. My mind kept wandering because it was hard to focus. We went to his office. Father John waited until he was sure that no one was around. Then, he produced a brown envelope. I reached for the envelope and sat down while Father John took hold of his Bible and opened it to almost the end. He gave me a chance to familiarize myself with the articles. They were about President Morgan and his family.

Father John started from the beginning wanting me to fully understand what is at stake. The Morgan family had emigrated from England from a town named Yorkshire. Robert's parents ran in some distinct circles. It was mentioned that he was involved with the Freemasons, and that he was also not surprised to find that he had been acquainted with the Illuminate. Bruce Morgan was a hard man who was educated but ruled with an iron fist. The land that was leased out was to be charged rental for the said home and the crops. People paid and if for any unforeseen reasons they were late, out they would go losing their crops and all that had been invested. Bruce even rented farm equipment at a discount to his tenants to ensure his crops were tilled and his bases were covered. At times he hoped they would fail for his profits would be even greater. The general store extended credit in the same way. Many were not able to go anywhere else for the next town was twenty-five miles away. Anytime credit was used, another ten percent was added to the bill. The store items were already overpriced, but Bruce relied on the fact that he was the only one nearby.

Bruce had two sons. The oldest died from fever and complications. Little Bruce did not make it to his second birthday. Father John says that was when their problems started because Elsa became ill after little Bruce died. Doctors said it would be impossible for her to consider having another child so there was a possibility that Robert was not going to be born. Bruce could not fathom the idea of not having an heir. How can that be? He needed to have a son and that was all there was to it. Poor Elsa struggled to get better. All Bruce cared about was another son. He watched over his wife but for his benefit he told his staff to watch over her while he was away. A strict order was given that Elsa was to remain in bed until his return. His staff knew better than to cross him. At the time, Bruce didn't know what was in store for him, but he made his mind up that no matter what the cost, he would not return empty-handed.

The Price of an Heir

Bruce traveled to Manchester to meet with some undesirables who then introduced him to a man from India. He was taken to a place like no other. It was as if India existed in the here and now in this building. From the people dressed in customary wear to the belly dancers to the erotic feast, it was like nothing he had ever imagined. He was here but not able to indulge it. Bruce was on a most important business mission. The Indian motioned for Bruce to walk to the back of the building, down a stairway, and to take a seat as they entered the room. The room was empty but had the smell of stale air. After a few minutes a woman appeared and led him to another room. Finally, after a cup of tea the woman asked him, "What is your problem?"

That's when he explained about his son dying and not having an heir. She took his hands one at a time, turned them over, and started to read his palm. When she was done, she asked what he is willing to sacrifice. He was thinking that since he is well-off, money would do the trick.

She replied, "What I want is to bring a new beginning. We are entering a new era. I have my reasons but I think we can come to some understanding. We can form an alliance, a common interest that will bond us forevermore."

Bruce asks, "What does that have to do with my problem?"

She looks into his eyes, "Do you accept?"

It did not take long for him to reply. He never bothered to ask about the consequences. Oh, so selfish. Maybe had he prayed? Had he asked God, maybe just maybe, Robert would not have been born the way he was, without a soul. Now, the woman leads him to another room. It's elegant. She tells Bruce that there will be no more questions.

"Make yourself comfortable. This room has a big bed, and I will return shortly."

Bruce couldn't believe his luck. He was considering spending half his fortune, but to think that the woman didn't want a dime was shocking. When she returned wearing a red robe, the woman had a bottle in one hand and two glasses in the other. They drank without speaking until the entire bottle was consumed. At this point they were exploring each other's body. As Bruce's mind became delirious with lust, he desired more. He would take, mount, and thrust into her for he was a lion, an animal. He didn't have a clue as to what was in the drink. All he could think was that he was alive and invincible. This woman was like no other. She mounted him and rode him until he was ready, and she took him in her mouth until he was spent.

Once again she left the room. To say how long she was gone was irrelevant in his state of mind. When she returned, she was wearing a black robe and had two small bottles. As she opened the first, he noticed how beautiful she was ... perfect in every way except for her eyes. They were cold. It was odd that she had an olive complexion but blue eyes. She toasted to their future son. She put her hand on her belly and said she needed his seed in her. Once again he mounted her. She moaned as he penetrated her. She reached behind to have more of him inside her. She was incredible. Then she rolled over. Bruce thrust hard into her womb. He had no idea how many times she came, but it was great. Again when she sensed he was getting close, she greeted his thrust with her movements until his seed was deep inside her.

He looked at the bed soaked with their sweat. She says there is one more bottle they must drink in order to consummate their agreement. Therefore, this toast is for the change that is upon them. They indulge to the fullest. She straddles and rides him like a mad woman. Then she cries as she comes. By now her body is shaking as if she were having convulsions. Turning over, she tells him to put it in her ass and not to stop until his seed is deep inside. Were they performing a ritual? Completely spent, he closes his eyes and sleeps. While sleeping, he hears voices chanting. Although he can't make out what they're saying, it's like something won't let him open his eyes. He remembers smelling incense and sage before falling into a deep sleep.

When Bruce awakes in the morning, the woman serves him a cup of tea and says it is done. "By the time you get home, your wife will be expecting," she commented.

Bruce asks her how that can be possible. She smiles and says, "For I'm she. I have many names." A shiver runs up his spine. She says that she is a disciple of Lucifer, and that one day when Robert is older, someone will contact him. When Robert turns sixteen, he will start his training. There was one last thing she mentioned. Neither Bruce nor Elsa was to interfere when the time came. She reminded Bruce that because of her, he was getting what he had come for, an heir. Before he left he asked her how Elsa could conceive being in the state that she's in.

She replied, "As we speak she is already carrying your son." He left in disbelief wondering how that could really be and a chill ran up his spine.

He left and the downfall of humanity started. (I have felt over time that God has his reasons for what we attain.) We ask for things, material ones being in the forefront. Some are granted; most are not. Sometimes if we wait for a little while and try again, it's the right time and we attain what we seek, especially if our wishes are realistic.

Going home, Bruce didn't know whether to rush or to take his time. For the second time in a couple of days, he was not only confused but also truly scared. Was this woman sure about what she had said? Could it be? Since Elsa's illness they had not been sleeping in the same room. His decision was made. He would get home and see for himself. If the woman had been lying in any way, he would come back and she would pay with her life. He would go so far as to torch the whole place, for no one would dare to mess with Bruce Morgan. Back in the day Bruce was considered a big man at six feet two inches and two hundred pounds. He was big, agile, arrogant, out-spoken, and a shrewd individual.

Now, he must make haste. Yearning to be home, he wouldn't stop until he reached his gate. Some of his staff was approaching as he was pulling up the drive. With excitement in their voices they yelled, "Sir Bruce, come. Hurry and see for yourself. The lady Elsa is recovering. It's a miracle, sure enough!" As he entered her room, there she was. She had a smile on her face and her color was coming back. It was hard to swallow because just a few days ago it had seemed to him that it would be a good idea to make arrangements for Elsa. She was looking grim now. He took her in his arms and, for once, hugged and kissed her like never before. Elsa hugged him back and cried, telling him how long she had yearned for his affection. It's like the man that came home was not the one that had left. She looked into his eyes and said that she welcomed the man that came back to her. She was right; he was different. He had returned with love in his eyes. It's like the cold had melted from his heart.


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Table of Contents


So it begins....................1
The Price of an Heir....................5
Impending Answer....................11
The Call....................15
Finding Faith....................24
To Save a Child....................36
Address the Nation....................135
The Plan....................142

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What if? 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Sheri57 More than 1 year ago
The book made me really think about how most of us really dont have a clue, to what is really out there. I had to lay the book down at times. Think about the story that was being told and say to myself, this is possible, maybe not in the small rural part of the world I live in, but for some it is a reality. The story drew me in. Made me curious, I continued to read, even when the words were ugly and unkind. It is a very good story of good , evil, love and hate. The enemy, the truth. Hope IronWil continues the story. Can't what to see what the unknown future holds that has already begun for my favorite characters. Steve and Penny.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Dragon_FlyRA More than 1 year ago
A real page-turner. Interesting and thought provoking - a must read for all who are interested in the end times prophecies of the Bible and enjoy great fiction.