What If You Are Your God?: Are You in Control of Your Life?

What If You Are Your God?: Are You in Control of Your Life?

by Emiddio Joe Cataldo


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ISBN-13: 9781452511030
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 08/19/2013
Pages: 126
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Are You in Control of Your Life?


Balboa Press

Copyright © 2013 E. Joe Cataldo
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-1103-0



After a lengthy discussion with Dr. M. ALAM from Dandenong Mental Health Service, he imparted the above wisdom to me. This phrase means quite a great deal when applied to our psychology.

Each one of us has to EXPECT other people to have different beliefs, behaviors, rules, values, standards, morals, and ethics, etc. as we are fortunately not "cloned" copies of each other, we are unique. We will never find another human being with exactly the same beliefs, etc. Just as well, it would be a bit boring if we were all the same.

Knowing and accepting this fundamental truth, will lead us to the next truth. We must RESPECT these differences we encounter if we want peace and harmony in our lives, and our world. We must live by the rule of "live and let live." We cannot force our beliefs onto anybody, or any race, or, any country.

If this sounds unrealistic to expect and respect each individual's right to their beliefs, then examine your own beliefs to see whether they are based on laws of the universe, or just your interpretations of these laws. Be careful of the meanings we invent for our mind to digest and turn our lives into a tangled web of complicated rules and regulations. Not everyone knows your rules and regulations, besides they are just your rules, your mode of operating in your world, as you see it.

How much pain and suffering do we create for ourselves when we expect others to abide by our rules? It would be unreasonable to expect everyone to conform to your rules, now, wouldn't it?

It is everyone's' right to have differences, whatever they may be. Obviously some will be minor, some major, some tolerable, and some intolerable. We allow ourselves to be "suspect" I believe, when we force others to accept our differences. That is to say, "this is how it is, no question!"

Grasping the concept of expecting differences, and respecting differences for what they are, allows one to find acceptance of each other easier. Naturally when there are fewer differences, especially major differences, then our "matching" up process, that seemingly impossible quest to find your "soul mate" is simplified.

Having a huge number of "major differences" to contend with, may mean quite a bit of help is needed to unravel the fundamental core reason for maintaining these beliefs, which may be based on false perceptions, and not reality or truth.


What a mouthful. I heard this phrase talking with an 85 year old dear family friend. She was explaining some of her observations of her life to me.

Basically it relates to the ability of people to understand each other.

When two or more people communicate, what they comprehend is not based only on the spoken word. Science has shown that non-verbal communication is responsible for giving us signals, which we interpret together with the verbal words spoken.

These non-verbal signals, quite often give each one of us different messages to the words being spoken. Have you ever played "Chinese whispers?" What each person interprets is exactly that, our individual interpretation. What this "reciprocal comprehension" means is each person in a relationship, whether social, business, or intimate, needs to reach this level of mutual understanding. Where every person involved is able to interpret the true meaning of what is communicated, they are on the same "page", as it were.

How often do we come across instances in our life, where miss-understandings occur?

We all react differently to life. Based on the basic four causes (refer chapter 2). Add to these, our body language, adding it's' slant to what is being communicated, is it any wonder the world is being torn apart, not only by broken relationships, but also through communication breakdown, and this happens at all levels, including governmental.

Reciprocal comprehension is absolutely mandatory for clear and precise communication between two or more people. Without it we create division, misunderstandings, conflict and pain.

This book, I pray will assist you to understand how this process occurs. I have the utmost faith that it will benefit you all.


The principal of acceptance is a fundamental one we need to establish in our life.

Every human being has their own view of their world, as they know it. That is the world they have created within their own mind, based on their beliefs, values, environment, and the overall cause.

What I mean by "overall cause", is simply this; we are part of a whole, and as such, have limited capacity to influence the entire collective. Consider this; our bodies are made up of approximately 50 trillion individual cells, how stupid would it be if only one cell controlled all the others.

Similarly, as we live on planet Earth, with over 7 billion other human beings and countless billions of other creatures, how can only one influence the entire whole?

As everything that exists is energy, and is interacting with energies that are entangled in a quantum soup that is universally present, and, this field, as Einstein stated, is all there is, how can one possibly separate themselves, from this field.

The overall cause is weighted against the individual.... until critical mass is reached.

I am sure most of you are aware of this term, and for those that are unfamiliar with it, a short explanation follows.

There comes a point in life, any life, even that of cells, where change occurs when sufficient numbers combine to cause a different outcome.

This is evident in our own bodies when related to any disease. It is only when sufficient cells within our bodies combine together and send the same signals, that we are able to feel pain, or for that matter, pleasure.

Our individual interpretation of the way we look at events will be influenced entirely by our unique experiences of life as we sense it so far.

This is the key to acceptance. We all have individual, unique lives. Each of us has our own "world", so to speak, in which we live. This is the internal world within each of our individual minds. This is similar to the theory "men are from Mars, women from Venus", only more so, due to the total number of human beings on planet Earth. Knowing that we will all view the same thing differently means we have to develop a sense of TOLERANCE. Just because someone has a differing belief that is not in line with yours, doesn't mean you are right, they are wrong.

When you put this right or wrong spanner in the works, you make life too complicated for all. Simply by allowing your focus to find some alternative meanings can alter your view of the situation. Using the common "problem solving" technique, where both parties in disagreement, put forward their suggestions to resolve the matter. Each party then examines all the various solutions, and decides which ones are acceptable to all parties. These then get implemented, and if unsuccessful, the process is repeated, until a win for all has been reached.

Practice makes perfect, and this is sometimes difficult. However a tolerant attitude toward each other, especially with the ones closest to you, will make for a happier life, not only for you, but also for them. Remember the K I S principle. Keep It Simple.

The more rules we have in our life, the more we are going to get hurt by others. Not everyone we come in contact with will know our rules. Besides these are just your rules. You invented them. You made them a must, or must never. You choose to complicate your life with these rules. Lighten up a little. Allow your life to experience the joy of freedom. The fewer rules, the fewer stumbling blocks, the smoother the journey.

When you have so many standards / rules, you expose yourself to a multitude of areas where your peace of mind is disturbed. Your inner sanctum is where you can be one with the universe, anything that robs you of this inner peace, robs you of your enjoyment / quality of life.

The mind / body / soul, is a finely tuned mechanism which we have yet to fathom completely. I believe that the disturbance of our inner peace, your mental state of tranquility, is a major factor in contributing to symptoms in our body which show up as various forms of aches, pains, ailments, from the common cold, to other "disease" such as blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and even cancer, among others.

When you feel upset, disturbed, angry, you are sending negative emotions through your body. These negative feelings cause you to feel down for a period of time. Your state of inner balance has been disturbed, and you need to make adjustments until balance is restored.

This state of disturbance can be avoided by not having so many rules to live your life by. The more rules, the less likely you are to be content with your life. If you have a multitude of rules that have to be satisfied before you feel happy, the chances are less likely that you will be content all the time. Happier are those who have the least amount of rules possible.

Another point to make with regard to rules is that you must realize that these rules / standards are yours. Those close to you do not necessarily share them. If you expect everyone you are close with to have the same standards / rules, then you are setting yourself up for an almost impossible task. We all have learnt different ways of achieving pleasure in our lives. What makes each of us happy or sad may not be identical.

We can all have as many rules / standards for our own life as we see fit. The trick is not to insist on others you are close with to have the exact same rules / standards. Utopia only exists in heaven. We need to develop a sense of tolerance toward each other. Accept that your rules are just that, your rules. They may or may not be identical with others in your life, not even your partner / significant other.

Develop a sense of a free spirit. Allow others this same free spirit. You will be amazed at the resulting effects in all avenues of your life. The trust that develops when you allow the other person to experience this freedom will give you a sense of rock solid foundation. Your total faith in the person will take away any fear you have of losing them. And if their spirit moves them out of your life, then this was not your soul mate. Move on freely and enjoy the journey.

There are areas in life you cannot control, Mother Nature, other people, anything that you do not initiate, you have no control over. The only thing you have complete control over is what things mean to you.



I'm sure you have all heard these questions before, and then some. Let's look at the last question first.

What do you want to be when you grow up? The "WANT TO" part is relatively simple. This includes such things as dreams, goals, aims, aspirations and the like. The "WHEN YOU GROW UP" part is a little more complicated. "When" is obviously the time, the "GROW UP" part, refers to not only the physical body in terms of age and muscle strength, but also in terms of maturity of mind and spirit, and strength of character. It is this area I would ask you to consider the following.

Let us base our discussion by the acceptance of a law of the universe:-


If you doubt this law exists, please refer to Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and another famous person who reportedly stated almost 2000 years ago, "AS YOU SOW, SO YOU SHALL REAP". We have many modern derivatives of this, such as "give and take", "what you put in, you get out", "what goes around, comes around", and in computer terms, "garbage in, garbage out". I am sure you know many more similar phrases.

Understand and accept that WHERE you are at this point in life is a sum total of all the effects that the various cause have had on your life. These causes are summarized here simply as THE NATURE, THE NUTURING, THE ENVIRONMENT & GOD.

Most of these causes are out of our control, or influence. However, we are in complete control of assigning "MEANINGS" to them. The meanings or significance, we attach to the various events (spoken word or action), will determine the thought process we allow ourselves to engage our minds in. If we choose to allow our minds to assign negative meanings, we tend to have sad and negative emotions. That's ok, so long as you don't allow yourself to go into the "snowball effect", which happens when you stack one negative thought on top of another, you know what I mean.

We can stop this process very quickly. One way is to switch your attention or focus, onto some other topic or aspect, of even the event that is causing this negativity. This can be simply achieved by looking at the situation with an inquisitive mind rather than a closed one. Ask yourself this:—WHAT ELSE COULD THIS MEAN? Try and come up with more positive thoughts. Examine alternatives that empower you to look at other scenarios rather than the negative ones you have chosen to concentrate your thinking on, which are based on assumptions you have jumped to. Once you come up with more positive meanings, you automatically get out of your negative emotions and start to feel better about the event.

Know that this is a skill, and like any other, you need to practice at first and keep practicing all your life. We all need to "just do it" as they say, because as we do it, we get better at it. We will never attain perfection at doing it, but we will get more confident in doing it, with the repetition of doing it.

Another important tool is action, or movement. It follows, by the law of cause and effect, that if we want to alter our emotional state, then we can do so by altering our movement.

Examine if you will, the posture of a depressed person, as compared with a joyful happy person. Notice the differences, the facial expressions, the posture, the mood, I could go on but space prohibits. All you need to apply is some sort of action. As simple as this seems, it is often the simple things that work best. Just alter your state a little. This can be achieved in numerous ways, I'm sure you can think of many that do not require any equipment or great expense.

Going for a walk, calling a friend, listening to music, gardening, reading, exercise, whatever you come up with will do, as long as you get up and just do it, instead of allowing your thoughts to wallow in the quagmire of the state you have buried yourself in.

You see, we put ourselves into these states by assuming meanings to events that are not based on reality. However, by our thinking, we convince ourselves that this is reality. This is because our mind cannot tell the difference between images we think of, and events that are actually real. And what we are telling ourselves is not necessarily the TRUTH; it is merely our interpretation of it, as related to our particular life based on our four causes, so far.

We all are in total control, as I have said before, of assigning the meanings to events, I encourage all of you to try and look for empowering meanings in the causes that influence your lives, and I challenge everyone to explore the above passage and if you find it useful, as I have, just do it.

I encourage all of us to GROW into strong mature human beings who help develop others to do the same along the way.


I would like to explain my philosophy for mental health. In all my dealings with my own trials and tribulations over the course of my life so far, I have learnt many things, some are profound and I pray you also find the following useful.

This knowledge is a basic truth that I try to live by; at times it is harder than others. All I can say is that nearly all of life's experience is based on our unique interpretations of the events unfolding along life's path. The nurturing we receive, the nature we inherit, the environment in which we live, together with GOD'S overall purpose, are all factors that shape us as human beings. Our experiences to date have molded our beliefs, values, standards, and our code of practice. Each one of us will interpret things in their own way, based upon these established beliefs etc. The response to the stimuli, which evokes an emotion, will depend to these beliefs.

All of life's joys and sorrows (feelings/emotions) are brought about by our set pattern of thinking with regard to the experiences we have had. Our brain re-presents the event to us in accord with our established pattern of belief (habit). The trick is to understand whether our belief is based on TRUTH or assumptions we have made. Allow me to explain ... what we interpret is only that ... OUR INTERPRETATION based on our beliefs.

It may not be the truth in reality.

Often we assume the worst out of events or even words spoken. We stack negative meanings to them and end up in a tailspin, assuming the person or event has meant it the way we have interpreted it, usually without actually clarifying with the person involved, or analyzing the event, to discover EXACTLY what was meant.

Excerpted from What if YOU ARE YOUR GOD? by EMIDDIO JOE CATALDO. Copyright © 2013 E. Joe Cataldo. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Dedication....................     xvii     

Introduction....................     xxi     

Preface....................     xxv     

Chapter 1 Expect and Respect Differences....................     1     

Chapter 2 Who are You? Where are You? What Do You Want To Be When You Grow
Up?....................     7     

Chapter 3 Understanding Feelings or Negative Energy / Positive Energy......     17     

Chapter 4 What Seeds are You Sowing?....................     25     

Chapter 5 How Can We Change?....................     31     

Chapter 6 Ultimate Power to Recreate Your World Now....................     35     

Chapter 7 Relationships....................     39     

Chapter 8 Love....................     47     

Chapter 9 Are You Living for Yesterday, Today, or Tomorrow?................     49     

Chapter 10 Anger....................     51     

Chapter 11 All Problems are Opportunities....................     57     

Chapter 12 How Our Emotions Affect Our Health....................     61     

Chapter 13 Forgiveness....................     63     

Chapter 14 A Simplified Version of The Spirit World....................     65     

Chapter 15 Distorted Thought....................     67     

Personal Testimony....................     75     

Conclusion....................     81     

Summary....................     83     

Appendix....................     85     

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