What to Eat When: A Strategic Plan to Improve Your Health and Life Through Food

What to Eat When: A Strategic Plan to Improve Your Health and Life Through Food


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ISBN-13: 9781426220111
Publisher: National Geographic Society
Publication date: 12/31/2018
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 6,682
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.20(h) x 1.40(d)

About the Author

DR. MICHAEL ROIZEN is the Chief Wellness Officer at the Cleveland Clinic, Chief Medical Consultant on The Dr. Oz Show, author of four #1 New York Times best-selling books, and originator of the popular RealAge.com website. He is board certified in anesthesiology and internal medicine. He's been recognized with an Ellie, an Emmy, and the Paul G. Rogers Award from the National Library of Medicine for Best Medical Communicator. He also chaired an FDA advisory committee and has published more than 175 peer-reviewed articles. He lives in Shaker Heights, Ohio.
DR. MICHAEL CRUPAIN is the Medical Director of The Dr. Oz Show. He is board certified in preventive medicine, a fellow of the American College of Preventive Medicine, and part-time faculty at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Prior to joining The Dr. Oz Show, he directed food safety testing at Consumer Reports. He is an Emmy award-winning producer, sat on an USDA advisory committee, has written multiple peer-reviewed articles, and cooks every day. He lives in New York City.

Table of Contents

Preface 9

Introduction: What to Sat When 13

Part 1 How Food Works

1 The Science of When 23

2 A Nutritious Breakdown 37

Part 2 The When Way

3 Time to Eat! 53

4 The When Way: A 31-Day Plan 69

5 Food for Thought 101

Part 3 What to Eat When

Section 1 At Odds

6 When You're Stressed and Hangry 113

7 When You're Fighting Fatigue 119

8 When You're Bummed 123

9 When You're Experiencing Grief 127

Section 2 At Home

10 When You Cannot Sleep 131

11 When You Get a Lot of Headaches 137

12 When You're Sick 143

13 When You're in Pain 149

14 When You Have Digestive Problems 155

Section 3 At Work

15 When You're Being Tested 163

16 When You Have a Job Interview 167

17 When You Have to Make a Big Decision 171

18 When You're on the Go 175

19 When You Have an Event 179

Section 4 At Play

20 When You're on Vacation 183

21 When It's the Holiday Season 189

22 When You're at the Stadium 195

23 When You're on a First Date 199

24 When You Exercise 203

Section 5 For Women

25 When You're Trying to Get Pregnant (or Already Are) 211

26 When You're Nursing 217

27 When You Have PMS or Period Pain 223

28 When You Have Hot Flashes 227

Section 6 For Men

29 When You Need a Testosterone Boost 231

30 When You Want to Improve Fertility 235

31 When You Need to Shrink Your Prostate 239

Section 7 At Risk

32 When You Have a Family History of Cancer 243

33 When You Want to Protect Your Heart 251

34 When You Need to Fortify Your Skeleton 259

35 When You Don't Want to Lose Your Mind 265

36 When You Want to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes 271

37 When You Want Healthy Lungs 277

38 When You Want to Reduce Inflammation 281

39 When You Have Hormonal Issues 287

40 When You Have Other Health Issues 293

Part 4 The Final Word: What to Eat When

41 How to Win the When Way 303

Conclusion: The 10 Commandments of the When Way 311

Acknowledgments 313

Glossary 319

Sources 321

Index 345

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What to Eat When: A Strategic Plan to Improve Your Health and Life Through Food 1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Consumer_Advocate 11 days ago
Found this book to be very poorly written, full of outdated science, and severely lacking any substantial information. Many of today's leading nutritionists will tell you that the timing of nutrient intake is the most important part of your diet, especially if you are an athlete, so I was excited to read and purchase a book on this topic. I was very disappointed to find that this book provided absolutely no information on the actually timing of nutrient intake, such as... When is the best time to ingest protein when performing different intensity workouts? Is it better to have glucose before or after high intensity workouts? Should your carbohydrate timing change based aerobic vs. anaerobic workouts? When should macro-nutrients be timed for sedentary lifestyles?... None of this is addressed in the book. The book spends half the time hyping how much it is going to teach you about when to eat, but then offers virtually nothing on the subject outside of the most basic concepts of nutrition, such as... what is a carbohydrate? If you don't know what carbohydrates, proteins, and fats are then you might find some minor benefit from reading this book. The book then goes on to provide short (2 page) suggestions on what to eat when you are sad, pregnant, stressed, tired, etc... The suggestions end up being minimal, redundant, and shockingly basic for the credentials of the doctors who wrote this book. The book claims to offer the latest in nutritional studies, and as a paramedic, I personally find this claim to be a misrepresentation of the book by the authors.  I would not recommend this book as you could learn more about "when to eat" by spending 5 minutes on Wikipedia.