What's In It for You? Create Your Personal Values & Boundaries

What's In It for You? Create Your Personal Values & Boundaries

by Aubergean

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Book 4 of 5 Getting It Together Series.
Length 5,881 words / 33 pages.

"A magnetic enlightened life awaits those who know how to create it!" This book answers questions about spiritual laws and instructs in rearranging and recreating values and personal boundaries so daily life is empowered.

Author Aubergean teaches how to attend to personal development and examine the values and boundaries underlying all choices and outcomes. In this natural progression of the Nature of Things, the Ancient Wisdom help deepen access to the inner plane where focus is on creating an optimal life.

Proven, time tested methods are taught and are especially important so life can be created as a Work of Art. For children or grandchildren, useful tools and powerful knowledge are given in a way that guiding the kids in their formative years is possible.

Readers will stop to ponder personal disasters and speed bumps that have happened in life. Was it awful – Was there a torn up feeling inside – Were the insides, inside out? What signal appeared to know that the wrong road was traveled once again?

This Life Lesson clearly defines ways to examine life and values so new intentions can be set. Abilities to manifest in specific areas are deepened with a tool called Wheel of Life which affects every area of the life cycle… Career / Partnerships / Financial / Role / Communications / Physical / Health / Maintenance / Mental / Emotional / Spiritual … Ideas are laid out for the reader to carefully contemplate and plan an exciting life.

Book 4 in the Getting It Together Series is perfect to be perfectly on track for a co-created life in Harmony and Balance with the Universe!

Free Meditation Guide comes with Getting It Together Series and is used to access the inner dimensions for a perfect co-creation.

Book 4 of 5 Getting It Together Series. Length 5,881 words / 33 pages.
Comments. This lesson helped me clean house and gently move my so-called friends aside while inviting new powerful enlightened people into my circle. I've studied all the books so far. By putting into practice what I have learned as I moved forward in my quest for knowledge and enlightenment, I find the process was fairly simple, using a bit at a time method. Jerry.
Excerpt. 'As you embark on your journey of creating your life, be very clear in your heart and mind that you want those family, friends, and associates in your life who support you in achieving your purpose and highest good. Imperative to your success is forming clear agreements with them. Be clear with everyone about what you intend to accomplish and how they can assist you along the way.

One friend describes how her elderly mother couldn't understand anything, not even the smallest bits, about the consciousness topics you are studying. Finding Love as the only way to manage this situation, she discovered that by telling silly jokes, discussing the weather, asking questions, especially about shopping, that a fine and loving relationship was maintained for the rest of her mother's life.
Do you know why the elephant crossed the road? It was the chicken's day off! It definitely is a Silly Joke and a reminder to fill your life with laughter.
Imagine having a mutual admiration society of your own design. That admiration society will come from those you choose to be members of your support group. Their admiration shining on you arrives as a natural result of observing you win and accomplish the best in your life.

Keep in mind that after you finish your study here, you will create your own Life Masterpiece. The instructions are before you right now, so your imagination can work in the background while you absorb your study of Values and Personal Boundary Setting. Later you will use your Life Masterpiece to write your Mission Statement and Intention Plan.' …

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BN ID: 2940013458765
Publisher: Mandala Benevolent Trust
Publication date: 11/14/2011
Series: Getting It Together , #1
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About the Author

From a one room shack in Canada, without running water or plumbing, Aubergean, age 3, noticed he was different from others. His hard working parents had little time outside work, so Aubergean observed his siblings. At work with his Mother at a fruit cannery for 10 hours a day, he was still mostly alone. His silence served him well over the years.

His first job as a service station attendant was really about sweeping outside. Blisters interfered with his guitar-playing, so he recruited help and split his pay 3-ways – his first venture as an employer.

Early on, he had an innate sense of the mystical world of Spirit. Life has a mysterious way of fitting a man to his destiny, he says, and he moved on.
Eventually many attended his workshops on human behaviour in finance and investment. Many mentors taught him to take responsibility for thoughts, words, and deeds. Mastering life’s lessons didn’t come easy and much was learned at the School of Hard Knocks.

Aubergean earned and lost several fortunes along the way. The illusion and importance of wealth serves the purpose of discovering life's purpose thus causing surrender to the soul and to a better way than chasing wealth.
His spiritual life became his passion. Over 30+ years, Aubergean mastered Meditation – Silence – Wisdom from Source – with 9 collective years invested in silence. The importance of meditation and its rewards remain the fulcrum of the Spiritual lessons he offers.

"Be all that you can be!" he writes.

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