White Jade Tiger

White Jade Tiger

by Julie Lawson

Paperback(25th Anniversary Edition)

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ISBN-13: 9781459737556
Publisher: Dundurn Press
Publication date: 01/10/2017
Edition description: 25th Anniversary Edition
Pages: 216
Sales rank: 940,720
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.70(d)
Age Range: 9 - 12 Years

About the Author

Julie Lawson is the author of more than twenty children’s and young adult titles. Her books have won the Sheila A. Egoff Award and been nominated for numerous awards, including various Forest of Reading Awards and the Canadian Library Association Book of the Year Award. She lives in Victoria, British Columbia.

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Jasmine, run! Cords of panic tightened around her chest. Her heart raced with fear.

Run! Don’t look back! The warning came too late. Piercing yellow lights sprang out of the blackness. A white shape leaped towards her. She tried to scream but the sound strangled in her throat. Then, total darkness. Pressure. Rising terror. As if she were buried alive.

Run! She struggled to break the paralyzing hold grip­ping her body. If only she could move, if...

“Aieee!” The scream jolted her awake. For a moment, she didn’t know where she was or even who she was. And who had screamed? Surely that hadn’t been her voice.

For a long time she lay awake, trying to make sense of the recurring nightmare. The voice was becoming clearer. Someone was reaching out to her, and getting closer all the time.

“Two for me, one for the bowl.” Jasmine Steele knelt on the damp ground, happily picking her first crop of straw­ berries. The strawberries had been her project right from the start. “You won’t have to do anything,” she promised, knowing how her parents hated gardening. “I’ll do everything myself.” And she had, from buying the plants to keeping out the deer. All her digging, planting, weeding and watering had resulted in perfect strawberries, plump, juicy and sweet. Perfect tens, she thought, treating herself to another one. Just like today.

So what if she’d had the nightmare again. By morning there was never anything left of it, nothing she could re­ member. And so what if it was raining. The rain brought out the smells of summer-wild roses, freshly-cut grass, and the best-ever strawberries. She popped another one into her mouth. Only three weeks until summer holidays, her last summer as a regular kid. In seven months she’d be a teenager. And today, this perfect ten day, was Thursday. She brushed off her jeans, picked up the bowl and hummed her way into the house.

“Ta da!” She placed the strawberries on the table, bowed, and with a “Hold the applause!” raced off to the phone.

‘Who are you phoning?” her mother asked. “Can’t it wait till after breakfast?”

“Krista and Becky. I’ve got to remind them about something.”

“You’ll be seeing them in ten minutes.” With an exasperated sigh, Heather Steele poured herself another cup of coffee. “Just wait,” she said to her husband. “As soon as she gets off the phone she’ll remind me about tai chi and tell me she’ll be late for supper. Every Tuesday and Thurs­ day, for the last six months, she’s said the same thing.”

Martin Steele laughed. “I’m not going to bet against that one.” He bit into a strawberry. “Mmmm. These ripened beautifully.”

“They wouldn’t dare not to,” Heather said. “Not with Jasmine growing them.”

‘What else can we get her to plant this summer? Corn? Peas?” His mouth watered at the thought. “She’d grow a terrific garden.”

Heather agreed. “She’ll do anything, once she sets her mind to it.”

Jasmine bounded back and slid into her chair. “Don’t forget, Mom, I’ve got tai chi after school so I’ll be late for supper.” She poured herself a heaping bowl of corn flakes and buried them in strawberries.

“How’s Krista? And Becky? Have you got their day organized?”

“Uh-huh. We’re practicing our play at recess and lunch. And I reminded them about the hot dog notice. Have you filled mine out?”

“It’s in your pack.”

“If you’re going shopping we’re out of chocolate chip cookies and there’s only two apples left.” She spread pea­ nut butter on a piece of toast, covered it with slices of apple, then added a layer of strawberries. “Yum! Do you want a bite, Dad?”

“Heavens no,” he said. “It looks disgusting.”

“You have no taste,” she teased. “And don’t turn up your nose at something till you’ve tried it. Ever heard that before?”

“Isn’t it time you left for school?”

“Don’t worry. Everything’s under control.” She bolted down the rest of her toast and shoved her lunch and home­ work inside her pack. Then she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, gave her mother and father a peck on the cheek and raced to the door. “Bye! And don’t eat all the strawberries.”

“Be careful,” her mother called after her. “The roads are slippery.”

No problem, Jasmine thought as she tore down the road.

Nothing can go wrong today, not on tai chi Thursday. But what about next month, when the classes were finished?

Well, she’d just have to practice on her own. And there were so many other things she planned to do: swim in the river, camp on the beach, have sleep-overs at least once a week, help her mom work on the quilt so it would be finished for her birthday. And this summer, since she was almost thirteen, she was allowed to take the bus into Victoria. She and her friends could go to movies and malls and do all the city things they couldn’t do in Sooke. And maybe she’d plant a vegetable garden, since the strawberries were such a success.

“Hey, Krista! Becky!” She spun around the corner where her friends were waiting. “Is it too late to plant seeds for corn and stuff like that?”

“I don’t think so,” Krista said. “Why?”

“I’ve got this great idea for a garden. Do you want to help? We could grow pumpkins too and make a scarecrow....” All the way to school they tossed out ideas, too excited to mind the drizzly rain. By the time they wheeled into the bike-racks they had a garden of huge proportions, complete with a goldfish pond and frogs that croaked all night.

“Do you want to come over?” Becky asked, when 3:00 finally came.

“Can’t. It’s-”

“Tai chi!” Krista looked at Becky and laughed. “You should know by now.”

“You should join,” Jasmine said. “It’s great.” “You should take karate with us.”

“No way.” Jasmine grinned.

“If we all started like, Tai chi, you’d switch to karate,” Becky said. “You’re such a non-conformist. Right?”

“Yeah! And proud of it! See you tomorrow-and don’t forget about the garden.” Jasmine tucked her long black braid inside her hood and headed for her bike. The morning drizzle had turned into a regular West Coast down­ pour, making the roads more slippery than ever. Ignoring the puddles, she sped off to her tai chi class.

“Keep your self-control,” the teacher was saying. “Don’t give in to anger. Remember, taichi must never be used against another person unless you’re in danger. Then, look for a weak spot, maybe the way the person is standing. Take advantage of that weakness. Catch the person off balance.”

Jasmine hung onto every word. “Inner strength is being aware of your own power and energy and having control over it. To have inner strength you must concentrate on your lower stomach, because that’s where your power is centred. And remember that tai chi is yin and yang working in harmony. The spiritual side is in balance with the physical side.”

As she went through the patterned motions, Jasmine thought about her inner strength. She was sure she had it. She could feel it, flowing through her body with every breath.

“Let your arms open as if you’re holding the whole world in front of you. Curve your arms downwards and scoop up all this space. Keep your back straight, knees bent. Lift the energy up to your chest.”

Jasmine dropped her elbows and rotated her wrists, directing the energy into her lower stomach. She wa8 concentrating so hard she didn’t hear the door open or see her teacher walk towards it. She jumped when he tapped her shoulder. “Your dad’s here. He wants to talk to you.”

She skipped towards the door, eager to show her father the new moves. But the look on his face stopped her abruptly. “Dad? What’s--”

“Your mom,” he said in a choked voice. He put his arms around her, drawing her close. “There’s been an accident.”

Somehow, Jasmine left her class, walked down the stairs and got into the car. “She was driving home,” her father was saying. “The roads were so slippery, she skidded on a curve, crashed into a tree...”He paused, fighting to control his ragged breathing. “When they got her out she was unconscious but still alive. But...she didn’t make it to the hospital.”

Jasmine stared fixedly through the rain-streaked windshield, barely hearing her father’s words. They fluttered through some distant part of her consciousness like fragments of paper, ripped apart, swept away. What was he talking about? Her mother, dead? No! It was a mistake! She wanted to scream, shout, smash-pound everything back into place, the way it was.

“It can’t be,” she repeated numbly. Her body throbbed with an overwhelming hurt. She was out of her depth, sinking slowly, with nothing to hold onto, no hope of touching bottom, not even a shred of inner strength to keep her afloat.

And that night, the dreams began.

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White Jade Tiger 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 28 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Gender: She cat. Age: 15 moons. Personality: sarcastic, guarded, friendly. Mate/Crush/Kits: Sunpelt/Sunpelt/Expecting. Looks: black fur with amber eyes. Likes: Sunpelt, Cindertail, GoldenClan, Mothfeather, loyal cats, pure clan cats (fyi: one of her flaws), Lunagleam. Dislikes: Darkmoon, half clan cats, disloyal cats, Ethereal, Silverstreak, North, (btw, north and silverstreak aren't in this clan. Ask why I hate them). History: ask. Song: Burn by: Ellie something. (Cant remember last namw)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name : flyte age: full grown looks: gold fur with black stripes gender: boy crush : yet to be known status: single personality: funny nice cute strong
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name; LunaGleam. (DuskSky.) [HeatherPaw.] {ThistlePaw.} Gender; &female (&male<_>) [&female<_>] {&male<_>}. Age; 20 moons. (22 moons.) [11 moons.] {9 moons.} Rank; Warrior of GoldenClan. (Warrior of GoldenClan.) [Apprentice of GoldenClan.] {Apprentice of GoldenClan.} Appearance; Hazel fur with bright emerald green eyes, a long scar down her flank. (Raven black fur, dull cerulean eyes with specks of copper.) [Fluffy honey gold fur with bright blue eyes.] {Hazel fur with chestnut stripes and heather gray eyes.} Kin; DuskSky - Brother. HeatherPaw and ThistlePaw - Niece and nephew respectably. ShadyBough - Brother, deceased. (LunaGleam - Sister. HeatherPaw and ThistlePaw - Niece and nephew respectably. ShadyBough - Brother, deceased.) [LunaGleam - Aunt. DuskSky - Uncle. ShadyBough - Father, deceased. AmberThorn - Mother, deceased. ThistlePaw - Brother.] {Same as HeatherPaw's except HeatherPaw - Sister.} Crush; No. (Yes. Though Dusk is gay.) [Nope.] {Too soon for that.} THANKS
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
&infin Name: Cindertail &infin <br> &infin Gender: Female &infin <br> &infin Age: 18 moons <br> &infin Looks: Mahogany with black stripes and icy blue eyes &infin <br> &infin Persona: Very kind and sweet, but will do literally anything to save a Clanmate &infin <br> &infin Crush/Mate/Kits: Stormclaw/Stormclaw/No &infin <br> &infin Likes: All the cats in my Clan &infin <br> &infin Dislikes: BloodClan, Ethereal &infin <br> &infin Theme Song: Cool Kids by Echosmith &infin <br> History: Making it &infin <br> &infin Siggy: &#22232 &infin <p> &infin Anything else please ask at camp. &infin
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Black he cat yellow eyes warrior loves to talk mateless gay
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Hi would you like to be my mate? I'm an orange tabby with white on me belly and paws. My name is Waveblaze I am noble and stong and female who does not have a mate
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: StormClaw Gender: Male Looks: dark grey fur with streaks of silver and emerald colored eyes Anything else just ask
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Size-giant Gender-male Color-silver white Rank-apprentice Age-nine moons
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Tom dark gray almost black with twilight blue eyes. No kin but hopes Ravenfeather will be his mother. Already a little muscular. Will update when he is an apprentice.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Willowhawk<br> Age: 15 moons<br> Gender: She cat<br> Description: Glossy brown tabby with black tabby stropes and petit white paws with forest green eyes<br> Rank: Warrior<br> Crush: <br> Mate:<br> Kits:<br> Kin:<br> Persona: friendly and nice, always ready to help<br> Theme Song: "Midnight Memories" by One Direction <p> Name: Stormwind<br> Age: 17 moons<br> Gender: Tom<br> Description: stormy gray with natural lightly blown wind blown fur and black paws, stripes, and tailtip with fierce yelllow eyes<br> Rank: Warrior<br> Crush:<br> Mate:<br> Kits:<br> Kin:<br> Persona: Quiet<br> Theme Song: "Welcome to the Black Parade" by My Chemical Romance
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Bluetail <br> Gender: female <br> Looks: a blue grey shecat with yellow eyes <br> Personality: meet me <br> Other: ask
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name hawkeye||| gender male||| kit || history name is hawk eye because his eye was cut open by a hawk and the eye is sewn back inti place. Thx to an AWSOME MED CAT BUT THEN THE STOPPED RP AND YEAH!!!|||| stautce single |||| kits nope||||||!!!!!||||| job i am kit |||||| weponclaws|||| apperance gray cat with green eyes||||| mom dont have one |||| dad dont have one ||||||| i will also like to have a mom someday!!!!!!:(
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: AmethystFlame <br>Age: 16 moons <br>Gender: She cat <br>Rank: Warrior of Goldenclan <br>Looks: Very pale almost purple pelt with white paws, tailtip, and left ear. Icy blue eyes with golden flecks in the irises and pink nose. AmeythstFlame has a very agile and lean frame which helps her with hunting, ambushing, and sneakily patrol borders when asked to. <br>Persona: Kind-Hearted, brave, loyal, caring, trustworthy, protective, but she also has a fierce side and a sense of humor. <br>Kin: WhisperWillow (mom) <br>Mate/Kits/Crush: None yet.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Gender:male/mate/crush/kits&mdash;none/none/none(brown tabby tom with green eyes Personality:kind protective caring sometimes has temper History: just ask Other: just ask
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
&star &star &star || FalconEye || Gender:Tom/Male || Deputy || Mate/Kits: PantherStar/None || Apperance:[Pelt] Grey with light Red rings on his Tail,Paws,and Muzzle[Eyes]Pale yellow [Biuld] He has a Greate build for Protecting/Defending/Fighting || Personality: Sweet,Caring,Energetic,Playful, But, Serious,Tempting,and Protective. || Likes: Defending his clan and funny jokes || Dislikes:Twolegs,perverts... that stuff || Theme: 'When I'm gone' Eminem || History:Got abused by his family but escaped. ||
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
&star|Name|&star Celcius<br> &star|Age|&star 18 Moons<br> &star|Gender|&star Tom<br> &star|Description|&star Light gray with dark stormy gray paws and ears and rainy blue eyes<br> &star|Rank|&star Warrior<br> &star|Crush|&star Secret<br> &star|Mate|&star None<br> &star|Kits|&star None<br> &star|Kin|&star Platinum<br> &star|Perso|&star Very shy and untrusting, and quick to judge<br> &star|History|&star He will tell it when he is ready<br> &star|Theme Song|&star "Payphone" by Maroon 5<br> <p> &starf|Name|&starf Platinum<br> &starf|Age|&starf 18 Moons<br> &starf|Gender|&starf She-Cat<br> &starf|Description|&starf Pure white with golden-yellow patches and same colour eyes<br> &starf|Rank|&starf Warrior<br> &starf|Crush|&starf &hearts he wouldnt want me<br> &starf|Mate|&starf None<br> &starf|Kits|&starf Is expecting but doesnt know yet<br> &starf|Kin|&starf Celsius<br> &starf|Perso|&starf Very outgoing a bubbly, super curious and not shy at all<br> &starf|History|&starf Id rather not tell yet<br> &starf|Theme Song|&starf "Midnight Memories" by One Direction
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Duskbreeze is a dark brown shecat with lighter paches and brown eyes. She is the medicine cat for Goldenclan. <p> Willowleaf is a light brown shecat with darker spots and brown eyes. She was the assistant medicine cat for Goldenclan. She has no mate and her crush is Darkmoon. Her sister is Duskbreeze. <p> Spy is a black cat with shining blue eyes. He helps other cats by warning them of forcemate requests and raids. His mate is Skyleaf and his signature is: <br> Safety for <br> People from <br> Your friend, <br> S.P.Y.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Gender: Female. Looks: black with amber eyes. Age: 13 moons. Personality: Meet me. Rank: Warrior. Crush/Mate/Kits: Sunpelt/None. History: Ask.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: starlight Age: 19 moons Gender: female Coat: pure white; short Eyes: hazel Mate/ kits: none Personality: stuborn; kind; loving; loyal History: old clan killed. Killer still after her.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Oceanpaw Age: 10 moons Appearence: A pale/bright blue like the ocean she-kit,with amber eyes flecked with gold,a golden tipped longer than normal tail,a red paws and nice auburn colored paws Peronality: Fearce,independent,curagous,and loyal to her clan History: Unknown Other: Just ask I don't bite ^&bull;^
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name pedalkit<p>Age 20hrs<p>Looks a white kit with orange stripes<p>Crush The look alike kit of dawns<p>Mate none<p> Other ask me
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name:umbreonstep <p> Age:unknowed <p> Looks like: umbreon from pokemon <p> Kits:petalkit(if she will stay) <p> Songs she sings:count on me, dont you dare forget the sun
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
FalconEye || 15 moons || Tom || Warrior || Apperance:He is a grey with light red rings on his tail paws and muzzle. He has pale yellow eyes. An a great build for fighting/protecting. || peesonality:Sweet,humble,kind,and loving ; but h can be serious and tempting. || symbol: &star &star &star || Mate:None || Crush:PantherStar || kits:None || Family:unknown || Past- Neglected by his mother father and family. || &star &star &star ||
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Looks:light grey with sea green eyes and one white paw. Kin:one sister in starclan and one in bloodclan and 3 neeces one in windclan one in duskclan and the last one is in emberclan. Role:med cat Age:24 moons No mate or crush im a med cat
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
FeatherCreek <p> 14 Moons <p> Warrior of Goldenclan <p> FeatherCreek is a silky, sleek furred shecat. Her whte fur stands in contrast to silver markings (Like Jayfeather's!!!). She stands about the size of any warrior, but her long legs and small paws give her the appearance of being slender and tall. Her gaze is a murky dark blue, shivering like the surfce of a pond. <p> FeatherCreek is a quiet, gentle shecat. She loves kits, and often dreams of her own someday. Her attitude can easily become hostile towards enemies. She was loyal to her last clan, Lightclan, and sorro<_>wfully misses it. <p> Born and raised in Lightclan, her mother di<_>ed soon after she was made an apprentice. Although she never speaks of her mother, her father, Bravecloud, was more of a friend than a father. He was mentoured by CherryRiver, and wanted to hve her end suffix Creek, a small River. As Lightclan di<_>ed out, she became a rou<_>ge of sorts, looking for a clan. She hopes Goldenclan will suffice. <p> Bravecloud is her father. She has one sibling. Her sister, Sunnyspots, currently a ro<_>uge as well. <p> FeatherCreek loves the taste of squirrel, climbing trees, and is very swift-pawed. She hates geting her paws wet, hates water, hates swimming. She has a fear of drowning. <p> She as no mate, no crush, no kits. <p> Her themesong- Unbreakable by Fireflight. <p> No siggy yet.