Whose Bed Is It Anyway? (Harlequin Kiss Series #34)

Whose Bed Is It Anyway? (Harlequin Kiss Series #34)

by Natalie Anderson
4.5 2

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Whose Bed Is It Anyway? 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
HarlequinJunkie_ More than 1 year ago
Whose Bed Is It Anyway? by Natalie Anderson is a quick and fun read. Like all the other HQ Kiss titles I've read, I quite enjoyed it. James Wolfe hates that he's a "hero". He was part of a team, and just because his picture as a doctor saving lives in a war zone made headlines didn't make him better than everyone else. In fact, he wants nothing more than to be an anonymous face - flying back to his home in New York City. The thought of falling into his bed and sleeping for a day was the best idea he'd had in ages. Unfortunately, there was a wrench in those plans. He felt like one of the three bears when he found a real life Goldilocks sleeping in his bed. The rest of his condo was being renovated, so his bedroom was all he had. His big mistake came when he thought Caitlin was a groupie, or worse yet, a "paid companion" sent by his brother. It became a moot point when he succumbed to his exhaustion and passed out next to her. Caitlin needed to get out of London - fast. She hadn't been maligned in the papers for several years, but after a public break-up and non-denial denials from her ex-boyfriend, famous sister, and ex-manager father - she wanted to hide until things died down. when Gideon Wolfe offered her the use of his brother's condo in New York, she pounced on the offer. It would've been ideal, except that she arrived without her bag and on the day when the owner decided to claim his bedroom. But Caitlin had nowhere to go, and very little money. James could see through her facade and asked her to stay. After all, they're adults. It's a big bed. I'm sure you know where this is headed. Things get complicated when the normally shuttered Caitlin and avoidance-riddled James can't help but open up to each other. Encouraging each other to take a step outside their comfort zone. And taking her to meet his family? What kind of boneheaded move was that? After all, even though they decided to use the bed for more than sleep - it definitely was a relationship with an expiration date. Little did either of them know the date would be much further in the future than they'd planned. The pacing throughout this book was a little stutter-step, but overall I loved the way the character's backgrounds were drawn out. I felt terrible for Caitlin even though the press was used to her teenage scandals. So smelling a whiff of similar magazine fodder was an easy get. She definitely didn't deserve the thrashing she got, and I was pretty angry at her sister and father for being oblivious. James is definitely the brooding anti-hero - but that makes it all the more powerful when you see what drives him. And his softness towards Caitlin even when he's dying to ravish her is adorable. Also, super hot. Easy, fun, quick read - I sound like a broken record, but the HQ KISS line is a definite treasure-trove of winners.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago