Why Are Students Not Learning On The School Bus?

Why Are Students Not Learning On The School Bus?

by Keshia L. Gaines Ph.D.


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So...Why Are Students NOT Learning On The School Bus?

According to Dr. Keshia L. Gaines, students should learn from academic content on the school bus and other unique learning areas (the bus stop, cafeteria, playgrounds, bathrooms, academic clothing, etc.). The key to improving America's educational system, Gaines believes, is to allow students to learn outside the classroom. Since students are not meeting academic expectations in the general classroom, it is important to consider all methods and areas for students to learn.

Dr. Gaines founded Bus-stop 2 Bus-stop, LLC and created the Bus-stop 2 Bus-stop™ learning method to help students increase academic achievement in fun, innovative ways. Th e idea behind the Bus-stop 2 Bus-stop™ learning method is that students will be exposed to academic content starting at the school bus stop. Students will continue to be exposed to academic content throughout their school hours until they get dropped off at that same bus stop at the end of the school day.

This book is designed for use in various education courses, educational leadership positions, and for general reading by anyone who is worried about the future of our children and educational systems. For entry-level students in education, this book provides insight and new ways to improve academic achievement in America. This book is also appropriate for various upper-level courses because of its research components, references, discussion questions, and journal activities . The purpose of this book is to explain the Bus-stop 2 Bus-stop™ learning method and to ultimately improve the current educational system in America.

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Why Are Students Not Learning On The School Bus? 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Gaines has hit the nail on the head: if you must learn outside the box (classroom), how exactly do you do it? And Gaines's answer: on the school bus. Because indeed, students--as more and more educators realize--are not learning outside the classroom. Regarded as "missed learning opportunities", the time spent outside the classroom could have been better utilized as effective complements to classroom learning. Gaines backs up her thesis with facts and figures: America's educational system is not essentially improving, and even slides down in many respects. Prodded by the practices of many schools in America--practices that are obviously doom the students to failure--Gaines has created what is regarded as a truly innovative way to enhance students' level of achievement. And Gaines is not conjuring bubbles out of thin air--she has actually established an outfit called Bus-stop 2 Bus-stop, LLC to implement the methods discussed in this book. But not only that, but Gaines also discusses further advancements: starting with the school bus, why not utilize other areas of the school, such as the cafeteria, the bathroom and the playground? Undoubtedly, Gaines theories may seem "surprising" to some people (and that's a mild way of putting it), but the innovative elements of what the book discusses and asserts are undeniable--in a time when the American educational system needs a fresh injection of inspiration, Gaines's "learning outside the classroom" invention is a much needed alternative--at the very least, it should start a serious re-evaluation of our current thinking and practices concerning traditional education. This book must be read by anyone--from students to parents to educators--who is concerned about where our educational system is headed to.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It's a hard truth to face that children in America today are falling behind the rest of the world when it comes to education, but its not their fault! The education system has remained unchanged for decades and I completely agree with Dr. Gaines that the approach to education needs to shift towards a more creative and more engaging style of learning. As an educator I believe in group learning, in learning outside the traditional mould, in kinaesthetic learning and in learning through experience wherever that experience may occur! Why aren't students learning on the school bus, or playground or cafeteria is a question which exposes some of the fundamental issues at the heart of the education system, namely where it is failing our children. Dr Gaines is on the correct path, and I sincerely hope this book is read by educators, administrators and parents alike!
paulat35 More than 1 year ago
With the budget cuts that are affecting schools all over the country, it seems like the education our children are getting is suffering. Many parents I know are complaining that because of the new laws, the schools are forced to teach our children how to pass tests and not give them the education like previous generations. The author is a teacher who has done a great job demonstrating innovative techniques that teachers and parents can use to teach the children outside of regular class time. Her system gives specific ways to use everyday events to create teachable moments. She has great ideas for turning ordinary objects children see every day into learning tools. She also stresses that the educational activities outside the class room should be fun and engaging for the kids. Although this book is geared more toward educators, there is a lot of excellent information and concrete ideas that parents can use in the home to help their kids with their education.
sunegrl More than 1 year ago
I recently received a FREE copy of the book from the author in exchange for my honest review. I have to admit this book was not what I expected, but it really gave me some great ideas to help teach different things when my 10-year old least expects it. I never guessed that the Bus Stop, The Cafeteria, and The Bathroom, could all be good places for additional learning practices. In the cafeteria for example they can be exposed to academic content on educational placemats, television screens, posters, and other visual aids. I love the different out of the box ideas that she opens up and wish that more schools and teachers would think this way. Dr. Keisha Gaines is the author of this book, and she has developed strategies to help kids learn by overall improving the educational system in America.