Why Do I Keep Doing This!!? End Bad Habits, Negativity, and Stress with Self Hypnosis and NLP

Why Do I Keep Doing This!!? End Bad Habits, Negativity, and Stress with Self Hypnosis and NLP

by Judith Pearson


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Why Do I Keep Doing This!!? End Bad Habits, Negativity, and Stress with Self Hypnosis and NLP by Judith Pearson

Judith Pearson's insightful, helpful, well-written book is the best self-help book I have read in years. … I'm keeping it at my bedside to dip into when I need to remember how to be my own best self. Shelle Rose Charvet, author of Words That Change Minds

Why do people find it so difficult to change unwanted habits and behaviours?

You can come up with all sorts of explanations, ranging from childhood trauma to genetics to personality types, but what it really boils down to is the fact that most people simply aren't skilled at managing their minds. When you try to break a habit your brain sends out signals of alarm and discomfort. To get past this, you must put your "logical brain" in charge. This can be achieved using self-hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

This book will help you to:

End bad habits

Cure addictions

Get fit

Lose weight

Stop smoking

Feel more confident and motivated

Sleep better

…and much more.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781845907327
Publisher: Crown House Publishing
Publication date: 02/28/2012
Pages: 300
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.90(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword ix

Acknowledgments xi

Introduction: Are You Stuck In A Rut? 1

The Explanation Lies in Your Neurology 2

Why Self-Hypnosis? 4

The Better Question 5

Part I What You Need to Know Before You Start Self-Hypnosis 7

Chapter 1 Hypnosis: Where Did it Come From? 11

Erickson and Elman 12

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Today 14

Chapter 2 What is Hypnosis Exactly? 17

What is Trance? 18

Levels of Trance 19

The Unconscious Mind 21

Hypnosis and the Brain 22

When Hypnosis Doesn't Work 23

Hypnotizability: Do You Have It? 25

Mapping the Mind 27

Chapter 3 An Overview of NLP 29

What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming? 29

NLP is Process-Oriented 31

Four Reasons Why NLP is Useful in Behavioral Change 32

The Power of Intention 38

Chapter 4 Mind Magic: Affirmation and Visualization 39

The Art of Affirmation and Autosuggestion 39

The Magic of Visualization 42

Five Types of Visualization 42

Put Affirmations and Visualization to Work in Self-Hypnosis 50

Chapter 5 Inducing and Deepening Trance 53

General Considerations for Self-Hypnosis 54

Induction: Accessing Trance 55

Deepening Your Trance 65

Trance-Work 65

Reorientation: Coming Out of Trance 66

Recording Your Own Self-Hypnosis Sessions 67

Commercial Hypnosis Recordings 68

Working with a Professional Hypnotherapist 69

Now You have the Basics 70

Part II Practical Applications in Self-Hypnosis 71

Self-Hypnosis: A Resourceful Self-image 74

A Word about Personal Ecology 75

Chapter 6 Eliminate Unwanted Habits and Addictions 77

Assess Your Level of Readiness 79

Develop New Habits to Replace Old Ones 81

Self-Hypnosis: NLP Six-Step Refraining 82

Self-Hypnosis: Meta-NO/Meta-YES 84

Use Your Imagination 87

Chapter 7 Yes, You Can Stop Smoking! 89

Prepare to Stop Smoking 91

Self-Hypnosis: See Yourself Smoke-Free! 92

Preventing Relapse 94

Chapter 8 Achieve Your Ideal Weight 97

Get Smart about HGI Foods 98

Tips for Sensible Eating 100

Self-Hypnosis: Sensible Eating 101

Self-Hypnosis: The NLP Slender Eating Strategy 102

Change Your Thoughts about Food 104

Chapter 9 Quality Sleep 105

Tips for A Good Night's Sleep 106

Self-Hypnosis: Restful, Restorative Sleep 108

Adequate Sleep Offers Many Advantages 109

Chapter 10 Start Exercising! 111

The Benefits of Exercise 111

Tips for Starting an Exercise Routine 113

Self-Hypnosis: Get Motivated with the NLP New Behavior Generator 115

Consider Additional Options for Exercise as You Age 118

Chapter 11 Maximize Your Motivation! 119

Tips to Maximize Motivation 119

Transform Failure into Feedback 122

Self-Hypnosis: A Conversation with Your "Future Self" 123

Self-hypnosis: Visualize Your Outcome with the "Miracle Question" 124

Self-Hypnosis: Learn from a Role Model with "Deep Trance Identification" 126

What is Your Motivation Strategy? 127

Chapter 12 Stop Procrastinating Once and for All! 129

Ten Common Reasons for Procrastination: What to do about Them 130

Self-Hypnosis: The NLP Godiva Chocolate Pattern 134

Self-Hypnosis: Get into Action with the Mind-to-Muscle Pattern 135

What Do You Deserve? 137

Chapter 13 Improve Your Performance 139

Tips for Abolishing Performance Anxiety 139

Self-Hypnosis: Access Optimum Confidence with the NLP Circle of Excellence 141

Self-Hypnosis: Achieve Your Personal Best in Sports 144

Self-Hypnosis: Recover Quickly from Mistakes 146

Self-Hypnosis: NLP Responding Resourcefully to Criticism Pattern 149

The NLP Success Formula 152

Chapter 14 Pass Your Polygraph Exam 153

What You Need to Know about the Polygraph 154

Self-Hypnosis: Pass Your Polygraph Exam Feeling Calm and Detached 156

Chapter 15 Give Your Self-Esteem a Lift! 159

Toxic Shame Creates Low Self-Esteem 160

A Philosophy of Loving Who You Are 160

Tips for Improving Your Self-Esteem 163

Self-Hypnosis: Increase Your Self-Esteem 166

Self-Hypnosis: Change a Limiting Belief about Yourself 169

Self-Hypnosis: See Yourself through the Eyes of Love 172

The Meaning of Self-Esteem 173

Chapter 16 Manage Your Emotions for Equanimity and Resilience 175

Tips for Stress Management: Improve Your Coping Skills 176

Get Past Anxiety-Producing Thoughts and Negative Inner Dialog 184

Self-Hypnosis: Stress Management with NLP - Anchor a New Response 186

Self-Hypnosis: Get Unstuck with the NLP Drop Down and Through Pattern 188

Self-Hypnosis: Banish Pear and Anxiety with a Protective Shield 189

Self-Hypnosis: Resolve Internal Conflict with the NLP Visual Integration Pattern 191

The Misguided Need for Control 194

Chapter 17 Pain Management and Relief 197

Hypnosis and Pain 198

Self-Hypnosis: Deep Relaxation 199

Self-Hypnosis: Imagery for Pain Reduction 200

Self-Hypnosis: Hypnotic Analgesia 202

Self-Hypnosis: Change the Submodalrties of Pain 203

Self-Hypnosis: Comfort Transfer 206

The Six D's of Pain Management 206

Chapter 18 Preparing for Surgery or Medical Procedures 209

Talk to Your Medical Team about the Value of Hypnosis 210

Self-Hypnosis: Preparation for Surgery 211

Self-Hypnosis: A Healing Visualization 213

Chapter 19 Heal Emotional Hurts Connected with the Past 217

A Brief History of NLP and Time Lines 217

Charting Your Time Line 219

Precautions about Working with Hurtful Memories 220

Self-Hypnosis: Healing a Memory - Variation 1 221

Self-Hypnosis: Healing a Memory - Variation 2 223

Self-Hypnosis: Bring a Resource Forward in Time 226

Another Way of Thinking about Trauma 229

Chapter 20 Access Your Intuitive Wisdom 231

Tips for Success with Intuition 231

Self-Hypnosis: Intuitive Guidance Method 1 - Message in a Memory 233

Self-Hypnosis: Intuitive Guidance Method 2 ? Consult a Wisdom Figure 233

Self-Hypnosis: Intuitive Guidance Method 3 ? Interpret a Dream 235

Moments of Inspiration 236

Chapter 21 Define Your Life Purpose 239

Traveling the Mythic Hero's Journey 241

Self-Hypnosis: What is Your Soul Dream? 243

Self-Hypnosis: Confront a Challenge with Spiritual Companions 245

Self-Hypnosis: Align with Your Intention or Purpose 246

The Premises of the Hero's Journey 247

Afterword 249

Endnotes 251

References 259

Index 267

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