Wild Ride to Bliss: We Must Master Loving Ourselves

Wild Ride to Bliss: We Must Master Loving Ourselves

by Lisa Paskel
Wild Ride to Bliss: We Must Master Loving Ourselves

Wild Ride to Bliss: We Must Master Loving Ourselves

by Lisa Paskel


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Have you been to the highest peaks and to the darkest night of your soul and everywhere in between? In Wild Ride to Bliss, author Lisa Paskel helps you experience the most magnificent you by learning to let go of fear, worry, doubt, and negative beliefs. She shares a set of tools to help you get out of your way so you can fully and blissfully experience you. By developing and learning to utilize an effective tool set, you'll be able to create and manifest all the wonderful things you desire, and then some. You'll discover and experience who you are from the most authentic, satisfying, and joyful connection. This powerful guide unravels the mystery of your inner being, taking you on a spiritual and metaphysical journey toward living in the now and discovering your bliss. This refreshing and pertinent message covers a variety of topics regarding personal growth, a deeper self-awareness, and how to intimately know one's soul.

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ISBN-13: 9781982219338
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 01/09/2019
Pages: 118
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.28(d)

About the Author

Lisa Paskel earned a bachelor's degree in psychology from Antioch University in southern California and a master's degree in postural integration. She is an intuitive life coach, leader, expert yoga teacher, empath, mind core integrator, motivational speaker, and yoga adventure retreat facilitator. Paskel has created, implemented, and taught workshops and life trainings for thousands of people and has taught yoga for more than thirty years.

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SOMEONE ASKED ME why I chose to call this book Wild Ride to Bliss. I chose this title because we are all untamed and free in our nature. Rules, confines created by opinions and judgments, socializations, religious condemnation, and disconnect from our Inner Beings keep us ignorantly caged. It takes great courage to set forth on the journey toward truth. For most people, this means breaking free from the structures and beliefs that once held them prisoners in suffering. I've been seeking my whole life to find this bliss and peace. When I finally stopped seeking, and instead allowed myself to be, my being emerged like a rising sun within me. The wild that I experience is no longer reckless but is now quietly free and simply blissful. The ride is the process of becoming, the unfolding of my true self.



COLLAPSING OF TIME and Shifting from Our Emotional Mind State to Our Inner Being Exercise

(Read through this first and then engage in the experience.)

Find a comfortable and quiet place to sit. If you cannot sit, lay on your back. Close your eyes and focus your attention on your breathing. Take a few moments to notice the rise and fall of the inhale and exhale. Ask yourself, Do I have what I need? Meaning, do you need to use the bathroom or take a sip of water? If so, take care of yourself before moving further into the experience.

Next, quietly ask yourself, Do I feel safe? Meaning, are you in a safe space free from physical harm? (If you are not safe, leave the space.) Then quietly ask yourself, Is there anything I need to handle immediately? If I don't handle this issue in the next five minutes, will my life explode?

If you have five minutes to spare without your world collapsing, continue with your eyes closed. You have now established that your needs are met, you're safe, and everything can wait at least five minutes.

Good, now breathe in this lovely feeling of having your needs met and the feeling of being safe. What a perfect moment. In this space you are well, connected, and satisfied. You know this because you have just established this. Allow yourself to feel this powerful connection to your breath and to the knowledge that your needs are met in this moment. This is the knowing "feeling" of your well-being: relief in the moment that all is well for you.

Now, quietly in your mind, say the word, Here.

You will notice that you hear this "here" in your head. Essentially, who is it that hears this voice? While in this experience, see if you can allow yourself to feel the space that is observing your mind saying "here." This is the first step toward experiencing your Inner Being — this space within that actually hears you whispering, Here.

Now imagine gently stepping away from the "here" and into the space within you that hears the word "here."

This is your Inner Being space. Quietly bask in the wholeness of this space for several minutes. If your mind starts wandering, think here again and then feel yourself draw away from the place in which you heard it. You might begin to imagine the mind space/voice of that "here" resembling a wall that you are stepping away from. This imaginary wall represents the chatter of the mind and all that we identify as and are attached to. The further we allow ourselves to step away from this chatter, the more we become connected to the vast wellness and peace that is within. Moving away from the chatter of the mind and into the bliss is what I refer to as "getting under the noise space."

After several minutes, slowly open your eyes and enjoy this shift you have made from your emotional mind story to your Inner Being space. You are now in the now! Time is of no value, as this perfect moment is everything. There is no story, no past, or future needed in this satisfying connection. The feeling of just being and a strong sense of ease and well-being is the freedom.

After several minutes of this deliberate concentration, the world around you begins to light up. Everything appears more vibrant and alive. Notice that you also feel more vibrant and alive. There is a sense of ease and knowing that all is well with you as you immerse yourself in this ever-so-radiant energy and higher vibration. Allow yourself to feel joyful and trusting, as your heart is now more open. Remember that you, yourself, established that your needs are met and that you are safe.

There is a Sanskrit word that describes this beautiful opening of the heart. It is anahata, meaning unhurt, unstruck, and unbeaten. It is the association with balance, calmness, and serenity. It is the heart chakra. When we are unburdened by the past or any strong sense of urgency for a future result, we then have the opportunity to experience the powerful joy of the present moment.



IT HAS BEEN recognized by science and through the study of physics that time is a linear mind illusion. Time does not actually exist. Wow, doesn't that just blow your mind? For me, this perspective of truth is a remarkable and valuable piece of information. The collapsing of this time illusion would then put us in the now!

Our minds are habitually trained from birth to recognize a past and project into a future. Both the concept of living out the past and of an unlived future are simply constructs of the linear mind. They are beliefs based in habit rather than facts. A belief is simply made up by a thought we keep having over and over again, and that the ego is made up of a perceived cluster of thoughts. We cling to the idea of time as it helps us to compartmentalize our experiences. It is a way for us to validate our emotional mind stories and maintain some order within them.

What makes a belief true? We are trained and conditioned to drag the dead past with us, drawing it into a perceived present moment, and then to use it to create the idea of a now, or a future. How exhausting! How can we possibly be fully present in the now if we are away in the past or the future? If they don't actually exist, the real question is, where are we?

The collapsing of time means now, now, now° ... all now! Being present in the now is the ultimate highest vibrational experience: the experience of being present. It is the end to suffering and an invitation and receiving of love, compassion, and bliss. If there is no real existence of time, then all becomes possible now. So often, we assign time to things, experiences, and circumstances. I hear people say, "Only time will heal," or "It will take X amount of time before you can have this or that." Who made up these rules, and why do we continue to hold ourselves and others to a construct that has absolutely no real validity or foundation?

When my marriage dissolved, I was told that because I was married for a certain period of time it would take a certain period of time before I would be healed and ready to move on. By whose calculations, I wondered? Even though I was in tremendous pain, I was very aware that suffering was a choice. I knew I could experience my grieving and fear without needing to hold myself to a specific time sentence. It would unfold naturally and in divine time, meaning authentically and naturally. I could keep my attention on staying present, and with practice I could find love and grace as I moved through this painful experience.

If time does not exist, then a perceived problem and a desired manifestation can exist simultaneously in the same moment together. Isn't this incredible? This means that we get to choose whether we want to focus on a perceived problem or on the desired manifestation. Remember, we want anything because we believe in the "having" of what is desired, we will feel happier. Therefore, feeling good should be our most treasured priority. When we feel good and joyful, we create thoughts and attract things that are desired from a vibrational frequency that omits a signal that all is well. If we can allow for and experience these feelings of wellness and joy, then by universal law we will begin to attract the likeness of that vibration. We become clear and open for all we wish to have.

Ironically, feeling good is not something that requires a pushed effort. It is letting go of "efforting" and allowing for connection and love within. Feeling good is a choice we can make for ourselves regardless of circumstances. Some people might choose to believe that it is impossible to feel good when experiencing undesired circumstances. However, the quickest and surest way to transform undesired circumstances to desired circumstances is by raising our emotional vibration. If you find yourself feeling frustrated, hopeless, or angry much of the time, it's because you've been trained to react to your circumstances rather than to deliberately create how you want to feel. The choice to find internal love and connection is the end of suffering and the gateway to real bliss.

Who in their right mind would pick or value the problem and choose to suffer and feel bad? Wait, I have the answer to that! Anyone who is operating from the Emotional Mind Story might choose the option to suffer and to create negative feelings at any given moment. Most people do not have the slightest clue that they have a choice about how they want feel. It's often believed we feel certain emotions because of something that is happening, has happened, will happen, or because of someone else. I would agree that this might appear to be true, but I can assure it is simply the mind habit of reacting to experiences. The habit of reaction appears in many forms and thoughts. For example, "When I get this then I will feel° ..." or "If he could only do this, then I will feel° ..."

Taking charge of our emotional state of being and our energetic emotional vibration means taking responsibility for being the deliberate creators of our own lives. If we choose the problem, then we are right back into the habit mind-set of creating feelings based on circumstance and of the notion that we are restricted by time. Problems only exist because we drag a story from the perceived past to the present experience, or we worry about the outcome that exists in a perceived future.

What if we could learn to operate from the experience of being in the now, connected and aligned with our Inner Being? Again, I define the Inner Being as the divine, God, universe, all that is, all pervasive, pure positive energy. The name we assign to our Inner Beings matter little; it is the experience of allowing ourselves to connect and align to this eternal, pure positive energy that is relevant.

You are most likely wondering how you can access this amazing energy and pull yourself sweetly to the now. The key to success is consistency of practice. Letting go of negative habits and beliefs and allowing for the connection to the naturally magnificent being that you are. Again, our emotional mind habits are strong, so creating new habits requires us to pay attention and to become aware.



HAVE YOU EVER simply listened? Have you listened to the sounds outside in nature or to the loud chatter in a restaurant? Have you listened deeply to the piercing quiet on a night under the stars or to the sea breaking upon the shore? Have you listened to absolute nothing without trying to fill the space?

Most people are preoccupied by their emotional minds and aren't aware that they are not present in the now. The emotional mind can lead to scattered thoughts, removing us from connecting to our senses. Our sensory experience is a part of our miraculous nervous system. If we are not connecting to our senses, then we are signaling to our nervous systems that there is a breech. The entire nervous system will then take action in both subtle and obvious ways to protect the entire human system. This is a state of survival. This survival response creates physical strain on the immune system and causes stress to the body and mind. We then subtly or grossly try to emotionally and physically manage the discomfort we experience from this breech, often unaware of what has occurred. Utilize this tool to help you openly, and with great awareness, experience the now. By becoming aware and connected to your senses, you will elevate much of what keeps your reaction habits thriving.

The Sensory Exercise:

Try to sit for five minutes, or even just thirty seconds, and simply listen. The key is to not commentate in your head about what you are hearing. For example, the mind might say, Oh, I hear that dog barking in the distance or The water fountain sounds so lovely. Try to simply listen, allowing for listening to simply be.

This is a wonderful practice for learning to use our senses and to help you become more present. Try to do the same with seeing — simply watch. Try not to commentate, Oh, what a lovely rose. The same goes for smell, taste, and touch. Simply experience without commentating. Notice how your experience changes when this is allowed for and how much your mind will try to intervene. Notice as you become more skilled with this tool, it will become easier to experience being present in the now.

When you are with others and they are speaking, or you are physically interacting, notice how your senses and sensitivity will become more heightened by using this tool. When you practice being connected with your senses rather than analyzing and commentating on that which you are experiencing, you will find that you are more "sensory awake." There will be a delightful stirring of compassion that arises in the delicate nature of feeling in the present, stimulated and awakened by the experience itself.

When I am in a bustling place, I find allowing myself to feel and experience without commentating offers me the opportunity to feel at ease rather than agitated by all the noise cluster. I call this "getting under the noise." This brings me to the now.

"How can I judge you when I am still trying to be me?" Lisa Paskel



IMAGINE FOR A moment that a single breath in its totality represents an entire lifetime. Quite simply, the inhale is life force expressed, and the exhale is the return, the death so to speak, to the whole. This breath is an infusion of life that causes great expansion, sustenance, and energy and then a surrender back to origin. There is a gentle pause between each inhale and exhale that perhaps represents the space of our Inner Beings. Every breath is the experience of life and death, birth and release.

It is interesting to me that most people are afraid of death despite the experience of it every few seconds with breath. Our bodies in general function naturally, and in this nature within our cells and organs there is a continual renewal and return.

Most people linger in the exhale rather than the inhale, for experiencing consciously and fully the inhale can feel quite overwhelming. When we are born, our entire bodies breathe, but often and slowly over time, due to circumstance and experience, many people become shallow in their breathing. This is because to breathe fully is to feel fully. To experience the whole in its totality can feel overwhelming if one is conditioned to shallow breath. Most people are conditioned throughout their lives to be very shallow in their breath. This condition of barely breathing is a form of protection that keeps one from feeling and from being connected to their nature and instincts. Shallow breathing represents survival rather than the expression of truly being alive.

I have been teaching yoga for more than thirty years, facilitating a space and teachings to help students experience their breath, otherwise known as prana, or life force. I have come to realize that most people are completely unaware of their breathing and, in fact, that they are barely breathing at all. It isn't until they experience a full breath that they realize how shut off and shut down they are. It is no wonder that when one experiences their first yoga class or meditation, they often feel as though they are f loating, high, and very relaxed during and after participating.

I often hear students say, "I feel so good! I haven't felt this relaxed and this good in years, or ever." When we oxygenate our bodies with full breaths, the nervous system and brain are oiled, so to speak. Our organs and bodily functions, f luids, and health become supported and fed by what is needed to thrive. In this experience, we bask in our wholeness, feeling the fullness of being alive and also the fullness of our release or return — our letting go.

A simple inhale and exhale fully experienced can be profoundly therapeutic and freeing for one who has been cut off. It's like the river being freed once the dam has broken. It's life expressed as wellness that f lows to us and then through us toward all — uninhibited, naturally, and authentically.


Excerpted from "Wild Ride to Bliss"
by .
Copyright © 2018 Lisa Paskel.
Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents

Dearest Soul, xi,
Glossary, xvii,
Why Wild Ride to Bliss?, 1,
Tools, 3,
Cosmic Time, 7,
Sensory Compassion Awareness Exercise, 11,
Find the Pause, 15,
Most Simple Freedom of Breath Exercise, 19,
Grounded, 21,
Walk Barefooted Exercise, 23,
Imagination Exercise, 27,
Worry, 33,
The Worrying Free Exercise, 37,
Why Is It So Hard to Feel Good and Get What I Want?, 41,
The Governor, 45,
Pick a Governor Exercise, 47,
The Suggestion for a New Perspective, 49,
Manifesting Feeling So Dang Happy Exercise, 51,
Negative Belief Exercise, 55,
Truth Expressed, 57,
Taking Responsibility for Loving Me Exercise, 61,
Wild Ride to Bliss Journal, 67,

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