Within My Heart (Timber Ridge Reflections Series #3)

Within My Heart (Timber Ridge Reflections Series #3)

by Tamera Alexander


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Widow Rachel Boyd struggles to keep her ranch afloat and provide for her two young sons, though some days it feels as though her efforts are sabotaged at every turn. When her cattle come down with disease and her sons' lives are endangered, she must turn to Rand Brookston, Timber Ridge's physician and reluctant veterinarian. While Rachel appreciates his help, she squelches any feelings she might have for Rand—her own father was a doctor and his patients always took priority over his family. Rachel refuses to repeat the mistakes her mother made. But when she's courted by a wealthy client of the local resort, she faces a choice: self-sufficiency and security or the risk inherent in the deepest of loves.

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ISBN-13: 9780764203916
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 09/01/2010
Series: Timber Ridge Reflections Series , #3
Edition description: Original
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 185,260
Product dimensions: 8.60(w) x 11.06(h) x 1.06(d)

About the Author

Tamera Alexander is a bestselling novelist whose deeply drawn characters, thought-provoking plots, and poignant prose resonate with readers. Having lived in Colorado for seventeen years, she and her husband now make their home in Franklin, Tennessee, where they enjoy life with their two college-age children and a silky terrier named Jack. Learn more at www.tameraalexander.com.

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Within My Heart

By Tamera Alexander

Bethany House Publishers

Copyright © 2010 Tamera Alexander
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-0-7642-0391-6

Chapter One

Timber Ridge, Colorado, Rocky Mountains April 12, 1877

Rachel Boyd stood motionless in the main aisle of the general store, knowing she shouldn't eavesdrop. But heaven help her, she couldn't bring herself to move! Half afraid that Ben and Lyda Mullins would hear her if she did try to make a stealthy exit, she gripped the jar of molasses in her hand, unable to stifle a giggle. The only patron in the store, she was grateful for the lull in afternoon traffic and was more than a little amused—and surprised— by the affectionate whispers coming from beyond the curtained doorway.

A soft chuckle. "Ben Mullins, what's gotten into you? Someone could walk in on us."

A deeper laugh. "Who's going to come back here into the storeroom? All I want is a little kiss. Come here, woman, and let me ..."

Rachel couldn't make out the low murmurs that followed, and didn't need to. Her imagination filled in the blanks just fine. Warmth rose to her face. Unbidden, her memory skimmed the past two years, and emotions long buried since Thomas's death, yet never forgotten, slowly reawakened inside her.

With them came bittersweet memories of the tender way her husband used to love her, and desires long dormant began to unfurl. She closed her eyes, recalling what it had felt like to be loved by a man. A shiver stole through her, though not an altogether pleasurable one. Her smile slowly faded.

While this wasn't the first time she'd remembered the intimacy she and Thomas had enjoyed in marriage, it was her first time to feel those intimate stirrings again. The desire for a man's touch, for that relationship. But the desire wasn't welcome. She would not—could not—ever again love a man the way she'd loved Thomas.

Following his passing, there had been moments when she'd questioned whether she would survive. It had taken so long to find her way out of that fog, that deep, dark place where she'd known she needed to start living again, if only for her boys, but couldn't. With the double-edged gift of time's passing, and the persistent encouragement of family and friends, she'd finally found her way back into the sunlight.

But loving someone so completely, giving herself to a man the way she'd done with her husband, it gave them the power to hurt you in a way no one else could, even when it wasn't their intention.

And she never wanted to hurt like that again. Ever.

More than once, she'd been told she needed to consider remarrying, if only for her boys' sake. But just as she wouldn't risk her heart a second time, neither would she risk her sons having to endure the same hurt they'd gone through with their father's passing. Besides, she and Mitchell and Kurt were getting along fine, just the three of them.

A not-so-gentle check tugged at her flagging confidence. She fingered the jar of molasses in her hand. Perhaps fine wasn't the best choice of a word, but the three of them were managing as best they could. She smoothed a hand down the front panel of her skirt and forced down a recurring tide of emotion. With effort, she refocused her thoughts.

School would dismiss within the hour, and she planned on dropping by to visit with the schoolteacher about Kurt. She didn't have an appointment—and it wasn't her first "meeting" with Miss Stafford over her younger son. She just wanted to make sure things were going smoothly and that Kurt hadn't done something else foolish. Again. Like the shenanigan he'd pulled two weeks prior involving the school's outhouse.

He hadn't been the only boy involved, she'd learned, but she had a feeling he'd been the instigator. And she cringed again just thinking about it, putting herself in Miss Stafford's place. Young and inexperienced, Judith Stafford was, from all accounts, being more than patient with Kurt. How embarrassing that must have been. Kurt had written a note of apology, and she'd written Judith Stafford a note too, offering her own expression of regret and thanking the teacher for her understanding. Hopefully a quick visit today would keep things moving in the right direction.

After dealing with that issue, endless chores awaited on the ranch, not to mention the meeting about the overdue loan payment. Mr. Fossey, the bank manager, had been more than lenient, but she sensed his patience waning.

She returned the jar of molasses to the shelf, considering it a luxury these days with funds on the scarce side. In the midst of everything, she was still determined to keep Thomas's dream alive for their two sons. It was what pushed her from bed each morning and what carried her through each day until she fell exhausted back into bed long after dark. That, and the pledge they'd made as a couple to give Mitchell and Kurt a heritage, a better life than the boys would have had if she and Thomas had stayed in Tennessee following the war.

She fingered a callus on her palm. Losing the ranch Thomas had worked so diligently to build wasn't an option, and it hardly defined giving their boys a "better life." She'd stood over her husband's grave and had given her solemn oath that she would see his dream—their dream—come to fruition. And that was a promise she intended to keep. If Mr. Fossey still considered her a worthwhile risk.

The intimate exchange behind the blue-and-yellow gingham curtain grew more ardent, and Rachel felt a blush, regretting not having left at the outset. She made her way to the door, hoping Ben had remembered to oil the squeaky hinge. Guilty as she felt, it was nice to know that after twenty-something years of marriage, Ben and Lyda's feelings for each other were still—


Hearing the name, and catching the unmistakable alarm in Lyda's tone, Rachel paused, hand on the latch.

"Ben, what's—" A muted gasp sounded from the back storeroom. "Honey, what's wrong? Ben ... are you all—"

A dull thud.


Rachel raced to the curtain that separated the store from the back part of the building but stopped shy of continuing on. "Lyda, it's Rachel. Is everything all right?" She waited, impatient. "Lyda?"

"No, we're— Ben, can you hear me?" Anxiety constricted Lyda's voice. "Rachel! Something's wrong. I ... I don't think he's breathing!"

Rachel whipped past the curtain and hurried down the hallway, and came to a stilting halt by the storage closet.

Ben lay crumpled on the floor, motionless, his complexion drained of color. Lyda knelt close beside him. Panic lined her features.

Instinct kicked in and Rachel squeezed in beside them into the cramped space. "What happened?" She checked Ben's pulse, first on the underside of his wrist, then on his neck.

Tears rimmed Lyda's eyes. Her hands shook. "We were ..." She looked away and Rachel felt a pinch of guilt. "We were ... kissing, and the next thing I knew Ben was clutching at his arm." Panic thinned her tone. "He acted like he couldn't catch his breath, and then he ..." She bit her lower lip as tears spilled over. "He just went down."

Rachel closed her eyes and concentrated on finding a pulse, wishing she had her father's old stethoscope. "Has anything like this happened to Ben before?"

Lyda shook her head and nudged her husband's shoulder with a trembling hand. "Ben," she whispered, "can you hear me?"

Fingertips pressed against the underside of his wrist, Rachel stilled. There—finally, she felt something. A pulse. Thready and shallow. Too much so. "He needs Dr. Brookston," she whispered, touching Ben's brow to find it cool and clammy. "I'll go find him. You stay here."

Lyda reached for her hand. "You know what's happening ..."

It wasn't a question and Rachel didn't answer. Before Timber Ridge boasted a physician of its own, she'd served as midwife to women in town. She'd also treated wounds and sewn up her share of cuts and gashes. People rarely called on her since the doctor arrived—maybe an expectant mother every now and then—but she had a fairly good idea of what was happening to Ben. Yet she wasn't about to state it aloud. It would only add to Lyda's worry, and her assumption could well be wrong. She wasn't a trained physician, after all. Medical schools were for men, not women.

"The important thing, Lyda, is that Ben is breathing and I can feel a pulse. Whatever you do, don't move him. If he comes to while I'm gone, make sure he doesn't try to get up. That's very important." She reached for a towel on a shelf, rolled it up, and gently slid it beneath Ben's head. "And keep his head elevated until I get back with the doctor." She stood.

Lyda stared up, fresh tears rising. "Is he ... going to be all right?"

Rachel knelt again, on the verge of tears herself. At forty-nine, Ben Mullins was almost twenty years her senior—Lyda was half that. Yet in recent years the older couple had become almost like parents to her. Ben treated her much like a father would and was like an uncle to her sons. Lyda was a trusted friend and filled the role of an indulgent aunt to the boys, which included sneaking them candy in church when they were younger, and occasionally even now. Yet Rachel still couldn't bring herself to answer Lyda's question.

She forced a smile she didn't feel. "Did you hear what I said? About making sure Ben stays still and about keeping his head elevated?"

Shadows of realization darkened Lyda's eyes. "Yes," she choked out, nodding. "I heard. It's just that—" She drew in a ragged breath. "Rachel ... he's all I have now. I can't lose him too."

A horrible, suffocating wave of grief hit Rachel all over again. Only it wasn't from memories of Thomas. She knew that pain only too well. This was different, and it tore at her heart. She reached for Lyda's hand and gripped it tight, remembering a bitter wintry night eight years ago. A night she and Lyda had spoken of only a handful of times since.

Filling her lungs, she worked to steady her voice, the image of Ben and Lyda's children, their expressions so peaceful, so precious, even in death, making that nearly impossible. She squeezed her eyes shut, but the haunting images remained. "I'm going to go find the doctor—he'll know what to do. I won't be long, I promise."

Lyda nodded, her expression communicating what words could not. "Thank you, Rachel. And please ... hurry."

* * *

Rachel ran the short distance to the doctor's clinic and entered without knocking. Angelo Giordano stood at a worktable inside, pestle in hand. "Angelo—" She paused to catch her breath, the chilled mountain air still burning her lungs. "Is Dr. Brookston here?"

The young man shook his head. "The doctor ... he is at—" He lowered his head. "He is away, Mrs. Boyd." Though his Italian accent was thick and his word choices careful, Angelo Giordano's diction was flawless. "But if maybe ... I could be of help—"

"I need Dr. Brookston, Angelo! I think Ben Mullins is having heart failure."

The boy's dark eyes went wide.

Rachel hurried to a bookcase crammed with bottles and metal tins, each neatly labeled. But the shelves were cramped, and numerous tins sat stacked on the plank-wood floor gathering dust. She scanned the labels, finding them a challenge to read in the poor light and with the containers stuffed in as they were. She exhaled. Could Dr. Brookston not afford a proper cabinet for his medicine? "Do you know if the doctor has any foxglove? It's a plant—an herb. It's used with patients who have heart ailments."

"I do not know, ma'am," Angelo said, joining her in the search.

Rachel shoved a tin aside to view another behind it, and a bottle of laudanum slipped off the shelf. She tried to catch it, but the bottle hit the floor with a crack and shattered, splattering laudanum and sending glass shards in all directions. She bit back a harsh word. "I'm sorry, Angelo. I didn't mean to break—"

"Dr. Brookston will not be angry." The boy reached for a rag. "I will clean it."

Her panic mounting, Rachel spotted two wooden crates in the corner, but they held only bottles of lamp oil. Enough to last for an entire year! What did anyone need with that much oil? An unopened box on the examination table drew her attention.

Angelo gestured. "It is new medicine. It came today. That is why I am here. Maybe I should—"

She nodded, anticipating what he might say next. "Yes. Go through that box—quickly please, Angelo—and look for anything that has either of these words on it." She grabbed the fountain pen and a piece of paper from Dr. Brookston's desk and scribbled a note. She already knew firsthand from having assisted Dr. Rand Brookston last fall that he was an exemplary surgeon—she only hoped he was as conscientious about keeping medications ordered and in stock.

She pressed the paper into Angelo's hand. "Now, do you have any idea where the doctor might be? Who he was going to see?"

Angelo blinked, glancing downward.

"Angelo, please! There's little time."

Wincing, the young man reluctantly met her gaze. "He spoke of going to ... to Miss Bailey's."

Rachel frowned, confused. "Miss Bailey's ..."

He nodded once. "The woman, she has a house over on—"

"I know where Miss Bailey's house is."

Angelo swallowed and the sound was audible. "The doctor ... sometimes he sees to the ... boarders who live there."

Rachel felt the furrows in her brow. Boarders wasn't exactly the word she would have chosen to describe the women who lived under Miss Bailey's roof. Regardless, she needed the doctor, and if that's where he was, for whatever reason, then that's where she would go. "As soon as you find either of the items listed on that sheet of paper, bring them as quickly as you can to the mercantile, to the back storeroom. Will you do that, please?"

Angelo nodded, his chest puffing out. "Yes, Mrs. Boyd. If what is on this paper is in this box, I will find it. I will bring it."

She thanked him and took off down the boardwalk at a run.

The April air was brisk, burning her lungs. It held the promise of more snow, and Rachel pulled her winter shawl tighter around her shoulders, wishing she hadn't left her coat at the store. A gust of wind disturbed the layer of fresh-fallen snow lining the rooftops and sent it swirling downward.

Winter wouldn't leave the Rockies for at least another month, maybe two, and she prayed the cold wouldn't cost her more cattle than it already had, or the calves due to drop any day. But especially the calf belonging to Lady. She'd bought Lady a year ago, her first major investment for the ranch, and a good one, for a change.

She turned at the next street. Thankfully, foot traffic on the boardwalk was scarce.

School hadn't dismissed yet but soon would—and she wouldn't be there to meet the boys, or to have that visit with their teacher. When she didn't show, she knew Mitchell and Kurt would walk to James's office and wait there until she arrived. The boys loved their uncle James and never complained about visiting the sheriff 's office, but she worried about what they saw and overheard there. Still, some days it couldn't be helped.

Only last fall had she begun to allow Mitch and Kurt to walk to school on their own again. She still accompanied them in the wagon as far as Ben and Lyda's store each morning, unable to stomach the thought of them walking the distance from the ranch like they once had. Not after what had happened to Thomas, and with the recent reports of cougar sightings.

Winded, she struggled to maintain the hurried pace, her breath puffing white. Winter-shrouded peaks towered high above Timber Ridge and drew her gaze upward as thoughts of Ben pressed close. The rush of her pulse pounded hard in her ears.

If only Ben's heart could beat half as strong ...

If Ben had a history of heart weakness, he'd never mentioned it. Neither had Lyda. And Rachel felt certain they would have, given her closeness to them.

A left at the next intersection led her into a part of town she didn't usually frequent. Saloons and gaming halls lined the thoroughfare. Even midday the smell of liquor was potent. She spotted Miss Bailey's establishment at the end of the street and made a beeline for it, wondering how she knew which building it was. She couldn't recall being told. It was simply one of those places everybody in town knew of, but most folks—at least in her circle—never spoke about.


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Within My Heart 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 58 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
From Bethany House, I received a copy of WITHIN MY HEART, a novel based in 1877. Rachel Boyd had never recovered from the loss of her husband. Her youngest son, Kurt, is a delinquent at school, causing her endless amounts of pain. Her good friend Ben, the shopkeeper, has fallen ill with heart troubles. He has very little time left in world, despite the efforts administered to him by Rand, the town's only physician. Rachel knows medicine from her father, who was a doctor for whom she felt little love, and assists Rand with his medical practices. At first, she is wary, expecting Rand to be just like her father. In the end, she recognizes him for the caring individual he really is, and welcomes him into her life. He offers a strong, manly figure for her and her two sons. She offers him the chance to feel complete. Ben remains strong throughout the medical procedures and offers a bravery that touches all those who love him, including his beloved wife, Lyda. Although Rachel never forgets her husband, Thomas, she finds a new place in her life for Rand. The book is touching, a tear-jerker, and a page-turner. I never wanted to put it down, nor did I want it to end.
Renee90 More than 1 year ago
Within My Heart by Tamera Alexander is a wonderful historical Christian romance full of faith, love and life in the 1800's wild west. The story is engaging and the characters well rounded and realistic. The story follows the standard format that most love stories do but it is tastefully written and full of strong Christian faith. Don't be fooled though, this is not just your average historical romance book! Ms. Alexander has thrown in some twists to the plot that keep this story intriguing, engaging and fresh. Her style of writing is humorous as well as thought provoking and enjoyable to read. Overall, I enjoyed reading this book and came away relaxed and smiling from reading a good, tasteful romance novel! Many thanks to LibraryThing Early Reviewers for the opportunity to review this book.
EdgyInspirationalRomance More than 1 year ago
Within My Heart is not a high drama, action packed historical. There are no big baddies to wreak havoc on our hero and heroine. There are several little baddies, but until the end, the tension is low. Instead, Within My Heart is the story of love and of loss and of living again. This book sneaks up on you, its vivid scenery and budding romance lowers your guard as the layers of the characters are peeled back. Before you know it, you're hit with an emotional wallop that affects you as deeply as the residents of Timber Ridge. When I finished this story, I was red-eyed and wrung out, honking into my last Kleenex. Just as I thought, "the book's over, I can catch my breath," there's the author's note at the end from Tamera Alexander sharing her personal story...and well, I had to get the second box of tissues. (Cyber hugs to Tammy, and thanks for opening up to us). Maybe I shouldn't have picked this one up while I was feeling hormonal. But I'm the kind of gal who finds a good cry cathartic, so I loved every minute of this ride. Fans of Alexander will notice the different feel to this book, but I'm confident that like me, they'll embrace it.
_Amber_ More than 1 year ago
I was given a copy of this book from Bethany House Publishing to read and review. Within My Heart is about a widow named Rachel who is struggling to raise her two boys and keep her ranch from going under. Rachel's father was a doctor so she knows a lot when it comes to medicine. When her friend Ben passes out she rushes to get the doctor to help. After finding the doctor in a compromising situation she turns a cold shoulder to him. Rachel must put aside her feelings so they can save their patient. The longer that they work together the closer they get. As they fall in love they both work through their fears to become closer to God and to each other. This is a wonderful read that will pull you into their world and you will not want to leave.
mmmorgan1089 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
In Tamera Alexander¿s Within My Heart a young widow struggles to raise her two young sons while trying to keep her ranch afloat, a testament to her husband¿s memory. Although overwhelmed with these responsibilities, she is fiercely independent and reluctant to seek help. However, when her sons lives are endangered she is forced to turn to the town¿s new doctor, Dr. Rand Brookston. She does not want to give her heart to the doctor believing that such a relationship would end in heartbreak as it h...moreIn Tamera Alexander¿s Within My Heart a young widow struggles to raise her two young sons while trying to keep her ranch afloat, a testament to her husband¿s memory. Although overwhelmed with these responsibilities, she is fiercely independent and reluctant to seek help. However, when her sons lives are endangered she is forced to turn to the town¿s new doctor, Dr. Rand Brookston. She does not want to give her heart to the doctor believing that such a relationship would end in heartbreak as it had for her mother, who had married a doctor. Rand frequently requests Rachel¿s help with medical procedures; she had often aided her father. The two eventually declare a truce that allows them to work together and to learn to trust one another. Rachel realizes she has reached a crossroads when a wealthy businessman begins to pay her his respects. Will she choose the safety of the financial security he offers or will she risk giving her heart to the man she is now forced to admit has become her new love? And, most importantly, what does God want her to do? Set against the background of the rugged Rocky Mountains in post Civil War Colorado, this entry in the Timber Ridge Reflections series will stay with readers¿ hearts long after reading the final page.
curls_99 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Tamera Alexander's Within My Heart, third and final in the Timber Ridge Reflections series, is not only a sweet love story, but a great historical read. It follows the recently widowed Rachel Boyd as she fights to raise her two sons and run her late-husbands ranch, all on her own. Dr. Rand Brookston comes to town and challenges Rachel's determination to not let herself fall for another man - much less a doctor like her over-bearing father. This story of faith, love, and courage touches the heart and reminds us that God will always provide.
ReviewsbyMolly on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I have always been a huge fan of historical romances (can't ya tell with all my reviews?) and so the chance to jump on reviewing Tamera Alexander's book, Within My Heart was one I definitely wouldn't pass up! And I am glad to say, that Tamera's excellently skilled hand has penned a novel that instantly captured my heart and mind when I opened the book. I loved all the characters in this book. Even the secondary characters. But Rand Brookston was the one that really pulled at my heartstrings. I just couldn't stop praying for him as I read this book. He felt real to me and came alive next to me, as I read his trials and his efforts to win the affections of widowed Rachel Boyd, whom didn't want anything to do with love or doctors again. I felt a sisterly pull to Rand and wanted to wrap my arms around him and pray and pray for Rachel to open her eyes and see what a wonderful man she had in front of her. I am saddened to know that this is book 3 in a series....I love to read a series in order, and certainly wish I would have done so with this! However, that being said, I was not confused by the events or details in this amazing story, a story of hope, love, forgiveness and letting go, and that makes it a great stand alone also. But my personal opinion? Read them in order! I wish I would have simply because I want to know more about the town of Timber Ridge and it's God filled characters and I will be reading books 1 and 2 as soon as possible! I definitely recommend this book with 5 stars and then some! It's history and God filled plot will instantly captivate you and draw you into the loving families of Timber Ridge. When you close the last page, you'll feel like you've left home. Tamera Alexander has amazing talent and any Alexander fan will want to add this book to their collections, and if you're not an Alexander fan already, this is one author whom you'll want to be checking out! Fantastic work! *This book was provided for review by Bethany House Publishers*
JaneAustenNut on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Within My Heart is a lot more expansive than two people falling in love. It¿s about having the courage to say goodbye to those you love and denying fear while embracing faith in a new direction for one¿s life. My heart was focused on Rachel and Rand's new life journey, and I was rewarded with an excellent story. After all, what is historical romance, if not great stories that involve believable characters?
judyg54 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This whole series of books, Timber Ridge Reflections, was great. I got to know and love the folks of Timber Ridge and Tamera does such a good job. Alot of times when I read a series one of the books may not be as good as the others, but in this series it would be very hard to pick which one I liked the best, cause they were all good. I would like to thank Bethany House for sending me a free copy for review, and thank Tamera for also sharing a little bit of herself in her books. I especially felt blessed to read "A Note From Tamera" at the end of book 3. I appreciated her thoughts on the 2 main characters, Rand and Rachel, when she said, "Rand and Rachel each took steps of faith into the life God was calling them to, though they couldn't see what that life would look like. Because, like us, if they could see, then it wouldn't be faith."This story is about Rachel Boyd, who is struggling to maintain her late husband's dream of a ranch for her two young boys. She is a very stubborn woman, who has a hard time forgiving and forgetting and seeing the good in some folks. She also has a tender heart, easily hurt. Dr. Rand Brookston is a great doctor and person, who has come West to make a difference in the healthcare of this small town. He has had an interest in Rachel for quite awhile, even though she has shown no interest in him. When they both are needed to help the life of a dear friend, they have choices they must make and their feelings for each other become quite apparent. I had a range of emotions while reading this story and even had to get out the Kleenex box during a part in this book. The whole series has become a "favorite" in my book collection. (I also want to say the the person who had charge of selecting the covers for these stories did a awesome job!) I would like to leave my review with a quote from the book that really meant alot to me, where Rachel is thinking back over hard circumstances in her life, it "didn't change the eternal truth that God was sovereign, that His provision was unfailing, and that His love was perfect." This story brought that truth home very well.
kittycrochettwo on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Rachel Boyd has been struggling to keep her husband's dream alive since his death two years ago. His dream(which became her dream too) was to have a successful ranch that would be a legacy for her two young sons Mitch and Kurt. Some days she wonders if she has made the right choices.It is a major struggle to keep the ranch afloat, with cattle dying and unable to make her payment to the bank she is forced to go to the bank and ask for more money, she also knows she will need to make some tough decisions where the ranch is concerned, but she is no longer sure that the ranch is her dream. Her father was a physician, not always there for his family, but Rachel learned from him the skill of taking care of the sick, she has a natural talent for it. Rand Brookston is the local physician and sometimes veterinarian, he has issues from his past that he struggles to deal with, but he has been watching Rachel for some time. He admires her greatly often asking her to assist in medical procedures, so when Ben Mullens the local store owner and dear friend of Rachel needs a life saving medical procedure preformed Rand asks Rachel to assist. While she judges Rand based on the way her father was she soon comes to see that Rand is nothing like her father.Can she let down the protective shield she has placed around her heart and learn to love again? Even though this was the third book in the Timber Ridge Reflections series, I missed the first two and had no problems becoming quickly immersed in this story. I really enjoyed reading this historical romance. Rachel's character had to be tough to run a ranch and raise two boys as well, she relies on God and also has support from friends and family. Her brother is a steady influence in her life, as well as Ben and Lydia. I was so glad when she finally gave in to her feelings for Rand, they needed each other, and he was so good with the boys.This book was really so much more than just another romance, we saw a young boy deal with behavior issues, a man with heart issues learn that he didn't have long to live, and makes sure his wife is taken care of. We also got a small glimpse of what happened with Rand during the civil war, combine this with Rachel's struggles and you have a book that you won't be able to put down. On a scale of one to five this book easily rates a 5. Even though I was provided a copy of this book by Bethany House for review it in no way alters my opinion of this book!
fantasia655 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
A first for me of Tamara Alexander's. I really enjoyed it. I wish I had the others in the series but they can be read as standalone. She did a very nice job of capturing historical significance and portrayed the characters very well. Will definitely have to pick up her other books.
rrnicovich on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This historical romance novel is set in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado around the time of the Civil War. The main female character is a strong woman who is trying to keep her ranch going for her sons after losing her husband. Through her interactions with the male character who is a doctor, we find that she is interested in medicine more than ranching. I enjoyed reading this book and have decided to read the first and second one in the series too. I recommend starting with book one because there were a few spots in the book where I felt like I missed something. I'm sure it would have been more clear if I had read the first two books.
Steph33 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This is the third book in the Timber Ridge Reflections Series. This is Rachel Boyd's story. She is a widow who is struggling with bitterness. I had already read and enjoyed the first two books in this series, but I think it would be difficult to appreciate the resolution of Rachel's character without having read the first two books. Honestly, I enjoyed the first two books more than this one. For me the character of Dr. Brookston fell a little flat. His background from the prologue was so interesting, so much could have been done with it, and yet ????? Maybe too much was edited out?. I like this author, and I have enjoyed this series, but all in all I would say her Fountain Creek Series was better.
hglotzbach on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Within My Heart by Tamera Alexander is an extremely well written, honest, enjoyable and thoughtful book. Although it is the third book in a series (Timber Ridge Reflections), I found that it worked well as a stand-alone title. I am motivated to read the first two books in the series now.The setting of the book is a small town in Timber Ridge, Colorado, in the year 1877. The struggles of recent widow Rachel Boyd and others in the town are realistically described. I look forward to reading more from Tamera Alexander.I enjoyed the fact that this is a book written with Christian beliefs in mind yet did not hit you over the head with those beliefs. In addition, I enjoyed the decriptions of the Colorado countryside and life during the late 1800s.
Elentarien on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Really enjoyed this one. Not quite as much as the others of the series. . .if just because the 'scenario' did not appeal quite as much. But it was still a wonderful read. The story wrapped up well, and things were brought in to a satisfactory 'wrap up' for all the characters involved.Definitely recommended, along with the other two of the trilogy.
lasperschlager on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Within My Heart by Tamera Alexander was a wonderful Christian historical fiction book. The main characters were likeable and engaging. I will be reading more books by this author.
BrookeYvonne on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This was the first book by Tamara Alexander I had the opportunity to read. I enjoyed the book. It has a strong educated femalelead in this book. Generally, I like historical fiction for the strength in the women who were able to take care of themselves. I enjoyed the storyline of two hurting people allowing themselves to fall in love again, without the story feeling sappy/cheesy...I kept the book and will be adding it to my romance collection. Thanks Bethany house for the opportunity to review!!!
nolak on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Rachel Boyd is trying to keep the dream of a ranch for her boys alive since she lost her husband. Along the way, she learns to forgive and love again, but not before passing out a lot of rejection. The young doctor keeps trying for her heart in spite of everything, and to help her young sons and the town of Timber Ridge as new medical advances are greatly needed.
lovemybooks on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Within My Heart is about so much more than two people falling in love. It's about celebrating life, about living it to its fullest, about stepping out in faith even when fear holds you in its grip, it's about saying goodbye to the people you love. It's beautiful, gorgeously written, layered, and utterly and completely delightful.A good book asks you to join in on the journey of the characters. I gave my heart and soul to Rachel and Rand's journey, and I was not disappointed. In fact, as embarrassing as it is to say, I cried a few tears of joy at the end. It is a beautiful heartfelt story and the very best kind.
love2readnovels on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Rachel Boyd is trying to fulfill her husband's dream by working their ranch and giving her two young sons a heritage. But for a woman missing her husband and trying to fill the role of both mom and dad it's beginning to take it's tole. Especially when her hearts desire is not the ranch but medicine. Dr. Rand Brookston dreams of building a proper clinic for the town of Timber Ridge. He also longs for Rachel to take notice of him. When the two are thrown together to care for a mutual friend Rachel begins to see Rand in a different light. Each have fears from the past. Can they trust God and face those fears together?Tamera Alexander always writes with such a heart-felt emotion and Within My Heart was no exception. Her characters are so well crafted that you truly feel like they could just walk off the page. There were places where I smiled and places where I got the Kleenex. To me, that's good writing when it evokes those kinds of emotions. Rachel was a strong heroine who let fear keep her from the thing she longed for most. Rand was a really great hero. I loved how he was with Rachel. I think the back of the book explains it very well when it says "Sometimes the greatest step of faith is taken neck-deep in fear." Although this is the third book in the Timber Ridge Reflections Series I didn't feel lost, however, it makes me want to read the previous two books to find out the history of these characters. I thoroughly enjoyed Within My Heart and would definitely recommend it. A thank you goes to Bethany House for sending me this complimentary copy for my review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If you love people of courage combined with softheartedness, this book’s for you. Keep a journal for reflections and Kleenex box close by, and perhaps some molasses cookies.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Tamera Alexander writes excellent stories. They are all full of humbling experiences with timeless threads of history,discovery, romance, and faith. I have enjoyed all her stories so far and look forward towards more!
kmig More than 1 year ago
My wife and I read Christian Historical Romances together and Tamera's  Fountain Creek and Timber Ridge series are both excellent.  The book ties things together nicely and carries an intriguing plot.  Tough to put it down as you really feel like you are part of the town community.  She is one our favorite authors, right there with Terri L Fivash (Joseph and Daveed series).
Anonymous More than 1 year ago