Woolie and the Bully

Woolie and the Bully

by Mark Jay Bingham


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Mary is excited because today is Show and Tell at school. Mary's innocent little lamb, Woolie, has a beautiful pink bow and excitedly, is ready to go with Mary to visit the kids at school.

The stage is set for a lively day as Woolie clip-clops down the classroom aisle and settles into a seat, ready to show off in front of Mary's class. All is going splendidly until the class is called out for recess and Woolie encounters Tommy Leland Hupp, a bully who quickly knocks the little lamb right off her feet! But when the kids gather for a ball game and Mary hits the ball, it is Woolie's turn to run. As she tears around the bases and heads for home plate, the school's worst bully ever, strikes again. But what happens next is a big surprise for every one!

Woolie and the Bully is a heartwarming children's tale that shares an important message for students around the world that sometimes all a bully really needs is someone to believe in him.

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ISBN-13: 9781458208446
Publisher: Abbott Press
Publication date: 05/06/2013
Pages: 52
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.14(d)

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By Mark Jay Bingham, Margo Anhder Mark

Abbott Press

Copyright © 2013 Mark Jay Bingham
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4582-0844-6


The rooster crowed at the crack of dawn it woke up Mary early. The time had come to rise and shine and get her hair all curly.

She rushed to eat and then to brush she ran all o'er pell mell, Today was school, but so much more, today was 'Show and Tell'.

Her books were bundled with a strap and tucked in with the bunch, Mom placed a sandwich for her girl, and some grain for Woolie's lunch.

Her lamb was standing in the door, she was an awesome sight. Her face was clean, her wool was washed; it was a spotless white.

To top her off around her chest, to dress her for the show, Just like the frosting on a cake was tied a huge pink bow.

Excited, happy, anxious too, for what this day would be. Mary swung the school door wide, exclaimed, "Well let's go see."

The kids came running down the hall, they came from near & far, Each laughed and played excitedly, this lamb would be a 'star'.

Mary passed the office door, she quickly glanced inside. But with a crowd of kids around, she hardly broke her stride.

Mr. Pace could not be seen, and was not in the hall. She kind of wanted him to know that Woolie 'd come to call.

All the pupils in the school knew him to be quite fair, Sometimes he would stop and chat when a minute he could spare.

Once he'd been a teacher, too; His students learned so well. He drilled them really long and hard to read and write and spell.

He knew his reading and his math, he knew the students' place. He had no time for games and such, He chided: "Keep the pace."

Someone said that long ago he actually cracked a smile. No one knew exactly when but it had been a while.

The hairs were sparse upon his head, but there remained a few, The wide rimmed glasses on his nose they said this year, were new.

Both lenses of his spectacles made his eyes seem big and round, Though often when they saw him come he just stared at the ground.

The amazing thing about this man, (and this was his true fame), He cared for all his teachers and he knew each student's name.

Mary headed straight to class, when all the kids arrived. They found they had an empty desk in seat three of aisle five.

The students giggled then they laughed, and their teacher donned a smile. The stage was set for a lively class as the lamb came down the aisle.

The teacher was a kindly sort; she was patient and polite. She knew the art of teaching school, her name was Mrs. Lillywhite.

The first bell rang, the class began with a lamb in class at school, "All eyes up front", the teacher said, "No exceptions to the rule."

The children knew her kindly voice had a warning built right in. They knew to turn and sit right up or she would not begin.

Excerpted from WOOLIE AND THE BULLY by Mark Jay Bingham, Margo Anhder Mark. Copyright © 2013 Mark Jay Bingham. Excerpted by permission of Abbott Press.
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