Words from a True Heart

Words from a True Heart

by Sheila Slack


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Words from a True Heart by Sheila Slack

This tells life's journey with a lyrical sound.

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ISBN-13: 9781496910479
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 05/09/2014
Pages: 108
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.26(d)

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Words From A True Heart

By Sheila Slack

AuthorHouse LLC

Copyright © 2014 Sheila Slack
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4969-1047-9



For anyone who has ever lost a loved one, and never knew how to express it, these are for you. I lost my Grandpa Sawyer when I was just seven years old, and even though I really didn't understand it then, I do have some wonderful memories of him. Being on the farm with him, Easter egg hunts and just reading and falling asleep on his lap. After losing him, I had many more wonderful years with my Grandma Sawyer. Seventeen years to be exact. We lost her right before the 9-11 tragedy in New York. All the wonderful memories of those years have been put into some of my favorite poems. Hope you enjoy them too.

    A Light in the Darkness

    Walking through this place,
    Filled with death and sorrow,
    All I see are gravestones and nameplates.
    I see people with flowers, cards, and other things.
    I feel the sorrow that they are feeling.
    All of a sudden, silence comes upon me.
    Nature is the only thing in my ears.
    I go to my knees, and pray to God.
    "Why, why must all these people be so sad?"
    And I stand there at that place,
    Waiting for a reply.
    Then suddenly I hear a voice.
    Then a light shines through,
    But no one else can see or hear it.
    It must be God, answering my prayer.
    "These people are not sad,
    They are in mourning, just like you
    And your family. But don't fret, I have someone
    Who wants to talk to you."
    Then a familiar voice I hear.
    "Don't worry Sweetheart, Grandma and I are fine.
    We are happy and watching out for you.
    Please do not mourn long for us.
    We are in a better place,
    And we are back together again."
    Then it all disappeared.
    And I start to wonder,
    "Did I imagine it all?"
    Then I got home and I still thought that it was
    Part of my imagination.
    But in my heart I knew,
    It was just
    A light in all the darkness.

    Why Did You Die?

    I have so much love inside,
    It's getting so full.
    I cannot hide my love for you,
    And of course my pride.

    Why did you leave me?
    I never did you wrong!
    Why did you leave me?
    Our love was so strong!

    Before we take you
    To the place you must lie,
    I have one question,
    "Why did you die?"

    Grandma's Life

    Grandma, your life was a miracle,
    Your death a surprise.
    One thing I will miss
    Is the love in your eyes.

    You loved everyone,
    And knew no hate.
    Everyone you met
    You thought were great.

    All the times we spent together
    Are still here in my heart.
    I will keep them safe
    So no one can tear us apart.

    I wish you were here with me,
    But I know that can't be done.
    You are in Grandpa's arms now
    That really brightens my sun!

    I love you Grandma!

    Your life was a monument
    Your smile brightened any day
    And your love was amazing
    The times we shared
    With family and friends
    Are completely unforgettable
    Though those times are gone
    And can never happen again
    Our memories will always be
    As if they were being redone
    I wish we lived forever
    That would be great for sure
    But life only lasts as long
    As the Good Lord has planned
    But the love,
    The feeling of truth
    Made by the love felt
    Will last more than 1000 lifetimes.

    Poem for Grandma

    There's not much I can say
    About you right now without crying
    But all the memories I have of you
    Just keep me smiling.

    We have had many, many
    Great times together.
    On holidays and birthdays
    No matter what the weather.

    I will miss you
    Now that you have passed
    But the pictures of you
    And the memories will forever last.

    I love you Grandma!

    My Grandfather

    It's been so long
    And I miss him so,
    This song is made for him,
    It's called "Desperado".

    The past ten years
    I've tried to hide
    And have done so well,
    But the Lord knows I've cried.

    I didn't know you very well
    But I was very, very young.
    My heart still fell
    When I heard that you were gone.

    Even though you're not here,
    And I didn't know you well,
    I know you can hear
    All my prayers and fears.

    I feel I've known you forever
    And I miss you deeply.
    But no one lives forever,
    So I'll see you shortly.

    I miss you
    I miss your warm hugs
    And gentle kisses
    I miss our walks
    And our talks
    I loved the way I could
    Lay in your arms
    The nights we fell asleep together
    Watching the stars come out
    Until that fateful day
    When we said "Good-bye"
    Now you are an angel on my shoulder
    And God is using you
    But I think of you every day
    And miss you even more.

    Dear Grandpa

    When I got the call on 1-16,
    It hurt me very bad.
    I've lost you forever
    And that made me sad.

    I loved you
    With all my heart,
    And I never thought anyone
    Could tear us apart.

    No one lives forever,
    I know that for sure.
    But no one could have a grandfather
    Like my Grandpa Sawyer.



One of my favorite emotions is love. Love for my family, friends, my spouse and my kids. This is also one of my favorite subjects to write about as there are so many types of love. When my sister married in 1993, I wrote two poems for me and my dad to read at her wedding. Those are included in this section. I have also written wedding vows for friends and poems for myself to read to my loving husband. When it comes to love I can become a little "long winded", but every word that I have put on this paper is an inspired word.

    To A Special Someone

    We've only known each other
    For a very short while
    And there is no other
    That can make me smile.

    You are the one
    I hold at night
    And the only one
    I hold this tight.

    I see you in the morn,
    And you were the one there
    When our daughters were born
    In the early and late day air.

    You mean more to me
    Than anyone has before.
    And that's what makes me
    Love you more and more.

    You are my life
    And my amore
    And I am your wife
    Today and forever more.

    Our Love

    Our love is a wonderful thing.
    You love me, I love you
    It happens automatically,
    There's nothing we can do.

    But I sit in my room, everyday,
    Trying to think of my day past,
    But all I can think of is our love,
    It was definitely made to last.

    Even though we may have our fights,
    And scream at the top of our lungs,
    We always end up happy,
    With lots of kisses and hugs.

    My Love

    My love is kind
    My love is true
    My love is gentle
    My love is you.

    My love is white
    My love is black
    My love is brown
    And right on track.

    My love knows me
    My love is a start
    My love is you
    And comes straight from my heart.

    Me and You

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I'm so glad
    That I met you.

    When we met,
    It was "out of the blue"
    But I'm so glad,
    'Cause I am in love with you.

    Love Is ...

    Love is ...
    A feeling that won't end.
    Love is ...
    Something you can never send.

    Love is ...
    Something you feel inside.
    Love is ...
    A feeling you can never hide.

    Love is ...
    A feeling that always seems new.
    Love is ...
    Something that only means you.

    Love Is Also ...

    Love is ...
    A smile that comes from the heart.
    Love is ...
    Making a brand new start.

    Love is ...
    A feeling you cannot deny.
    Love is ...
    A totally natural high.

    Love is ...
    An unquestionable emotion.
    Love is ...
    Undying devotion.

    Love is ...
    A heart that's always true.
    Love is ...
    A word that truly means you.


    Love is a splendid thing
    A feeling shared by two.
    True love is a beautiful emotion
    That is found only once.

    Everlasting devotion
    That's what it's all about.
    A feeling you cannot hide
    Filled with patience and trust.

    One boy and one girl
    Make the world stand still.
    For this feeling
    Is one that conquers all.

    He Is ...

    Like Atlee Sawyer,
    He is a wonderful father.
    He cares about everyone.
    He is a terrific person.
    Always lending a helping hand.
    He is a wonderful husband.
    Along with all the above,
    He is the man I love.

    Do You Know?

    Do you know how much I care?
    Do you know how much I worry?
    Do you know how much I love you?
    Do you know how much I miss you?
    You'll never know, because nothing
    Can compare to how much I love you.

    God Sent Me You

    Whenever I'm excited
    Or even feeling blue,
    I just keep thinking
    God sent me you.

    Whenever I feel lucky
    Which is very true,
    I just remember
    God sent me you.

    Whenever I am worried
    Or don't know what to do,
    All I do is think,
    God sent me you.

    Have You Ever Known Love?

    Have you ever known love
    Where your heart beat so hard
    And your mind kept saying "yes"
    But your situation tore that special one
    Away from you and into someone else's loving touch?

    That special love is one to hold on to
    For there is only one special mate for you
    And if you realize too late you have lost that love,
    Your one most true soul mate is gone.

    There is still a chance for your "love of my life"
    And the chance is very good
    That your mate will be true.
    But you have to jump on that chance,
    For you don't want to give up the love of your life.

    That love is way too special and too deep
    To give up on that easily.
    Give as much as you need to
    Until that love is in your arms and with you forever.

    Then all you need to do is please that person
    And keep them in your life,
    And your happiness is right there with you.
    Then "love of your life" that you have been waiting for
    Is really and truly yours.


    Marriage is a bond of love
    Higher than the stars above.
    One woman, one man
    Side by side and hand in hand.

    Some marriages can end in hate,
    But to be together just wasn't their fate.
    But our marriage will last forever,
    Because we were meant to be together.

    Our meeting must have been fate,
    Which led to our very first date.
    But that date was just a start.
    Which brought us heart to heart.

    Our marriage will be so strong
    That it can never go wrong.
    And the days will just fly by,
    As long as you are by my side.

    There will be good times
    And of course bad times,
    But if we think about the best,
    We can just forget the rest.

    Just keep this in mind,
    And me by your side.
    All that's left to say is,
    "I love you in every way!"


Excerpted from Words From A True Heart by Sheila Slack. Copyright © 2014 Sheila Slack. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Foreword, vii,
Chapter 1: Lost Loved Ones, 1,
Chapter 2: Love, 11,
Chapter 3: Friendship, 30,
Chapter 4: Personal Thoughts, 40,
Chapter 5: Emotions, 58,
Chapter 6: Life in General, 69,
Chapter 7: The Beginning, 81,
About the Author, 97,

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