Wound Tight

Wound Tight

by Tessa Bailey

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ISBN-13: 9781633757646
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 12/05/2016
Series: Made in Jersey , #4
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 219
Sales rank: 102,736
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Tessa Bailey is originally from Carlsbad, California. The day after high school graduation, she packed her yearbook, ripped jeans and laptop, driving cross-country to New York City in under four days. Her most valuable life experiences were learned thereafter while waitressing at K-Dees, a Manhattan pub owned by her uncle. Inside those four walls, she met her husband, best friend and discovered the magic of classic rock, managing to put herself through Kingsborough Community College and the English program at Pace University at the same time. Several stunted attempts to enter the work force as a journalist followed, but romance writing continued to demand her attention. She now lives in Brooklyn, New York with her husband of seven years and three-year-old daughter. Although she is severely sleep-deprived, she is incredibly happy to be living her dream of writing about people falling in love.

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Wound Tight

A Made in Jersey Novel

By Tessa Bailey

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2016 Tessa Bailey
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-63375-764-6


Would you rather was Renner Bastion's least favorite game.

Scratch that. All games were his least favorite.

He couldn't help playing one, however, as he stared down at his factory floor. Security guard Milo Bautista flirted with one of the older female assembly line workers, twirling her by the hand as if they were on a cruise ship dancing to bongo music. Renner stood in an air-conditioned office, surrounded by silence. So. Would he rather be upstairs in his impeccably clean suit, or downstairs, covered by factory grease that seemed to ooze from every corner of his New Jersey manufacturing plant? Considering that Milo and the woman looked joyful while Renner was in a shitty mood, he didn't have an answer.

How you like them apples?

Jesus. Thanks to Milo, he was even starting to think in a Boston accent. The man who'd ordained himself Renner's personal one-man security detail without permission was more Boston than Mark Wahlberg at a fucking Red Sox game. Wearing Paul Revere's hat.

And yet here Renner was, kind of wishing the jerk would come upstairs where he belonged, instead of making the female population of Hook swoon.

"There's a good sign it's time to go home," Renner muttered, his breath creating condensation on the glass. He'd been saying the same thing for weeks now. It's time to go home. Not to his two-bedroom in Hook, though. His apartment in Manhattan. Or his flat in China. Or any one of the homes he'd rented to keep an eye on his other ventures.

The damage sustained by the factory explosion in Hook had been repaired weeks ago, the construction no longer requiring his daily supervision. God knew his employees were sick to death of his presence, turning their backs whenever he passed through their midst. Yet here he remained, in this town full of nosy people constantly wanting to grill meat and drink beer from cans, watching everyone else live from the other side of the glass.

"What a cliché you've become." Renner reached to his left, pouring whiskey from a glass decanter into a tumbler and lifting it to his lips for a long sip. "Resented boss. Spoiler of fun." The liquor lit a path of fire on its way down. "The one who gets shit done and signs everyone's paychecks. Don't forget that part."

As if Renner had spoken into the intercom instead of to himself, Milo's smooth movements snagged while dipping the enamored worker. His dark-haired head came up, his gaze finding Renner upstairs, that eyebrow tilting as if to say, want to take a picture, boss man?

That was their relationship, if you could refer to it as such. Renner gave Milo orders, as he did to all of his employees, and Milo told him to shove it, going about following instructions in his own way. His signature loose-limbed, ready to rumble, swaggering way. Sometimes he even winked at Renner while following through, which in itself should have been grounds for firing. Even if winking didn't break any codes of conduct per se, it certainly violated Renner's own unwritten rule book. As did Milo's walking into his office without knocking and throwing sarcasm Renner's way at every available opportunity.

Apparently Milo fell into some kind of gray area that allowed him to disrespect Renner's authority and retain his job. The rugged Bostonian may have been hired several months ago by Vaughn, the head of factory security and an old army buddy of Milo's, but Renner had the ultimate power to hire and fire. Putting up with the subtle jabs and sarcasm had nothing to do with Renner's reluctant fascination with the security guard. Or the way a flame lit under his blood every time the man was close by. Nothing whatsoever. He had a strict set of rules when it came to other men, and Milo violated them all by being his employee. Not to mention being too young ... and too straight. Like, chest bumps and beer koozies straight. In other words, Renner was doing his best to ignore how Milo's security shirt had come unbuttoned halfway to his belt and sweat was beginning to catch the bright factory lights —


Renner swallowed the remaining inch of whiskey and turned away from the window. He needed to get some sleep. He'd been working on a new contract pitch for three days, and his common sense was beginning to blur. The account he was trying to land didn't want to use their facilities, anyway. Despite Bastion Enterprises' pristine track record, the rejections continued. Why was he trying so hard?

Because that's what Renner did. He worked until he collapsed. Late hours, red-eye flights, exhaustion, coffee, whiskey. Repeat. After being doubted by countless associates on his rise to the top, a fire burned in his gut, daring him to prove himself. It never, ever went away.

Yes, work was his cruelest vice, and it kept him moving. Never settling. He certainly didn't make habits of outstaying his welcome in one town. A place where he didn't warrant so much as a wave when walking down the street. It was absurd that Milo, an employee who had about as much respect for Renner as a delinquent child for a school principal, should make him feel ... welcome. For the love of God, he'd greeted Renner with a middle finger this morning and yet somehow, Renner had been looking forward to it. At least it was an acknowledgment.

Time to go home. Seriously.

Back to the city. Back to sanity. Back to dating men who were available to him.

Why was there so little appeal to the latter?

With an irritated curse, Renner went to his desk and began shoving files into his leather briefcase. If he went out the back door, he wouldn't have to ruin everyone's fun downstairs. His Mercedes was parked a few blocks over, despite Milo's insistence that he "pahk in the freakin' laht," so he would avoid that argument as well.

That was not a disappointed tug in his stomach; he'd just skipped dinner.

* * *

Milo watched the light go out in Renner's office and knew the stubborn prick was going to try to sneak out without him. The guy really thought he was untouchable, didn't he? But in a town full of people who disliked him — especially after firing their beloved mechanic, Duke, and the explosion that followed — Renner didn't get to waltz around in the dark in his five-thousand-dollar suit. Maybe Hook was slightly safer than Milo's old Boston neighborhood, but at age twenty-six, caution still ran in his blood.

He'd been hired to keep the factory safe, and that duty extended to Renner, the factory's owner, whether the dude liked it or not. The army had taught Milo to take his responsibilities seriously, and after a disorganized, all-around backward youth, he'd learned there was satisfaction in being thorough. To be proud of a job.

Responsibility. Yeah. That was so why he was so protective over Renner.

Milo snorted to himself and gave a sweeping bow to the woman in front of him. She was sweet, this lady. Kind of reminded him of the librarian who'd kept a forty-ounce in her desk back in middle school. Quick with a joke and loved anyone who noticed she still had a little fire in her. "All right, pretty lady. I have to take off." Milo took her hand, giving her one final spin. "You go easy on the boys at the Third Shift tonight. Just remember who got you warmed up."

She doubled over and laughed along with her friends, who'd stayed behind to watch. "Why don't you come out and give me a spin yourself?"

"Ah, you know how it is." He winked at them as he re-buttoned his shirt. "Hot date."

Milo left them laughing on the factory floor as he jogged toward the back exit. Wondering how far Renner had gotten without him, his smile dimmed. Bet he hadn't even parked that Mercedes in the gated lot, like he was supposed to. Maybe the guy liked being reminded. Good. That's exactly what was going to happen.

Crisp, fall coolness slithered inside Milo's shirt when he slammed out of the factory, the metal door booming shut behind him. He took a right and hit the sidewalk, knowing Renner liked to park near the coffee shop so he could feed his caffeine addiction immediately after stepping out of his shiny black ride in the mornings.

Yeah, he'd been observing his boss somewhat ... closely. But not only for the reason Renner assumed. Also known as the same justification Milo gave himself — that he wanted to excel at his job. It was more than that, though. Maybe his careful following of Renner's movements had begun as a way to keep the factory owner safe, but it had developed into something else entirely. Curiosity. Even ... awe on occasion. What would it be like to be so comfortable, so sure of himself, the way Renner was? Being that the guy was private as hell, Milo had a feeling his boss wouldn't like it one bit if he knew Milo was following him ... hoping to learn.

The possibility of Renner's being pissed wasn't stopping Milo from going after him, though. Honestly, he wasn't sure if there was anything that could. Which was pretty fucking confusing. Considering Milo was carrying a torch for someone else.

That troubling thought was still weighing Milo down when he turned the corner and finally heard footsteps. Heavy, purposeful ones that belonged to Renner. Up ahead, the lights of his boss's Mercedes flashed, signaling that he'd unlocked the car with the key chain remote. Any second, he would be safe inside the vehicle and Milo could go back to his apartment. For now, he would just hang back in the shadows and watch —

Three men converged on Renner from all sides.

Milo was already running, cursing under his breath about stubborn city people and gated parking lots. He was still a full block behind Renner, so he was forced to watch some punches being exchanged ... and not surprisingly, some of them were being thrown by Renner. Built like a hockey goaltender, the man was intimidating. He just was. That was half the problem with him walking the dark streets of Hook. There were a lot of good people in this town, but there were also men who wanted very badly to put rich, arrogant Renner in his place, and maybe get a packed wallet in the process.

Yeah, Renner was holding his own, but the odds were against him. He delivered a right cross to one of the hooded attackers' faces, but two of the men grabbed him from behind, allowing the punch recipient to get his revenge. Renner's head snapped back, and that's when Milo reached the group, drawing his Colt in one smooth motion.

"Told you to park in the lot, boss man."

"Now really isn't the time, Bautista."

Milo's smile was tight as he leveled the gun beyond Renner's shoulder. "You're going to want to step away from him. I've got aim for days."

"Aw, look at that," said the man who wasn't holding back Renner. "His boyfriend came to rescue him."

"Oh, come on," Renner said, looking almost relaxed. "He's really not my type."

Milo ignored the weird discomfort in his chest. "Yeah. I won't lose any sleep over that black eye he's going to have, but I would over losing my job." He strode forward and grabbed a hold of Renner's thick biceps, pulling him out of the men's hold. Backing both of them up so he could have a clear angle on all three perpetrators, Milo jerked his head in the direction of the nearby alleyway. "Are you sticking around so I can call the cops, or what? Get the hell out of here."

Milo and Renner were silent as the men took off into the darkness, kicking trash can lids as they went. Only then did Milo let out the breath he'd been holding, his arms lowering in degrees. If even two of the attackers had been carrying weapons, things could have turned out way worse. Thank God they appeared to be nothing more than some misguided kids. In a close-knit place like Hook, sometimes judgment calls had to made about what represented actual danger and what actions could go a long way toward keeping the respect and admiration of people in town. Still, looking the other way bothered Milo. Especially when someone could have been hurt. Renner, specifically.

"Next time you might not be so lucky, you know," Milo said, turning toward Renner. His usual lecture was poised right on the tip of his tongue, but he couldn't bring himself to utter a single word of it when faced with the swelling of Renner's right eye. "Shit." A lump grew in his throat. "Sorry I didn't come sooner."

Renner scoffed and ducked past a cringing Milo. Why had he apologized like that? The guy was open to sympathy like the military was open to accepting poodles as recruits. As in, not open to it. That wasn't how he and Renner worked. Milo had learned to navigate his boss by giving as good as he got.

Letting on that he secretly respected and admired the man was out of the question.

Milo swallowed and tried again, catching Renner just before he could climb into the Mercedes. "You going to say thank you or anything, you ungrateful dick?"

Renner had already opened the driver's side door, but he slammed it closed now, striding back toward Milo with a curious look on his face. "Actually, I have a question." He seesawed his hand between their chests. "What are you doing? Why do you insist on following me? I'm a grown man, Milo. I have the right to get mugged in peace."

"Wow. You just said that out loud." The back of Milo's neck pulled taut at the line of questioning, but he forced a belligerent expression. "I've told you before, this is my job — "

"No." Renner shook his head. "No. You're not assigned to me. I didn't ask you to be my watchdog. This is all of your own free will."

Damn. Milo hadn't expected this. At least, he hadn't expected Renner to get in his face like this. So ... close. Like the way he got close with other men? What did he think about Milo's face from such a scant distance? "I ... uh." Milo stepped back, replacing the gun in its holster on his belt. "Like I said, you're welcome. I'll see you tomorrow."

"I'm going back to the city in the morning." That statement hung in the air between them like low fog. Or was Milo only imagining it? Just like he was imagining the hard drumming inside his rib cage? "Before I go, Bautista, I want you to tell me what all this is about. We don't even like each other, right? And yet here you are. You're constantly around, worrying about my safety. I ..." He loosened his tie with rash movements. "Perhaps the differences in my ... biology make me seem different from someone like you, but I'm the furthest thing from weak —"

"That's what it is," Milo blurted, shocking himself. What was the point in keeping the truth to himself anymore, though, if Renner was leaving in the morning? "Not the part about you being weak. I don't think that. The opposite, actually. You've got a pretty nice right hook there, boss man."

Renner raised an eyebrow.

"Okay." Christ. His blood was flowing in seventeen directions, his tongue weighing as much as a horse in his mouth. This was real. This was happening. "Okay, I've been watching you. All right?"

A heavy beat passed. "Why?"

See, that's where things got murky. It had started as a way to study Renner's confidence, hoping to build his own. Along the way, though, Milo had gotten ... off track. By more than a few degrees. Instead of learning how to be comfortable in his own skin by following the lead of a man who epitomized confidence, Milo had developed something of a crush. Who wouldn't? Renner was concise, demanding and intelligent, and he didn't give a fuck who disapproved of him. A badass who could raise an eyebrow and have employees running for cover.

Not to worry, though. Milo had righted the wayward course. He was charted in the right direction once again. In no world did Milo and Renner make sense. Nor did his boss ever look at him with anything other than vexation. It was a dumb infatuation on Milo's end and nothing would ever come out of it. He actually had a chance with someone else. Someone he genuinely liked. The man who'd stirred his first attraction to the same sex. Maybe his ill-advised interest in Renner had been taking a front seat lately, but that was a proximity issue. Things would change.

A lot of things. Starting now.

"I just ... I have a thing for someone. And I don't know how to approach him about it." The drumming in his ears beat louder. "You're the only guy I know who — "

"I'm sorry." Renner held up a finger. "Did you just say you have a thing for a him?"


Excerpted from Wound Tight by Tessa Bailey. Copyright © 2016 Tessa Bailey. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Customer Reviews

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Wound Tight 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved every single minute of this story. I instantly free attached to both, Milo and Renner. This story is heartfelt and simply amazing. Thanks for writing it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
## WOW. Ok. As usual, the sex scenes in this book were scorching HOT. The guys (Milo & Renner) had crazy good chemistry and their banter was entertaining for sure. The one thing that bothered me was that Renner was made out to be the "bad" guy (the one that messed up). I actually felt the opposite. The whole thing started because Milo wanted help to win another man. So I don't think Renner was being unreasonable asking him to make sure his feelings for the other guy were gone. Especially after he asked Milo after they fooled around the first time: "You loved it in general, or because it was me?" And Milo's answer was "I don't know". So of course Renner would pull back. Other than that one small issue, I absolutely LOVED it. Highly recommended!!
BookWorm221 More than 1 year ago
For a few days I kept seeing this book being recommended by a lot of book bloggers and also a lot of authors so I decided that I just had to see what all the fuss was about, having never read a book by Tessa Bailey I had no idea what to expect so of course I was so glad to find a beautiful story with amazing characters that made my heart flutter like crazy. See, the thing that I loved the most was how Milo was throughout the book, his entire personality just drew me to him, I wanted to know more about his past and how he came to be the person that he is in the book and being coupled with Renner’s personality was perfect. This is kind off a slow burn book because we read about our characters and how they feel towards the other and how they struggle to keep their distance but them everything comes crashing down with some words and actions that are obviously going to mark them for life. I loved their dynamic, I loved their banter, I love how they became something more than friends and I absolutely loved the ending.
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
WOUND TIGHT is the fourth and final? installment in Tessa Bailey’s contemporary, adult MADE IN JERSEY erotic, romance series focusing on the men and women in the blue collar town of Hook, New Jersey. This is CEO Renner Bastion, and US Army veteran/security guard Milo Bautista’s story line-both of whom we have met in previous story lines. WOUND TIGHT can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from previous story lines is revealed where necessary. Renner Bastion is the step brother to Samantha Waverly whom we met in WORKED UP (book 3). NOTE: WOUND TIGHT is a M/M story line with graphic same sex scenarios and situations. Told from dual third person perspectives (Milo and Renner) WOUND TIGHT focuses on the building but forbidden relationship between US Army veteran Milo Bautista, and CEO Renner Bastion. Renner is a workaholic; a wealthy businessman who came to Hook, New Jersey to save a manufacturing plant that employs a majority of the town’s people. Renner is gay but his attraction to the manufacturing plant’s head of security is strictly forbidden as Renner is unaware of Milo’s sexual persuasion. Milo’s interest in Renner Bastion goes beyond safe guarding the boss. Milo is a man who is uncomfortable with his attraction to men, and his preference seems to be leaning towards the man in charge. When Milo reveals his deepest secret, Renner offers to ‘aid’ Milo in the art of seduction knowing that his feelings for Milo may only go one way. What ensues is a developing friendship that soon leads to something more permanent for Milo Bautista and Renner Bastion. The relationship between Milo and Renner begins acrimoniously. Renner is Milo’s boss and Milo’s carefree attitude gets under Renner’s proverbial skin. The two are constantly ‘butting heads’ as Milo insists on protecting the boss from the dark and dangerous life outside of work. It doesn’t help that Renner keeps himself secreted away from the people who work and live in Hook, New Jersey making himself persona non grata to his other employees. When Milo asks Renner to help him get over his fear of seducing a man, Renner hopes that Milo directs all that he learns towards the man, himself. The M/M $ex scenes are intimate and provocative. There is plenty of sexual tension between Milo and Renner. Most of the previous story line couples play secondary and supporting characters including Samantha Waverly, and her husband Duke Crawford-Duke and Samantha are looking towards the future and adding one more to the population of Hook, New Jersey. I am still hoping that Tessa writes a series focusing on Duke’s four sisters-each recently divorced or struggling in their current relationships. WOUND TIGHT is an emotional but predictable story line; a sweet romance between two men who struggle with who and what they are. The premise is moving and inspiring; the characters are passionate and encouraging ; the romance is intimate and intense. WOUND TIGHT and Tessa’s MADE IN JERSEY series are a moving and comforting look at a blue collar town and the people who live to love.
whatsbetterthanbooks More than 1 year ago
Provocative, sultry, and wickedly intense! This is the fourth and final book in the “Made in Jersey” series and Tessa Bailey’s first foray in the M/M genre and boy is it a good one. It is a steamy story that combines the confident, somewhat arrogant, dominant businessman, Renner, with the handsome, inexperienced, determined security guard, Milo, complete with a plot filled with racy innuendos, scorching tension, explosive chemistry, insecurities, self discovery, and red-hot romance. This is definitely a sexy treat and a true guilty pleasure, and I guarantee that if you like lots of dirty talk, swoon-worthy alpha males, and erotic sex scenes you won’t be disappointed.
JulieMaguda More than 1 year ago
Wound Tight is the fourth book in Tessa Bailey's Made in Jersey series. It can be read as a stand alone, but you do see a little bit of the couples from previous books. I was excited to see Duke again. Renner is a wealthy business man who is used to be not liking him because he is "the boss". He was hurt in the past and has remained very closed off since, keeping everyone at a distance. Milo is more easygoing and laid back. Renner intrigues him and he finds himself wanting to get closer to him. Milo asks Renner with help attracting another man, and in return he will teach him how to take care of himself better. This is actually Bailey's very first M/M Romance, but I never would have guessed! She wrote some great steamy scenes. These two were really hot together. Renner was the alpha dirty talker type, my favorite! lol. I also loved their sarcastic banter back and forth. When I first read the synopsis, I was a little worried that there was going to be a sort of love triangle, but there wasn't at all and I was so relieved. Love triangles really aren't my thing at all. ** I received an ARC of this title via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. **
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Laura_F More than 1 year ago
For an author's first venture into the M/M world, this book was a huge success. I couldn't put it down but I never wanted it to end. I'm sad to see the end of the Made in Jersey series. Reiner Bastion is the CEO of the factory in Hook. He mostly keeps to himself in his office and none of the employees would consider him friend material. Milo Battista works security at the factory and has appointed himself personal bodyguard to the boss man. Renner might watch his bodyguard from afar but he had rules around lusting after straight men. All the rules go out the window when Milo comes out to Renner and asks for tips to land the man he's been interested in. Renner knows this is probably a bad idea but what better way to satisfy his lust so he can get back to business as usual? I loved Renner in Book 3. His obvious affection for his sister and dedication to the factory were just a couple things that made me love him so I couldn't wait until his own story was told. In Book 4, you get to see the depth of the man who rules the world one business at a time. Milo was just as amazing. He stands his ground and clear that even though the lessons started to benefit another man, he wants no one but Renner. This story was a perfect ending to an awesome series! *This is my voluntary review of an Advanced Reader Copy*
JenniferSchultheisJS More than 1 year ago
Wound Tight by Tessa Bailey blew me away. I haven’t read many m/m romances but if they were all written like this, I would read more! I loved every single thing about this! Renner and Milo were amazing together. Renner is demanding, hot and promises to give Milo everything he’s been dying for. Milo is cute, helpful, and is very caring towards Renner. They complement each other nicely. When Milo enlists Renner’s help, both characters are in for an erotic ride! The romance books I’ve been reading have been a little monotonous, but OMG this book right here, has made fall in love with reading all over again! It’s everything I could want in an erotic romance and I want more! If I could rate this higher than 5 stars, I would do so immediately. Even though I just finished reading this, I want to start it all over again.
TammyS32 More than 1 year ago
Renner is a CEO and exudes confidence, Milo is a security guard at one of Renner’s properties and the chemistry between them is steamy. Milo has recently came out to Renner and he would be more than happy to give Milo a few lessons in seduction. Steamy read with great characters and an excellent story, Renner and Milo are so much fun together. A Great Read!
SandraHoover More than 1 year ago
My first thoughts upon hearing that Wound Tight, the much anticipated final book in the Made in Jersey series, would be m/m was Holy Moly! There really is a Santa Claus! The Queen of dirty talking, baggage toting, sinfully sexy, bad*ss alpha males is writing m/m for the first time - and it's Renner and Milo's story! Can I hear an Amen?! I've been panting for Renner and Milo's story since I read Worked Up - when it became obvious that sparks were flying between them though neither would acknowledge it. I knew the view from a ringside seat, watching while these two sparred and tore down the boundaries separating them would make for one h*ll of a ride, and I wasn't disappointed. Renner and Milo are worlds apart in class (wealthy vs. working class), position (boss vs. employee), self-identity or sexuality (openly gay vs. looking for first experience), and age (issue for Renner who is 33 - nonissue for Milo who is 26). And yet, the attraction between them is undeniably explosive in spite of their many differences. CEO Renner Bastion is an openly gay, self-confessed workaholic - the gorgeous owner of the factory that employs most of the town people, including Milo. Renner's no-smile attitude screams "back off", making him appear cold, arrogant, untouchable, even uncaring. People part like the red sea when he walks into a room exuding confidence and class. He is disliked by most of the town because of his demeanor and because they blame him for something that happened in book 3. Renner is edgy and irritated to find himself attracted to his factory security guard Milo, often watching as Milo moves about the factory floor making everyone laugh. Now Renner finds himself making excuses to stay in town awhile longer just to be around the man who refuses to cower before him - the one whose sarcastic banter is the highlight of his day - the one who makes his heart race as his body stands up and pays attention. One thing's for sure - Renner doesn't do relationships . . . he does hook-ups with other gay business men - where it's clear up front there is no "morning after", no expectations. He won't break his rule to never get involved with younger "first-timers" who aren't sure what they want. So why does he find the lean muscled, tattooed, supposedly "straight" Milo so d*mn attractive? Milo Bautista is the ex-military security guard at the factory - a charismatic, open, honest, caring, gorgeous man loved by everyone. He slides into a room like melted chocolate over ice cream, drawing all eyes to him. Milo is pure raw emotion . . . unbound. He has a need to take care of people, and has made it his job to watch over his careless boss Renner. Or is there another reason he watches him like a hawk? Maybe he likes the way Renner fills out those stiff business suits. Maybe he has erotic dreams of being in Renner's bed. Maybe he just enjoys punching his bosses buttons to get him riled up . . . because a riled up Renner is something to behold. One thing Milo does know . . . he has a burning desire to get down and dirty with his boss. And he intends for Renner to be his first if hell doesn't freeze over first. Wound Tight will wind you up like a coiled spring - tense and waiting for "it" to happen! Tessa Bailey knows how to write dirty talking, dominant alpha males, and in this book - be still my heart - we get two of them going toe-to-toe! Be prepared for raw emotion, passion, dirty talking, and burn-the-house-down (or dre
Maria-Rose More than 1 year ago
Oh, Ms. Bailey, you have acquitted yourself well with this sexually charged story of lust and love in this down to earth town. I’ve been waiting for Renner’s story since he was first introduced into the series, and with hints in the previous story in the series, Worked Up, that this lonely and overworked businessman would find someone to rock his too neat world soon, I was eager to dive into this one as soon as it landed on my e-reader. Renner’s focus is always on his businesses, with never much time for a personal life as a result. And being gay makes it that much harder, as he has to work even more than the average straight man to garner the same respect in the business world. He faces prejudice in his business and personal life that weighs him down. It makes him feel like a fraud when Milo expects him to be his mentor, yet when he tries to keep his distance from Milo, the opposite happens, both emotionally and physically. Milo is wonderful as a smart-alecky, fun loving, but hardworking man, determined to do the best job he can working for Renner’s company and keeping an eye on Renner too. Though he has found his eyes drifting down Renner’s fit body more than he’d expected. When he comes up with the plan to help Renner relax more in return for his advice, it leads to some unexpected situations that quickly turn into some very heated scenes. Milo is a virgin when it comes to how to interact sexually with a man, and Renner, as it turns out, is a better mentor than he’d thought. The result is super sexy as Renner’s dominating personality turns out to be more of a turn-on for Milo than he’d ever expected. The chemistry these two have is off the charts. But Renner doesn’t want to admit that what they have is more than some intense sexual attraction, and makes some pretty big mistakes that give them a rocky ride before they get to their eventual happy ending. There’s a sexy and sweet epilogue to finish the series off nicely and all’s well that end’s well for the Made in Jersey series.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
When I saw that Tessa Bailey was dipping her toe into the M/M romance pool I was doing a happy dance. After reading this all I can say is ....MORE!! Two strong alphas each wanting the other but unsure of what the other wanted or needed. Renner Bastion is use to being the boss. In charge in all areas of his life. Openly gay but never in a long term relationship. Keeping people at a distance is what he does. Until Milo Bautista. Milo is brass, tatted, and determined. He's also the one person that Renner can't get out of his head. When Milo confesses that he believes he is gay and asks for Renner's help in learning how to seduce a man all bets are off and Renner will do whatever it takes to get everything he wants. Loved the romance in this book. It's definitely one I recommend to everyone.
MBurton More than 1 year ago
This book was extremely entertaining. I've never read a M/M story before and didn't know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised to read about two men who were what I considered very manly. Both were dominant and prideful. They butted heads and the attitude they gave each other while trying to navigate their attraction to each other just kept me laughing. I also loved the little bit of Duke and Samantha we got to see. This was an enjoyable read. ARC provided by NetGalley.
MoniqueD More than 1 year ago
Renner Bastion has had his eye on Milo Bautista, but Milo is his employee, he’s too young, and besides Renner is convinced that Milo is not gay. Milo works in security for Bastion Enterprises, but watches Renner a bit more closely than warranted. First, Renner is rather careless, and second, Milo is dying for Renner to notice him. When Renner is nearly mugged, Milo is glad he was alert, as no damage was done. Milo has a purpose in watching Renner: Renner is gay, and it is public knowledge, and Milo envies his confidence. Milo is not even out of the closet: he has only had girlfriends so far, but Renner more than intrigues him, and Milo wants to ask his boss how to assume his newfound sexual identity. Milo would like to hope for more, but Renner doesn’t do relationships. WOUND TIGHT is a fabulous male/male short romance novel in Tessa Bailey’s no less fabulous Made in Jersey series. Milo is absolutely fantastic: he is so chill, so sweet and cool, in spite of his lack of sexual assurance; he is a lovely man. Renner is more of an enigma, in a way; he keeps to himself in spite of appearances, and he guards his heart fiercely. No one could resist Milo, Milo of the Boston accent, of the generous heart, not even Renner, who reminded me of an expression I had forgotten: a stuffed shirt. There was one tiny little thing that bothered me: their ages. Milo is supposedly 26, Renner 33. Yet throughout the book Milo keeps talking of their age difference as if it’s a big deal, and this is a gap that is very ordinary in male/female romances. I kept wondering if the author had, for some reason, changed their ages in the course of writing the book, if someone objected in a wider age gap. From their behaviour, and the frequent mentions of the age difference, I imagined Milo around 22-23 years old, and Renner around 37-39. That age gap would not have bothered me personally: Renner was definitely not a father figure, although somewhat of a mentor, which had nothing to do with age, especially in this case; it was merely a question of being sure of one’s sexual identity. And of course, WOUND TIGHT features everything we love from Tessa Bailey: steamy sex scenes, fabulous dialogues, and unforgettable characters. WOUND TIGHT is a terrific ending to an amazing series! I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.