Writing: A User's Manual: A practical guide to planning, starting and finishing a novel

Writing: A User's Manual: A practical guide to planning, starting and finishing a novel

by David Hewson


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Writing: A User's Manual: A practical guide to planning, starting and finishing a novel by David Hewson

You are a writer and you have a killer book idea. When your project starts to take off you will find yourself managing a writhing tangle of ideas, possibilities and potential potholes. How do you turban your inspiration into a finished novel? Writing a User's Manual offers practical insight into the processes that go into writing a novel, from planning to story development, research to revision and, finally, delivery in a form which will catch the eye of an agent or publisher.

David Hewson, a highly productive and successful writer of popular fiction with more than sixteen novels in print in twenty or so languages, shows how to manage the day to day process of writing.

Writers will learn how to get the best out of software and novel writing packages such as Scrivener, which help you view your novel not as one piece of text, but as individual linked scenes, each with their own statistics, notes and place within the novel structure. As you write, you will need to assemble the main building blocks to underpin your artistry : story structure; genre - and how that affects what you write; point of view; past, present or future tense; software for keeping a book jourbanal to manage your ideas, research and outlining; organization and more.

The advice contained in this book could mean the difference between finishing your novel, and a never-ending work in progress. An essential tool for writers of all kinds. Foreword by Lee Child.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781408157428
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
Publication date: 04/15/2012
Pages: 272
Product dimensions: 5.10(w) x 7.70(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

David Hewson is a prolific and talented thriller writer with a large fanbase. He is well regarded by peers and critics, his Italian-based thrillers are published in dozens of languages and the film rights to the entire Nic Costa series (described by Lee Child as 'terrific') have now been sold. He is now writing the novel versions of the BAFTA award-winning Danish crime drama The Killing.

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Writing: A User's Manual: A practical guide to planning, starting and finishing a novel 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Why are there excerpts from really terrible writing on this review page???? I thought the customer reviews section was for reviews of the book under consideration. I don't get it. What's going on?  As a B&N veteran bookseller, I need to be able to tell customers that they can rely on these reviews.  This is USELESS!!!!!! My review of the book by Hewson is not going to go here..
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Searchlights flash in the musty darkness. The cold concrete walls reverberate with cries of "Xavier! Xavier where are you?" I am not afraid; they will not find me. I am smarter than them, I am smarter than most people. That's what I heard the scientists tell the old woman back at the Care Facility. They must have forgotten my "superhuman" senses (courtesy of The Human Genom (HUGE) Project. Memories from the past eight years torment me, expanding until they swallow me in their Stygian depths. - Joshua Smith
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ur story was good, but your copywriting Erin Hunter. Ur story is basically a cross between Bluestars Prophecy and the Power of Three series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I studied the area around me. My cobalt blue eyes quickly adjusting to the moonless night. A sigh escaped my lips. 'No danger. Good.' I thought to myself. I put the silver and ebony dagger away and stood passing unseen into a small building by the name of The Nights Own it was said o be mainly for werewolves and vampyres. I shuddered, I jumped as hands clasped my shoulders. My hand went towards my weapon as I turned. <P>"Dimitri! You scared me half to death." I shouted as he grinned. He shrugged running a han through slightly messy hair. <P>"Well uh... Happy Halloween my love." He replied meekly. I laughed and lightly kissed him as we sat.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Noone knew what it was supposed to be. Noone knew where it came from. At exactly 12:00 AM, Jan. 2, 2013, an odd statue did appear. AND EVERYONE DIED? The end ;)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I sat in the quiet moor, thinking. Today was the shepping, the day where one girl's and one boy's name are drawn to compete in the Blood Marks. It was the year 2701, and the government decided on EVERYTHING, from how many children a couple could have, to how much food someone could have in their house. We lived in a territory that stories say was used to be called Europe. This Europe is now called Guatemala, and we live under a cruel dictator. "Hey Abby." My friend, Joseph, said coming up from behind me. "You worried about the Shepping?" "I'm worried before every Shepping." "Well, our names have obviously not been picked," Joseph said. "I miss Tara," I sighed. Tara, my older cousin, was in the Blood Mark two years ago, and didn't win. "Yeah. I miss my older bro." "You know what time it is?" I asked. The government's reasonless rules prevent girls from wearing watches. "1:00." "We gotta go!" I cried, standing up and running home. "The Shepping starts at 3." I stood in the street in my best dress. Nervous. "Welcome to the 10th annual Shepping. The Blood Marks, as I shall remind everyone, are the punishment forced upon the commoners as a sign of dominince." A light haired lady in a suit started. "I am Janice Seirs, the official territory 9 Shepping drawer. The Blood Mark is a series of games where two different children fight to the death. The weapons that are available are daggers and bows and arrows. Now, the boys drawing first." Ms. Seirs announced, standing behind a bowl with the label "boys". "And the boy is... Harry Leivield." A tall, blonde haired 15 year old walked up to the front. "And now girls." She closed her eyes, and plunged her hand into the bowl. "And the girl is," I held my breath, "Abby Terintion." I walked up to the front. "These are territory 9's competitors." Two guards walked up to me and Harry. They dragged us of to a shiny black car and pushed us in. I walked into the stadium, my bow and arrow in hand. It was my first compitition. A girl with straight caramel colored hair walked in the other side. We shook hands, then went to oppisite ends. "The rules are: the match can only last to up to 12 hours. The one who kills the other wins." I closed my eyes, and shot my arrow. I kept shooting until I heard a cry, and saw her dead. One round, done. 9 more to go.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
My story is at 'happy horses' res one part two is coming tonight at result three.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The crackling sound became louder as whatever-it-was came closer & closer to where Clark & i were standing. As we looked 'round to see where "it" would come out from, i saw a shadow moving & pointed it out to Clark. He used his X-ray vision to see who it. I watched his experession to see if i could figure out who it was. I saw Clark's face pale. "Who is it?" I asked worriedly. "Johan." He replied. I felt all the blood drain from my face. "Is he the one who set up that ring of kryptonite & then froze you?" I asked fearfully. "Yes." He replied grimly. I shuddered, wondering, 'if he could overpower Clark, what could he do to BOTH of us?' I was yanked out of my thoughts as a large branch snapped loudly & Johan stepped into view. "Well, well, well. Looks like the cat caught two mice at play while he was away." He sneered. He stepped closer to me & touched my arm. I shivered & he gripped my arm tightly. "I missed you Shauna." Clark's eyes were blazing furiously. "Don't you touch her." He said angrily. He grabbed Johan's hand to pull it off my arm. "Hu-uh-uh." He said, taking a chunk of kryptonite from his pocket. Instantly Clark & i became weaker. He held it in Clark's face, causing Clark to fall to his knees. Johan then turned to me with it, knocking me flat on my back. Then, to my immense anger, he pulled out a rod made completely of kryptonite & began beating Clark with it. I whispered a special word & became invisible. When i was a good distance away but still within stone throwing range, i found a nice big rock & threw it straight at his head. It hit him right square at the base of his neck. But what happened next was somthing that would haunt me for years to come. As soon as te rock hit Johan's neck, his head bent at an akward angle & he fell to the ground, dead. I ran up to Clark, gasping & stopping short as i neared the kryptonite rod. I somehow managed to kick it a fair distance away from us. I turned to Clark. "You okay?" I asked, concerned. It was needless concern because with the kryptonite out of range, his body was healing itself like it usually did. "Yeah, i'm fine. You?" He replied. "Never better." I joked, pointing to Johan's lifeless body. "What say we get back to civilization, Smallville, Kansas & your farm, huh? Sound good?" "It sounds like a great idea." He grabbed my hand & we sped off. %END OF CHAPTER TWO%P.S. I forgot to mention, Clark's eyes are dark green, not blue. Sorry about the mistake. *%& S.B.*%&
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Review for prolouge of last night series: I like it! It was way too short though! Make it seven pages! Its sounds interesting! Review for chapter one: it is awesome! I liked mostly everything except missing puntuation markings and words spelled wrong like prophecy. Its p r o p h e c y with out spaces and not p r o f i c e or what ever you spelled it like. Great story! The auther(Stonestar)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
RedWolfKL More than 1 year ago
I understand that this writer is quite successful in that he has written and had published a number of his books. However, in this book, "Writing: A User Manual," it advises writers to throw away all the rules of writing that they were ever taught in novel writing classes and that they will be successful. I know what it's like to be boxed in by too much writing technique that is taught in some creative writing classes but I also believe that the rules in novel writing were put there for a purpose. I believe he decided that he could sell his book better if it looked like it's easy and anyone including their cousin could be successful. Truly, if he himself wrote like he advocates others should do he wouldn't have made it. Or, there are some people who are so good at what they do they can get away with it but it trails him like a caboose, not a good idea.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Blood mark author: You're a total copy cat. Sure, you might've changed the names of some things up, but the idea doesn't belong to you. It belongs to Suzanne Collins. Pricipation: God, I could barely read your story because of the amount of errors, both spelling and grammical. Maybe you should go back to second grade, or at least do spell checks before you post something.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was six moons since Fawnpelt heard the profice. Three kits were born Flamekit Rabbitkit and Snowkit. "Flamekit, Flamekit open your eyes we want to go out side but we cant until your ready," complaind Rabbitkit. "Hush Rabbitkit she'll open her eyes when shes ready," meowed her mother Silvertail. "Well she'll never become a warrior if she doesent open them soon," Snowkit said. Warrior! For the first time she stretched open her eyes. 'Wow the nursrey is huge' thought Flamekit. "Come on lets explore now," Rabbitkit said excitedly. "Where are you three going," their mothers voice stoped them. "Outside," Flamekit said turning around to see her mother. "You've opened your eyes so i gess u can go but stay together," Silverpelt meowed. "Ok," they all said and they raced out the nursrey. Flamekits eyes widened as she saw the camp there were warriors everywhere. "Where are Stonekit and Dewkit," Flamekit asked remembering the other kits names. "Right behind you," a voice said. Flamekit spun around she was surprised at how much bigger the other kits were. "Does your mother know your here," asked Stonekit. "Of course she knows," Rabbitkit snaped. "Do you want us to show you around," asked Dewkit. "No we want to explore by our selfs," Snowkit said and with that they walked away. "Look at that," Flamekit said pointing at a cave coverd in lichen "its a den." They walked twored the den. "Its the leaders den," said a cat near them. "Oh does that mean we cant go in side," asked Rabbitkit disapointly. "Im afrade so oh by the way im Fawnpelt the medicine cat," she said. "Oh well bye," Flamekit said. Then somthing caught her eye. It was a tunnle cover in brambles. She walked twored the tunnle wondering what it was. Then out of nowhere a huge fox jumped out. (Plz rate in u like it ill rite more - Candycrazy)