Wrong and Dangerous: Ten Right Wing Myths about Our Constitution

Wrong and Dangerous: Ten Right Wing Myths about Our Constitution

by Garrett Epps

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The primary purpose of the United States Constitution is to limit Congress. There is no separation of church and state. The Second Amendment allows citizens to threaten the government. These are just a few of the myths about our constitution peddled by the Far Right—a toxic coalition of Fox News talking heads, radio hosts, angry “patriot” groups, and power-hungry Tea Party politicians. Well-funded, loud, and unscrupulous, they are trying to do to America’s founding document what they have done to global warming and evolution—wipe out the facts and substitute partisan myth. In the process, they seek to cripple the right of We the People to govern ourselves. In Wrong and Dangerous, legal scholar Garrett Epps provides the tools needed to fight back against the flood of constitutional nonsense. In terms every citizen can understand, he tackles ten of the most prevalent myths, providing a clear grasp of the Constitution and the government it established.

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ISBN-13: 9781442216785
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 09/16/2012
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About the Author

Garrett Epps, a regular contributor on legal issues to Atlantic.com and The American Prospect, is a journalist, novelist, and legal scholar. He has taught at American University, Boston College Law School, Duke Law School, and the University of Oregon. He currently teaches constitutional law at the University of Baltimore Law School and resides in Washington, D.C.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Stealing the Constitution
The Ten Big Myths
#1: The Right Is “Originalist,” Everyone Else Is “Idiotic”
#2: The 'Purpose' of the Constitution Is to Limit Congress
#3: Congress Has Stretched the Commerce Power Beyond Its Proper Limits
#4: The Constitution Doesn't Separate Church and State
#5: Equality and Self-Government Are “Wholly Foreign to the First Amendment”
#6: The Second Amendment Allows Citizens to Threaten Government
#7: The Tenth Amendment, “State’s Rights,” and “State Sovereignty”
#8: Pay No Attention to That Fourteenth Amendment Behind the Curtain
#9: Election of Senators Destroys “States’ Rights”
#10: International Law is a Threat to the Constitution
Afterword: The Battle Ahead
Suggestions for Further Reading
The Constitution of the United States of America
The Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union
About the Author
Praise for Garrett Epps

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