Yay! I'm A Supervisor!: Oh man! I'm A Supervisor! Now What?!

Yay! I'm A Supervisor!: Oh man! I'm A Supervisor! Now What?!

by Jody N Holland


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Yay! I'm A Supervisor!: Oh man! I'm A Supervisor! Now What?! by Jody N Holland

I have heard story after story from supervisors desperately wanting to know the answer to how to avoid being overwhelmed with stress while leading their team. Far too many people are put into supervisory positions without being prepared for the role. The feel as if they are walking a tight-rope with no safety net. Mastering the 12 skills outlined in this book positions a supervisor to reduce their own stress, increase the performance of their people, and have all of the right tools in their toolbox to build a top performing and happy team!

The 12 Skills Development areas covered in this book are...
1. Values Based Diversity: The new face of diversity in the workplace is not just one of color and ethnicity, but one of age. The greatest diversity challenge we will face for the next decade is the integration of four generations into a cohesive and effective work team.
2. Communications: Effective leaders understand the nature and characteristics of effective communication. Participants will learn the cues of non-verbal communication and how to project appropriate messages with non-verbal cues as well as why people interpret the same messages differently...
3. Employee Motivation: Motivated employees are needed in our rapidly changing workplaces. Motivated employees help organizations survive and thrive. To create this more productive environment, managers and leaders must understand the principles and psychology of motivation.
4. Coaching: Most managers intellectually accept the value of coaching. How to coach is another matter. Participants will learn the most effective skills of coaching employees. Coaching enables a manager/leader to propel their employees in the right direction, reinforce good behaviors, and pro-actively eliminate bad behaviors.
5. Conflict Resolution: Conflict is a common event in business settings. There is good conflict and there is bad. Which way it is seen is determined by the way it is faced? Good Conflict Resolution builds stronger and more cohesive organizations and more rewarding relationships. Effective Conflict Resolution is teachable.
6. Corrective Counseling and Behavior Change: Participants will learn how to facilitate their employees' improvement, instead of merely disciplining them. The course covers when and how to apply corrective action, and provides strategies for motivating employees to improve. Learning the proper techniques moves a leader from facing rebellion to employees who desire to follow.
7. Problem Solving: Participants will learn the basics in identifying and solving problems. By using these techniques, participants can start to tackle problems which might otherwise seem huge, overwhelming and excessively complex.
8. Setting Goals: Participants are exposed to Work-life Balance skills to better manage both projects and relationships. The outcomes for the individual are more control, value and balance in the professional and personal lives.
9. Group Decision Making: Many groups meet to solve problems or make decisions. An awareness of how decisions are made and what prompts groups (teams) to move in particular directions is critical to effective leadership.
10. Teambuilding: People in every workplace talk about building the team, working as a team, and belonging to a team, but few understand how to create the experience of teamwork or how to develop an effective team. Participants will learn the why and the how of team building as well as the systematic process of a team.
11. Priority Management: These skills are the practical techniques which have helped leaders in all industries and sectors to reach the pinnacle of their success. Without effective prioritization and task management, time manages us.
12. Ethics-Values-Culture: A leader's values become evident by the behaviors (habits) they exhibit. Understanding what a leader is portraying will enable them to develop and expand credibility and effectiveness.

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