Yoga Years: True stories of how yoga transforms ageing

Yoga Years: True stories of how yoga transforms ageing

by Kathy Arthurson
Yoga Years: True stories of how yoga transforms ageing

Yoga Years: True stories of how yoga transforms ageing

by Kathy Arthurson


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Disclaimer:  if you're not a fan of yoga already, after reading this book you may feel compelled to try it!

In this thought provoking and entertaining book Kathy Arthurson (PhD) discusses the inspiring results from studying yoga practitioners aged 60 plus - Yoga years: True stories of how yoga transforms ageing tells encouraging, uplifting and inspiring stories about people 60 plus and their journey through yoga, challenging common myths about ageing. Bette Calman, a contributor, demonstrated yoga on 1960's day-time television - at 93, she's still practising.


Kathy says watching these seniors move their agile bodies through poses is a testament to the benefits of yoga.


Meeting them made me think that practising yoga keeps you young forever.

And I'm not talking about a lack of wrinkles and grey hair, or looking like Cher

or Madonna. The yoga women share a joy and vigour for life that belies their age.

The stories in YOGA YEARS offer a refreshing and uplifting view of 21st century ageing - these women (youngest 66, oldest 95) are embracing their 'longevity bonus' and living life to the full through yoga. The delightful contributors to this collection share over 400 years of wisdom, presenting an enthralling case for how to live a happier, healthier and more contented life.

The book is not a yoga instruction manual although the women do share their favourite practices and tips for optimising health and for 'just making you feel marvellous!'

Intimate and comforting, the stories reveal that just like the rest of us, these women have navigated the ups and downs of life - but yoga has helped them bounce back and maintain an upbeat view of life.

The final chapter summarises and grounds the women's claims about the benefits of yoga in comprehensive research.

YOGA YEARS is a must-read book for anyone of any age who wants to read positive uplifting stories about how to live a healthy, productive and purposeful life with a sense of inner contentment (as they grow older). The book offers a compelling argument that it's never too late to start practising yoga, and that a shift in our beliefs about ageing is long overdue.

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ISBN-13: 9780646841199
Publisher: Yoga for Life
Publication date: 06/21/2021
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 210
File size: 6 MB

About the Author

Associate Professor Kathy Arthurson is an award-winning social scientist, writer and researcher. She teaches mindfulness and life skills to students at Flinders University, along with supervising medical students on Advanced Studies research projects on different aspects of yoga and health. In YOGA YEARS Kathy turns her attention to the life stories of nine yoga teachers (aged from 66 to 95) in Australia and New Zealand who are living life to the full and embracing their 'longevity bonus'. She is knowledgeable and passionate about the benefits of yoga for health and wellbeing, having practised and taught yoga for over twenty years ( - and is the past South Australian Representative for Yoga Australia (the national peak body for yoga in Australia). She is currently an adviser to the board of Yogazeit a registered charity and not for profit organisation empowering youth and seniors through yoga and mindfulness

Table of Contents

1 Keeping The Body In Good Health With Yoga - Tania Dyett's Story

Tania, aged 92, talks about discovering a passion for yoga, after being freed from a prisoner of war camp. She also shares her favourite yoga practices (including my pussycat) for keeping the body and mind in optimum health.

2 Yoga Is The Best Option - Maggie Coomb's Story

Maggie, aged 80, reveals how: remedial yoga helped put her life back together when normality collapsed (during divorce and experiencing painful back injury), and about the importance of finding the right type of yoga to enhance health.

3 You're Never Too Old To Practise Yoga - Vivian Vieritz's Story

Vivian aged 95, on why it's never too late to try yoga and flourish from its benefits. She tells the humorous story of Mr Iyengar (the founder of Iyengar Yoga) appraising her headstand.

4 Changing From The Inside-Out - Anita Clara's Story

Anita Clara on how meditation and yoga transformed her life when she was suffering from chronic fatigue and a life-threatening illness.

5 Growing Younger Through Yoga - Susan Grbic's Story

Susan explains her heartening perspective on ageing with yoga - what she terms 'Growing Younger'. She also talks about uncovering the internal gifts of yoga, which make ageing a process of self-discovery, peace and enjoyment.

6 Relax, Reset And Recharge The Body - Bette Calman's Story

Bette, aged 91, shares her wisdom about using yoga poses, breathing practises and relaxations 'to make you feel marvellous' - and her thoughts about food, injuries and acceptance. She taught yoga for over 60 years and had a weekly spot on daytime television.

7 Safe Yoga For Seniors - Sheila Hay's Story

Sheila, aged 86, encourages everyone (at any age) to try yoga to improve their health and well-being - and highlights the importance of practising safely with injuries and ailments. A founding member of the British Wheel of Yoga, she had a surprise move to Perth (from the UK) five years ago.

8 A Yearning To Exercise - Liz Coon's Story

Liz speaks on dealing with death and dying, and how yoga helped to rebuild her stamina after suffering the debilitating effects of serious illness. Now aged in her 60s, Liz experiences health as a positive state, and has an abundance of energy.

9 Giving The Gift Of Yoga - Judy Morgan's Story

Judy (Swami Karmashakti Saraswati) talks about: the most important yoga practices, at any age, for keeping the joints moving and the muscles pliant; about teaching yoga in outback Australia; and why the practice of yoga helps everyone live more fulfilling lives. She has been a yoga techer for more than 50 years.

10 Practise Yoga - For Radiant Ageing

A summary of the women's combined wisdom about vibrant ageing, along with the research evidence.

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