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Chess Rhythm & Roll

In addition to being one of the world's premier blues imprints, Chicago-based Chess Records presented some of rock & roll's earliest participants. Chess Rhythm & Roll (1994) is a five-plus hour celebration of essential proto-rockers cut between 1947 and 1967. The four-CD assemblage is a companion to the Chess Blues (1992) box set and picks up during the label's formative days when their repertoire was expanding to a greater audience beyond the realm of R&B. Boasting a total of 99 selections, this collection far exceeds your average "oldies" package, charting the course from ensembles including the jumpin' and jivin' Five Blazes -- whose "Chicago Boogie" commences the festivities -- to the plethora of talent who fused their own unique performance styles to create the foundation of practically every note of popular music that followed. It goes without saying that prolific pioneers Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry have significant spin time. However, it is the attention given to lesser-known artists and "one-hit wonders" that makes the anthology required listening for enthusiasts of all stripes and respective tastes. While the track list tells the story completely and perhaps more succinctly, it only intimates the impact of platters such as Jackie Brenston's "Rocket 88," Willie Mabon's "I Don't Know," Sugar Boy Crawford's "Jock-A-Mo," the Moonglows' "Sincerely," Clarence "Frogman" Henry's "Ain't Got No Home," Clifton Chenier's "The Big Wheel," Dale Hawkins' "Suzie-Q," the Monotones' "Book of Love," Tommy Tucker's "High Heel Sneakers" and scores of others found here. Before the artists made names for themselves on Atlantic Records, Chess likewise introduced listeners to Eddie Floyd and Sir Mack Rice, who were bandmates in the Falcons ("This Heart of Mine"), not to mention future Motown superstars Smokey Robinson & the Miracles ("All I Want Is You") and the Four Tops ("Country Girl") -- all of whom got their start on Chess. Slipped in among the classics are no less than 39 rarities, 14 of which are debuted in this omnibus. The sonics are superior, as is the accompanying 64-page booklet, housing reams of photos as well as thorough credits and fact-filled song-by-song annotations. To call Chess Rhythm & Roll essential is an understatement by any measure of the word.

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Release Date: 12/06/1994
Label: Mca
UPC: 0076732935224
catalogNumber: 9352


Disc 1

  1. Chicago Boogie
  2. Boogie Woogie Blues
  3. Hey Jack
  4. Little Boy, Little Boy
  5. Rocket 88
  6. Booted
  7. Leo the Louse
  8. Mumbles Blues
  9. I Don't Know
  10. Roll 'em
  11. Train, Train, Train
  12. Jock-A-Mo
  13. Should I
  14. Wine, Wine, Wine
  15. I'm a Young Rooster
  16. Darling I Know
  17. Will You Be Mine
  18. That Man Is Walking
  19. Love Your Lovin' Ways
  20. Sincerely
  21. Bo Diddley
  22. Need Your Love
  23. Maybellene
  24. No One
  25. If You Love Me, Tell Me So

Disc 2

  1. See You Later, Alligator
  2. The $64,000 Question
  3. I'll Be Home
  4. Heavyweight Baby
  5. Too Much Monkey Business
  6. Who Do You Love?
  7. Frog Hop
  8. Country Girl
  9. See Saw
  10. Four O'Clock in the Morning
  11. Laura Lee
  12. Ain't Got No Home
  13. The Big Wheel (Squeeze Box Shuffle)
  14. Been So Long
  15. School Days
  16. Over the Mountain, Across the Sea
  17. Lucky Lou
  18. Happy, Happy Birthday Baby
  19. Susie-Q
  20. Lady with the Hat Box
  21. Nervous Boogie
  22. Crazy Love
  23. Walk That Walk
  24. Flatfoot Sam
  25. Teardrops

Disc 3

  1. Look out Mabel
  2. The Book of Love
  3. Mr. Big Wheel
  4. Nothin' Shakin' (But the Leaves on the Trees)
  5. Johnny B. Goode
  6. Say Man
  7. Everybody Rock (New Orleans Beat)
  8. I Found My Girl
  9. I'm So Young
  10. I Love You So
  11. You Got Me Whistlin'
  12. Lazy Susan
  13. La-Do-Dada
  14. Do You Love Me
  15. Sugaree
  16. What Do You Know About Love?
  17. I Want to Know
  18. Anna Macora
  19. This Broken Heart
  20. Um Huh My Baby
  21. This Heart of Mine
  22. Goin' Back to Memphis
  23. This Should Go on Forever
  24. Let It Rock
  25. All I Want Is You

Disc 4

  1. At Last
  2. I Need Your Love
  3. My Heart Cries
  4. Let Me In
  5. Saving My Love for You
  6. Peanut Butter
  7. You're Mine
  8. Smokey Places
  9. Your Skies of Blue
  10. Reap What You Sow
  11. You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover
  12. Mama Didn't Lie
  13. Got You on My Mind
  14. Hi-Heel Sneakers
  15. That's What They Put Erasers on Pencils For
  16. Sally Go Round the Roses
  17. No Particular Place to Go
  18. Going to the River
  19. Don't Mess up a Good Thing
  20. Who's Cheating Who?
  21. Searching for My Love
  22. Maybelle Sings the Blues
  23. O-O I Love You
  24. Tell Mama

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Big Maybelle   Vocals,Track Performer
Larry Davis   Bass (Vocal),Baritone (Vocal)
Willie Dixon   Bass
Snooks Eaglin   Guitar
Paul Gayten   Piano,Vocals,Track Performer
Earl Hooker   Guitar,Track Performer
Bull Moose Jackson   Vocals
Etta James   Vocals,Track Performer
Willie Mabon   Piano,Vocals,Track Performer
Jimmy McCracklin   Piano,Vocals
Hubert Sumlin   Guitar
Clifton Chenier   Accordion,Track Performer
Fred Neil   Harmonica
Lee Allen   Tenor Saxophone
Lee Andrews   Vocals,Track Performer
Chuck Berry   Guitar,Vocals,Track Performer
Eddie Bo   Track Performer
James Brown   Vocals
Roy Buchanan   Guitar
James Carr   Tenor Saxophone
Dells   Background Vocals,Track Performer
Sugar Pie DeSanto   Vocals,Track Performer
Falcons   Track Performer
Eddie Floyd   Vocals
Four Tops   Track Performer
Rosco Gordon   Piano,Vocals,Track Performer
Jesse Johnson   Bass
Kiss   Track Performer
Curtis Mayfield   Guitar
Robert Parker   Tenor Saxophone
Minnie Riperton   Vocals
Smokey Robinson   Vocals
Sonics   Track Performer
Tornados   Track Performer
Maurice White   Drums
Jimmy Coe   Conductor
Sam Jones   Bass
Paul Serrano   Trumpet
Harold Ashby   Tenor Saxophone
Dave Burns   Trumpet
Eddie Chamblee   Tenor Saxophone
Brothers   Track Performer
Ted Weems   Bass (Vocal),Baritone Saxophone,Baritone (Vocal)
Johnnie Johnson   Piano
Gene Barge   Tenor Saxophone
Rod Bernard   Vocals,Track Performer
James Burton   Guitar
Bobby Charles   Vocals,Track Performer
Sugar Boy Crawford   Piano,Vocals,Track Performer
Johnny Fuller   Track Performer
Dale Hawkins   Guitar,Vocals,Track Performer
Marathons   Track Performer
Jimmy Nelson   Vocals,Track Performer
Oliver Sain   Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Walter Scott   Guitar
Vibrations   Track Performer
Jody Williams   Guitar,Track Performer
Rusty York   Vocals,Track Performer
David Hines   Trumpet
Tony Thomas   Vocals
Hearts   Track Performer
Miracles   Track Performer
Moonglows   Track Performer
Bobby Wood   Drums,Vocals
Sam "The Man" Taylor   Tenor Saxophone
Bobby McClure   Vocals,Track Performer
Monotones   Track Performer
Bill Emerson   Piano,Vocals
William Shephard   Trombone
Kents   Track Performer
Sensations   Track Performer
Justin Adams   Guitar
Verne Allison   Vocals,Background Vocals,Tenor (Vocal)
James Bailey   Vocals
Carl Banks   Organ,Rhythm Guitar
Chuck Barksdale   Bass,Bass (Vocal),Vocals
Prentiss Barnes   Bass (Vocal)
Fontella Bass   Vocals,Track Performer
Fred Below   Drums
Renaldo Benson   Vocals
Richard Bernard   Bass
Edgar Blanchard   Guitar
Bo Diddley   Guitar,Vocals,Track Performer
Jackie Brenston   Baritone Saxophone,Vocals,Track Performer
Ralph Byrd   Guitar
Little Milton   Guitar,Vocals,Track Performer
James Cannady   Guitar
Jake Carey   Bass (Vocal)
Zeke Carey   Trombone,Vocals,Tenor (Vocal)
John E. Carter   Vocals,Tenor (Vocal)
Leonard Caston   Piano
Charles Chalmers   Saxophone
Alfred Cobbs   Trombone
L.C. Cook   Vocals,Track Performer
Pete Cosey   Guitar
Ernest Cotton   Tenor Saxophone
Warren Davis   Vocals,Tenor (Vocal)
Bill Downing   Drums
Shelton Dunaway   Alto Saxophone,Vocals
Abdul Fakir   Vocals
Frank Fields   Bass
Lance Finnie   Guitar
Flamingos   Track Performer
D.J. Fontana   Drums
William Franklin   Vocals
Harvey Fuqua   Bass (Vocal),Baritone (Vocal),Track Performer
Johnny Funches   Vocals
Dick Glasser   Track Performer
Jerome Green   Maracas,Vocals
Sadik Hakim   Piano
Ebby Hardy   Drums
Clarence "Frogman" Henry   Vocals,Track Performer
Raymond Hill   Tenor Saxophone
David Hood   Bass
Ike Turner   Piano
Dee Irvin   Vocals
Ben Jackson   Vocals
Clifton James   Drums
Clarence Johnson   Drums
Billy Friday Johnson   Guitar
Jimmy Johnson   Guitar
Marvin Junior   Vocals,Background Vocals,Tenor (Vocal)
Frank Kirkland   Drums
Jesse Knight   Bass
Dave Lastie   Saxophone
Lafayette Leake   Piano,Keyboards
Bobby Lester   Vocals
Bobby Lewis   Vocals
Gilbert Lopez   Vocals
Albert Lowe   Guitar
George Malone   Tenor (Vocal)
Bobby McBride   Bass
Mickey McGill   Vocals
Ernest McLean   Guitar
Dave McRae   Baritone Saxophone
Gene Miller   Trumpet
Larry Moore   Alto Saxophone
Numa Moore   Baritone Saxophone
Warren "Pete" Moore   Vocals
Nate Nelson   Vocals
Walter Nelson   Guitar
Floyd Newman   Saxophone
Odie Payne   Drums
Earl Palmer   Drums
Charles Patrick   Vocals
Lawrence Payton   Vocals
Rhythm Aces   Track Performer
Mack Rice   Baritone (Vocal)
Soko Richardson   Drums
Claudette Robinson   Vocals
Rockers   Background Vocals
Louis Satterfield   Bass
Willie Schofield   Bass (Vocal)
William Shepherd   Trombone
Gerald Sims   Guitar
Willie Sims   Drums
Ed Smith   Saxophone
Fletcher Smith   Piano
Billy Stepney   Drums
Charles Stepney   Piano,Conductor
Billy Stewart   Vocals,Track Performer
Joe Stubbs   Tenor (Vocal)
Levi Stubbs   Vocals
Margo Sylvia   Vocals
Lafayette Thomas   Guitar
Phil Thomas   Drums
Alvin "Red" Tyler   Baritone Saxophone
Aaron Varnell   Saxophone
Phillip Walker   Guitar
Tommy White   Piano
Fred Young   Bass
Weldon Dean Young   Guitar
Corsairs   Track Performer
John Murray Daley   Drums
Willie Kizart   Guitar
Wesley Landers   Drums
Bobby Lee Tuggle   Track Performer
Willie Wilkes   Saxophone
Charles "Hungry" Williams   Drums
Paul Wilson   Bass (Vocal),Baritone (Vocal)
Sam Armstrong   Vocals
Yvonne Baker   Vocals
John Baldwin   Drums
Frank Bell   Vocals,Multi Instruments
Leon Bennett   Piano
Alfred Bernard   Saxophone
Eddie Bocage   Piano,Vocals
John Bolden   Vocals
Charles Boudreaux   Trumpet
Joe Boyce   Vocals,Multi Instruments
Oscar Boyd   Vocals,Track Performer
Don Bradley   Bass (Vocal)
Prentice Butler   Bass
Wendell "Breeze" Calhoun   Bass (Vocal)
Charles Carruthers   Vocals
Francis Cendy   Bass
Donald Coles   Vocals
Roland Cook   Bass
Rubin Cooper   Baritone Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Benny Cotton   Vocals,Multi Instruments
G.L. Crockett   Vocals,Track Performer
Thomas "Butch" Curry   Trombone,Vocals,Tenor (Vocal)
Richard Curtain   Vocals
Bobby Lester Dallas   Vocals
Charlotte Davis   Vocals
Earl Dranes   Bass,Guitar
Vincent Duling   Guitar
Adolph Duncan   Saxophone
Eddie El   Guitar
Carl Fisher   Vocals,Tenor (Vocal)
Eddie Fontaine   Vocals,Track Performer
Forman   Guitar
Dave Govan   Bass (Vocal),Baritone (Vocal)
Sam Griggs   Vocals,Tenor (Vocal)
Larry Guidry   Guitar,Saxophone
Donald Handley   Vocals
Ernie Harper   Piano,Vocals
William "Shorty" Hill   Guitar
Paul Linsley "Jelly" Holt   Drums
Leon Hooper   Drums
Alphonso Howell   Vocals
Ernest Jacobs   Piano
Marshall Laday   Guitar
Joe Landry   Bass
Ronnie Lewis   Drums
Chester Lindsey   Bass
Carlo Marino   Saxophone
Mitzi Mars   Vocals,Track Performer
Lewis "Dean" Mathis   Bass,Vocals
Mark Mathis   Guitar,Piano,Vocals
Lucius McGill   Bass (Vocal),Baritone (Vocal)
Edna McRaney   Background Vocals
Paul Morgan   Vocals
Big Boy Myles   Trombone
Danny Overbea   Guitar,Vocals,Track Performer
Ricky Owens   Vocals,Tenor (Vocal)
Kenny Paulsen   Guitar
Dizzy Pitts   Drums
Dorsey Porter   Vocals
Raoul Prado   Saxophone
Marion Presley   Piano
Sidney Reynaud   Tenor Saxophone
Bobby Rogers   Vocals
Lester Russaw   Vocals,Tenor (Vocal)
Clarence Samuels   Vocals,Track Performer
Slim Saunders   Background Vocals
Wilson Semien   Drums
Harry Simontaux   Saxophone
Marlon Sledge   Piano
John Sylvia   Vocals
Lawrence Taylor   Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Eugene Teague   Vocals,Multi Instruments
Kenneth Theriot   Drums
Ray Thomasine   Drums
Duke Tide   Drums
Richard Travis   Vocals
Jay Uzzell   Vocals
Moses Uzzell   Vocals
Jerry Walker   Drums
Alexander "Pete Graves" Walton   Vocals,Tenor (Vocal)
Eric Warner   Drums
James Watt   Vocals
Cornell Wiley   Vocals,Multi Instruments
J.B. Willingham   Vocals
Oscar Wills   Guitar,Vocals
George Wooten   Vocals
Jan Bradley   Vocals,Track Performer
T.V. Slim   Track Performer
Yvonne Bushnell   Vocals
Roy Calhoun   Tenor (Vocal)
Jessica Collins   Vocals
Robin Cooper   Baritone Saxophone
Ethel Davis   Vocals
Roger Dawkins   Drums
Cleo Griffin   Trumpet
Bill Griggs   Bass (Vocal)
Arthur Hall   Trumpet
Harvey & the Moonglows   Background Vocals
Dorothy Huckleby   Vocals
Chico Jenkins   Guitar,Vocals
Eugene Jones   Drums
Leroy King   Vocals
Pee Wee Kingsley   Guitar,Background Vocals
Lady Bo   Guitar
Clifford Laws   Organ
Ed LeBlanc   Piano
Oett "Sax" Mallard   Baritone Saxophone
Bob Mersey   Conductor
Raynard Miner   Piano
Stanley Mitchell   Track Performer
Edgar "Big Boy" Myles   Piano,Trombone
Dewey Oldham   Organ,Piano
Larry Prothe   Trumpet
Ada Ray   Vocals
Mark Rice   Baritone (Vocal)
Johnnie Louise Richardson   Vocals
Joe Rivers   Vocals
Edell Robertson   Drums
Bobby Rodgers   Vocals
John Ryanes   Bass (Vocal)
Warren Ryanes   Baritone (Vocal)
William Sasser   Vocals
Leonard Tarver   Track Performer
Huey Thierry   Tenor Saxophone,Vocals
Ray Thomsine   Drums
Red Tyler   Baritone Saxophone
Theresa Washburn   Vocals
Bertha Watts   Vocals
Mary Sue Wells   Vocals
Johnny Williams   Drums
Jerry L. Willis   Vocals
Freddy Young   Bass
Gems   Track Performer
Jaynetts   Track Performer
Tune Weavers   Track Performer
James Uzzell   Vocals
Smokey Robinson & the Miracles   Track Performer
Billy "The Kid" Emerson   Piano,Vocals
Floyd McDaniel   Guitar
Ronald White   Vocals
Billy Johnson   Guitar
Students   Track Performer
Billy Davis   Vocals
Jimmy "Handy Man" Jones   Piano
Richard Johnson   Vocals
Larry Liggett   Track Performer
Pastels   Track Performer
Walter Scott   Guitar
Jimmy Binkley   Track Performer
Paul Gayton   Piano,Vocals
Billy Downing   Drums
James Johnson   Vocals
Five Blazes   Track Performer
Dozier Boys   Track Performer
Earl & His Blues Rockers   Track Performer
Rays   Track Performer
Daps   Track Performer
Bill & Will   Track Performer
Rick Bernard   Bass
James "Zeke" Brown   Vocals
Jesse James Johnson   Bass
Frank Krikland   Drums
George Lewis   Baritone (Vocal)
Theresa Washum   Vocals
Paul Williams   Piano
Joe Osborn   Bass
Frank Smith   Bass (Vocal)
Eddie Smith   Saxophone
Bobby Moore   Tenor Saxophone,Track Performer
Gene Simmons   Vocals
Brenda Jones   Bass
Joe Jones   Tenor Saxophone
Johnny Parker   Tenor Saxophone
Jones   Trombone,Trumpet
John Ford   Vocals
Bill Anderson   Bass
Johnny Young   Piano
Peggy Jones   Guitar
Swans   Track Performer
Harris   Piano

Technical Credits

Chuck Berry   Composer
Alan Freed   Composer
Curtis Mayfield   Producer
Gene Simmons   Composer
Albert Ammons   Composer
Jimmy Coe   Arranger
Oliver Sain   Producer
Mississippi Fred McDowell   Composer
Bo Diddley   Composer
Leonard Chess   Producer
Phil Chess   Producer
Berry Gordy   Composer
Rick Hall   Producer
Riley Hampton   Contributor
Bill Inglot   Remixing
King Kolax   Contributor
Andy McKaie   Producer
Gerald Sims   Contributor
Abner Spector   Composer,Producer
Charles Stepney   Arranger
Harry Warren   Composer
Peter Grendysa   Liner Notes
Willie Wilkes   Contributor
Eddie Fontaine   Composer
Dave Young   Contributor
Diane Lampert   Composer
Yvonne Bushnell   Contributor
Pee Wee Kingsley   Contributor
Bobby Miller   Producer
Vartan   Art Direction
Charles Sutton   Composer
Zell Sanders   Composer
Cirino Colacrai   Composer
Roquel Davis   Composer
Russell Fratto   Composer
Willie Dixon Orchestra   Contributor
Dave Young Orchestra   Contributor
Johnny Gluck   Composer
Bobby Moore   Composer
Eleanor Broadwater   Composer
W. H. Tyrus Jr.   Composer
Elly Broadwater   Composer
James Crawford   Composer
William "Prez" Tyus   Composer
Harry Pratt   Composer
R. Ellen   Composer
Shambhu Das   Composer

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