Design a Right-Minded, Team-Building Workshop: 12 Steps to Create a Team That Works as One

Design a Right-Minded, Team-Building Workshop: 12 Steps to Create a Team That Works as One

Design a Right-Minded, Team-Building Workshop: 12 Steps to Create a Team That Works as One

Design a Right-Minded, Team-Building Workshop: 12 Steps to Create a Team That Works as One

Paperback(3rd ed.)

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Most team-building programs have a problem: They do not address or resolve a team's real issues. That is because team games, outdoor exercises, and social events cannot produce reliable results.

Right-Minded Teamwork (RMT) can. This real-world, team-building method addresses and resolves your team's real issues in a non-confrontational, compassionate, and lasting way.

What Is This Book About?

Right-Minded Teamwork is the most reliable way to achieve and sustain high-performance teamwork. This book will teach you RMT's proven, twelve-step approach to designing powerfully effective, team-building workshops.

Teammates will actually want to attend these events because they know they will get real work done.

NOTE: This book is part of a larger training package that includes a full online training class and customizable, reusable resources. You can find this package, which includes this 12 Steps book in ebook format, at If you have already invested in the Design an RMT Workshop training program and would also like a paperback copy of this book, please purchase it here.

If you are not participating in RMT's training program and simply want to invest in this book directly, thank you for your interest! Please continue with your purchase here.

Is This Book for You?

Ready to create your own transformational, team-building workshops? This book will get you there. Whether you are a team facilitator, team leader, or teammate, Right-Minded Teamwork will guide you and your team to do no harm and work as one.

An Overview of RMT's Workshop Formula

At a high level, RMT's 12 Steps formula can be captured in three phases:

1. Contract: Designing the workshop (Steps 1-9)

2. Commence: Facilitating the workshop (Step 10)

3. Carry On: Keeping up momentum (Steps 11-12)

As you can see, the initial Contract phase makes up a substantial portion of the 12 Steps process, covering Steps 1-9. During this phase, you carefully construct your workshop, incorporating teammate interviews to ensure active buy-in and participation during your workshop event.

With the team on board, you enter the second phase and execute your workshop, facilitating team discussion in a Right-Minded manner. Steps 11 and 12 comprise the final phase, in which your team implements new learnings and teamwork processes from their real-world, team-building workshop.

A Note from Dan Hogan, Co-Creator of RMT

In the thirty-five years of my team-building career, I facilitated over 500 teams in seven countries. For every workshop I led, I used RMT's 12 Steps. Though the teammates and team leaders I served weren't always aware of the process we were following, they definitely appreciated the results.

Today, RMT has improved the lives and teams of thousands of people worldwide. Though I no longer actively facilitate, leaving it to the next generation of team leaders and facilitators to carry on Reason's message of oneness and shared interest, I will always continue to support those who believe in Right-Minded Teamwork. If you choose to add RMT to your team-building toolkit, I'll be here, ready to offer direction.

Of course, you can also blaze your own trail: All RMT's tools and packages are openly available, with no licensing or certification requirements. The only thing you need to get started is an open mind and a willingness to apply what you learn.

Better teamwork can be yours with Right-Minded Teamwork.

Start today.

Dan Hogan, Certified Master Facilitator

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ISBN-13: 9781939585127
Publisher: Lord & Hogan LLC
Publication date: 01/17/2022
Edition description: 3rd ed.
Pages: 362
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.75(d)

About the Author

Early in Dan Hogan's professional career, he fell in love with the goal of becoming a team-building facilitator. Now, with three decades of team-building facilitation experience working with over 500 teams in the United States and other countries, Dan is teaching other facilitators and team leaders these practical RMT principles. Dan founded Lord & Hogan LLC in 1990 and Right-Minded Teamwork in 2012. Dan is a Certified Master Facilitator and served on the Board of the International Institute for Facilitation.

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