Generations of Recipes

Generations of Recipes

by Andrew eBooks

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Weights and Measures
Quantities to Serve 100 People
To Remove Stains from Washables
First Aid in Household Emergencies
General Directions for First Aid
Try Saying "Good Morning" as Though You Really Meant It
Worth Remembering
Salad and Salad Dressings
Fruit Combinations
Fruit and Vegetable Combinations
Vegetable Combinations
Tips to the Carver
Tips to the Hostess
How to Carve Turkey
Kitchen Ideas
Size of Pans and Baking Dishes
Salads‚ Soups‚ Dressings & Sauces
Casseroles & Main Dishes
For Appeal To The Appetite
Chill ingredients before mixing - except for molded salads.
Provide tartness in the body of salad or dressing.
Use salad greens other than lettuce sometimes. Have you tried
chicory‚ escarole‚ endive‚ kale‚ spinach‚ dandelion greens‚
romaine‚ watercress‚ and Chinese cabbage?
Sprinkle orange‚ lemon‚ lime‚ or pineapple juice on fruits that
may turn dark - apples‚ peaches‚ and bananas‚ for instance.
For tossed green salads‚ tear greens in fairly large pieces or cut
with scissors. Larger pieces give more body to the salad.
Prevent wilting and sogginess by drying the greens used in
salads‚ draining canned foods well before adding to salad‚ using
just enough salad dressing to moisten. For raw vegetable salads‚
add dressing at the last minute.

Fruit Combinations
1. Sliced pineapple‚ apricot halves‚ sweet red cherries.
2. Watermelon balls‚ peach slices‚ orange slices.
3. Grapefruit sections‚ banana slices‚ berries or cherries.
4. Grapefruit sections‚ pared apple slices.
5. Peach slices‚ pear slices‚ halves of red plums.
6. Pineapple wedges‚ banana slices‚ strawberries.
7. Cooked dried fruit‚ white cherries‚ red raspberries.

Fruit and Vegetable Combinations
1. Shredded raw carrots‚ diced apples‚ raisins.
2. Sliced or ground cranberries‚ diced celery and apples‚
orange sections.
3. Thin cucumber slices‚ pineapple cubes.
4. Avocado and grapefruit sections‚ tomato slices.
5. Shredded cabbage‚ orange sections‚ crushed pineapple.

Vegetable Combinations
1. Grated carrots‚ diced celery‚ cucumber slices.
2. Spinach‚ endive‚ or lettuce‚ with tomato wedges.
3. Sliced raw cauliflower florets‚ chopped green pepper‚ celery‚
4. Shredded cabbage‚ cucumber cubes‚ slivers of celery.
5. Cubed cooked beets‚ thinly sliced celery‚ sweet onions.
6. Cooked whole-kernel corn and shredded snap beans‚ sweet
pickles‚ onion rings.

Convention doesn't forbid your standing up to carve‚ so‚ if it's
easier‚ stand up.
The bones get in your way if you don't know where to expect
them; a little investigation tells you just where they are.
Carving is unduly complicated by a dull knife.
And remember the first rule of carving...
"Cut across the grain"
If you cut with the grain‚ long meat fibers give a stringy texture to
the slice. Steaks are the exception.

A large roast can be carved more easily after it stands for about
thirty minutes.
When garnishing‚ don't be overgenerous; leave space for the
work to be done.
Servings cool quickly so plates and platter must be heated.
An inexperienced carver will appreciate a hostess who keeps the
guests' attention diverted from the carving.

1. Remove leg; Hold drumstick firmly‚ pulling gently away from
body. Cut skin between leg and body. Press leg downward
and cut from body. Separate drumstick‚ thigh; slice meat from
each piece.
2. Cut into white meat parallel to wing‚ making a cut deep into
the breast to the body frame‚ as close to the wing as possible.
3. Slice white meat. Beginning at front starting half way up
breast‚ cut thin slices of white meat down to the cut. Continue
until enough meat has been carved for first servings. Carve
more as needed.

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