Managing Yourself Managing Others: Learn How to Improve Effectiveness, Productivity, and Work Satisfaction

Managing Yourself Managing Others: Learn How to Improve Effectiveness, Productivity, and Work Satisfaction

by Steven M Darter


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ISBN-13: 9781514237458
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/11/2015
Pages: 166
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.35(d)

About the Author

Steven M Darter has been writing and speaking about motivated strengths and SIMA (The System for Motivated Abilities) and the impact it has on individual, team, and organizational productivity, effectiveness, and work satisfaction since the 1970s.

He is the author of several articles: "Bringing Career Development to Religious Communities," "Know Yourself Before You Go Job-Hunting," "Save That Job: Transforming the Poor Performer," "How To Keep Careers On Track," "People Perform Better When . . ." "Succession Planning Has Changed," and the book Managing Yourself, Managing Others which has three editions.

In 1975 Steve began a forty plus year career that involved evaluating and advising people-ranging from CEOs of Fortune 50 corporations to troubled teenagers, on work, career, and life issues. During that time period Steve interviewed close to 5,000 people. In each interview he used SIMA to understand the person's unique motivational design (Motivated Abilities Pattern) and best paths for success; and in some cases, what had gotten in their way.

This vantage point gave Steve an unusually close-up view of how peoples' lives unfolded, including their successes and failures, and the impact of decisions they made, actions they took, beliefs they adopted, course corrections they made, regrets, feelings of disappointment and failure, and satisfaction.

Along the way, from all those interviews, conversations, and observations, Steve learned about how to improve effectiveness, productivity, and work satisfaction.

He is a recognized expert in helping people to understand the implications of SIMA and MAPs; and is known for his dynamic and engaging presentations, workshops, seminars, and team building sessions.

Steve joined People Management Inc. (now SIMA International Inc.) in 1976, serving as president of People Management Northeast (1990-2005) and simultaneously as Chairman of People Management International, LLC (1996-1999.) In 2005 he formed People Management SMDLLC.

Steve has taught a career counseling course to graduate counseling students at Saint Joseph College (SJC) and an advanced practicum on "Managing to Strengths" to MBA students at the University of Hartford. He also was the Director of Career Planning at SJC and prior helped to open and manage an insurance practice and a retail business.

Steve's honors include being profiled as one of North America's top executive recruiters in the book, "The New Career Makers."

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