Practical Paleo, 2nd Edition (Updated and Expanded): A Customized Approach to Health and a Whole-Foods Lifestyle

Practical Paleo, 2nd Edition (Updated and Expanded): A Customized Approach to Health and a Whole-Foods Lifestyle


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With more than half a million copies sold, the first edition of Practical Paleo revolutionized the way we think about food and our bodies. Dubbed “The Paleo Bible” by readers, it explained how simply eating real, whole foods and avoiding processed, refined foods can improve our health—including reducing or even eliminating symptoms associated with common health disorders.

Now, this second edition has been updated to include new information, answer common questions, and make it even easier for you to customize your diet to meet your personal health goals.

What’s new?


• “Getting Started with Paleo” shows you step by step how to switch to the Paleo way of eating, whether you want to go all-in all at once or transition gradually over time. This chapter also includes a a more comprehensive explanation of the 4R Protocol, which walks you through removing harmful foods, repairing the gut, reinoculating with beneficial bacterial, and reintroducing foods that were previously eliminated.

• “Living the Paleo Lifestyle” offers tips and suggestions for navigating holidays and parties, talking to friends and family about Paleo, getting your kids involved in the kitchen, and much more.


• The new meal plans provide guidance for addressing common health concerns: Adrenal Health (stress management), Healthy Hormones (for both women and men), and Liver Detox Support.

• There’s also a new detailed guide to finding the meal plan that’s right for you, so you can get the health benefits you need with the fewest restrictions.


• These brand-new, mouthwatering recipes range from breakfast foods to family-friendly weeknight meals—many of which are one-pot or meal-in-one and use budget-friendly proteins.

• Recipes from the last edition have been updated based upon reader feedback over the years

• There’s also a new guide to special ingredients and where to find them

Plus, additions throughout the book explore new topics, such as when eating low-carb can actually be a problem, how stress affects the adrenal system, and why the government changed its mind about dietary cholesterol. And the organization has been extensively revised to make the valuable information on food and how it affects the body more user-friendly—and easier to apply to your own health needs.

Practical Paleo has proven to be the resource people reach for again and again for information on healthy living, delicious recipes, and guidance on changing your diet to improve your health.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781628600001
Publisher: Victory Belt Publishing
Publication date: 09/06/2016
Pages: 480
Sales rank: 121,825
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 10.80(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Diane Sanfilippo holds a bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University and is a Certified Nutrition Consultant. She writes a popular health blog called Balanced Bites (, has a private nutritional-consulting practice, teaches Paleo nutrition seminars nationwide, and has a top-rated weekly podcast, The Balanced Bites Podcast, available free from iTunes.

Table of Contents

Foreword 7

Dedication and Gratitude 8

A Note on the Second Edition 10

Introduction 12

Part 1 The Why: Food A Your Body 19

Chapter 1 What Is Paleo? 21

Ask Yourself These Questions 23

If You're Ready to Get Started. Jump on in. the Water's Fine 24

Chapter 2 Everything We've Been Taught About Good Nutrition Is Wrong 25

What the Government Is Feeding You 26

We Cannot Improve What Nature Provides 35

What We Talk About when We Talk About Nutrient Density 36

Chapter 3 Getting Started with Paleo 39

Going Paleo All-In or Taking It Slow? 40

The Long-Term Plan: Finding Your Personal Food Tolerances 44

Is it Paleo? 47

Guide to: Starting Paleo 50

Chapter 4 Eat Whole Foods 53

At the Grocery Store Walk the Perimeter 53

Read Before You Eat 53

Protein (Meat/Seafood/Eggs) 55

Carbohydrates (Veggies/Fruit) 58

Fats 58

A Few Dollar-Stretching Tips 60

Guide to: Paleo Foods 61

Guide to: Stocking a Paleo Pantry 62

Guide to: Food Quality 63

Guide to: Fats & Oils 64

Guide to: Cooking Fats 65

Chapter 5 Clearing Up Carb Confusion 67

Good Carbs, Bad Carbs 67

Are You Carb Loading for Your Desk Job? 68

Carb Here Often? 69

When Low-Carb is a Problem 71

Simplifying Sweeteners 73

Watch Out for Hidden Sugar 74

Guide to: Nutrient-Dense Carbs 75

Guide to: Sweeteners 76

Chapter 6 Healing Digestion 77

The Brain 77

The Mouth, Salivary Glands, and Esophagus 78

The Stomach 80

The Liver and Gallbladder 83

The Pancreas 84

The Small Intestine 85

The Large intestine and Rectum 87

Quick Tips for Optimizing Digestion 89

So, What's the Plan? 90

Guide to: Digestion 91

Guide to: Your Poop! 92

Chapter 7 Addressing Autoimmunity 93

What is a Leaky Gut? 93

What Causes Leaky Gut? 96

How Do You Know if You Have Leaky Gut? 101

How Can You Prevent Leaky Gut? 102

What Can Do You If You Think You Have a Leaky Gut? 103

So, What's the Plan? 105

Guide to: Healing a Leaky Gut 106

Guide to: Gluten 107

Chapter 8 Balancing Blood Sugar 109

Insulin Is Like Your Mom: It Constantly Wants to Put Stuff Away 109

Glucagon Is Like a Kid: It Wants to Take All the Toys Out of Storage 110

Blood Sugar and Cortisol 112

When Sugar Takes Its Toll 113

Blood Sugar and Your immune System 113

Got Off the Blood Sugar Roller Coaster 114

So, What's the Plan? 117

Chapter 9 Managing Stress 119

Take Control of Your Life 119

Practice an Attitude of Gratitude 120

Stress and Adrenal Problems 120

Chapter 10 Living a Paleo Lifestyle 123

Inviting Friends and Family to Try Paleo 123

Eating Paleo with Kids 125

Dealing with Unsupportive Friends and Family 126

Coming to Terms with Baked Goods 128

Paleo in Public: Dining Out 129

Paleo Party Prowess 134

Paleo on the Go 134

Guide to: Dining Out 138

Guide to: Travel 139

Chapter 11 Frequently Asked Questions 141

General 141

Vitamins and Supplements 143

Specific Foods and Swaps 145

Getting Fit and Losing Weight 151

Part 2 Meal Plans 155

Selecting and Using a 30-Day Meal Plan 156

A Brief Overview of the Meal Plans 156

Selecting a Meal Plan 158

Using a Mel Plan 160

Adrenal Health 162

Athletic Performance 168

Autoimmune Conditions 174

Blood Sugar Regulation 180

Cancer Recovery 186

Digestive Health 192

Fat Loss 198

Healthy Hormones 204

Heart Health 210

Liver Detox Support 216

Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue 222

Neurological Health 228

Squeaky Clean Paleo 234

Thyroid Health 238

Part 3 Recipes 244

Using the Recipes in This Book 246

Kitchen Bastes 248

Breakfast 264

Poultry 290

Pork 318

Beef & Bison 330

Lamb 364

Seafood 374

Soups, Salads & Sides 390

Snacks, Dips & Sauces 424

Treats & Sweets 440

Recommended Products 460

Sources 464

Recipe Quick Reference 465

Recipe Index 468

General Index 472

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