Sins And Secrets

Sins And Secrets

by P.F. Kozak

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ISBN-13: 9780758221230
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 10/01/2006
Sold by: Penguin Random House Publisher Services
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 752,675
File size: 539 KB

About the Author

P.F. Kozak is a Network Administrator and Communications Specialist for an international shipping company. Writing is her passion and her joy.

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Sins and Secrets



Copyright © 2006 P.F. Kozak
All right reserved.

ISBN: 0-7582-1418-9

Chapter One

Peter glanced at his pocket watch while he waited for his coachman to bring round the brougham. He had just over two hours before meeting Pamela at the London Bridge Railway Depot. He tucked the watch back into his vest pocket just as his man Jack rounded the corner with the carriage.

"No need to get down, Jack." Peter opened the door himself. "We will be making a stop at Nellie's, then going on to the depot to meet Pamela."

"Yes, sir."

"Oh, and Jack ..."

"Yes, sir?"

"Once we get to Nellie's, you may have one on me. But you must get me to the depot on time."

"Yes, sir!"

As the carriage rolled down Chancery Lane toward Thames Street, Peter stared out the window. Pamela's return would bring changes to his life, changes he had postponed as long as he had been able. He remembered the days before her father died. She had been a headstrong child, and only grew more so as she matured.

Once he became her guardian, he had immediately sent her to boarding school. Then she wanted to go to University, which her father never would have allowed. But, the alternative of having her live with him seemed far worse than invoking the old man's ghostly wrath. Through his connections at Cambridge, he managed to enroll her in Newnham Women's College. For the last severalyears, he had only seen her at Christmas and for short holidays.

Now, she had completed her studies. Surely, the girl should have married by this time! But she hadn't. The old man had locked up his will with a chastity belt. Pamela had to live with Peter until she married, or he forfeited the rights to manage the estate and his share of the trust. He would need a stiff drink at Nellie's and the company of a woman before Pamela took up residence as lady of his house.

The carriage abruptly stopped. Jack hopped down from the driver's seat and opened the door for him. "How long do we have, sir?"

"About an hour forty-five."

"Jolly good, sir. I'll be sure to have you to the depot on time. I'll come and fetch you, I will."

"Good man. I'll tell Nellie to take care of you." Peter stepped down from the brougham, being careful to avoid the muck in the street.

Upon his entering the establishment, which to most would appear a common tavern, Nellie immediately caught sight of him. "Ah, good sir, how very lovely to see you again." She curtsied and offered Peter her hand.

"My Nellie, how good to see you as well." Peter kissed the hand of the woman who had taken his virginity so many years before.

"Monsieur Rennard, isn't it somewhat early in the day to be seeing you here? It is not yet five o'clock."

"Pamela has completed her schooling and is coming home today. We are meeting her train shortly." Jack had followed Peter into the tavern and stood off to the side. "Is there by chance anyone here who might fancy Jack?"

"But of course." Nellie took Jack by the arm and led him behind the bar to a curtained doorway. "Go in here and ask for Sally. Tell her you are Nellie's special guest." She turned back to Peter. "And, now you, monsieur ..."

"Nellie, please, no formality. We know one another better than that."

"My dear Peter, what would you like today?" She came over and threaded her arm through his. "Your favorites are not here just yet. But I am sure I could find someone who would please you."

"What about you?"

"Oh, my good sir, you know I do not take clients these days."

"Not even for an old friend?" Peter ran the back of his hand across Nellie's cheek.

"You would want an old woman when I have younger ones waiting?"

"Nellie, you are not old."

"Sir, by anyone's standard, I am old."

"I am thirty-five. You cannot be more than ten years my elder."

"And how many gentlemen do you think ask for one such as myself?"

"I do." He rested his hand on her shoulder. "You are just as beautiful as the first day I saw you."

Nellie studied him for a moment, then went behind the bar and picked up a bottle with two glasses. "Who am I to refuse the most sought-after barrister in London?" She turned to the barkeep. "Henry, look after things until I return."

Nellie led Peter through the curtained door into the inner world of Nellie's Tavern. Only those considered her clients were escorted into her sanctum. Walking up a dark flight of stairs, she led him to her personal quarters. "I'm honoured, Nellie. It's been some time since I have had the privilege."

"It's been some time since anyone has had the privilege." She set the bottle and glasses on her desk and poured them each a drink.

"Those pink curtains around the bed, they are new?"

"That is my French canopy. It is the most beautiful thing I have ever owned! I love sleeping inside the colour. It makes me feel safe."

Peter smiled as he looked at the gaudy strips of pink cloth hanging in a circle around the bed. "They are nearly as colourful as you are! Your canopy bed suits you very well."

"You have not come to see me to chat about my bed." Handing Peter the glass, she asked, "Are you going to tell me why you are really here?"

"For some female companionship, of course." Drinking the brandy she gave him in one swallow, he held out his glass for more.

Before refilling his glass, Nellie lifted the corner of her skirt and tucked it into her belt. She watched him as she poured the brandy. He did not take his eyes off of her legs. "Female companionship you will have, but not before you tell me why it is me you want."

He looked directly at her. "Because you are a woman, because you know me, and because you know what Sir George did to me." Peter downed the second glass of brandy.

"Sir George Kingston made you a very wealthy man. He named you as his successor and the guardian of his daughter."

"And I am to remain her guardian until she is married. No matter what her age, she must continue to live with me until she has a husband. It is in the will. If I refuse, I forfeit everything."

Nellie poured him more brandy, and then sat down on his lap. "Ah, mon cher, I know what troubles you."

"I have never asked you, why do you speak French? You have lived in London your entire life."

"Ah, but French whores raised me and gave me my name. I learned more than my trade from them, I learned their language."

Peter slid his hand under Nellie's skirt. "You learned your trade very well. Tu es éternellement belle."

"You see with your heart, not with your eyes. For my very handsome Peter, I have no trouble remembering what I have learned." She slid her hand along Peter's hard length. His breath caught. "You do not know about yourself what I know."

"And what would that be?" He cupped Nellie's ample breast in his other hand and squeezed.

"I know you come to visit me more when Pamela returns on holiday. I know she tempts you and you resist. There is now no escape and no reprieve."

Peter squeezed Nellie's breast harder, his fingers sinking deep into the soft flesh. "You know much more than you should."

Nellie pushed Peter's hand away and stood. "You will not bruise me." Her eyes flashed fire. "No man bruises Nellie Flambeau!"

Peter stood as well. Being taller and stronger, he had no trouble pulling her tightly against him. "I will not hurt you, but I will have you." His engorged cock strained in his trousers. He lifted Nellie's skirt and petticoat.

Nellie smiled. "Would you not rather watch me disrobe? My girls tell me how you will pay just to watch, as you once did with me."

Peter released her. "Nellie, I must have relief before I see her. You know what to do. Please, do it. I haven't much time."

"Mon cher, you must sit and watch then. You must not touch until I tell you to. You know the penalty if you do not do as I say."

"I know well. I will never forget when you refused me because I touched too soon. Please understand. I only have an hour before I must leave."

"You will have your pleasure before then." Nellie undid the buttons down the front of her dress and stepped out of it. "Now, that we have begun, you will tell me more."

"More of what?"

"More of your desire for Pamela."

"I have no desire for Pamela."

"Mon cher, I know differently." She lifted her petticoat to expose her legs, watching his eyes follow her movements. She held the folds of material thigh high for a few moments, letting him take her in, before she let it fall to the floor. "Sir George first brought you to me when you were his apprentice. He knew you needed to learn. I taught you much."

"I remember. It seems a lifetime ago."

"My dear Peter, you have come to me for a reason. We have known one another for many years. I know your heart." She slowly began to unhook her corset. "I know your desires." The corset popped open and she let it fall to the floor. "I know why you sent Pamela to boarding school."

"Nellie, do not do this."

"Mon cher, it is why you are here. You have come to me because I know."

Peter's hand involuntarily moved toward his erect cock. "Nellie, I must!"

"You will not!" Her sharp tone stopped his hand before he touched his throbbing organ. He gripped the sides of the chair until his knuckles turned white, the bulge in his trousers straining for release. "Tell me, Peter, tell me what you feel for her!"

As obediently as a schoolboy being admonished, Peter blurted out, "I cannot control myself when she is close. My organ stiffens and I want to touch her. It has always been this way, and has only become worse with time."

Nellie came over to him and ran her fingers through his thick brown hair. Then she stood directly in front of him and pulled her chemise over her head, baring her breasts. "Show me your nob."

Peter undid his trousers and gingerly pulled his rock-hard cock free of the material. Nellie only had on her drawers, which had an opening between her legs for her toilette. Pulling them open wide so Peter could plainly see her privy parts, she straddled him. She lowered herself onto his throbbing head.

"Mon Dieu! Nellie, I cannot stand it!"

With Peter's full length inside of her, Nellie kissed his forehead. "This is why you have come to me, so I would be Pamela for you. It is why you have always come to me. Close your eyes, mon amour, and feel a woman's heat around you." She slowly rocked back and forth on his lap. "Your prick is a good one. Pamela is a woman now. She is ready for you."

Peter moaned loudly and grasped Nellie's bum. "Nellie, I cannot, she is my ward."

Ever so slowly, she raised and lowered herself onto him. "Do you not think she wants this, too?" With Peter buried deeply inside of her, she leaned over and whispered to him, "She is a woman, mon cher. Do not underestimate the daughter of Sir George."

Then, with speed which belied her age, Nellie rode him. She took him deeply inside of her again and again. Peter thrust upward each time Nellie's cunt gripped him until he could no longer endure. He bellowed as his lust exploded inside of her. She let him bury his face between her breasts and heave his groin into hers.

When finally he quieted, she lifted herself off of him, their combined juices soaking her drawers. She took them off and stood bare before him. She gently cleaned him with the cloth, so there would be no stain left on his trousers. After tossing the sullied material to the side, she picked up a dressing gown from the chair beside the bed.

He had just tucked himself back into his trousers when someone knocked. A female voice said, "Mademoiselle Flambeau, Monsieur Rennard, Jack says it is time."

Peter looked at his pocket watch. "Tell Jack I will be right there." He went over to Nellie. "You are beautiful beyond words. I am grateful for what you just did."

"Mon cher, you can come to Nellie whenever you are in need. You know you will be welcomed."

"I must go now. Please take this. It should be a proper recompense for both myself and Jack." He pressed a guinea into her hand.

"Merci. Remember, mon cher, she is a woman now."

"I will remember, Nellie." With that, he left to meet Pamela.

"Ah, mon cher, if you want what Nellie has to offer, then you will be a gentleman?"

"I will be a gentleman." He reached into the folds of cloth under her dress, wanting to feel her moist warmth against his hand. Nellie's words lingered in his mind. "Why did you say Pamela tempts me? How could you know this?"

"Mon cher, I have already angered you. I do not wish to cause you any more distress."

Frustrated with her silence as well as with the layers of petticoat that prevented him from touching her, Peter stepped away. "Pull up your skirt, Nellie, so I can touch you."

Nellie lifted her skirt and petticoat to the middle of her thigh. "My Peter is being quite bold today."

"Perhaps if I touch your cunt, I can convince you to tell me more." Again he reached under her skirt, this time finding the opening in her drawers. Cupping the soft flesh of her privy parts in his hand, he gently squeezed. "Tell me, Nellie, tell me why you think Pamela tempts me."

"You do not know you are so bold today because your Pamela will soon be here?"

Pressing his fingers inside the folds of skin, he massaged her clitoris. "I know nothing of the sort. I am here today to have the pleasure of your company once again."

Nellie pulled her skirt up higher, exposing the toilette opening in her drawers to Peter's hungry eyes. "You would not like to see Pamela raise her skirt for you as I do?"

"Nellie, you are wading into dark waters with this."

Nellie jumped when Peter's finger slid inside of her. Still, she spoke her mind. "But you must swim in the dark waters, mon amour. How else will you be able to live with your sweet Pamela?"

"Take off the dress, Nellie. Do not bring Pamela into your fancy bed with us."

"I do not have to bring her here, mon cher. You have already done so." Nellie unbuttoned the front of her dress and pulled her arms out of the sleeves.

"It is not something I care to dwell on. I would much rather linger on the bed with you." He took hold of Nellie's skirt and pulled the dress off. He then picked her up and carried her to the bed. "I want to watch you take off your corset and your petticoat."

"Shall I talk of Pamela while I do so?" Nellie smiled as she began undoing her corset.

"And if you were to talk of Pamela, what would you say?" Peter stroked his stiff cock through his trousers. The very idea that they should be talking of Pamela here, in this place, both repelled him and inflamed him.

Nellie slowly undid the remaining hooks on the front of her corset. "I would say you have desired Pamela for many years. I can see you do not remember what you told me after you sent her away."

"I remember saying nothing to you of Pamela."

"Ah, mon amour, you had too much brandy one evening. When I raised my skirt for you, you thought me to be her and told me of your desire. You called me by her name as you spent inside of me."

"I did no such thing!"

Nellie's corset dropped to the floor. She lifted her chemise, revealing her voluptuousness. "Ah, but you did. You have wanted Pamela in your bed for many years."

Peter closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He had the urge to harshly reprimand her for talking to him in this way. A lesser man might have backhanded her. But he could not deny that her words held truth. He did remember the night of which she spoke, but did not realise he had spoken his secret aloud. As he undid his trousers to have her, he asked, "Did I say anything else?"

Nellie removed her chemise and petticoat, leaving her only in her drawers. She pulled them wide open, showing Peter her hidden treasures. "You told me she could never live with you, that you could not keep yourself from her bed."

Exposing his stiff cock, he stood silently for several moments, staring at Nellie. He stroked himself as he looked at her. Peter lowered himself onto her, forcing her legs wide apart with his knees. "I cannot do with her what I do with you."

"And why not, mon cher? She is a woman now. You have a good prick. She would welcome it between her legs."

Peter rammed his cock into Nellie's cunt, causing her to gasp at his abrupt entry. "Mon Dieu, monsieur! You stretch me so! I am like a virgin again."

"You are no virgin, ma chérie." Peter stuffed himself deeply into her moist opening. "Do you think I could do this to innocent Pamela?" He pulled out and slammed back into her.

Nellie lifted her bum and met his thrust. "You will do it to her. She will welcome it as I do."


Excerpted from Sins and Secrets by P. F. KOZAK Copyright © 2006 by P.F. Kozak. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Sins and Secrets 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Weirdest book I've ever read. This book was all over the place, using different perspectives to tell the story, not good. If the story was simply told from hers or his point view it would have been much better. Read the book Passions by this author and loved it, but wouldn't recommend this one to anyone. Most books hold somthing that makes you want to pick it up again, this one didn't, just finished it because I hate saying I didn't finish a book. Don't waste your time with this one!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
One of the best erotica books I've read in a long time. The sex scenes are well-written, but unlike some erotica that has no story or character development, this story does, which makes it an all around pleasure to read. A very pleasurable book from beginning to end. A story that stimulates and surpasses all of the sensuality tests and scales. What I like the most about this story is how the reader can choose to have either the male or the female as dominant in the sex scenes. Peter has loved Pamela from the moment she was a child while working as the family barrister. Upon her father's death, Pamela becomes Peter's ward, but she is now becoming a beautiful young woman and his sexual attraction to her is strong. He sends her away to boarding school in order to avoid the stimulation and taking the innocence of a young girl. Pamela returns from school as a beautiful, adult young woman, who is coming into her own sexuality and has stacks of the famous 'Pearl' journals, wanting nothing more than to share what she has learned in these stories with Peter. They immediately recognize their sexual attraction to each other has grown even more during her absence and the sensual games between them begin. More than an erotic story of just sexual escapades, this is also a love story - and written in the Victorian era - making it a historical erotic romance - makes it even more alluring for romantica fans. I highy recommend this book for adults who enjoy a well-written historical erotic romance and I look forward to many more books written by P.F. Kozak in the future.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This awesome read is nothing short of brilliant! From the amazingly unique/refreshing plot layout, to its highly sensual characters, I found it hard to put the book down. At times I thought I could feel heat rising from the pages! What a wonderful treat P.F. Kozak gives the readers...we can have IT anyway we want it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This historical erotica is the best I've ever read. I felt transported to Victorian London and lived each moment with the characters. The descriptions were vivid and the characters totally authentic. The relationship between Peter and Pamela is the hottest I've ever read, and the sex - oh my word - you have to read it to believe it! I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to be transported to another time and share the lives of two incredible, sexually charged people.