The Hurricane Wars: A Novel

The Hurricane Wars: A Novel

by Thea Guanzon

Narrated by Jeanne Syquia

Unabridged — 16 hours, 32 minutes

The Hurricane Wars: A Novel

The Hurricane Wars: A Novel

by Thea Guanzon

Narrated by Jeanne Syquia

Unabridged — 16 hours, 32 minutes

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Notes From Your Bookseller

A remarkable debut fantasy inspired by Southeast Asian mythology, The Hurricane Wars features an enemies-to-lovers romance, incredible world-building and a unique magic system. It’s everything you love about Romantasy in one delectable package.

"An incredible debut full of rich atmosphere, clever world building, opposing magic, and sizzling romance, The Hurricane Wars is my newest obsession."- KERRI MANISCALCO, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Throne of the Fallen

"I physically could not stop reading! Thea Guanzon's talent is limitless, and she is the kind of writer that comes around once in a generation. Mark my words: lives will be changed by The Hurricane Wars.”  - ALI HAZELWOOD, New York Times bestselling author of The Love Hypothesis

The fates of two bitter enemies with opposing magical abilities are swept together in The Hurricane Wars, the spellbinding debut in a fantasy romance trilogy set in a Southeast Asia-inspired world ravaged by storms, perfect for fans of Fourth Wing and A Court of Thorns and Roses

The heart is a battlefield.

All Talasyn has ever known is the Hurricane Wars. Growing up an orphan in a nation under siege by the ruthless Night Emperor, she found her family among the soldiers who fight for freedom. But she is hiding a deadly secret: light magic courses through her veins, a blazing power believed to have been wiped out years ago that can cut through the Night Empire's shadows.

Prince Alaric, the emperor's only son and heir, has been tasked with obliterating any threats to the Night Empire's rule with the strength of his armies and mighty shadow magic. He discovers the greatest threat yet in Talasyn: a girl burning brightly on the battlefield with the magic that killed his grandfather, turned his father into a monster, and ignited the Hurricane Wars. He tries to kill her, but in a clash of light and dark, their powers merge and create a force the likes of which has never been seen.

This war can only end with them. But an even greater danger is coming, and the strange magic they can create together could be the only way to overcome it. Talasyn and Alaric must decide... are they fated to join hands, or destroy each other?

An exquisite fantasy brimming with unforgettable characters and sizzling enemies-to-lovers romance set in a richly drawn world, The Hurricane Wars marks the breathtaking debut of an extraordinary new writer.

 “The Hurricane Wars is everything I love-intricate world-building, unique magic, and a gleeful, smoldering romance. I'm obsessed.”- HANNAH WHITTEN, New York Times bestselling author of For the Wolf

“This book made me giddy! Such a gleeful collection of my favorite tropes, all written in a fresh and engaging world, with a deep emotional center. One of my favorite books of this year!” - KATEE ROBERT, New York Times bestselling author of the Dark Olympus series

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly


Two powerful royals are entangled in a war in Guanzon’s trope-heavy, Southeast Asian–inflected romantasy debut. Orphaned Talasyn of Sardovia harbors a deadly secret: she’s one of the last remaining Lightweavers, capable of wielding magic that can combat the brutal Night Empire’s own shadow magic. When the Night Empire attacks and its alluring Prince Alaric Ossinast corners Talasyn, she must expose her powers to escape. Sardovia’s leadership sends her to the Nenavar Dominion to amplify her powers, and, upon arrival, she discovers that she’s the lost heir to Nenavar’s Dragon Throne, making her an unwilling but vital player in diplomatic relations—especially after her grandmother, the matriarch, strikes a treaty with the Night Empire betrothing her to Alaric. After the expansive worldbuilding of the opening, the back half of the novel is devoted to Talasyn and Alaric’s dynamic, which draws clear inspiration from Star Wars’ Rey and Kylo Ren. Guanzon relies on flowery descriptions to convey the characters’ chemistry (“Orange blossoms and the creamy floral note of promise jasmines wafted from her hair, tempered by cool green attar of lotus and the barest hint of cinnamon bark. Alaric’s mouth watered”), occasionally leaning into cliché. The result doesn’t bring anything new to the tropes it deploys, but it will scratch the itch for fantasy readers seeking slow-burning, enemies-to-lovers romance. Agent: Thao Le, Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency. (Oct.)

From the Publisher

"This novel, the first in a trilogy, took the romantasy world by storm when it landed." — New York Times

"Guanzon’s debut already has a bevy of bestselling writers' praise, including Hannah Whitten, Katee Robert, Ali Hazelwood and others, and it’s not surprising in the least. The Hurricane Wars is a lush and exquisitely detailed book with enemies to lovers, breathtaking worlds and intrigue. . . . Simply unputdownable." — HuffPost

"Guanzon brings a fresh voice and vivid world into the fantasy landscape, and this story will be incredibly popular. Readers will look forward to the next book in this new trilogy." — Library Journal (starred review), Debut of the Month

“I’ve been a die-hard, adoring fan of Thea Guanzon for years, and I thought I knew what she was capable of, but this book. This book. I am utterly enchanted by the lushness of her prose, the uniqueness of the setting, the spellbinding story she has gifted us with. I physically could not stop reading! Thea Guanzon’s talent is limitless, and she is the kind of writer that comes around once in a generation. Mark my words: lives will be changed by The Hurricane Wars trilogy.”  — Ali Hazelwood, New York Times bestselling author of The Love Hypothesis

The Hurricane Wars is everything I love—intricate worldbuilding, unique magic, and a gleeful, smoldering romance. I’m obsessed.” — Hannah Whitten, New York Times bestselling author of For the Wolf

"Terrifically refreshing, and so very addictive . . . Guanzon’s gift for storytelling is coupled with her ability to imbue the readers into the South-East Asian-inspired culture of the world she has built. It is with both that she was able to create such an immersive reading experience, one that had me gasping, laughing and crying, all in the same sitting! The name of the sequel hasn’t even been announced yet, and I already know that it will be my most anticipated read for the coming year." — Grimdark Magazine

"An incredible debut full of rich atmosphere, clever world building, opposing magic, and sizzling romance, The Hurricane Wars is my newest obsession." — Kerri Maniscalco, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Throne of the Fallen 

“A masterpiece of worldbuilding. Thea Guanzon forges a rich, fantastical realm with poignant and immersive prose and a spectacularly unique magic system. All hail the World Mother of Lir.”  — Xiran Jay Zhao, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Iron Widow

“This book made me GIDDY! Such a gleeful collection of my favorite tropes, all written in a fresh and engaging world, with a deep emotional center. One of my favorite books of this year!” — Katee Robert, New York Times bestselling author of the Dark Olympus series

“A spellbinding fantasy set in a fascinating world brimming with high stakes, magic, and passion. A new favorite!” — Sue Lynn Tan, USA Today bestselling author of Daughter of the Moon Goddess

“Thrilling, fierce, and sexy! Thea Guanzon has created a world as unique as it is deadly, and she needs to be on every fantasy reader’s TBR!” — Danielle L. Jensen, USA Today bestselling author

"Ambitious in the scope and cinematic in execution, The Hurricane Wars is a high-octane, high-stakes epic with an irresistible love story at its core. I have no doubt that this confident, vivid debut will capture the imaginations of fantasy readers as it did mine." — Isabel Cañas, author of The Hacienda

“Lethally sharp in both its cunning political intrigue and exquisite prose, The Hurricane Wars is a strategic marvel that holds your heart in a death grip. Romantic fantasy at its very best." — Kylie Lee Baker, author of The Keeper of Night

"Great books are praised for wonderful characters, an imaginative landscape, or striking themes. Thea Guanzon provides a masterclass in all three with her stunning, storm of a debut–The Hurricane Wars. The rich, expansive world of Lir envelops the reader as we journey through a tale of warring truths, hidden allegiances, and beautifully complex characters. The violence and intimacy of the titular wars echo deeply in the relationships and romance that bring this book to life. One thing is certain–whether with yearning for what comes next, or passion for what is here, The Hurricane Wars will leave you burning long before the last page descends." — Ehigbor Okosun, author of Forged by Blood

"Complicated political intrigue, a unique magical system, and a satisfying slow-burn enemies-to-lovers romance are just some of the narrative threads at the heart of this highly anticipated debut. A buzzy release that lives up to the hype—and that will likely obsess fantasy romance fans everywhere." — Paste magazine, The Best New Fantasy Books of October 2023

"The Hurricane Wars takes inspiration from the myths and culture of [Thea Guanzon's] native Philippines—but it also draws on elements universal across fantasy fiction, including secret magic and forbidden romance." — Gizmodo

"Fans of the fast-growing romantasy genre are sure to get swept up in The Hurricane Wars by Thea Guanzon."  — Popsugar, This Year's Best New Fantasy Books

"A beautifully written tale of freedom and oppression, of passion and apathy. Guanzon’s narrative is full of vibrant imagery . . . . There’s a lot at stake in this enemies-to-lovers romance, and tensions run high from the first page to the last. . . . Guanzon’s intricately imagined world and spirited writing style mark her as an exciting new voice in the realm of fantasy romance. The Hurricane Wars is an entertaining start to a sure-to-be epic series." — BookPage

"This romance stands out, with its lush Southeast Asian-inspired setting. Fans of slowburn enemies-to-lovers storylines are sure to relish this." — Booklist

"The Hurricane Wars is Guanzon’s debut novel and the start of a fantastic and enchanting fantasy series. If you are an enemies-to-lovers fan, this is the book for you!" — Book Riot, The Best and Swooniest Romantasy Books

"Guanzon excels at writing a delicious slow-burn . . . [that] pulls from the best elements of the genre, infusing her story with tropes that pull the budding romance into the forefront. . . .Guanzon has constructed a complex, lush fantasy world surrounding them, with lyrical descriptions really immersing the reader in this new world. The Hurricane Wars is a brilliant piece of fiction, drawing readers into a world so immersive, with characters that share a chemistry so electric, that the wait for the next book is already unbearably long." — The Geeky Waffle

"Thea Guanzon demonstrate[s] her chops in keeping readers hooked . . . It’s a Southeast Asian-inspired weather magic fantasy in which orphaned soldier Talasyn must learn to harness her light magic against the shadowy power of Alaric, the heir to the Night Emperor—but to use that magic for good, because in the wrong hands, it could create the Hurricane Wars all over again." — Literary Hub, October’s Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books

Library Journal

★ 08/01/2023

DEBUT Talasyn has spent most of her life fighting the Night Empire in the Hurricane Wars and hiding her light magic that the emperor wants to eradicate. While on the battlefield, she fights Prince Alaric, the emperor's only child, and he finds that he cannot kill her with his shadow magic. On a secret mission that she hopes will save her nation, Talasyn finds Alaric there too, and something unexpected happens—their magic merges into one. Talasyn and her compatriots must flee after the Night Empire's latest attacks, which sets events in motion that will change everything. Talasyn and Alaric soon discover that the Hurricane Wars are not the only threat they face, and they have to learn to put their differences aside to save both their nations. They still have competing goals, but they each feel an undeniable pull towards the other that they cannot ignore. VERDICT Guanzon brings a fresh voice and vivid world into the fantasy landscape, and this story will be incredibly popular. Readers will look forward to the next book in this new trilogy.—Ashli Wells

MARCH 2024 - AudioFile

Jeanne Syquia's narration of this audiobook skillfully portrays the enthralling story of Talasyn, a young woman who possesses hidden light magic, and Prince Alaric, the Night Empire's heir, who possesses shadow magic. Their intertwined destinies on the battlefield set the stage for a compelling narrative. Syquia's nuanced portrayal of each character's emotions enriches the story, providing a deeper connection for the listener. Her adept pacing navigates the story's dynamic scenes, maintaining engagement through both intense battles and moments of introspection. Syquia's talent in providing distinct voices for the varied cast helps listeners follow the complex storyline. Her narration illuminates the audiobook's rich tapestry, ensuring that the enthralling plot remains the focus. F.S.M. © AudioFile 2024, Portland, Maine

Kirkus Reviews

A young woman with a magical ability to harness light discovers she is royalty.

Talasyn is a foot soldier for her homeland of Sardovia, which has been under attack for the past decade by the powerful and evil Night Empire, a conflict known as the Hurricane Wars. Talasyn is an orphan with no knowledge of her family, but she assumes they might be the source of her rare, magical Lightweaving talent. During a battle with the forces of the Night Empire, Talasyn spars with Prince Alaric, a fierce warrior who is the son and heir to the Night Emperor. Talasyn is sent on a covert mission into Nenavar, a nearby matriarchy that has remained neutral during the Hurricane Wars, to try to access a Light Sever which could hone and refine her magic. Instead, she discovers she is the heir to their royal throne; she and her mother, now presumed dead, disappeared under mysterious circumstances when she was a year old. Alaric follows her into Nenavar, and they discover his magical ability to cast darkness and shadows produces shocking results when mixed with her Lightweaving. A few weeks later, the Night Empire defeats Sardovia and ends the Hurricane Wars, and the novel transitions to a tedious, slow-moving story of court intrigue and diplomacy. A group of Sardovian soldiers and refugees seek asylum in Nenavar, but Talasyn’s grandmother agrees to protect them only if Talasyn agrees to join the royal court and marry Alaric. The politics surrounding the impending wedding is the primary plot for the rest of the novel, and it’s a slog. The glacially slow pacing only serves to highlight the confusing world building and underdeveloped characters. It’s unclear why Alaric and Talasyn are attracted to each other, and their tentative romance is just as stuck in a rut as the plot.

Slow and plodding.

Product Details

BN ID: 2940178183519
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication date: 10/03/2023
Series: The Hurricane Wars , #1
Edition description: Unabridged
Sales rank: 200,080
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