Thin from Within: The Powerful Self-Coaching Program for Permanent Weight Loss

Thin from Within: The Powerful Self-Coaching Program for Permanent Weight Loss

by Joseph Luciani


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The research is in: The next fad diet will not work! Of the millions of people every day battling temptation and trying to drop unwanted pounds, only a small percentage are successful. And of those, a whopping 80 percent quickly pack the weight back on! So what went wrong? The answer won’t be found in whatever the next new diet is. The answer to lasting weight loss can only be found from within.In Thin from Within, renowned psychologist Joseph J. Luciani delves into the root causes of overeating and reveals that in order to lose weight and keep it off, you have to retrain your brain. Combining insight and inspiration with powerful cognitive tools, this remarkable guide enables you to:• Embrace change• Strengthen your self-discipline• Resist the lure of comfort foods• Free yourself from destructive thinking• Replace even the most stubborn bad habits with positive ones• Learn from setbacks• And much more!Complete with simple self-coaching techniques proven to control cravings and break the cycle of self-sabotage, Thin from Within puts the decision in your hands. Will you try yet another fad diet and fail—or deal with the root problem within and find a permanent solution?

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ISBN-13: 9780814436783
Publisher: AMACOM
Publication date: 01/01/2016
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 588,862
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About the Author

JOSEPH J. LUCIANI, PH.D., is a practicing clinical psychologist and author of the internationally bestselling Self-Coaching and The Power of Self-Coaching. An in-demand speaker and expert, Dr. Luciani is featured frequently in major media, including MSNBC, CNBC, Hallmark Channel, Discovery Channel, NPR, USA Today, Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Fitness, Health, Shape, and O, The Oprah Magazine.

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Chapter 1: What You Need to Know About Weight Mastery

An optimist is a person who starts a new diet on Thanksgiving Day.

—Irv Kupcinet

There’s a reason why long-term weight loss is so elusive, and I’m willing to bet you already know the answer: Successful lifelong weight mastery has more to do with your mind than it does with your mouth. Losing weight and keeping it off has less to do with what you eat and just about everything to do with why you eat it. In other words, unless you can deal with stressful emotions, physical cravings, or food addictions, ultimately no diet in the world will bring you the lasting change you seek. But, as I said, I bet you already knew this.

From the start, let’s get one thing straight: Thin from Within isn’t a diet book. I leave that to Weight Watchers, South Beach, Atkins, Zone, Jenny Craig, Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s nutritarian lifestyle, or one of the more than 70,000 (!) diet books offered at, all of which present methods to lose weight. You don’t need more information on calories, points, portions, or carbohydrates. If you’re really serious about losing weight and keeping it off, what you do need is a progressive, psychological solution that can answer such common frustrations as: Why can’t I handle stress without resorting to food? Why do I feel too tired to exercise? Why can’t I tell when enough is enough? Why can’t I just say no to self-destructive impulses? Why can’t I keep the weight off?

So before you embrace that next miracle, eat-all-you-want-and-still-lose-weight diet, recognize the simple truth that the last thing you need is another diet. What you do need is another perspective—a perspective that will never again allow you to be victimized by impulsive cravings, self-sabotage, or mindless emotional grazing.

The Key to Psychological Resilience: Self-Coaching

Losing weight is, of course, why you diet, but as you know, that’s only half the battle. The other half is keeping it off. And for many, it’s the keeping it off that seems so impossible. Although the challenges you face in the losing phase (i.e., dealing with long-standing destructive eating habits and crippling compulsions, handling the discomfort of a reduced-calorie diet while sustaining motivation, self-discipline, and so forth) can persist into the keeping-it-off phase, this time you’re going to have an advantage to keep you on track. By blending powerful cognitive, psychological insights with motivational coaching, the Self-Coaching method that I systematically describe over the course of this book goes beyond simple slogans and one-liners and gets to the emotional core of mindless, compulsive, or even addictive eating. Once you are liberated from faulty perceptions, insecurities, frustrations, and even anxiety or depression, you will be empowered to handle life’s challenges—not sidestep them through food.

As anyone who has ever yo-yoed with weight loss/weight gain can tell you, given time, your old habits can (and will) attempt to undermine your resolve, which is why you need to establish a totally new relationship with food—a relationship in which you, rather than your desires, compulsions, or addictions, call the shots. One in which you stabilize your mind, your physiology, and your behavior to embrace a new philosophy of learning how to eat to live, rather than living just to eat.

Take a moment to think about the times in your life when you felt invincible, able to walk away from temptations, the times you felt totally confident and in control. Maybe it was a time you stepped onto a scale and saw a significant drop in your weight, or perhaps when you declined a particularly tempting piece of birthday cake, or even the moment you decided,

No more procrastination. I’m going to lose weight! These were empowered moments of psychological resilience, times when you felt motivated and focused on your intentions. Unfortunately, as you will most likely agree, these times were often fleeting, as old habits inevitably reintroduced themselves.

What if you could harness that same resilience and motivation and allow this strong, confident, self-disciplined mindset to become your new, steady state? You can. And this is where Self-Coaching has you covered.

Table of Contents


Acknowledgments ix

Introduction 1

Part I: The Essentials of Weight Mastery 7

Chapter 1—What You Need to Know About Weight Mastery 9

Chapter 2—Why It Is So Hard to Just Say No! 28

Chapter 3—Why You Crave Food, and What You Can Do About It 40

Part II: The Path to Weight Mastery 59

Chapter 4—Getting Tough with Your Impulses and Cravings 61

Chapter 5—Adopting the Food Journal Advantage 76

Chapter 6—Cultivating a Resilient Attitude 89

Part III: Three Crucial Steps Toward Weight Mastery 107

Chapter 7—The Self-Talk Approach to Dismantling Stubborn Habits 109

Chapter 8—Step One: Separate Facts from Fictions 119

Chapter 9—Step Two: Say No! to Ruminative Thoughts 137

Chapter 10—Step Three: Let Go and Self-Trust 153

Part IV: Lifelong Success with Weight Mastery 169

Chapter 11—Liberate Yourself from Anxiety, Depression, and Emotional Sabotage 171

Chapter 12—Food Addiction or Compulsion: Where Do You Stand? 189

Chapter 13—Beyond Weight Loss: Achieving Lifelong Weight Mastery 204

Index 223

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