Wired to Resist: The Brain Science of Why Change Fails and a New Model for Driving Success

Wired to Resist: The Brain Science of Why Change Fails and a New Model for Driving Success

by Britt Andreatta

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Every year failed change costs billions of dollars. We are biologically wired to resist change: it’s the key to our survival and the obstacle that often gets in the way of us fulfilling our potential. Wired to Resist provides a new understanding of our biology and why change fails, despite our best plans. Dr. Andreatta synthesizes the latest research into a new model for change that harnesses the power of neuroscience and shows you how to thrive and lead through all kinds of change.

Drawing on her unique background in leadership, psychology, education, and the human sciences, Dr. Britt Andreatta has over 25 years of experience consulting with individuals, businesses, government agencies, universities, and nonprofit organizations. She creates powerful solutions to today’s personal, organizational, and global workplace challenges.

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ISBN-13: 9780997354720
Publisher: 7th Mind Publishing
Publication date: 01/24/2017
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 138
Sales rank: 1,085,875
File size: 8 MB

About the Author

Dr. Britt Andreatta is an internationally recognized thought leader who creates brain science-based solutions for today's challenges. As CEO and President of 7th Mind, Inc., Britt Andreatta draws on her unique background in leadership, neuroscience, psychology, and learning to unlock the best in people and organizations. She has received over ten million views worldwide of her courses on Lynda.com and LinkedIn Learning. Other titles include The Neuroscience of Learning, Creating a Culture of Learning, Organizational Learning &

Table of Contents

     Take a Learning Journey

I. Understanding Change

1. The Costs of Change Gone Wrong
2. Change in the Modern World
3. Change vs. Transition
4. The Change Curve
5. Houston, We Have a Problem
6. The Rise of Change Fatigue
    Your Learning Journey

II. Fear + Failure + Fatigue: The Brain Science of Change
7. The Brain on Change
8. Amygdala: Our Inner Chicken Little
9. Entorhinal Cortex: Our Personal GPS
10. Basal Ganglia: Our Habit Factory
11. Habenula: Our Failure-Avoidance Center
12. The Dangerous Biological Cocktail
     Your Learning Journey

III. A New Model for Change + Transition
13. The Change Quest™ Model: Mountains Instead of Valleys
14. The Change Journey Participants
15. Walking Multiple Journeys
     Your Learning Journey

IV. Thriving Through Change: Strategies for Success
16. Tips for Travelers
17. The Leader’s Toolkit: Navigation, Motivation, Connection
18. The Guide’s Process
     Your Learning Journey

V. The Path Ahead: Organizational Growth + Consciousness
19. Organizational Growth: The Greiner Curve
20. Organizational Consciousness: Becoming Teal
     Your Learning Journey
21. Conclusion: Final Thoughts on Change
     Synthesize Your Learning Journey into Action

Resources + References

Acknowledgments: Practicing Gratitude

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