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Book Cover Image. Title: Memoirs of Hadrian, Author: Marguerite Yourcenar

Memoirs of Hadrian

Marguerite YourcenarGrace Frick

Written in the form of a letter from the Emperor Hadrian's point of view, this novel is an exceptional rendering of history made personal, an example of a modernist writer meditating with urgency and immediacy on the ancient world. Buy Now

Book Cover Image. Title: Tess of the d'Urbervilles (Barnes & Noble Classics Series), Author: Thomas Hardy

Tess of the d'Urbervilles (Barnes & Noble Classics Series)

Thomas HardyDavid GalefDavid Galef

Arguably Hardy's masterpiece, epic in scope, virtuosic in telling, shattering in effect. An indelible study of society, of human psychology, and of place. A book I re-read at every opportunity. Buy Now

Book Cover Image. Title: Mr. Palomar, Author: Italo Calvino

Mr. Palomar

Italo CalvinoWilliam Weaver

I love this novel for its wit, its pathos, and for the profundity of its descriptions. Conceived as a series of idiosyncratic observations about the world that surrounds us, it is, in the end, a cartography of consciousness: one man's attempt to map his existence, and to arrive at meaning. Buy Now

Book Cover Image. Title: The Collected Stories, Author: William Trevor

The Collected Stories

William Trevor

This book is my bible. It has guided me from the beginning and will inspire me to the end. For his control of language, his depth of vision, his compassion, he has no equal. Buy Now

Book Cover Image. Title: My Poems Won't Change the World:  Selected Poems, Author: Patrizia Cavalli

My Poems Won't Change the World

Patrizia CavalliGini Alhadeff

I spent a week recently doing nothing but reading these poems. They are witty, frank, disarming, lapidary, philosophical, passionate, exquisite. This new bilingual edition will be a revelation to Anglophone readers. Buy Now

Book Cover Image. Title: Giovanni's Room, Author: James Baldwin

Giovanni's Room

James Baldwin

A novel of unique emotional intensity and exceptional beauty, hypnotic, intimate, harrowing. A portrait of a man torn between a woman and another man, groundbreaking for its time, it remains a transcendent novel. Buy Now