Book Nerds

10 Thoughts Book Lovers Have Already Had Today

There is no “type” when it comes to book lovers. We’re different shapes and sizes, ages, genders, nationalities, and sexual orientations. Some of us like science fiction, others like romance, and some of us refuse to read anything published post 1900. Our diversity is what makes being part of the book community so incredible, whether you’re a reader, a writer, or both (after all, what writer isn’t a diehard reader?). We learn from each other and expose each other to new books we would never pick up on our own.
That isn’t to say, however, that we don’t have a lot of things in common. We may be thinking about different books specifically, but for the most part we all spend an absurd amount of time each day thinking about books and reading generally. I’ll be the first to admit I spend waaaay too much time thinking about the novel I’m reading when I should be thinking about work, friends, or remembering to let my dog back inside the house (sorry, Stitch!). Fellow readers, I dare you to tell me you don’t think one or more (or all!) of these thoughts over the course of a day. Here are 10 thoughts book lovers have had in the last 24 hours.
“Morning already? Why did I stay up so late reading?”
Without fail, I always swear I’m only going to read a couple of pages before going to bed. I’ll just finish up this chapter, I say. And the next thing I know, it’s past midnight and I’ve read half my book. Then I wake up and wonder why I’m exhausted.
“I have to leave in exactly five minutes to avoid getting to work late. That’s enough time to read a few pages, right?”
I’m constantly trying to figure out where I can squeeze in some reading time. This often includes, but is certainly not limited to, the few precious moments before leaving for work, killing time while waiting for a friend to get ready to go out, and while waiting to gas up my car.
“God, I hope I remembered to bring my spare book to work today.”
I live in constant fear of finishing my book during my commute, then being forced to possibly make eye contact with other people on the train the rest of the ride. This is my nightmare. So I always try to remember to pack a spare book just in case.
“What’s that cute guy/girl reading in public? How can I not creepily tell them we’re soulmates?”
There’s nothing better than hot people reading (in my personal opinion, anyway). Whenever I spot a cutie reading a book, ESPECIALLY if it’s a book I like, I always fall a little in love and fantasize about us talking books and eventually running off into the sunset together (creep alert).
“I could socialize during lunch. Or I could read instead!”
Of course I could talk to my lovely coworkers, whose presence I honestly do enjoy. Or I could hide in my cubicle/sit on a park bench and ignore everyone around me while I read my book. Guess which option I usually pick?
“How overdue are my library books? Mental note: remember to return them today.”
I love the library, but I’m also really forgetful, making me the library’s most enthusiastic but also most terrible supporter. I’m constantly forgetting when my books are due, and I’m terrible at remembering to take them back when I finish. Hence, this is a weekly conversation with myself.
“Does this skirt/shirt/coat make me look like (insert literary character)?”
Am I the only one who, when shopping, sometimes uses fictional characters for inspiration? Once I bought a pair of short overalls because I thought they were “very Huck Finn.” True story.
“(Insert person’s name) is 2 minutes late. Is it weird to take out my book while I wait?”
Personally, I think it’s totally acceptable to read at bars, restaurants, etc., while waiting for someone to meet you. But at what point in their lateness do you pull out your book? After five minutes? Ten minutes? Immediately upon arriving and not finding them? And when they do arrive, is it rude to ask them to keep quiet while you finish your chapter?

“I have five books I still need to read. So logically, I should buy three more books.”
Don’t tell me you aren’t guilty of this. It doesn’t matter how many books are waiting for me to read them. I’m like a book dragon: I constantly hoard more and more, regardless of how many I already have.
“I’m so tired…but I should probably read 200 pages before I go to bed.”
And so the vicious cycle continues.