Book Nerd Tweets of the Week: The Feels Edition

With the endless election season in full swing and the heat of summer upon us, emotions are running high on Twitter these days. Politics, global strife, and even Captain America have social media in a tizzy. Prolific tweeter J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child) reminds us that being moved isn’t always a bad thing:

Speaking of Harry, beware of sketchy wand dealers:

On May 25, we celebrated #TowelDay, when all the hoopy froods brandish that most useful of all hitchhiking implements in honor of the late Douglas Adams.

Justin Cronin’s truly epic, genre-bending Passage trilogy comes to an end this week with the final volume: The City of Mirrors. He offers the following guidance for readers who support education:

A lot can happen in six minutes. Joanne Harris (Five Quarters of the Orange) also has some thoughts on learning.

It ain’t gotta be all action, all the time, you know:

The challenges of the writer’s life are many and varied. Behold the greatest:

Finally, your weekly tips for living. We recommend all of these. Mostly.

Well, maybe not all the cakes. And you can easily skirt the legal and logistical problems with the last one by making your own home look a bit like a sloppily maintained bookstore, as I’ve done.

Who’s rocking your Twitter world?

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