Top Minecraft Books and Series: An Overview for Parents

Saving Crafter

You don’t have to know much about Minecraft to keep your young Minecrafter happy—and reading up a storm! This astonishing game has inspired a large number of exciting unofficial action-adventure series for young readers; books that not only get kids reading, but encourage them to explore the world of Minecraft in their own imaginations. We’ve also got the scoop on how-to guides that will encourage players to think outside the block, by hacking and modding their Minecraft games. Below is a cheat sheet of the biggest books and most popular series for Minecraft fans. Even noob parents who can’t tell a Cave Spider from a Zombie Pigman will be able to surprise their resident Minecraft expert with books they’ll love.

How-to Guides:

Modding Minecraft, by Stephen Foster
Is your young Minecrafter ready to take things to the next level? (You can go ahead and ask them, but we imagine the answer is probably going to be a resounding “Yes!” Or, from kids of the sassier variety, a resounding, “Duh.”) In that case, they’ll love Modding Minecraft, a book that teaches kids aged 7 to 12 how to customize the game they love using code. Before long they’ll actually be creating their own mini games, from a single player game, to a Monster Arena, to a multi-level version of capture the flag. As players know, the only thing better than playing Minecraft, is modding Minecraft.

The Big Book of Hacks for Minecrafters: The Biggest Unofficial Guide to Tips and Tricks That Other Guides Won’t Teach You, by Megan Miller
Kids will relish this comprehensive guide to the art of Minecraft hackery. From tips on how best to use potions and enchantments, to advice on domesticating animals and fighting off mobs of every variety (Zombie Pigmen, anyone?), this book is chock full of cheats, hacks, and expert guidance every Minecraft fan can use. There’s even a section that explains exactly how some of the most fantastical structures in Minecraft—like Japanese pagodas and underwater domes—are created. When your Minecraft geniuses ask how you knew about this guide, just play it cool. Your secret is safe with us.


Popular Series (By Author):

The Gameknight999 series, by Mark Cheverton
Author Mark Cheverton wrote the first book in this series, Invasion of the Overworld, to help his son, a devoted Minecraft fan, deal with a difficult episode of cyberbullying—and it became a runaway hit! Gameknight999 is a Minecraft user who enjoys terrorizing newer, less-experienced players, until he finds himself sucked into the virtual world of Minecraft, where the dangers are real, and building relationships and forming alliances with other players becomes crucial.

The series continues with book 2, Battle for the Nether, and book 3, Confronting the Dragon.

The Mystery of Herobrine series, by Mark Cheverton
Although he began as a bully, Gameknight999 has reformed, and become a hero and a legend. However, he has also decided that he’s through with the world of Minecraft—that is, until his little sister, Monet113, finds herself sucked into the game in the first book in the series, Trouble in Zombie-Town, and Gameknight999 has no choice but to go in after her.

The series continues with book 2, The Jungle Temple Oracle, and book 3, Last Stand on the Ocean Shore.

The Herobrine Reborn series, by Mark Cheverton
Everyone thought the malignant virus known as Herobrine, whom Gameknight999 trapped and imprisoned, was no longer a threat to anyone—but that is unfortunately not the case, and in Saving Crafter, the first book of this series, Herobrine has set his sights on Crafter, Gameknight999’s best friend and one of the most vulnerable NPCs (“Non-Playable Character,” that is). With the help of his father, a Minecraft noob, Gameknight999 must do battle against Herobrine’s most fearsome creations to save the life of his friend.

The series continues on November 2, 2015, with book 2, Destruction of the Overworld, and you can pre-order book 3, Gameknight999 vs. Herobrine, due out January 5, 2016.

The Herobrine’s Revenge series, by Mark Cheverton (Forthcoming)
Herobrine has been deleted, and it looks as though peace and prosperity are returning to the servers of Minecraft—but all is not well. Mysterious and frightening glitches are piling up—a village floods with lava; sheep fall from the sky. Before he was deleted, Herobrine programmed hideous destruction into command blocks, to be unleashed in his absence, and it is up to Gameknight999 and his comrades to unravel a set of riddles that will halt the destruction. Fans (or the parents of fans!) can pre-order the first book in the highly anticipated Herobrine’s Revenge series, The Phantom Virus, which will be available on March 1, 2016.

The Elementia Chronicles, by Sean Fay Wolfe
The first book in the Elementia Chronicles, Quest for Justice, introduces readers to Minecraft noobs Stan, Kat, and Charlie, who quickly discover that all is not right on the Elementia server, where they are the vulnerable targets of both other players and shadowy evil forces. In order to survive, they must learn to work together, battling ordinary Minecraft baddies as well as the powerful king, all while getting to the bottom of the mystery behind Elementia.

The series continues with book 2, The New Order. Book 3, Herobrine’s Message, will be out in January 2016.

The Unofficial Overworld Adventure series, by Danica Davidson
When Stevie discovers a mysterious portal, in Escape from the Overworld, he decides to take his chances, and steps into the real world, where he meets and befriends a sixth-grade girl named Maison. But before long, they discover that Stevie isn’t the only one using the portal—he’s been followed by zombies, creepers, and even giant spiders! Can Stevie and Maison work together to shove those creatures back into Minecraft before they wreak havoc on a world that has no way to combat them?

This exciting series brings a unique twist to the genre, and it continues in book 2 with Attack on the Overworld, and book 3, The Rise of Herobrine.

The Unofficial Minecraft Gamer’s Adventure Series, by Winter Morgan
In the first book in the series, The Quest for the Diamond Sword, Steve’s pleasant, easy existence in Minecraft comes to an abrupt end when zombies attack the village where he trades every day for crucial supplies like armor, books, and food. In an effort to put an end to the destruction, Steve decides to mine for forty diamonds; enough to build a sword that will help him protect himself, and the villagers, from zombie attacks. After joining forces with Max, Lucy, and Henry, who are on a quest of their own, Steve and his friends confront myriad challenges; from bad weather to mob attacks, as they seek to fulfill their destinies.

The series continues with book 2, The Mystery of the Griefer’s Mark, book 3, The Endermen Invasion, book 4, Treasure Hunters in Trouble, book 5, The Skeletons Strike Back, and book 6, Clash of the Creepers. (Or you can pick up the box set of all 6!)

The Unofficial Minecrafters Academy Series, by Winter Morgan (Forthcoming)
Hogwarts meets Minecraft in Zombie Invasion (due out March 1, 2016), the first novel in a 3 book series that spins off of The Unofficial Minecraft Gamers Adventure Series. Lucy has been recruited to the legendary Overworld Academy, where she makes new friends, Jane and Phoebe, who help her protect the school from a zombie attack. But all is not right at the Overworld Academy, and what Lucy discovers about it causes her to be kicked out! When she returns home to ask Henry and Max for help, there’s a terrible surprise waiting for her.

The spin-off series continues with Skeleton Battle, due out May 3, 2016.

The Lost Minecraft Journals series, by Winter Morgan
In Discoveries in the Overworld, the first book in the Lost Minecraft Journals series, adventurous treasure hunters Harriet, Toby, and Jack are investigating an abandoned mineshaft when they come upon the journal of William the Explorer, one of Minecraft’s most famed pioneers—who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. The information contained in William’s journal unlocks untold treasures and leads them on thrilling adventures—but their biggest quest of all is finding William himself. Excerpts of William’s diary are interspersed with action-filled scenes of the players’ adventures, which makes for a quick and fun read.

The series continues with book 2, An Explorer’s Guide to the Nether, out November 3. Book 3, Lost in the End, is coming in January 2016.

The Defenders of the Overworld series, by Nancy Osa
In The Battle of Zombie Hill, quiet, unassuming Rob gets lost on his way home from vacation. Rob is in trouble until he meets the resourceful Frida, who has been holding her own on a deserted beach. After picking up some handy survival skills from Frida, Rob sets out to return to his family’s horse ranch, which means crossing the Extreme Hills—and confronting the evil Dr. Dirt’s rampaging skeleton army. With Rob’s horse-training skills and Frida’s know-how (and the help of a few new friends) can they muster a cavalcade that will give Dr. Dirt a run for his money?

The action continues in book 2, Battalion Banished, and book 3, Spawn Point Zero, and you can pre-order book 4, Deep Ocean Six, which is due out in January 2016.

The Diary of a Minecraft Zombie series, by Herobrine Books
What is it really like to be a Minecraft Zombie? Fans of Jeff Kinney’s hilarious Diary of a Wimpy Kid books will love this silly series, which gives us a comical zombie-eye view of the world through the fun, irreverent journal of a 12 year old Zombie. Book one is called A Scare of a Dare.

The series continues with book 2, Bullies and Buddies, book 3, When Nature Calls, book 4, Zombie Swap, book 5, School Daze, book 6, Creepaway Camp, book 7, Zombie Family Reunion, and book 8, Back to Scare School

What Minecraft-themed books and authors are your young readers into?

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