What Life Would Be Like if You Lived in a Bookstore: a Poem

Have you ever walked into a bookstore and thought, “I never want to leave?” Almost every bookworm has daydreamed about staying in a bookstore forever, spending their days nose-deep in novels, drinking in their fill of words, and basking in an endless array of literary wonders.

But have you ever thought about what it would be like to live in a bookstore? It’s precisely the kind of impossible magical daydreaming Dr. Seuss would encourage! As a tribute to the man behind If I Ran the Zoo and If I Ran the Circus, we present to you If I Lived in a Bookstore:

Of all the places in all the world
there’s one that is the best
a place where words and stories unfurl
of lovers and treasure chests!

Castles are great but slightly damp
Igloos are awfully chilly,
And living at Everest base camp
seems inconveniently hilly.

A bookstore is where I’d reside
like a kid in a candy shop
And here’s why, I”ll confide:
You can read until you drop!

Bookstore life would be oh so fun!
Every morning you would wake
to shelves lit up by the sun
and the café’s coffee and cake.

Ne’er an alarm shall disturb your sleep
You’ll rise to the rustle of pages
And to your feet you will leap
amidst the writings of sages

You’d learn ten languages oh-so-quick
and map out faraway places
You’d build forts with books for bricks
and hide out in shelving spaces

Your home would always smell fantastic
who doesn’t love the “new book” smell?
And life with books ain’t monastic
when guests come where you dwell.

Yes, guests would visit all the time
Writers and artists and more!
From Hilary Mantel to R.L. Stine
They’d be in your home/bookstore!

You’d be privy to readings every night
Be first in line for every signing
Snag new releases at first light
while fans everywhere are pining

And every bookstore has story hour
The perfect nap time routine
Lie beneath a book display tower
And you can listen while you dream

You’d do workouts in your bookish home
Carry hardcovers up shelf ladders
Try yoga while balancing a tome
Or read up on fitness matters.

The greatest thing about a bookstore home
is that so much is at your beck and call
the world’s knowledge is for you to roam
A home with books can never feel small.

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