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Book Cover Image. Title: Midnight Crossroad, Author: Charlaine Harris
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Book Cover Image. Title: An Edible History of Humanity, Author: Tom Standage

An Edible History of Humanity

Tom Standage

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After a fascinating trip through time in A History of the World in 6 Glasses, it was a natural next step for Tom Standage to look at history through something else that's near and dear to our stomachs--food. Here he leads another journey through history by examining the role foods have played in transforming and influencing human culture through the ages.

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The Brand New Chief Inspector Gamache Novel

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Book Cover Image. Title: The Long Way Home (Armand Gamache Series #10), Author: Louise Penny
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Rest and relaxation just aren't in the cards for Armand Gamache, as he reuinites with his former partner to help find a missing man in the latest novel of Louise Penny's mystery series.
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Book Cover Image. Title: Lucky Catch, Author: Deborah Coonts

Lucky Catch

Deborah Coonts

Lucky O'Toole is having a rough night--her former lover Teddie shows up at Babylon, one of the biggest casinos and hotels on the Las Vegas Strip to start a job there. Then there's a problem hotel quest, and her current lover who isn't answering his phone. And when things couldn't get any worse, they do as a prized truffle goes missing, and people start showing up murdered. When Lucky's path crosses the killer's, will her goose be cooked?