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Book Cover Image. Title: Gray Mountain:  A Novel, Author: John Grisham
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Book Cover Image. Title: The Intelligent Optimist's Guide to Life:  How to Find Health and Success in a World That's a Better Place Than You Think, Author: Jurriaan Kamp

The Intelligent Optimist's Guide to Life

Jurriaan Kamp

NOOK Book (eBook)

Renowned optimist and cofounder of The Intelligent Optimist magazine, Jurriaan Kamp has been focusing on positive change for years and in this recently released book, he wants to show you how live a happier life by helping you turn on your natural optimism. By cutting through the negativity and sensationalism a richer world awaits to not only make your mind feel better, but your body too.

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Book Cover Image. Title: OLIVIA Loves Halloween:  with audio recording, Author: Maggie Testa
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Book Cover Image. Title: My Little Pony:  Tricks and Treats, Author: D. Jakobs
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Book Cover Image. Title: Flat Stanley and the Haunted House, Author: Jeff Brown
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Book Cover Image. Title: Nomads - A Black & Orange Novel, Author: Benjamin Kane Ethridge

Nomads - A Black & Orange Novel

Benjamin Kane Ethridge

After a series of mass executions, Patty Middleton demands to get answers from the mysterious Messenger. While she seems closer to discovering the identity of the Messenger, she has also developed a dangerous condition with her power to create the invisible fields known as mantles. This condition could kill her or people around her, just when she needs to focus on her enemies, who now include a government group known as the Office of Arcane Phenomenon.