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Book Cover Image. Title: A Perfect Life, Author: Danielle Steel
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The latest from heartwarmer from bestselling author Danielle Steel tops our list of biggest books this week. Shop new releases and pre-order other favorites coming soon to your NOOK!
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Book Cover Image. Title: Tour de France:  The History, The Legend, The Riders, Author: Graeme Fife

Tour de France

Graeme Fife

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As the tour de France continues today, look no further than this vital guide to the Tour from author and fanatical cyclist, Graeme Fife. From the history and early days of the legendary race through scandal and last year's exciting 100th edition of the race it's all included in this definitive account of this extraordinary competition.

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Gabriel Allon is Back!

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Book Cover Image. Title: The Heist (Gabriel Allon Series #14), Author: Daniel Silva
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Besteselling author Daniel Silva is back with another exciting installment in his action-packed Gabriel Allon series.
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Book Cover Image. Title: Nine Years Gone, Author: Chris Culver

Nine Years Gone

Chris Culver

Nine years ago Steve Hale saved the love of his life by helping her disappear. Today, he's got everything he ever wanted: a beautiful wife, a daughter, a great home and the career he dreamed of. And then the woman the world thinks is pays him a visit. The stories from his former flame aren't adding up, and as he soon learns there's a bigger secret someone's willing to protect--at any cost.