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Book Cover Image. Title: What Doesn't Kill You, Author: Iris Johansen

What Doesn't Kill You

Iris Johansen

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Recruited by the CIA at the age of fourteen, Catherine Ling is beautiful and lethal--making her one of their most prized agents. In this nail-biting page-turner from bestselling author Iris Johansen, Catherine Ling faces off against a ruthless killer.

Someone from her past is playing a deadly game, using her loved ones as pawns. Pre-order Your Next Breath, the brand new Catherine Ling novel from Iris Johansen--coming April 28.

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Joseph Kanon, the bestselling author of Istanbul Passage & Stardust returns with a brand new intruiging spy thriller and love story, Leaving Berlin.
Book Cover Image. Title: Chasing Me:  Sex on the Beach, Author: Jennifer Probst

Chasing Me

Jennifer Probst

There hadn't been a girl I wasn't able to seduce--problem was she seduced me right back. She possessed me, tormented me, and showed me a world that was so bright and pure I was almost blinded. Didn't she know after such a drug I could never settle for less? True love, the real kind, isn't nice and sweet and pure-- it's dirty, and sinful, and messy.