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Book Cover Image. Title: Life Itself:  A Memoir, Author: Roger Ebert
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Book Cover Image. Title: A Bride for Keeps (Unexpected Brides Series #1), Author: Melissa Jagears

A Bride for Keeps (Unexpected Brides Series #1)

Melissa Jagears

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He wasn't looking for another mail-order bride to humiliate him. She was looking to leave heartbreak and Massachusetts behind. He could use help on his Kansas homestead. She was determined to be more than a pretty face. Once married, can the two of them open up and actually fall in love? It's inspirational historical romance in this debut first in series novel from author Melissa Jagears.

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Gabriel Allon is Back!

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Book Cover Image. Title: The Heist (Gabriel Allon Series #14), Author: Daniel Silva
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Besteselling author Daniel Silva is back with another exciting installment in his action-packed Gabriel Allon series.
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Book Cover Image. Title: Blinding the Finches, Author: David S.E. Zapanta

Blinding the Finches

David S.E. Zapanta

Benjamin Young is posed to be the next big thing in the competitive New York City art scene, until he learns he's about to become a father. As he takes on the role of a single parent, and continues his dead-end job he decides to try opening his heart to love as well while trying to be the kind of father he never had. When his troubled, violent past comes back to haunt him, he must decide if everyone--no matter how hurtful--deserves a second chance.