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Book Cover Image. Title: Redeployment, Author: Phil Klay
NOOK Book (eBook)
The National Book Awards are the nation's preeminent literary prizes, honoring outstanding Fiction, Young People's Literature, Nonfiction & Poetry. Phil Klay and Evan Osnos are among this year's winners.
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Book Cover Image. Title: No Dawn for Men:  A Novel of Ian Fleming, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Nazi Germany, Author: James Lepore

No Dawn for Men

James Lepore

NOOK Book (eBook)

James Lepore and Carlos Davis team up for this non-stop adventure of history both real and imagined as MI-6 recruits author J.R.R. Tolkien and pairs him with Ian Fleming to help take down the Nazi army.

Pre-order the action packed sequel, God's Formula--available December 2. Tolkien & Fleming team up with Albert Einstein to stop a nuclear nightmare.

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Book Cover Image. Title: The Perfect Date:  17 Novels, 3 Novellas, Author: RedDoorReads

The Perfect Date


From Billionaire Playboys and Bad Boy Bartenders to Regency Rakes and Hot Archangels--your perfect date awaits in this collection of seventeen novels and three novellas from a group of fan-favorite romance authors.