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Book Cover Image. Title: Burn (Michael Bennett Series #7), Author: James Patterson
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The new novel from James Patterson, "king of the page-turner" is one of this week's biggest books. Shop more new releases and pre-order NOOK Books coming soon!
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Book Cover Image. Title: Coming Home:  A Novel, Author: Stacy Hawkins Adams

Coming Home

Stacy Hawkins Adams

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After the love of her life cheated on her it took Dayna some time to move on, but seven years later she's seeing someone new and life is good. Then her ex-husband Brent turns up on her doorstep, seeking forgiveness at a crossroads in his life in this touching story about the challenges of forgiveness from author Stacy Hawkins Adams.

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Romancing the Past

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Book Cover Image. Title: The Prince Who Loved Me, Author: Karen Hawkins
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Get ready for a new spin on the classic tale of Cinderella, in this first book of a new series from bestselling author Karen Hawkins as she mixes in love and laughter on every page.
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Book Cover Image. Title: The Blackguards, Author: Richard Murphy

The Blackguards

Richard Murphy

During the Vietnam War, the 173rd Airborne Brigade is ordered by President John F. Kennedy to shut down the port at Cam Pha. On the eve of the mission, fate intervenes and President Kennedy is assassinated -- and the mission is canceled. Nick O'Malley, a member of the unit, is rotated back to Fort Bragg, North Carolina. After learning that the entire 173rd Airborne was "accidentally" dropped behind enemy lines and wiped out Nick discovers that this tragedy may not be the accident the military claims.