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Book Cover Image. Title: Midnight Crossroad, Author: Charlaine Harris
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Book Cover Image. Title: Howl's Moving Castle (Howl's Castle Series #1), Author: Diana Wynne Jones

Howl's Moving Castle (Howl's Castle Series #1)

Diana Wynne Jones

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One of the most memorable characters in literature is introduced in the first book of this classic series from Dianna Wynne Jones. When Sophie Hatter finds herself cursed by a witch, the only one she can turn to is the greatly feared wizard Howl--who is dealing with a curse of his own. Before it was an Academy Award-nominated film, it was a tale full of mayhem, secrets, and magic.

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Book Cover Image. Title: The Long Way Home (Armand Gamache Series #10), Author: Louise Penny
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Rest and relaxation just aren't in the cards for Armand Gamache, as he reuinites with his former partner to help find a missing man in the latest novel of Louise Penny's mystery series.
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Book Cover Image. Title: Epic, Author: Lark O'Neal


Lark O'Neal

Broke and broken-hearted, Jess Donovan lost her job and she's discovered that the man she loves, has a troubled past that's left him damaged. When her long-lost father invites her to visit him in dazzling New Zealand, she leaps at the chance to get some perspective on life. Landing a gig in a tourism commercial things heat up with her on-screen co-star, but is this just a holiday hook-up, or something deeper? How can she feel so much for two different people, and how will she ever choose between them? If she gets that chance...because her indecisive heart might mean she'll lose them both.