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Book Cover Image. Title: Leaving Amarillo (Neon Dreams Series #1), Author: Caisey Quinn

Leaving Amarillo (Neon Dreams Series #1)

Caisey Quinn

NOOK Book (eBook)

Music is in Dixie Lark's blood and her band Leaving Amarillo, is ready for their big break. Gavin Garrison is the band's drummer and best friend of band member Dallas (Dixie's brother). He's also the one thing Dixie wants that she can't have in this story of a country band's rocky road to fame from Caisey Quinn.

Ready for more tales of life on the road with Leaving Amarillo in the Neon Dreams series? Pre-order Loving Dallas, the next book in the series and it'll be delivered to your NOOK the instant it's available!

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Book Cover Image. Title: P.S. I Still Love You, Author: Jenny Han
NOOK Book (eBook)
Lara Jean is back and has more letters to write in this charming and heartfelt sequel to Jenny Han's bestselling novel, To All The Boys I've Loved Before.
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Book Cover Image. Title: Deadly Production, Author: Terry Odell

Deadly Production

Terry Odell

Mapleton Police chief Gordon Hepler thinks his troubles with the small-town politics are behind him. An early-morning summons from the new mayor brings news of a film company making a movie in town. When a member of the film crew is found dead the mayor pushes Gordon to let the film company handle the investigation. But a murder on Mapleton soil makes it Gordon's jurisdiction, and nothing the mayor says can make him halt his investigation.