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Title: Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book, Sixteenth Edition, Author: Better Homes and Gardens
Title: Betty Crocker Cookbook, Bridal Edition, Author: Betty Crocker Editors
Title: The Beginner's Easy-to-Use How to Cook Book: The cook's guide to frying, baking, poaching, casseroling, steaming and roasting a fabulous range of 140 tasty recipes, with over 800 clear step-by-step photographs, Author: Bridget Jones
Title: The Bon Appetit Cookbook, Author: Bon Appetit Magazine Editors
Title: A Guide to Modern Cookery - Part I, Author: G. A. Escoffier
Title: The Hanover Cook Book, Author: Various
Title: Mrs Beeton's Cookery Book - Diamond Jubi, Author: Mrs Isabella Beeton
Title: Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book, Author: Better Homes & Gardens
Title: Back To Basics: 100 Simple Classic Recipes With A Twist, Author: Michael Smith
Title: New Cook Book, Author: Better Homes & Gardens
Title: The Kitchen Companion, Author: Vicomte De Mauite
Title: Bride's Cook Book, Author: Edgar William Briggs
Title: Delia's How to Cook, Author: Delia Smith
Title: The Art Of Cookery Made Plain And Easy - Excelling Any Thing Of The Kind Ever Yet Published, Author: Mrs Glasse
Title: Better Homes and Garden New Cookbook Bridal Edition, Author: Better Homes & Gardens
Title: A Taste Of Granny Knob, Author: Mbc Women's Ministry
Title: Bobby's Favorite Recipes for the Culinary Retarded, Author: Bobby Dunham
Title: A New Book of Cookery, Author: Fannie Farmer
Title: Secrets from the Southern Living Test Kitchens, Author: Southern Living Staff
Title: 300 Culinary Receipts Including One Hundred Ways Of Cooking Eggs, Author: Alexander Filippini

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