Curl Up With These 5 Holiday Romances

The holidays are a common appearance in romance novels; a time of good cheer, fine wine and food, and of course, sneaking kisses beneath the mistletoe. Here are five romances that invoke the holiday spirit:

Mistletoe, Mischief, and the Marquis, by Amelia Grey
The Marquis of Wythberry is not one to succumb to the Christmas spirit—or to temptation, but Lillian Prim may be the end of that, for she is threatening him with both. But he refuses to give in to her charms, for she is the sister of his best friend, and to fall for her would betray his moral code. Lillian sees the Marquis’ stoic demeanor for what it is; an opportunity for her to bring mischief and mayhem into their Christmastide celebrations…and maybe a stolen kiss or two.

Her Naughty Holiday, by Tiffany Reisz
Clover Green resents Thanskgiving: it’s just another opportunity for her annoying family to pester her with a blooper reel of all her previous mistakes. But this year, she has a plan—bring a fake boyfriend to the festivities so everyone will be focused on him and leave her alone. And she has just the guy in mind: Eric Fields, the contractor she’s been holding a candle for. But when Eric agrees, and passion ignites between them, Clover’s fake holiday could turn into something all too real, too fast.

A Christmas Promise, by Mary Balogh
This one is a classic Christmas romance worth a reread. Ellie made a promise to her dying coal-merchant father: to marry a well-positioned man who would keep her dowry safe. But Randolph Pierce, the Earl of Falloden, is not someone she can imagine loving; from a class she knows despises her, with a chip on his shoulder to boot. This is not a romance of love at first sight, but rather, love after marriage: how can Ellie and and the Earl move past their prejudices and find passion in one another’s arms?

Twelve Days of Christmas, by Debbie Macomber
An enemies-to-lovers romance with Christmas cheer! Julia Padden and her neighbor Cain Maddox do not get along—but she’s had it up to here with his standoffish behavior, and resolves to get him on her side once and for all, bah humbug be damned. Julia plans to bombard Cain with random acts of kindness, but when her blog detailing the ins and outs of her mission—and her growing feelings for Cain—goes viral, she has to decide whether or not to come clean, in the spirit of Christmas.

Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor, by Lisa Kleypas
Mark Nolan was not expecting to have to parent his niece after the unexpected tragic death of his sister, but when six year-old Holly falls into his lap, not having spoken a word since her mother’s death, those are the cards he’s been dealt. Maggie Collins lost her husband a year ago, and even though she runs a toy shop, she finds no joy in the things she used to…until she meets Holly and Mark, and knows her life is about to change. The story of two lost souls finding one another during the holidays will bring some light into these dark winter nights.

What Christmas romances are you excited about?

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